Great Balancer Theory in Action! Iraq Requests Russia’s Military/Political Presence to Rebalance Region and World

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paleohippy says 

Lada has always told us that Russia’s role in history is in being the ‘great balancer’. This is a central theme in her work. Recently the vice president of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, visited Russia and requested more ‘political presence’ from Russia in Iraq.

In one quoted statement to his Russian hosts, he said that Baghdad wants to boost relations with Moscow as it believes “in Russia’s role in solving most of the key international issues as well as improving stability and balance in our region and worldwide.” In using the terms ‘stability and balance’, and relating it globally, he is obviously keyed-in at some level with a sense of what Russia is all about.

Thank you, Lada, for always being out in front of what is really going on.


Link to post on Baghdad seeking ‘substantial’ Russian military & political presence in Iraq – vice-president.

Quote from RT article:

“Russian military and political presence in Iraq would bring balance to the whole Middle Eastern and North African region, Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi vice-president, said during his visit to Moscow.

“It’s well known that Russia has historically strong relations with Iraq, therefore we would like Russia to have a substantial presence in our country, both politically and militarily,” al-Maliki said during his meeting with the speaker of Russia’s upper house of parliament, Valentina Matviyenko.

“This way, a balance would be established that would benefit the region, its peoples and its countries,” he added.


The vice president said that Baghdad wants to boost relations with Moscow as it believes “in Russia’s role in solving most of the key international issues as well as improving stability and balance in our region and worldwide.”

Matviyenko, in turn, praised the commitment of the current Iraqi authorities to widening their cooperation with Moscow.“Russia is also determined to expand its interaction with Iraq both politically and economically as well as in the military-technical sphere, and, of course, on the parliamentary level,” she said. In his talks with Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, earlier Monday, al-Maliki stressed that a Russian presence in Iraq would bring the balance which couldn’t be “undermined in a political sense in favor of any external party.”  ” END QUOTE




Going forward, we’ll see more and more confirmations of my EARTH SHIFT and RUSSIA – THE GREAT BALANCER THEORY. Various countries and leaders will continue speaking of the fact that they perceive Russia as the only force capable of stopping wars, rebalancing and stabilizing the world, brought to the grave imbalance by the dark forces of the West.

There have already been similar overt or covert announcements by various 3rd World and small countries’ leaders that went unnoticed. But more and more of these will appear, until they become hard to ignore. People feel the truth on the gut level…

Russia’s global historic and karmic role as the Great Balancer, the role that the yang and aggressive West has tried to suppress for centuries under different pretexts, is becoming obvious to people and countries around the wold. The awakening is happening everywhere.


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  1. Hi Lada,

    It’s great to see, that Iraq respect quick Russian help to Iraqi army to fight against ISIL, which invade Iraq and that Russian intervention in Syria force ISIL to send large part of their forces back to Syria. But all this successes of Russia in Syria and Iraq is now shown in new US bill for new sanctions against Russia, which want to punish Russia for their good job done. But this new bill is also turned against president Trump. If he sign it, he will confirm Russian medling in elections and that mean impeachment and if he not, than he is Russian agent and that mean impeachment as well. Do you think Trump will survive this comming months as president or will be forced to leave the Office and what consequences will have August great America solar eclipse on US and Global situation? Will Russia manage to end the war in Syria or will US warmongers manage to widen the war with their crazy dids and bring the World to the nuclear confrontation? The World was never that close to nuclear war since Cuban missile crisis.

