Destiny of Russia and Spectacular Show on Red Square

Don’t miss! May 9th, 2015, Moscow. Tastefully masterminded and beautifully performed Great War re-enactment and spectacular concert on Red Square. Includes some of the best and most famous Russian songs and dance – must see! Праздничный концерт «Дороги Великой Победы» на Красной Площади.

Please note, what is customarily translated to English as the “Great Patriotic War” is, like so many others, a bad translation. The right translation is: The Great War for Fatherland (Russian transliteration: Velikaya Otechestvennaya Voina). I simply call it “The Great War,” which gives it the right meaning, too – to match with the “Great Victory.”

Geopolitical message to the world

Throughout the entire day of May 9, 2015 Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping were seen together, talking all the time, while watching the parade and concert – you will see them again in this video of the Red Square concert. This is a clear geopolitical message to the world! Some analysts have said that a new anti-fascist coalition was formed on Red Square on May 9th. Those leaders who came to Moscow celebrations and brought their troops with them are in it. Those who didn’t come… you do the math. This may be correct on some level.

But it goes beyond that – far beyond. The fact that leaders of China, India and a number of other EURASIAN countries arrived, while only Serb and Cyprus presidents were present from Europe, sends another signal. As is well-know, Serbia is a very close-knit part of the Russian world, considering Russia their mother-culture, while Cyprus is the most pro-Russian part of the EU. While the island is primarily ethnically Greek, geographically it’s located next to Turkey, thus being a part of the Middle East, or more broadly – Eurasia. (Added: I am also told that Macedonian president was there as well – same story as Serbia. Please see much more in Comments).

Like I said back in the beginning of 2014: Russia is forced to rebalance to the East. Actually, destiny and the West are pushing Russia towards such rebalancing, whether Russia wants it or not.

Please recall my PREDICTIONS and multiple articles/videos: Russia is the Great Balancer of our planet. The previous great rebalancing started 1000 years ago, a process that was completed by Russia about 300 years ago, during the reign of Peter the Great. This rebalancing gave the West (first Western Europe, and later North America, as well) a huge advantage over the rest of the planet. Such rebalancing happens roughly every 1000 years, although there are also different timelines involved as well. Russia is now starting the process of rebalancing back to the East and Global South.

“The Roads of Great Victory” Re-enactment of the Great War and spectacular concert. Don’t miss it!

Victory Day fireworks with gorgeous views of the Kremlin and Moscow:

And don’t miss the Victory Day parades marathon, including the Immortal Regiment March. The Red Square parade was spectacular. But the Immortal Regiment March stole the show. 12 million people in Russia, post Soviet republics, and beyond took part in the Immortal Regiment March. 500,000 took part in Moscow alone. The entire initiative was grass-roots. I am told that many people from the UK, US, France and elsewhere in Europe came to the march as well, carrying portraits of their relatives who perished in WWII. I literally have never seen anything like this! And I’d been to 30 countries and seen lots of mass marches and parades growing up in the USSR. Victory Day Parades Marathon and The Immortal Regiment March.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon showed up for the May 9th celebration in Moscow. He said that when he saw that sea of people approaching Red Square, he first thought it was anti-Putin protest. But it turned out it was actually pro-Putin and pro-government celebration. You deserve all the love of your people, mr. President, concluded Ban Ki-moon. Whether it was meant as a pretty awkward joke, or he really is that misinformed – you decide.

This post is part of the 70 YEARS OF THE GREAT VICTORY MARATHON


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  1. Thank you Lada for the post. Sitting down extreme in south india, we could still feel the vibes of the march. It was indeed for all of humanity. Don’t know about the leadership in my country, but we the people are with Russians and as well understand that Russians are with us.

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  2. Beautiful, incredible, how proud you must be.

