#Panamapapers Leak and MSM as Weapon of Mass Disinformation: Info War vs. #Putin, #Russia, #BRICS Escalates

I was asked to comment on the Panama papers leak published in German media, as well as on new anti-Putin stuff in the Guardian and other UK papers. Frankly, I don’t even pay attention to that silly buzz. Don’t we know enough about how they operate? Who is still naive enough to read MSM and to believe anything they say?

Me, I merely shrug my shoulders. But since my readers demand I weigh in…

My response is very simple:

As far as I understand, the Panama papers leak is the most massive leak there ever was – bigger than Snowden leak.  It mentions money laundering, tax evasion and offshore accounts by various world leaders, dictators, oligarchs and public figures. Ukraine’s president Poroshenko, Saudi king, Pakistani officials and David Cameron (or is it his father – apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?) made the list.

Nowhere in 11.5 million documents is there anything about Vladimir Putin. Yet, every Western MSM and Qatar’s Al Jazeera (both the state and publication some of the biggest US stooges) printed big Putin’s pictures on top of every article dedicated to Panama leaks, although articles were about someone else.

Interestingly enough, various UK publications printed Putin’s pics in their articles, implying Putin is the biggest money launderer there is, while THEIR OWN PRIME MINISTER DAVID CAMERON is front and center on the list, along with his daddy!

This isn’t double standards and hypocrisy any more, of which US, UK and West in general get accused every day. This is lunacy and severe case of schizophrenia – a good mental institution very strongly recommended. Is it any wonder that their own readers rebel against such idiocy. I hear that after a public outcry, within several hours of publication, UK papers began removing Putin’s photos from their articles.

Let me emphasize that this post isn’t about the veracity and merit of #Panamapapers leaks. In my view, we need as much as possible disclosure of truth on all levels. But it has to be unbiased and honest truth. While the actual leak may be absolutely beyond reproach, the problem is the attempt to turn it into anti-Putin, anti-Russia, anti-BRICS circus.

What US, UK and other MSM do is this: they take the truth and then bait and switch it with a lie convenient to them, parading it as truth. 

Come think of it… this may be done deliberately so that to distract the gullible public from asking inconvenient questions as to where the Western leaders’ and oligarchs’ money is hidden.


This is global info war of unheard of proportions. This info war is part of the larger hybrid war. I call it 4D WAR, or, fourth-dimensional warfare. This is the kind of war that is conducted not in the realm of physical, but in the realm of the mind, as well as in cyberspace.

Lots of FREE info here: read about 4D wars and more on LadaRay.info

Watch Earth Shift Report to see how 4D warfare works: ESR4: ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS

We are in the period of the Great Earth Shift. Therefore, relentless attacks on Putin, Russia and anyone else attempting to shift to the new global set up, new global reality, will continue and intensify; such countries and leaders will continue being mercilessly attacked on all levels. Ukraine 2014 coup and recent Brazilian color revolution attempt are in this category (read Brazil Color Revolution Attempt: Corruption, Dilma, Lula, Zika, 2016 Olympics and the BRICS. Lada Ray Report and Predictions).

New escalation of Nagorny Karabakh war between Azerbaijan and Armenia is another manifestation of this global 4D hybrid war. Article coming up on that!

What did you expect? They are losing and they know time is short. They will use any means necessary. Obviously, they won’t dare attack Russia directly. They will use proxies and clandestine weapons. What is the West good at? MSM propaganda – definitely. They will continue using this weapon for as long as they can.

I predict that info wars with the usage of Western MSM, as well as certain alternative media, for the purposes of attacks against Russia, China and the BRICS will continue intensifying during this decade. So, be careful what sources you trust and who you listen to!

I also predict that the people everywhere, but in this case, specifically in the West, will continue awakening. They will trust their MSM less and less, resulting in said MSM becoming less and less effective in their propaganda.

Get ready for even more filthy lies, more gloves off fights, ugly sensationalist falsehoods, and more.

The danger for those who are past trusting MSM is more in the fact that certain ‘alternative media’ got infiltrated with a more shrewdly camouflaged propaganda. Some of it is deliberate infiltration and some is simple ignorance/ lack of true knowledge. I won’t name names – you know it’s not my style. I just advise my readers to use discretion.

