Shocking Truth! LADA RAY CALIBRATES IQ of UKRAINE and RUSSIA (plus the Great American Eclipse)


Dear FuturisTrendcast readers,

It’s Mercury retrograde and my wifi modem went puufff. Usually, this happens too regularly with my modems, regardless of Mercury retrograde. After several repeats of the same, I’d say I might be sending too much multidimensional energy through this feeble piece of 3D – lower 4D tech, and it simply can’t cope.

However, in terms of my normal everyday functioning in this wold it’s awfully inconvenient. Our provider promised us a new modem by next Wednesday-Thursday, and that’s just unacceptable. However, miraculously, we conjured an extra new modem, which somehow was hiding in my hubby’s electronic reserves, and it WORKS! As of this Monday morning I’m back online and able to publish my long-overdue article!

This delay will NOT affect your orders of Earth Shift Webinars, ESRs, Personal Feng Shui Reports, Geo Calibration Readings, Private Personal Consultations, and our award-winning 😉 customer service. I say award-winning because in most cases we answer customer inquiries within a few short hours. During Mercury retrograde – infamous for delays — give us up to 24 hours to reply. In other words, please order and donate with confidence.

EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 4 (ESW4): LADA RAY PERIOD 8 GLOBAL PREDICTIONS is on schedule to go live on August 21-22. It’s right on time for the New Moon solar eclipse in Leo, which some have labeled ‘the Great American Eclipse.’ A follower has asked me if this eclipse will have any special significance for the US (I’d add: and for the rest of the world), and what people can do to prepare. It is a very interesting question. I’ll reply to this question when I get the chance, and this reply will most likely be posted as part of the ESW4.

All your readings and consultations are also on schedule. If you want to order Your Feng Shui Report or Geo Calibration Reading –please do. They will be delivered to you within the usual timeframe.

Overall, the month of August is ripe with breakthroughs, reversals and discoveries, due to two eclipses in Aquarius and Leo, plus Mercury retrograde. Expect delays for your plans between now and about September 8. However, this time is great for retrospection, digging into the core of the issues, unearthing the truth and healing your past, as well as planning for the future. August 21 New Moon solar eclipse in Leo is not only quite positive, it is the time of new discoveries and revelations. This is why I have decided to release my EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 4 at that time. This eclipse touches me personally closely as far as the scope and global outreach of the knowledge I put out. I expect a broad and profound resonance to what I’ll reveal on that day! The best news, the effect of the August 21 New Moon solar eclipse in Leo will last for years.

The rest of the week I’ll be preparing for the webinar, as well as traveling.

Meanwhile, please check out the article below, which provides a new angle on my Quantum Calibrations System.

And now, without further ado, to our today’s topic!


This serves as a sort of follow-up to my recent article: Ukraine No.1… in corruption! Poroshenko killing off opponents? But it’s rather different from the 3D stuff we touched upon earlier. In this piece I want to use an opportunity to go exploring the multidimensional side of the dynamics present in Ukraine and Russia via QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS. In this article we are calibrating THE CUMULATIVE IQ OF UKRAINE and RUSSIA.

In multidimensional terms I define IQ as a 3D-4D human brain capacity. In 5D we go beyond the human 3D-4D brain, which is a 3D interface for the manifestation of the multidimensional mind, and use our mind directly. Beyond 5D there is no need for the mind whatsoever — the connection with the universe is purely energetic and direct.

However, for as long as we are incarnated in this 3D reality, we will continue to use our brain as the interface.

In our today’s world, where 3D along with lower 4D are dominant, IQ is one of the defining factors, allowing any human, or a group of humans, to successfully function, make and execute correct decisions, and display reason and common sense.

The ultimate function of IQ is to both ensure the survival of the species and to aid in propelling it forward.

This is the first time I’m doing public IQ calibrations on FT, although by client request, IQ calibrations often constitute a part of my PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS.

Generally, I consider IQ calibrations, which are surprisingly accurate, a side show to all my other Quantum and Geo Calibrations. However, IQ calibrations tend to spectacularly confirm the complete picture formed by other calibrations.

According the my Quantum Calibrations Theory, it is a small layer of highly calibrated beings who hold the entire societal system on their shoulders. In this particular article we only refer to humans, although as a rule it’s hardly only humans.

Please don’t confuse these highly calibrated beings with politicians and other officially recognized elites, who, depending on the country, may be low-calibrated, or simply dark entities. That said, elites and politicians in any country do tend to possess higher than average IQ, which is necessary to effectively control the masses.