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  3. And then there was this little/big moment that has tremendous implication:

    Something Truly Amazing Happened at the V-Day Parade

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    • Dear Lada,
      Thank you for the time and effort to reply to my comment. We are well aware of the ussa involvement:-), especially Soros and Canvas, so the next couple of weeks will be very “interesting”, but we are used to it:-).
      Since I`m new to your work, it will take me some time to do some homework. I hope that you won`t mind to exchange some mails from time to time about very interesting subjects in your research, especially about hidden knowledge in our languages (yes, I agree that there are much deeper roots:-)).
      I don`t know if you are familiar with the work of two Macedonian Ph.D`s, Tome Boshevski and Aristotel Tentov, about the Rosetta stone and the ancient Macedonian language, acknowledged also by the Russian scientists. Here`s a brief start:

      Once again, thank you for your time to reply, and I`ll enjoy reading your posts:-).
      Wishing you all the best!

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      • Best of luck to Macedonia! It’s so transparent what is happening there. The only way to get this sickness out of all our countries is to unite.

        I know about Rosetta stone work, but a’m not as familiar as I should be, perhaps.

        The important thing to remember is that when I say ‘Russians’ or more correctly, Rus, aka, Ros or Rasa – the most ancient word – or as I also refer to the same as Slavyano-Arians, I refer to the same very ancient people spread out throughout large expanses of Eurasia. We were once the same people; when we started splintering off and forgetting our common heritage, we all kept in our languages, names, legends, stones and monuments certain markers, reminders and mysteries to return to when we would start awakening and remembering again. After all the pieces of the knowledge are collected again, it will be the time to put them in correct sequence and to re-form the true tapestry of our ancestry. Once we reclaim our roots, we will be able to understand our present and future. Then we will be able to move forward properly. This is why the present confusion and turmoil. People are desperately trying to awaken and remember, but too much is still hidden.

        I will write a lot more about this topic in the future, time allowing.

        All the best!


  4. Very touching, honoring millions of victims. And beautiful speech by president Putin. But you forgot to mention that Macedonia was also present (the President) from Europe and on that same day 8 of our policemen were killed in a clash with ussa backed albanian terrorists… I would really like to read your thoughts about the land that gave literacy and christianity to Russia:-).


    • Thanks for the addition. Didn’t know Macedonian President was also there. That is great! Macedonians are very close to Serbs and to Russians, so that is logical and wonderful to hear. Macedonia (as all of Southern Europe) is fascinating and steeped in history land. Along with Serbia it hasn’t gotten proper acknowledgement and justice from the world yet. But it will change eventually – if they stick with Russia. If not, then their national identity will be erased by the West.

      Sorry about the clashes. Not all Albanians are like that, I met some great people. But Albanian/Kosovo mafia and such is a huge problem in the Balkans, and just like in Ukraine, such boldness is only possible because they get US support.

      On another note, sorry to tell you this: Macedonia never gave literacy to Russia.

      The history looked entirely different than is portrayed officially, which is very hard even for certain Russians to accept as there are many details that are still missing.

      However, much has come out. Ancient Russian alphabet Bukvitsa, and 3 other alphabets (there were 4 in total) are the mainstay of what many other alphabets are today. And certainly that’s where modern Cyrillics descended from. That said, what is now Macedonia and Serbia, and Russia, and Ukraine, and Poland, and so many other places, was one people in those ancient days. We were all one people, using the same Bukvitsa alphabet, which was a sacred testament to future generations and read like a prayer. That testament was later mutilated and chopped off and then brought back to Russia in its rudimentary version by the monks Kirill and Mephodiy with the advent of Christianity. Of course, it lost its initial magical capacity.

      We are now finally starting to remember our real roots. Orthodoxy has a sizeable place in that, but the true roots are much deeper. And let’s face it, it was Christianity, both Orthodox and Catholic, that burned the real historic documents, killed off the carriers of ancient knowledge and dumbed down the population 1000 years ago.

      You can read more under Category: FORBIDDEN HISTORY AND LINGUISTICS.

      Much more to the story – may tell it eventually. I am neutral to any religion, including of course Orthodoxy. I actually like Orthodoxy’s present day positive societal role, its beautiful art and spirituality. But I always tell the truth – and that is it.


    • To add: Macedonian clashes a protests are orchestrated by US/EU as revenge and in order to stop Macedonia’s participation in Gasprom’s Turkish-Greek Stream pipeline project. Can’t build pipeline if the country is unstable – destabilization is THE goal, like in Ukraine.
      Of course, how convenient it was to begin all that when president was out of the country and attending the Red Square Parade!

