Canada Follow Up: PM Justin Trudeau’s Shadows

I have received an interesting email you’ll read below from one of my Canadian readers. To tell you the truth, I’d prefer that such info sharing be done here on FT, not via my business email. This way others could benefit from the noteworthy details people sometimes share with me alone.

It also contains a testimonial for my ESR 5: Syria Game Changer. I would also appreciate my readers posting any of their ESR testimonials on FT, whenever possible, so other readers could see them. If you absolutely insist on your privacy, please feel free to send your Earth Shift Report testimonials via Business Contact Form on I may be able to post them either on or FT in the future, without your real names.

The comment below is helpful in further understanding what is happening in Canada. Please read this in conjunction with my previous article: Goodbye Harper! Canada Celebrates New PM Trudeau’s Overwhelming Victory – With Analysis and Predictions. As I’ve pointed out, Justin Trudeau is a mixed bag, with both plusses and minuses, and the jury on him is still out. The comment below confirms it.

I have a lot of readers from Canada, especially considering the relatively small population of this country. Usually my Canadian readership is second only to American. This indicates that on average Canadians tend to be more awake and more actively interested in the ongoing Earth Shift than some others.

Any potential change of course and any political improvements in Canada affect not only Canadians. They affect Ukraine, as I pointed out in Canada Celebrates New PM Trudeau’s Overwhelming Victory. Canada and Russia rarely, if ever, talk to each other on the highest levels. Therefore, there is no direct correlation, or influence on Russia. This is due to the profound, long-standing pressure and clandestine influence on Canadian policies by those rabidly russophobic Bandera ukro-nazis that had escaped Hitler’s defeat in WWII and settled in Canada. They dictate the traditionally anti-Russian policies of Canada.

(See the above-referenced article, and other 2014-15 Canada/Harper-related pieces on FT for more on that. Incidentally, the comment section of each article contains important updates: readers often post additional noteworthy info in their comments; plus, I often respond to questions in comments, adding quite a bit to the original article. Make sure you always read the comment section. Comments usually appear in the first 1-3 weeks after each post. Comments close 4 weeks after each post.)

Therefore, by affecting Ukraine, any Canada changes will indirectly affect Russia and the entire Russian World/Russian sphere of influence, including Eurasian Union. Russian/ Eurasian people are quite cautious and distrustful of Canadians, recalling Canada’s harboring of so many ukro-nazi criminals and fugitives from WWII justice. That said, Russia always reciprocated with friendly gestures, when friendly gestures were extended towards Russia. The ball is in Justin Trudeau’s court. To reiterate, he isn’t a free man and pressures are many, as he is already demonstrating. But he has the desire and will of his people on his side. We’ll see if he is brave and smart enough to use this power productively, instead of destructively.

What is happening in Canada also directly influences all of the Anglo-American world; first and foremost USA, but who knows – Australia way once decide to take a leaf out of Canada’s book…

Here’s the comment in question from a Canadian reader, confirming my very cautious Justin Trudeau assessment:

Thanks, Lada. I very much enjoy/appreciate what you have to say about Syrian and other global developments which seem so fraught. 

I’m in Canada, and have read your post about young Justin Trudeau being elected with a good, healthy majority. 
I was quite pleased when the first news of the morning was that he had let Obama know he’d be withdrawing Canada’s fighter planes from Syria and Iraq. 
People are a bit nervous about him, wondering if he is going to be up to the task of governing. We all remember his loved/hated dad, and we all remember his mom, who was kind of destroyed by the pressures of the position. We think he’s kind of more his mother’s son than his dad’s, to tell you the truth, and we’re nervous that maybe he’s not as cold-steel as a person needs to be. But, time will test his mettle. What you said about his heart chakra is certainly a positive sign.
Anyway, thanks for the good reading tonight!
Best, N
Later today, I’ll tell you all the real reason why Canada is withdrawing its fighter jets from Syria.
Stay tuned!

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  1. Listening to Trudeau’s acceptance speech, I was reminded a lot of Obama’s acceptance speech in 2007/8. Like Obama had (yes, past tense), there is potential in Trudeau. I could feel gratitude and a heart connection while he was speaking.

    When I measure him through the Power vs Force scale, I get 200-210. I believe it was in the 60s when that was last achieved – Pearson who measured above 200 on the start of his term and below after.

    Yes, Trudeau has stated that he’s withdrawing the jets from Syria. Obama also promised that he’d close Guantanamo in 9 months. 8 years later… talk is cheap. Actions tell the truth of the matter.

    I feel it is possible for Trudeau to follow through and be the most brilliant leader he can be. Is it likely that he’ll be allowed by the corporate interests to be that leader? Only if it doesn’t hurt profits, but those days are ending as well.

    With the Turning Pharmaceutical scandal destroying untold billions is multinational pharmaceutical stock prices world wide (I likely found that on, the Valeant Pharmaceutical phantom sales scandal, and a new public scrutiny that ensures that any… “biological waste products” they fling our way gets exposed at light speed. And the exposing is speeding up (give a human being a speed limit, and we break it).

    Most oil companies are staying operational because they’ve sold the oil being produced two years ago at $100 a barrel or at whatever hedged price they could get at the time. As the hedges expire, the oil being sold will be at market value – far below the cost of production. Especially for the shale industry which is high cost to “high” initial yield to very quick low yield at an increasing cost. Every barrel of shale gas is a huge loss. Bankruptcy happens quickly in those situations.

    And despite their public image, Monsanto is only allowed to grow their crops in about 26 countries world-wide. And that number shrinks year by year.

    Corporate power is directly related to fiscal power. As corporate profits drain, so does their ability to influence/purchase politicians.

    Combine this with the incredible advancements being publicly announced. India is behind the Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG) invented by Paramahamsa Tewari. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe started teaching his plasma generator blueprint science this morning (Monday 26th).

    Yes, I really do feel it’s possible for Trudeau to be an amazing leader, a man that we – as Canadians – can be proud of. That really, really is a possible future. Is it possible that he will become as loved and respected by Canadians as Putin is by Russians? Yes. Likely? Time and his actions will tell.


  2. I wonder if the new Canadian PM will reverse the discrimination against Classical Pianist Valentina Lisitsa. She was scrapped from a Symphony programme because of her expressed views on the US/Canada interventions in Ukraine that ousted the legitimate government and empowered a number of oligarchs that are currently raping and pillaging the population and devastating East Ukraine’s Donesk and Lugansk regions. They are again attacking Donetsk as I write this. I will remain cautiously optimistic that Trudeau will be the change that Canada needs to return to the peaceful and powerful nation that it was formerly. He has made a good start by taking Canada out of the Middle East conflict. Thank you Lada for the great overview in this article and the previous one.


  3. Well the thugs seem to be organizing for something up Ontario way- and as always, there are likely other players and layers to the story…

    Secret Italian Wiretaps Reveal Toronto Could Descend Into Full-On Mafia War


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