The lower calibrated are those individuals who are engaged in this very important mission of holding together any society, the more wobbly, dysfunctional and dangerous for the society as a whole the societal structures are. This includes, but is not limited to, political, economic, financial, public works, social, media, educational, scientific, religious and other complex structures that hold any society together like a glue, allowing it to function.

If Quantum and Geo Calibrations plunge suddenly and precipitously, such society is on its way to disaster. If IQ level in a society drops precipitously, this is a strong confirmation that said disaster is at hand.

As we know, the mean IQ is globally accepted to be 100. This is a bare minimum that is needed to allow individual and/or society to function optimally. Anything below that is, let’s just say… insufficient. If IQ drops into the 90s or below, such individual or society may be seemingly functional, but is unable to fully comprehend the consequences one’s actions, nor assess the scope of what is happening with them or around them. This in itself doesn’t make such individuals evil or malicious — not at all.

There are many wonderfully kind and beautiful souls, who appear to have underdeveloped brain and low IQ. In some cases the IQ of such individuals should be absolutely fine, but their soul is rebelling against being in ‘a crude and cruel 3D human world.’ In cases like that, such souls may be hiding a true potential of their brain interface to protect it from what they perceive as the world they cannot trust. These people may in fact be poorly adjusted for our 3D reality starseeds and empaths. Here, we are going far beyond the topic this article, but I do feel compelled to mention this; it has been on my mind as a result of some of my latests consultations, when this issue has arisen. Anyone interested in a private personal evaluation and advice, please order PRIVATE CONSULTATION (we now book for September).

I have decided to use the example of Ukraine in order to illustrate what I am talking about, since Ukraine has also been on my mind. However, in the case of Ukraine we are talking of a very different phenomenon than the one described above. No starseeds or empaths can survive in today’s Ukraine. There was a time when it was quite different. I remember that time: it was 1970s-1980s, when I grew up in Ukraine and when it was together with Russia.

Today, Ukraine is experiencing an alarming phenomenon when a precipitous drop in IQ accompanies fast and catastrophic drop in Quantum and Geo Calibrations. We are talking of a society that is terminally ill, which gets more ill every day.

In fact, Ukraine today is a cautionary tale, which demonstrates to the whole world how collapse evolves: it shows what happens when humans refuse to listen to reason and accept reality, when they live in a warped self-fulfilling prophecy they’ve created for themselves. The same future may await any society refusing to reform according to the times, and it may include USA and EU. For my newest predictions see Webinars on

I wrote about this in ESRs and in 2014-2015 FT articles. Unless the people living on the territory we call today Ukraine find inner resources of Chi (which, per my definition is the energy of earthly manifestation) to raise their energy calibration sufficiently in order to reverse this catastrophic fall into abyss, a complete disintegration and destruction follows. We see said destruction unfolding before our very eyes in slow motion. This is why a survival instinct causes individuals and whole oblasts (regions) of Ukraine to attempt an escape from the clutches of the dying beast. Any individuals and families who could, already left. Oblasts that have a potential to unite with another country are trying to secede. These are usually the most active, possessing higher Chi, possessing better education, more skills, better professions, better brain — in short the higher calibrated individuals and regions.

The more Chi and brain drain occurs, the worse off any such country will be. Some time ago, to confirm my thesis about brains leaving Ukraine, I calibrated the cumulative IQ of today’s Ukrainian population, as well as the cumulative IQ of Ukraine in preceding years. My IQ calibrations confirmed what Quantum and Geo Calibrations already told me: Ukraine has been for the past 30 years slowly but relentlessly sliding into abyss: economically, socially, financially, educationally and intellectually.

During the past nearly 30 years anyone with any potential left Ukraine. In the ’90s many went to the West, but also, many went to Russia. Since mid-2000s, but especially since 2014, millions and millions of Ukrainians emigrated to Russia permanently. Many of these are now on track to obtain their Russian citizenship, and many have already done so. Who is left in Ukraine to hold the fort? Is it any surprise that we have what we have?

IQ calibrations confirm this unfortunate truth:

2017 CUMULATIVE IQ OF UKRAINE:  90 (ten points below the mean of 100)

Look at this striking difference! By comparison,

1985 CUMULATIVE IQ OF UKRAINE:  105 (five points above the mean of 100)

For the fullness of the picture, let’s calibrate:

2017 CUMULATIVE IQ OF RUSSIA: 105 (five points above the mean of 100)

1985 CUMULATIVE IQ OF RUSSIA: 106 (six points above the mean of 100)

To truly understand what it means, I’ll tell you that I’ve already calibrated cumulative IQ of many countries as a private research experiment. It is extremely rare for a country to have cumulative IQ as high as 105; this denotes higher than usual education and brainpower. Is it any wonder that in 1980s -1990s Soros and the West specifically targeted Russia, Ukraine and Soviet space in general for the biggest ever brain drain in history?