The topics of hoaxes, targeted info dumps and lies about Putin and Russia are discussed in-depth here:


FREE article: How to Tell a Hoax from Targeted Info Dump (Navigating MSM and Alternative Media)


Ask yourself, why is US completely excluded from the list? Video with world map of those implicated.

Here is a demo of how public called out the lie by UK papers and closely related to them Al Jazeera about Putin in regards to Panama leak. In the end of this piece notice the involvement of Soros and USAID!

Quoted from RT.com:

‘Goebbels had less-biased articles’: Public slams MSM for Putin focus after Panama papers leak 

The world’s media has been pointing at one person following a massive documents leak from a Panama law firm. But that person, President Vladimir Putin, wasn’t even mentioned in the data leak. Sections of the public are not happy at the media coverage.

Pictures of President Putin could be found on the front pages of highly respected news publications around the globe. TheGuardian and the Mail Online were both at it, despite the fact that in the 11.5 million documents that were published; Putin’s name was not mentioned once.

READ MORE: Putinophobia hits boiling point: Kremlin says ‘insinuations’ in Panama leak don’t need response

Newspapers around the globe had plenty of world leaders to choose from: President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko managed to find his way on to the list, as did King Salman of Saudi Arabia. The father of British Prime Minister David Cameron was also among those mentioned. Despite these high-profile figures, the majority of the international media decided to accuse Putin of corruption. And even if the article itself was not about Putin, the cover picture suggested otherwise.

After several hours, Putin’s pictures were removed from the front pages of a number of top internet publications, such as the Guardian and the Independent, which could have been down to the storm of criticism on social media, at the hypocrisy of publishing the photo of someone who was not even named in the report.

“You state that Putin isn’t listed yet you proceed to use his photo. Western anti-Putin propaganda machinery in full swing!”Mothibi Phosa II commeted on a Business Insider article.

A Facebook user accused the BBC of “anti-Russian propaganda” and complained that “Joseph Goebbels had less biased news articles,” in regards to the fact that the BBC published an article about Putin, despite the Russian leader not being named.

One user asked why the Independent was using a photograph of Syrian President Bashar Assad alongside President Putin, when neither man was mentioned in the trove of documents.

In response, another Twitter user stated: “Because they don’t want to blame ‘friends’ like King Salman or Poroshenko…”

One Twitter user said it was “tiresome” that Putin was being linked with everything, while mainstream media was ignoring that “Cameron has been linked.”

READ MORE: Cameron’s dad, senior Tories’ offshore asset dealings exposed & UK media still focus on Putin

Another Twitter user accused the BBC of being the “British Brainwashing Channel” for not mentioning David Cameron, while wondering whether this was “against national interest?”

The smear campaign against Putin comes a week after his press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the Western media intended to launch a new slander attack against the Russian president, while he also expressed regret that reporters’ professionalism is often “sacrificed to political demands.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin; Dmitry Peskov © Sergey GuneevKremlin warns of planned ‘information attack’ against Putin

“Another piece of spin, which is claimed to be sensational and objective, will happen in the nearest days. We have received some excessively-rich requests that, however, in their form were more like questions at an interrogation,” Peskov said.

He explained that the letters contained some personal questions about Putin, as well as questions about the Russian president’s family, his childhood friends and some businessmen.

“They are repeating themselves. ‘Is it true that the amount of your personal accumulated wealth is about US$40 billion?’ ‘Is it true that you possess gigantic residences, mega-yachts and other assets?’

On Sunday, Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) released the biggest leak in journalistic history, posting 11.5 million documents from a Panama law firm online and providing “rare insights into a world that can only exist in the shadows.”

SZ said it received the law firm’s documents a year ago from an anonymous source who “wanted neither financial compensation nor anything else in return.” 

The German paper obtained further documents in an investigation that followed, involving “400 journalists from more than 100 media organizations in over 80 countries.” 

The Panama papers were also supported by USAID, the United States Government agency which is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid, and Open Society, which is backed by billionaire George Soros. 

In an opinion piece published in February, Soros tried to prove that Putin was working “to foster the EU’s disintegration” by flooding the continent with refugees, allegedly as a result of the Russian military’s foray into Syria where it has dealt a lethal blow to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) forces.


Closely related to the above topic!