      US will be doing everything to sabotage the Russian pipeline. If Macedonia rallies around the government and citizens participate in rooting out NGOs and terrorists, then there will be good future. Otherwise, it will be a mess – and that’s what US needs.


    • …Slavyano-Arians…
      BEAUTIFUL!:-) My point exactly! Now I`ll enjoy your sites even more!
      The awakening is here, faster and faster every day…;-)
      Bless you!


  5. Another great article, Lada! Thanks!

    It’s so nice to see this put into such a positive frame of reference instead of the western lame-stream media point of view.

    I see John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov are meeting. I wonder how Kerry will handle being around one of the most brilliant and shining examples of what a statesman can be (575 chi, was it?). I love the “subtle” difference in the meeting of the two.

    Lavrov’s face is in the light. Kerry is in the shadows (160 chi, I believe). This should be interesting. I look forwards to your insights!

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  6. Beautiful.

    If I may bring in something that might help to understand Germany and Merkel, a writer went to the annual Germany-Russia Schlangenbad Dialogue, with rather elite folks from both sides. He felt that the situation was rather bad. Basically, Germans feel that Russia is wrong and dangerous. It isn’t simply Merkel. It isn’t simply American propaganda.

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    • The elite all over Western world would feel this way, wouldn’t they? They could only rise to the top because they subscribed to this ideology. Same with MSM. If they felt any different, they’d be ostracised and deleted. The only way to keep Germany/EU and Russia separate is to beat it into their heads that Russia is dangerous, isn’t it?


      Sure Russia is dangerous: every time it is attacked by them, Russia gets its own territory back and then takes a chunk of the invaders’ territory as a buffer zone.
      Russian joke: ‘this animal is dangerous! When attacked, it bites back.’

      Just tell me how after this anyone with any sense can take any Western ‘leaders’ seriously? They are underevolved, dumb, crazy, brainwashed, sold-out and dangerous. Lazy too, since they either don’t want to know history or don’t have enough brainpower to properly grasp it.

      Corgrats, we have arrived to the insane asylum called the West.


    • To add: Western elites are scared and jealous of Putin’s power and popularity – look at his ratings and how people all over the world support him, incl. in their own countries. They are mortally afraid they would be swept out of their comfy chairs. What else can they say – only that Russia is aggressive and they are pussy cats. So far it dupes some of the population, but not for long.


  7. Please note, what is customarily translated to English as the “Great Patriotic War” is, like so many others, a bad translation. The right translation is: “The Great War for Fatherland” (Russian transliteration: Velikaya Otechestvennaya Voina). I simply call it “The Great War,” which gives it the right meaning, too, to match with the “Great Victory.”


  8. Saturday was my Russia day. I was riveted to RT captivated by the Victory parade and the incredible “Immortal Regiment” of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people with photos of their relatives who were in the war. I then saw some episodes of the Unknown War which is one of the best documentaries on the Great War, narrated by Burt Lancaster. Lada what you do make of the Defense Minister making the Orthodox cross even though he is a Buddhist. Some commentators have mentioned that as an important symbol. What really struck me was that the president of China was by Putin’s side the whole 12 hours from the beginning of the parade at 10:00 a.m. to the end of the public performance at 10:00 p.m. If this wasn’t a strong message I don’t know what is.

    Regarding the whole day’s events Russia really knows how to put on a show. They do it with such pageantry with heart and soul and everybody involved performs with such precision in the delivery. No one in the world can do it like Russia.

    I think this 70th victory celebration is a turning point for the world. Big deal that the west wasn’t there. Who needs those wimpy creeps there anyways. Their countrys’ contribution to victory over Hitler is really over rated in the west. Even though Putin has to be magnanimous in his speech about the west’s contribution, I don’t have to be. The west only landed in Normandy in 1944 after it was obvious that the Soviet Union was on its way to defeating Hitler single handedly. Maybe it would have taken a little longer to capture Berlin if Normandy wouldn’t have happened but the Soviet Union would have done it nonetheless.