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  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Russia the Great Balancer… finally being acknowledged by gov’ts around the world and mentioned in the press! More revelation of future events by Lada Ray (c). 😀


  3. Hi Lada, thought your readers may get a kick out of latest prank: Rick Perry duped by Russian duo impersonating Ukraine leader–politics.html


  4. Nancy C/Seattle

    Thank you for giving the outline for Webinar 3 – Future of Money which I purchased but have not yet embarked on the 6 hour journey because Lada’s ESR & Webinar reports build on each other, sort of like prerequisite courses for advanced college work. I’ve purchased all ESR reports but have not read about 6 of the earlier ones & have watched about 1/3rd of #12 Future of EU/Brexit. I just now finished the last section 7, Q & A for Webinar #2 and can see it might be helpful to prioritize reading #1, Is Putin NWO; #2 on Ukraine, #7 Battle for Eurasia and finishing up #12 Brexit before starting Webinar 3 as the City of London has been at least since the Napoleonic wars a key linchpin in consolidating Western Globalization.

    I found the Q & A section 7 of Webinar #2 helped crystallize my understanding in a couple of areas. That “globalization” is not inherently evil but is also on the table for balancing and in that process of re-balancing away from Western dominance those of us in the West are being given the gift of time to work toward helping our communities rise to the necessary 10-15 percent operating above 200 to life affirming levels. I also liked the clarification that the Earth Shift includes all of us & the planet rising to higher calibrations & consciousness together. The ‘splitting of the worlds’, different time lines, New Earth vs Old Earth concepts have never resonated with me.

    I’m grateful that I took advantage of Lada’s Personal Quality of Life Geo Calibration Reading for my area of Seattle, WA USA and recommend others might find it helpful if you’re concerned about best place physically to be during these times. My reading was reassuring to stay put with all 6 areas calibrating above 200 life affirming level and one, Global Quality of Life Geo Calibration was 408 (Reason).

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    • Hi dear Nancy,
      Thank you for such a great and all-encompassing testimonial. I’d love to use parts of it on relevant info pages :). I finally got around to posting some wonderful testimonials from all of my friends and followers. Would love to include yours.

      I like your systemic approach.
      Just wait till you get to ESW3: so much will come together and so much will resonate with all the other material.
      Complete expanded ESW3 outline is now being prepared, and I hope I can post it in full tonight, or tomorrow morning. It will provide a lot more info and insight on each of the 10 parts of the webinar.

      Glad I could help with your decision to stay in Seattle. It really is a good place for you. 🙂

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      • Nancy C/Seattle

        WOW. I just now read your expanded outline for Webinar #3. “Earth & Galactic Keepers must act” listed in Part 1, reminded me that this is the theme along with the Comet of Karma in Lada’s novel “The Earth Shifter”, which I read a couple of years ago when I first came across your site and work. I’m thinking I might enjoy re-reading it from the standpoint of sorting out “fantasy” and “historical truth” teachings in this entertaining novel because of my new understanding having subsequently followed “Futurist Trendscast” & read most of Lada’s ESR & Webinars since 2015.

        At the same time I purchased The Earth Shifter from Amazon, I also bought, “Stepford U.S.A.” – Accidental Spy, Small Town adventure & it’s sequel “Gold Train” – Accidental Spy Russian Adventure but have not yet read either thriller. I’m thinking I might now read both books after finishing Webinar #3.

        I would be honored if you choose to use any parts of my comments or testimonials in your work.

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  5. Old war horses like McCain live for the sole purpose of delusional ideology, his rabid Russophobia and warmongering ways serve the continuity of Empire, even during the declining/ dying stages; ie USSA style collapse which you brilliantly outlined in ESW2, and McCain’s personal battle with brain cancer.

    His soul and the nation’s collective soul are crying out for mercy, drop this old corrupt, outdated, rotten system and die already! A much needed change based upon cooperation, trust and the brotherhood of all nations must be acknowledge as humanity advances into 5D reality. Too many ppl of the world are suffering and change will happen regardless. Either US changes willingly and join the world community (not NWO globalism dictated by the West) but thru mutual respect, beneficial cooperation, multi-polar sharing of power or get left behind as a pale footnote of history.

    McCain and his dinosaur ilk are too old to change their worldview, so disease, anger & grief will take them out. Bon voyage and good riddance ye old fart:


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