Cyberwar Whistleblower: Hacking a car with ex-NSA hacker. With Lada Ray tips!

You may have heard how easy it is to hack a car, taking full control of said car, unbeknownst to the unsuspecting driver. Hacking on all levels is a developing global trend, part of the ongoing cyberwar, and a new reality we have to live in. (Whistleblowers and truth-tellers take note!)

It is part of the 4th-Dimensional (4D) warfare, per my definition. Read my Guide to 3D, 4D, 5D and Multi-Dimensional Universe.

The potential scenarios of the 4th-dimensional cyberwar can be scarier than some imagine. An Armageddon-like scenario comes to mind, so vividly described in a Doctor Who episode, as well as other sci-fi and thriller films.


  1. The later your car model the easier it is to hack it. 2008 and earlier cars are generally safe. Latest year (2016-2017) models have had the most complaints from laymen that electronics don’t work properly. This is because your latest model car has been stuffed with backdoor electronics, making it easier to take control of your car, should NSA or another party wanted to do so.
  2. It helps to have your cars parked in a private, locked garage, should you have one, so they cannot be easily accessed by undesirable third parties.
  3. Last but not least: it does help to live in a country where government tends not to meddle in its citizens’ affairs as much as in the US. That said, it’s getting harder and harder to find such a country on our globe. But we’ll keep trying, no matter what. 😉

Thanks to FT supporter Maddie @ 1EarthUnited blog for this heads-up tweet:

Hacking a Car with an Ex-NSA Hacker: CYBERWAR Here’s how gov’t suicide their mark.


Ex-NSA hacker Charles Miller demonstrates the dangers of hacking a car, and explains the cyber vulnerabilities of machines we use in our everyday lives.


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  1. I have been aware of this for a couple of years now, ever since David Wilcock had a post with two guys who hacked a car and took complete control over it, one outside with the pc and the other inside the car! Very scary! In this way they can lose people that are “dangerous to them” lock the car and let it loose! Maybe we can look up some of these so-called “accidents” in which people lost their lives that were a danger to the government or “others”…..

    Luckily mine is an old car, from 1996, so no problem there!



  2. Lada in your blog how the US Planned to Turn Crimea into Military Base Against Russia You noted that you seriously I doubted that the people of the Crimea would have stood for that,
    Maybe the same would have happened to the people of Crimea as happened to the natives of the one of the Islands in Chagos Islands archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
    The US Government wanted to build an airbase on the Island of Deigo Garcia British government agreed that the US should take over the island of Diego Garcia as an air base.
    Families were forced to leave the Indian Ocean islands in the 1960s and 1970s to make way for a United States Air Force base on Diego Garcia, the largest of the group of islands.
    The Islanders have taken legal action over the years to try to return to their homeland
    In a ruling by the Law Lords in the House of Lords October 2008 the majority opinion expressed in the opinion of Lord Hoffman, ruled the government was right.
    “The right of abode is a creature of the law. The law gives it and the law may take it away,” he ruled.
    As for the issue of “good governance”, he rejected the argument that this meant the interest of the islanders alone had to be considered.
    Lord Hoffman said there were wider interests, and wrote: “Her Majesty in Council is therefore entitled to legislate for a colony in the interests of the United Kingdom.”
    He also said the government was entitled to take into account the interest of its ally, the United States.
    In June 2016 the Islanders lost their final battle to return home when the UK Supreme Court ruled they could never return to Deigo Garcia

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  3. I believe this could be disabled by cutting and grounding the antenna cable. The antenna is just above the rear window. Assuming that the cable is coaxial, soldering the inner and outer conductors together would ground it. Otherwise the entire wire would have to be removed all the way to the electronics box. Unfortunately all functions using the antenna would be lost such as on star navigation , radio, and wi-fi.


  4. Does the name Michael Hastings ring a bell.


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