Stratfor/ George Friedman’s Baltic-Black Sea-Caspian Plan aimed at destroying Russia





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  1. I agree, MSM always try to paint Mr. Putin as guilty by association, even tho the President has never been implicated in any wrongdoing. So the prestitutes can’t report facts, only allusions, innuendoes, and rumours.
    Very interesting that the “Panama Papers” don’t reveal any US politicians and businessmen, who are overwhelmingly the most corrupt of all, lol.
    This leak seems to be orchestrated at the highest level, and gives the IRS reason to go after
    sheltered money, legitimate or not. This will float the gov’t coffers for years to come since tax revenues from citizens are dropping like a rock. Very interesting developments.


  2. We are at war and as Sun Tsu wrote, “The first casualty in war is truth.” I had an experience today that really brought that home to me. It was on Fox News. BB was interviewing Porky Poroshenko. These guys are really smooth actors. Porky was whining about how Russia is invading, like right this minute, eastern Ukraine with troops and armor. Then he calls Vladimirovich “(mentally) unstable and unpredictable.” He goes on to say they, Porky et al, will surely retake Odessa. Yeah, when pigs fly. Fox continues with Dr. Frankenstein Krauthammer claiming how Russia is the aggressor over there and the poor people in Poland can’t even sleep at night because of Putin. Poland? Well, sure, the whole global elite can’t sleep well anymore and it’s all Putin’s doing :).

    This guy is a well-educated doctor of medicine, not supposed to be stupid, so I have to presume he is a general officer in the Western Army’s Department of Psychological Warfare. I forget, psychopaths are not stupid. Anyway, it pissed me off hearing all of this crap and I felt saddened for all the people who would see and hear this and come away even more stupid than they already are. Then I read what Lada just had to say about this business in general and I figured I was having a moment of synchronicity. Thank you, Lada! There is no such thing as journalism anymore in the western press. These highly intelligent people who spew really big lies on a daily basis must be considered as enemy combatants. These pigs will rue the day if they ever push Russia into a corner. Isn’t going to be like in the old days. What remarkable times we live in. I would terminate the television with extreme prejudice but other people live here. Smoking mad in New Mexico.


  3. Thanks Lada and commenters. Synchronicity is where friends confirm no, you’re not losing your mind, MSM is bizarre. Tonight, aforementioned BB after story ayatollahs caught shipping arms the good stuff to Yemen; first the distinguished panel views with alarm and well modulated goes to show you, we shoulda but wouldna. Next topic–what if Putin invades Poland, what would “we” do? The juxtaposition wasn’t lost on yours truly: why we’d invent another distraction, certainly. My recommendation: if Putin invades Poland, let’s give him 150 billion like we did Iran and make it worth his time!! Perhaps the Koch Bros.via a draft to the BRICS bank, with hearts and flowers card “a donation has been made in your name” . I can’t terminate with extreme prejudice (thx paleohip) as my adult chillun just gifted me this big honkin’ flatscreen; besides the news and commentary is funnier than the comedy channel. Apoplectic in Kentucky.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL. ‘Laughter through tears.’
      Laughter is the only thing left when it’s too late to cry.

      Russian joke goes like this: ‘Why are these people laughing? Because they are past crying.’ 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. There no Americans on the list because there wouldn’t be enough paper to print all their names and address..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So many fingers in the dike, oh so many leaks. The tables are slowly turning:

    Mossack Fonseca: The Nazi, CIA And Nevada Connections… And Why It’s Now Rothschild’s Turn

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The Putin pic up front is the giveaway. Obvious hit piece with none of the usual present day suspects.


  7. This seems to be a false flag op crafted and funded by Soros and the Boyz to accomplish the smearing and diminution of Putin and to `rearrange the monetary control for a tighter grip. That Putin is not in the leak as a perp, the MSM says he is the baddest of them all and thus he must be. I note that not one American is among the leaked. ‘Murica… we da best!!


  8. Most of the awake and aware crowd get the sham of this orchestrated ‘leak’

    The Planned Leaked Panama Papers Are Being Used By The West To Push Specific Agendas – Episode 937b


  9. “Just a coincidence”…. nothing to see here, move along.

    One Day After The Panama Papers Were Leaked, IRS Headquarters Closes Then Catches Fire


  10. A little slap-back on the way? Knight to pawn, check.
    Putin to Declassify Documents That Bear Some “Very Interesting Names”


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