Kiev Junta Implosion: Ukraine Deputy Defence Minister and Other High-Profile Defections to Lugansk and Donetsk

Kiev Junta Implosion: Ukraine Deputy Defence Minister and other high-profile insiders defect to Lugansk and Donetsk.

In the past few days, there was a wave of elite defections from Kiev to Donbass. The highest profile was the defection of General Александр Коломиец (Alexandr Kolomiyets), ex-deputy defence minister of Ukraine and a number of senior officers. They joined the Donetsk Republic.

Press conference:

генерал-майор армии Украины перешел на сторону ДНР

General Kolomiyets said: as a general of the Army of Ukraine, as someone who dedicated my whole life to the defence of the country, I officially state that it is a crime to use the country’s armed forces against peaceful population. We just commemorated the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, when Hitler attacked our country, USSR. The entire population then stood up to defend our Motherland. Officers and generals, don’t participate in the genocide of Donbass, don’t follow in the footsteps of those whom Nuremberg tribunal declared war criminals.

He also said that his family had death threats and he had to secretly move them from Kiev. He also said that many of his former colleagues call him to ask how they could defect as well; however, they are afraid for their families’ lives. His prediction is that soon there will be an exodus from Kiev and many would want to come back to Donbass.

He spoke with many of the generals and they all are against this war. But since anyone who disagrees could be arrested, kidnapped or worse, killed, they just sit quietly. Mostly, the war is conducted by nazis and criminals, he said, not by regular troops.

More press conference:  Part 1   Part 2

Also defected to Lugansk Republic:

Oleg Chernousov, Head of the Lugansk Oblast Customs Services (position occupied on the Kiev junta side), citing the impossibility of working with the illegal junta full of bandits and killers of peaceful citizens: Press Conference

Brothers Miroshnichenko, both originally from Lugansk: one was an officer of external intelligence services of Ukraine and another – a diplomat, who worked at the Ukraine embassy in Paris: Press Conference

During their press conference brothers explained that they were preparing for the defection for quite some time, as they had to coordinate their simultaneous escape from Paris and Kiev, as well as get their families out of harms way. They returned to their native Lugansk, where they also have family, because they couldn’t work for the junta that was killing their people. The attitude towards those who are originally from Donbass is very bad in Ukraine and Kiev, they said, and they were treated as second class citizens, despite their positions.

They also said that many colleagues want to follow them, but most are either afraid or hope to stay for another year or two till they get their pensions, and then return (LR: big mistake!). They also predict an upcoming avalanche of defections from the Kiev junta as people get fed up.

The intelligence officer also discussed MH17. He said that they were never advised who really shot down the plane, but the entire Ukraine’s intelligence was strictly instructed to construct a narrative blaming Russia and concoct bogus evidence that Russia shot down MH17.

LR: As the junta’s end nears, more and more of those who work for it today, will see the writing on the wall. The rats will start abandoning the ship. It all goes according to plan. By 2016-2018, Ukraine will be a different country, according to predictions.

Let’s recall that I also predicted in 2014 that Ukraine army would retain allegiances to the USSR and Russia, and it will not want to fight against their own people. Unfortunately, the fascist regime in power, supported by the US and EU, successfully intimidated and pulled the wool over many people’s eyes. Nevertheless, people are starting to awaken and we see some movement in the right direction.


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  1. I don’t understand why General Kolomiyets has to run away. His next logical move would be to lead in the elimination of what’s left of the Kiev Junta. He is a warrior, a leader, a general officer and a patriot? So where is the counter revolution while the situation is still hot and in flux? Now is the time to strike.

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    • I agree with you. They all only talk about running away, and even that they are afraid to do. This is called the degradation of a nation, I am afraid. That’s how what happened became possible in the first place.

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  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    it seems all the predictions about Ukraine are unfolding according to schedule. it’s just a matter of time before this Nazi regime implodes.

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  3. Reblogged this on robert11011's Blog and commented:
    Watch the implosion of kiev

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  4. I think those men and women in the Ukraine military who understand the evil of the Kiev regime and its war on the eastern provinces are in a very difficult position. They are living through a life & death nightmare. Consider if it was you and your family at risk of retaliation from the nazis in Kiev. Personally I admire the coiurageous action of that general. My heart goes out to all the true peoples of Ukraine.

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  5. We all have family.. it’s hard to fight when your close ones are in harms way if they are gone.. then it’s a totally different ball game..

    Lada a question..

    Why are Russia (China) and the US playing good cop bad cop?

    The US are buying rocket tech from the Russians as well as enriched Uranium. The Russians also have all the Snowden files and some cool EMP tech etc they have demonstrated meaning everybody knows they can take care of the US military tomorrow.. if they want to…

    The Russians also have some really cool bioresonance tech for healing coming up so they the dent in Big Pharma should be obvious as well..

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    • Because it’s not all black and white, Olie. Unless you want world war, you have to use diplomacy rather than threat whenever possible – at least that’s RU and China’s viewpoint. US or other countries aren’t homogenious either. NASA adamantly said they wanted Russian rocket engines, period. Both RU and US first wanted to stop engine supplies. Some in RU still do, but this loophole gives RU leverage. Same with other stuff.

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  6. I get the impression that “things” are going to happen much faster than we anticipated, don’t you agree Lada? This is the beginning of the end, as I “feel” it! Not too late to start a resistance movement, once they have their family safe! We had a big resistance movement in WWII, so it must be possible now as well, maybe with a little help from a “friend”?



    • There is resistance and it’s working, but there are also lots of gloomy news. I’ll say much more about all that in several upcoming vids and articles.
      I would love for it to happen sooner but…my timeline hasn’t changed: 2016-18 and unfortunately, it’ll be an ugly fight. Very sorry, but humans have to go through it to learn their lesson. Sigh.

      Hugs 🙂

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  7. i know Lada.. that things are not black and white.. I just get so tired of all the dog and phony show.. 😉


  8. “Realize that much of what you intuit is going to happen is, literally, a looking into the future through the loosening of the belief in linear time into fluid time. As you come to see how you are creating your reality, so you connect into being the wider self within you from which you create, instead of experiencing yourself as what you create. The closer you move to being All That You Are, the more you will start to experience its state of timelessness and non-definition. This will appear as the opening of your inner senses, those senses which are currently labeled as psychic. ”

    So hits home for me.. it’s from magical sense..



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