Russia: “Putin is not allowed to leave!”

Every year, Vladimir Putin takes the time to personally acknowledge individuals who excel in various categories of society; the arts and sciences. The entire ceremony is over an hour long, with each laureate addressing the assembly hall. This segment includes only a few speakers of many; it showcases the general public perception of Vladimir Putin as President – much to the detriment of Western mainstream media. (Translation by Inessa S.)

This is the full annual award ceremony in Russian


A new joke about Putin: 

The Kiev Junta is having a heart attack. Russia has finally decided who is going to represent Russia at the Eurovision 2017 in Kiev: it will be Putin, with Shoigu directing the chorus.

And this is the footage from which the above joke has originated. It is of Putin’s informal meeting with the students of MGU (Moscow State University) for the Tatianin Den.’ The Tatianin Den’ is the Day of the Russian Students, which was once born at MGU.

During the meeting, a student, who was probably very nervous, began singing an old Soviet song. In the middle of it, he forgot his lines. Putin piped in and continued supporting the singer by singing along. Watch at 16:15.

Incidentally, this Soviet song is about a dream of the exploration of the far away planets.



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    I would love to hear about your views on Putin and Trump reshaping the world, sans globalist, in your upcoming webinar!!! Who is going to fill the globalist void/ power vacuum, will Trump really follow Kissinger’s advice? Can’t wait!!

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  2. And he would win it too!! 😉

    Sorry I am not able to participate in the webinar but looking forward to purchase the transcript later on!

    Good luck Lada and I wish all of the participants a great time!


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  3. "The Russians are coming"

    who in his right mind won’t love Vladimir Vladimirovich???? tHe is the most awesome President on the face of this world has ever seen. !!!
    Loyalty is iqual to Honor in my book, and nothing will make me divert or change my mind.

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  4. Nancy C/Seattle

    I enjoyed Putin’s assisting the student when he forgot the words and noticed in a second viewing the audience also pitched in to assist. It seems that kindness, like courage, is contagious.

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