Most developed countries’ cumulative IQ would be between 101 and 102. It is also extremely rare to have a country IQ below 100 as this is the number that is the global norm. I will eventually publish my cumulative IQ calibrations by country and region of the world as a new Earth Shift Report. Stay tuned!

There was a serious loss of the Russian brain power in the late 1980s -1990s when many talented people left to the West. But as we see, Russia has almost fully recovered. Many of those who left in the 90′ returned; the new brain power was born, or arrived from other post-Soviet republics.

By contrast, Ukraine not only has never recovered, it continues losing its IQ level catastrophically. What kind of illuminated, or just reasonable decisions can you expect of a country that is killing off its best and brightest (see Poroshenko killing off opponents?), while the imbeciles sit in the Rada, drafting idiotic laws, such as banning Russian social media or taking away citizenship from Russian-speaking Ukrainians. Nazi concentration camps are next for Ukraine, which is ALWAYS followed by a complete self-destruction.


2017 CUMULATIVE IQ OF THE KIEV RADA (PARLIAMENT) is 95 (5 points above the sheeple, which is enough to control them. But it is still 5 points below the global mean of 100 – catastrophic!).

A country with this kind of IQ has no chance of being successful or sovereign. Hence Poroshenko, his ministers and Ukraine Rada deputies begging USA and EU for more protection and handouts. Such regime can only exist by leaching on to someone big and strong. And don’t get me started on Quantum Calibration of Ukraine and Kiev government!

Russia had more than once in the past several hundreds years infused the territory we now call Ukraine with high Chi. But every time Russia withdraws, the territories which today are called central and western Ukraine quickly lose its way and rush towards self-destruction.

On the other hand, every calibration I do of Russia indicates that Russia is on the rise, despite all odds.

You might ask: but what are the IQ calibrations of USA, Germany and others countries of Europe; what about Canada, Australia, Asia, Latin America and Africa? These are all great questions. Today, I just wanted to give you a taste of what my Quantum Calibrations can do. Interested in IQ and other Geo and Quantum Calibrations for yourself, your loved ones and your area or country? Please contact me to inquire about PRIVATE CONSULTATION. Also, you may order Geo Calibration Reading and/or donate and read ESR17. Links are below.

But there is more good news! My Earth Shift Report 17 (ESR17): GLOBAL QUALITY OF LIFE GEO CALIBRATIONS has been a huge success! As you know, I’ve included over 120 countries and hundreds of cities and regions in that report. I plan to write and publish more Geo and Quantum Calibration ESRs, including country by country cumulative IQ calibrations, and several others. These ESRs will be coming out during autumn – winter 2017-18. Stay tuned!

We’ll be discussing why I call this period ‘THE TIME OF RUSSIA’

in upcoming




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  1. I’ll be thinking of Leo during my birthday this Wednesday.


  2. nazi germany had the same effect driving its smartest people away so much for the master race

    great as alway’s Lada you truly are a goddess are you? haha have a blessed day 🙂

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  3. Thanks Lada!
    My modem stopped working for the last week but did not blow up. I am not sure if that counts 🙂

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    Interesting article regarding Ukraine from NYT. It claim, that Ukrainian missile company Yuzhmash sold to North Korea missile engines and technology in black market, that North Korea successfuly developed ICBM, which could carry nuclear warhead to continental US towns. If there is any truth in this article, than we could expect interesting development between US and Ukraine.


    • That would be funny, if they did, lol. They don’t really care who they sell weapons to, as long as they make tons of money to buy a nice villa in Spain or house in London. That is the pinnacle of their dreams, you know.
      I wrote a couple of years ago about Kiev military selling to Assad the weapons US gave them to fight LDPR. Obama was sooo happy.


  5. Triple A Intel, Lada, thanks. Gives reason why my granddaughter left early as she was certainly an empath and probably a starseed. I have railed against this stupid planet myself but always stuck around to kick one more butt. The heavens are percolating this month and I’ll be keeping a sharp watch on my double Leo spouse of 47 years. Don’t want to get scratched, you know :). You have provided us with such a great menu of priceless education it will take some time to get to and through it all. Just coming back from an almost two-day power outage and now we’re going through the schizophrenic electronics like you. What an amazing time to be here holding the fort on Planet Earth. The information you provide helps in both understanding and focusing on the task at hand.