    This victory day parade is second only in importance of course to the original victory day parade in June,1945 with Stalin looking on top of the Lenin Mausoleum as soldiers throw down the Nazi flags in a pile. Imagine every soldier in that parade had just come back from the front in defeating Hitler. People gotta see that parade from the beginning! What drama! Again nobody can do it like Russia. By the way another really momentous fact about this year’s victory day was the prominent display of the red banner with the hammer and sickle. The contribution of the Soviet Union, communist party and the Red Army has finally been given its rightful place in the glorious victory over Hitler Germany. You know what. I’m fairly certain that Stalin is going to make a comeback and also will be given his rightful place in history for not only being the commander in chief of the victorious Red Army but also in previously industrializing the USSR which enabled them to out produce Germany in armaments. Of course it’s up to the Russian people but I really hope that the city of Volgograd reverts back to Stalingrad. If Leningrad can revert back to its original name of St. Petersburg why can’t Volgograd. It’s only fair.

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  9. Lada, you might like to see this article: [An American Explains] Why I Wept at the Russian Parade … posted on my Blog + the outstanding video:

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  10. Dear Lada:
    Indeed, USA only contributed a trickle of goods to the Soviet war effort in WWII. Actual statistics:

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  11. Lada,

    I think an important issue in the current mess is how European elites think. Maybe not the Rothschilds, but perhaps a professor at a university where students go to work in diplomacy or someone who has worked both in the EU establishment and high up in the corporate world. These folks seem to have an almost religious belief in the EU and “European values”. Particularly Germans, who also have the crazy idea that they don’t have a foreign policy or interests. This idea that all things European are good leads to dangerous concepts, such as the idea that all countries up to the Russian border simply must join the EU eventually, and must be taken away from Russia now. For one thing, this is ridiculously dangerous for Russia because the EU basically leads to joining NATO.

    As you said, it is an insane asylum. But it is not simply anti-Russian propaganda from the US. A lot of European elites actually believe they are doing the right thing in Greece, Ukraine, etc. It is a religious thing. Europe is their religion, and the EU is the Pope.


    • Oh, yes – no argument whatsoever. It is madhouse and they are simply incapable of looking the truth in the eye.

      That’s why I said EU constitutes insane asylum No. 1 and the EU elites are underevolved, behind the times, idiots. I said many a time in 2014 that the problem isn’t just some US or NWO conspiracy. It is a HUMAN psychological problem, i.e. a self-fulfilling prophecy. EU and US have become the most reactionary and dangerous forces on the planet, and that is because the elites went unchallenged for too long, while the populace bought the party line and allowed it to happen. Any citizens of the West that see the truth have the responsibility to share it with everyone and help awaken the populace from this slumber. Those who support this madness are complicit.

      To be fair though, there are many protests in Germany against German policies, but they get no coverage. I sub to the German-Russian channel and it shows these events.


    • Re-read your comment. You seem to be asking how to deal with 10s of thousands of those middle layer EU proponents, who are the ones forming MSM and teaching agendas, who are forming and teaching the new generations. First, you have to understand the psychology of that layer: they do what’s fasionable, what will make them most famous and most money. They will swing with the party line, as they say in Russia. The wind changes – they will change too because they don’t have any real principles, it’s all for show. That’s why they can be so easily seduced and manipulated. You start promoting those who espouse what you want and before long they all get the message – you have to be like that, other guy who just got a Nobel, or got promoted.

      The TOP has to be changed, more precisely, their monopoly on power and public opinion has to be taken away. Then the rest will simply fall in line.

      Here we are again forced to return to where we started: monopoly on power and public opinion has been usurped by… Anglo-American elites. Period.

      On the other hand, you also have to understand the psychology of Germans in general. They aren’t stubborn, like Slavs. All Slavs are very stubborn and they will dig in when they feel their principles are threatened, which is excellent quality when it comes to defending your country from invasion, as shown by Russians or Serbs. But it’s very bad when it comes to supporting idiocracy, like Poles, Czechs, etc, are doing now. And don’t get me started on Ukrainians, who already know they screwed up in 2014, but because of the same silly stubbornness, they won’t admit it. Sadly, this is why Poland, Czechia, Ukraine, and other ‘in-between countries’ as I call them, are customarily late to the global table. The winds have shifted, but they can’t change on time.

