#Ukraine Omen: Guard Stumbles, Drops Gun During #Poroshenko Inauguration Ceremony

I have literally never seen anything like this! During the “chocholate king” and oligarch Petro Poroshenko’s inauguration ceremony as Ukraine’s president, as Poroshenko walks on the red carpet, one of the guards, who is supposed to stand at attention holding his gun in front of him, all of sudden makes a move towards the new president, stumbles, drops his gun, and seems to fall, while the camera is hastily refocused away from the scene!

An omen for Poroshenko, and a preview of things to come for Ukraine?

Watch Poroshenko inauguration live. The gun-dropping guard is at 12:02:


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  1. The last man standing . .. uhhhh, ooops, faltering, uhhhh, ooops, crumbling, uhhh, oooops, collapsing, ohhhh, falling down . . . outtake.


  2. Very nice omen of Mr. Poroshenko’s administration. 😉


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