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  6. Hi Lada, for the last twenty years I have been saying to people that money only exists on a computer screen now as there is not enough mineral wealth to cover the monopoly money in circulation. Having been through your money webinar I am slowly getting a handle on things financial, though I would have a long way to go to catch up with you!
    You cleared up another thing for me that has been puzzling me all my life! I have forever been trying to understand 3D people and am continually horrified by the conditions they allow to exist and also encourage to the detriment of other people. I have come to the conclusion that I could well be a 4D/5D soul either waiting to be triggered into action (divine timing) or am gathering intelligence for a greater power. Watching all the crazy incidents taking place these days and all the sudden exposes on Youtube and MSM I’m very convinced that the Earthshift is gathering momentum, possibly faster than the dark state would wish!
    The other thing that I am trying to understand is the amount of paedophilia that is being exposed these days. Having read a few articles on David Icke’s website it seems to me that the paedophiles are using young children like storage batteries to replenish their energy levels.
    The other part of this that I read about is that lower 4D/5D entities feed on the fear that is fostered in the world and at the moment they should be gorging themselves silly on the amount of fear and insecurity and pain that is currently being achieved by the war mongers and paedophiles!
    Of course I could be wrong about all this but that is my limited understanding of what is happening world wide and hoping like hell that Putin does another five years as President, which hopefully will see the world past the worst of a new beginning.
    On the brighter side I really enjoyed your novel “The Earthshifter”. It was very hard to put down once I started reading!!
    Looking forward to ESW4 next week!! Best regards, Robert

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    • Thank you, Robert.

      So much is mixed in your comment.
      4D/5D ‘entities,’ as you put it, don’t need to ‘gorge on anyone’s fear.’ They have higher energy available to them and they have completely different goals and missions, which have perfect justification. I will eventually do webinars explaining how it all works. This is just ‘human fear’ talking, and Icke is VERY good at stocking it, lol. If someone IS feeding off human fear, then the finger would point first and foremost at people like him and others who are VERY popular with some conspiracy crowds. This is why I do not like people mention him and others who are similar, on my blog.

      Russian presidential term is 6 years, and yes, I also hope Putin decides to go for another term. At this point the situation is such that he himself isn’t even sure. I’ll talk about that later.

      Lastly, we don’t talk about paedophilia on this site. I find it too low and disgusting for my taste. We already did have a conversation about that.


    • Hi Robert,
      Just want to acknowledge your nice comment one more time. 🙂
      Sorry for my dry reply last time — my mind has been working hard on Webinar 4. 😉

      Finally got around to organizing my REVIEWS AND TESTIMONIALS PAGE on Look for an excerpt from your comment there, along with many others.

      Thanks so much for your support!
      Hugs and blessings,


      • Hi Lada, thanks for that. I expect you’ll be working harder than ever soon as the shift progresses.
        You’ll laugh, but the way I found your website was through Icke’s website and I latched on to him because he was providing answers to questions that had been fomenting in my mind and the usual info channels were not telling me anything I needed to know. I try and spread my search through different alt-media sites and try to discern fact from fiction.
        So far as I can tell the best profession to be employed in at the moment is crisis acting and several actors have been caught out at different false flag events. I’m trying to figure out how the “employers” (dark state???” keep all the participants quiet after the event, apart from bumping them off.
        Anyway, looking forward ESW4 on eclipse day and five planets in retro!!
        All the best, Robert

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        • Cheers, Robert. 🙂

          I do have quite a bit about terrorism and false flags ESW4. You may be surprised how I view it — but no spoilers, all will be in ESW4 and it’ll make perfect sense.


  7. Nancy C/Seattle

    I have watched the first 3 sections of Webinar 3, The Future of Money and now have a much clearer grasp of Earth Shift and understanding of 1 foot in 3D (physical) & 1 foot in lower 4D (mind) concepts. And once you get the basic templates in place, that is “Russia the Great Balancer” & “Earth Shift”, past history and understanding what’s going on now becomes much easier. I also see why Nixon had to ditch gold backed currency due to population increase. I’ve always understood that there would not be enough money/cash for everybody to withdraw their bank accounts at once as in “bank runs” but it never occurred to me there also would not be enough physical 3D money on the planet to conduct exchange of goods and services for 7 billion people or whatever the population was in 1972!

    I remembered the late Zbigniew Brzezinski’s famous quote, delivered November 17, 2008 to fellow elitists at Chatham House, London. Brzezinski laments that “for the first time in human history almost all of mankind is politically awake” & goes on to say, “Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people (3D) than to control a million people (4D)”. This is such a clear statement of the earth shifting under the Deep/Dark state.