      But Germans aren’t like that. They weren’t whole as a country for a very long time, and not just last century; for centuries before that as well. They had to be flexible. As a matter of fact in what is Germany today, many weren’t even Germans per se during previous centuries – this is a separate ‘forbidden history’ story. Look how quickly they snapped into fascism in the ’30s, then in May 1945 they magically snapped out of it. Then they became EU proponents and allies of the USA. Just give it time and they will be proponents of the Putin plan of Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostock and enthusiastic supporters of the Silk Road project. Just give it time, lol ;).

      There are some smart advisors working for those who did Ukraine 2014 coup. They needed to sabotage Germany’s move towards Silk Road project by putting a wedge between Russia and Germany, and they did – albeit temporarily.

      Let’s just say, my main concern isn’t for Germans.


  12. Lada,

    I actually think the problem is more difficult than the usual opportunists who change with the wind. Those would be like all the Soviet nomenklatura who became the biggest fans of neoliberal capitalism. The problem in Europe at the moment is that these guys actually believe in Europe as this great ideal. The Anglo-American elite doesn’t actually have to sabotage things that much to make European second- or third-tier elites think that Russia is dangerous and bad. They already think that, and this is the problem. I’m afraid a lot of Russians can’t see this because those of us who aren’t Russians won’t say this directly when Russians are in the room.

    Maybe those at the top can be changed. Hope you are right about that. I suspect it might be more likely that they will just ride their civilization down, and Russia and other countries will simply have to build their own models and rise. Countries and civilizations rise and fall, and that’s the way it goes.

    The issue of Germany changing so dramatically into fascism and then capitalism/communism needs to add that Germany went through terrible shocks and disasters. The analogy might be with the Ukraine; they might go in and out of some big changes over a twenty-year period and change a lot. But Germany has had a pretty safe and predictable situation for the last 25 years.


    • At the core of everything you are describing is one simple thing – FEAR. Fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of going through hardship again, fear of plunging Europe in another WW, fear that they cannot trust themselves. And HYPOCRICY. These two meshed together create some of the most powerful mind games, aka, self-fulfilling prophecies. Humans are great at mind games. Fear and hypocricy combined make one blame anyone but themselves for the mess they had made.
      They won’t have war, but they’ll have a different mess – economic, emigration, financial, desintegration – on their hands. There will be NO big war in Europe, but problems humans are afraid of aren’t limited to war. And current elites are clueless as to how to get out of all these looming crises.

      Ride their civilization down? Sure, that’s a possible scenario, to a degree. We did talk about it. Europe is in the, I would say, 60/40 zone for predictions. If they don’t take my advice and advice of other reasonable people, they will end up in a dog house. I actually know Europeans a little better than you, Paul – or perhaps a lot better, having lived in Europe enough. They aren’t THAT stupid. You are completely forgetting that Europe also has PEOPLE. But it will be a battle because enough of them are brainwashed and, most importantly, sold-out.

      Incidentally, there is nothing wrong with feeling Europe should be united since they are right to think that prevents wars. EU took the wrong turn, it just needs to be reformed on different principles. If not, it will start disintegrating.

      As to US not having to do much – you are right partially. The ground was fertile. But you are wrong US didn’t do MUCH. Through the years, it was a concentrated planned attack through media, finance institutions, politics, economy, education, and military bases.

      Moreover, this tendency of maligning and being afraid of someone with power and truth on their side, or being ungrateful and contemptuos to one’s parents – that’s a very old story, displayed by rebellious teenagers. Humans are those teenagers. They don’t call Russia ‘Mother Russia’ by accident, don’t you think? This is humans’ genetic memory. This is not the first time this is happening.

      “I’m afraid a lot of Russians can’t see this because those of us who aren’t Russians won’t say this directly when Russians are in the room.”
      Don’t you know I don’t go by what people do or don’t say? Didn’t you know I could read minds? 😉


  13. Dear Lada,

    I watched the Victory Parade on 9th of May – great event!
    I just now finished to view the concert on Red Square. Amazing!!! Such strong emotional impact. Cathartic. Indeed, celebration ‘with the tears’ as words in last song are proclaiming.
    Bless Russia!
    Sadly, not everywhere in the world shares the same sentiments.
    Thank you for all publications.


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