How They Broke Through Prohibitions of Everything in Germany!

from Stanislav: Here is a translation of the Immortal Regiment that took place in Frankfurt, one of many around the world:

The “Immortal Regiment” broke through the prohibitions in Germany – a reportage from Frankfurt

Lada Ray

Very powerfully and beautifully written, an inspiring article by a Russian living in Germany! Recommended!

This is the Russian original in Vzglyad: «Бессмертный полк» прорвался в Германии сквозь запреты

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“The white taped-over field in the upper left corner carries the text: I am the St.George ribbon. I’ve been banned.

“I am an American. I go to your Russian rallies.” This unexpected meeting took place in Germany, where the Russian residents of this country held one of the numerous marches of the “Immortal Regiment” around the world. One of the participants of the action, a correspondent of the newspaper VZGLYAD, described her emotional impressions of what was happening.”

“In German social networks they write that everyone who comes to the “Immortal Regiment” will be evicted from Germany by force.”

“I’m afraid. I won’t go to the Immortal Regiment. I have children,” one friend wrote to me. “COVID. I’m afraid to get infected in the crowd,” an old friend signed off. But there are a minority of such people. Despite the threats, according to the official German press, more than a thousand people gathered for the march in Frankfurt alone.

The rally that precedes the march is opened by an elderly professor of the Goethe University. German anti-fascist. Approaching the microphone, looking around our huge crowd, he speaks in German:

– I have been studying the history of the War for more than 50 years. I will tell you about the crimes of fascists throughout Europe…

He lists the facts: capitulations of all European countries one after another in the early forties, Auschwitz, Buchenwald. The offensive of the fascists. Brest. Kiev. Minsk. Leningrad. The number of victims. The exploits of the Soviet Army. Stalingrad. The red banner over the Reichstag. 27 million Soviet citizens are victims of fascism. And in the end – the wars that NATO has unleashed in the last 70 years. Vietnam. Syria. Afghanistan. Serbia… The last on the list were the crimes of the alliance in the Donbass.

A young, beautiful Chilean woman replaces the German scientist, tells into the microphone that she owes her life to the Russians, her parents are Chilean revolutionaries, Russia saved them. Lists US crimes in South America. At this time, a crowd with Ukrainian flags appears nearby. Ukrainians and Germans supporting them shout obscenities at us through the loudspeaker. We pretend not to hear them. The Chilean woman tries to shout over them.

Her little daughter runs up to her, sits at her mother’s feet.

Our women start singing “Katyusha”, then “Cranes”. Our teenagers are handing out printed lyrics, red ribbons, white ribbons that say “St. George’s ribbon, banned in Germany.”

– Now we will go to the Roman Square! Please do not give in to the provocations,” one of the organizers of the march asks, recalling that at our last demonstration against Russophobia, a young Palestinian was arrested for an anti–fascist poster in German. The Palestinian has not been released for the third week.”

To the sounds of “Victory Day”, “Cuckoo”, “For life”… And suddenly – rap in German. I listen to the text. The verses are alternating in German and Russian. These are German rappers, descendants of immigrants from Russia, members of the anti–fascist group Ginex, who especially for people like us wrote the song “Zeig deine Flagge!” – “Show your banner!”

What is the difference, tell me, between you and me?
We will both stand up for our relatives, like a mountain…
We, our children, fate has tested us for strength,
We didn’t want to, but we had to show our power.
First immigration, then integration,
It was hard and I had to fight often,
There are sidelong glances around, fire and ashes around,
Are you German or Russian,
Are you Turk or Kurd,
Show me your banner!

In my Germany, it doesn’t matter who you are by nation,
I’ll tell my son to respect the traditions,
I don’t want him to run away from the police,
We are not the enemy, but racism is,
Don’t be shy about your culture, show your banner!

Policemen, armed to the teeth, wearing masks, walking in a tight formation parallel to our march, look at each other in surprise. I see one of them taking off his mask, greedily catching fresh air.

– This is my grandfather, he died here on German soil, – a man says to the policeman in good German, showing a portrait of a veteran. The policeman turns away. He is forbidden to talk to our people.

German journalists are looking at us in fright. They never approach us with questions. They only shoot videos and take pictures.”

Read full translation:

The “Immortal Regiment” broke through the prohibitions in Germany – a reportage from Frankfurt




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