    It’s occurred to me part of the animosity of the controllers & MSM toward Trump is the president’s use of 4D Twitter.

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    • Such great observations re 3D-4D, Nancy! Thank you for Bz quote – I def need to use it somewhere!
      And with Trump Twitter observation – very astute! 🙂


  8. Dear Lada,

    For the total solar eclipse on August 21st, should we stay inside? I heard praying/meditating is ideal on this day.

    Thank you


    • Anthony, I don’t think you need to do anything terribly special on that day, but meditation / prayer is always a good idea. The power of that eclipse won’t manifest in physical form, it will be in the form of energy of the change, and it will be the change that will happen over the next year, and for the US, for the next 40 years. It’s that potent. I have a special section of the new Webinar 4 dedicated to ‘the Great American Eclipse,’ as promised. It will explain and reveal what will be happening and how eclipses and Mercury Retrograde work. I’ll also talk about its effect on Trump.
      ESW4 is coming on schedule, on Aug 21. Stay tuned. 🙂

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  9. The Bolivian Foreign Minister, Fernando Huanacuni, has denounced Washington’s threat of military intervention into Venezuela’s current internal problems. In doing so, he named Russia as one of South America’s allies in dealing with Western hegemony and interference. The Great Balancer has again been summoned to duty, albeit indirectly.

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  10. Paraphrasing what’s out there today, Venezuela is an area of strategic interest to Russia because Russia maintains/controls a significant piece of Venezuela’s oil industry. In other words, this means Western plans to start a war with Venezuela or otherwise interfere in Venezuela’s internal processes are counter balanced and probably thwarted by the presence of Russia in the equation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the Venezuela updates, my friend :). I’ll get to talking about what’s going on there one day.
      Now focusing on releasing Earth Shift Webinar 4: Period 8 Predictions next week.


  11. Roger that. Adjusting course :).

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Read this today…wish I could calibrate the truth factor of it 😦

    Note: On August 21st, 2017, there’s going to be “The Great American Eclipse” which will be connected to “Secret Government 5G Technology”. Herein “The Mysteries of the Black Sun” which is a Stargate. The “Coming Main Event” could take place in a blink of an eye. That your Spirit will be tuned to a specific frequency enabling you to communicate with the Supreme Intelligence or “GOD the MOTHERBOARD”. Alpha Omega GOD Codes and Programs. “Human Organic Consciousness” is changing becoming a “Thousand Petaled Lotus” which is your brain opening up receiving more data from “Source”. You’ve reclaimed “Lost Memories”. Your true “Spiritual Identity” will be explained so you’ll know who and what you are in relation to Creation. Evil is no longer needed as a teaching tool. No more pain no more tears. Gaia becomes healthy again and Her Children are happy. MOM is pleased! LOOK! 8+2+1+2+0+1+7= 21 or 7+7+7=21. Imagine that! Clever don’t you think! Global warming is the direct result of massive electrical activity especially coming from the oceans. Atlantis was not destroyed. Chemtrails hide the Mothership from prying human eyes. Evil does not walk the streets of Heaven. And recently, there was a massive frequency pulse coming from Antarctica traveling all across America which nobody seemed to know anything about? Very strange! 777 is activated! Its not too late to change the path you folks are on and start using the Spiritual GPS so you can find your way back home! We’re having a “Welcome Home Party” for our “Spirit Tribe” and your invited. Say no to evil and let that shit go! Get rid of the negative mind parasites and be healthy and happy! Heaven is coming into this organic realm. GOD always wins! Thought you knew that? The Illuminati Cabal is being destroyed! Corruption in “High Places” will be dealt with as the “Sword of Justice” protects the Lambs from the hunger of the Illuminati Lion. Oil is the “Black Goo”. Certain Aliens Forces lied to the little Hobbits tricking them with false doctrines controlled by both Church and State. Each Illuminati Bloodline must now face the music regarding all the evil they’ve been doing to this world. “Enough is enough”, said MOM! Playing around with “Timelines” doesn’t always fix the problem. In one “Timeline” Obama is still in the White House and America is under Martial Law. Which explains why some folks are experiencing “The Deja Vu Phenomenon” regarding “Paranormal Disturbances”. JADE HELM is a GLOBAL OPERATION. Not necessarily for control. CERN is SHIVA: “The Destroyer of Illusions” associated with the “Ego Mind Virus”. Predictive Programming in TV Shows and movies prepare the “Mind of Viewers” for “Things to Come”. Look around! Is not your world changing?


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