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John Casey: Lada, Your report is outstanding. I love that it takes such a broad look at big issues and one small person, and how these interplay with Dark State forces.

1EarthUnited: Awesome report, the future of energy “shines bright” so to speak – yet it’s always proportional to the level of human consciousness, as you so rightly pointed out! What a controversial figure Greta is, how many lessons we can learn from studying that unusual character! Keep up the great work Lada!! 

“I very much recommend the Greta Thunberg report! It is very enlightening, and I have read it multiple times! By the way, her name is pronounced [ˈɡrêːta ˈtʉ̂ːnbærj].” ~ Emil Resmann

Teresa mc: SUPER interesting report! All-encompassing, it even helps me better understand some Aspergers close to me.



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A number of my PATREONs and clients asked me to address the Greta Thunberg phenomenon. As I tapped into her energy signature and calibrations, I myself became curious and this entire report emerged. I decided to go fully into Greta’s Multidimensional essence, and then share it with all of you.

​In my CONSULTATIONS I often get clients consulting regarding their children, who come to me because their toddlers, children, teenagers or adults are the higher level souls, starseeds, empaths, elementals, cosmic souls, incarnated angels, and more. We Calibrate, I do Multidimensional Diagnostics and determine what Soul Level and Cosmic, Hybrid or Earthly (or Earthbound) origin their souls are, what their mission is and we also tap into their psychological needs, blocks, challengers, dreams and heart’s desires. The physical 3D realm of the Earth is tough for many souls, and it’s often harsh for the souls from other dimensions, who’ve come to contribute their talents to the collective, protect the planet and/or help humankind raise their vibrations. Understanding, interpreting and healing such souls can help not only them individually, but the entire mankind and our whole planet!

In this report we answer some profound existential questions, such as:

  • Who and what is really Greta Thunberg?
  • How does FREE energy really work?
  • Is climate change real?
  • What is the ENERGY FUTURE of humanity?
  • Quantum Calibrations and Lada’s multidimensional psychological analysis included!
  • Also included, a number of PROPHECIES AND PREDICTIONS!

This is a quote from one American publication:

“In a very short time, Greta Thunberg—with her searing stare, Pippi Longstocking braids, and hand-painted sign reading skolstrejk för klimatet—has become a global icon. A year ago, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist began striking from school each Friday to protest climate inaction; last Friday, she gave a speech to hundreds of thousands of people in New York, at the Global Climate Strike, which was inspired by her protest.

It is always at least a little unfortunate to see a young person become an icon—it robs them of the privacy of growing up. But Thunberg is an especially flummoxing figure. She looks younger than her years, yet her speeches take a shaming, authoritative tone that is, at the very least, unusual for a child. “How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood,”
she told world leaders at the United Nations today. She has also said that money and eternal economic growth are “fairy tales.” So she has inspired both public adoration and malign theorizing (mostly centered around the power of her parents).”

​And now let’s find out what I see from a higher-dimensional perspective, and more importantly, what Greta’s Multidimensional Profile shows!

As you may have noticed, this very young-looking 16-year-old (as of 2019, now she is about 18) is being styled by the adult men and women from Western establishment and MSM as a new prophet. This, understandably, irks quite a few people outside that specific circle. But it’s that circle, which we often call ‘deep state’ or ‘dark state,’ who has the best access to money and global MSM propaganda. This is why their narrative prevails, for now.


First, let me tell you how I feel. You know me: I am completely above the fray and I do not succumb, like many do, to adoration without reservation, nor to hatred and denial of anyone or anything. I am neutral on Greta and neutral on the ‘climate change’ issue, as hyped up by the media. 

WHY? Because I try at all times to see a balanced picture and I usually tend to go a thousand levels deep. There are various pluses and minuses to each position. I can see each party’s position on its merit and I can see where each party’s pitfalls and fallacies are. But I cannot discuss all of it in this specific piece, or it will be 200 pages long. This piece is dedicated to understanding the Greta Thunberg phenomenon and issues that surround it. 

I’ll tell you a big spiritual secret! 
Here’s an important spiritual multidimensional formula:


This is a multidimensional fact! As every country deserves its leaders, every cosmic civilization deserves the types of energy it uses. I was asked in the past ‘why, oh why, is humanity rejecting ‘free’ energy? Is this a conspiracy?’ 

I replied in my various works that there is no such thing as ‘FREE’ energy – there is always some sort of energy exchange. In our universe of give and take, you have to give of your energy in order to get energy back, and vice versa. At this level of high-3D – low-4D consciousness humanity is graduating out of coal and partially out of oil, and into natural gas, a bit of solar and wind, plus more advanced types of nuclear.

In 5D people learn how to use the energy harmoniously and how to be in one harmonious symphony with nature and the world around them. How to stop and smell the roses, how to live in joy and experience every moment with humbleness and gratitude.

In 6D and above people don’t even think about energy – immediate access to energy, available in a rich variety of manifestations, becomes an absolutely natural and easy thing. But in exchange, beings in 6D and above contribute their vast talents and experience to the universe, without reservation. They do not count profits and ask what’s in it for me? They just live according to their destiny.

This report gives you a primer into the multidimensional energy exchange, so you can orient yourself better in the flow of energy in our universe. This primer will also allow you to see where I am going with Greta’s profile!

And here’s my new 

We, as humans, will continue talking about energy in all its manifestations – positive and negative – for a long time to come! 

In fact, humanity will be fixated on all things ‘energy’ for the duration of the Period 8 and Period 9! 

We are currently in 2022! This means for the next 20 years plus! The energy debate and energy priority will likely continue past Period 9 and into Period 1, and that’s into 2040s-2060s!

This is all a part of the EARTH SHIFT and it’s awfully exciting! 


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