US, Russia and Oil Price Manipulation: The Real Reason OPEC President Was Arrested in London

OPEC President Diezani Alison-Madeuke was arrested in London on corruption charges, along with four others. She has been wanted on corruption charges in her own country Nigeria, where she used to be petroleum minister. After her ‘patron,’ former president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan, lost to the incumbent president, the new government pledged to crack down on widespread corruption in local petroleum industry. However, despite charges against her, she was still elected OPEC President.

Diezani Alison-Madeuke was let out on bail after her detention and reportedly has stayed under house arrest. Meanwhile, in a sign that the arrest had been coordinated with Nigerian authorities, the financial crimes unit sealed one of Alison-Madueke’s houses in the upmarket Asokoro district in the capital Abuja, two security officials said.

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There are several things that immediately come to mind in relation with this incident:

There is no doubt in my mind that there is rampant corruption in Nigeria’s oil industry, where few oligarchs control the entire flow of wealth of this most populous African country. There is no doubt in my mind that Alison-Madueke was the point person who executed that control. She represents one of the African oil clans with close Middle Eastern (most likely, Saudi) ties.

However, who really are the judges? The new president of Nigeria is promising to fight corruption – and no doubt that’s why he’s been elected. People crave change and ready to give the chance to anyone who promises it. I do sincerely hope this is the case. But it looks more like the fight between two different oil and political oligarchic clans to me, supported and directed by the US/UK.

This is akin to what’s happening in Ukraine. The most powerful clans of Kolomoysky and Poroshenko continue fighting for the shrinking pie of assets and profits, as we discussed in OLIGARCH WARS, but the invisible hand of their trans-Atlantic puppeteers is always present. ESR3: OLIGARCH WARS is just as timely today as it was when I first released it. What’s happening in Ukraine is a blueprint for understanding what’s happening worldwide, including in those countries where civil society and the rule of law is especially weak.

The most important thing overlooked by many in this scandal is this: Diezani Alison-Madeuke was worried about low oil prices and was planning on calling an emergency meeting to discuss the OPEC strategy change. All this noise about fighting corruption is designed to camouflage something a lot more important: someone wants to pressure OPEC into keeping oil prices low. Who would that be? Check out where she was arrested – in London. I guess that’s because she didn’t go to the US. Otherwise, it would have happened in Four Seasons, or another New York hotel.

Remember ex-IMF President Dominique Strauss-Kahn and allegations that he sexually assaulted a black employee of a New York hotel. France had quickly joined in with more similar allegations. Later, these charges were either dropped or un-proven, but Strauss-Kahn lost his position and much of his reputation. Shortly before the allegations, he had announced his bid for French presidency, which he subsequently had to withdraw.

Of course, the President of the International Monetary Fund, and French to boot, was so desperate that he had to pursue a 40+ year-old hotel maid of questionable looks. Of course, he had absolutely no access to anyone better.

Besides, just imagine how comical those additional prudish allegations of sexual misconduct sounded coming from the French! The French would rather approve than disapprove of such things, or they would just shrug their shoulders: that’s his personal life.

But whose public would believe and ardently support such allegations? That would be the puritanic American public. Therefore, who wrote the whole script for the framing of Dominique Strauss-Kahn? That would the US, operating on the understanding of how it should be done from their perspective.

This had a ‘hoax’ and ‘set-up’ written all over it from the start. Corruption notwithstanding, the same is true for Diezani Alison-Madeuke. Same script authors, whom we may call Anglo-American elites.

It appears Alison-Madeuke represents the OPEC oligarchic clan that attempts to distance itself from the US influence, timidly rebelling against the US and conducting a somewhat more independent policy.

Such arrests serve as a reminder who is the boss. The message is not so much for the person being arrested, but for others: fall in line or you are next. These people all have lots of skeletons in their closets. These skeletons are being kept under wraps, if they behave. The moment they get out of line, the fall guy is chosen and the message to the rest is sent.

The story with the FIFA scandal and the suspension of its powerful long-time president Joseph “Sepp” Blatter is another in the long line of such examples. Angela Merkel has been balancing on the verge and she has been sent multiple messages ‘to toe the line’ since the beginning of Ukraine crisis and anti-Russian sanctions. Same applies to many others.

The world leaders are being treated here like little misbehaved children, who must be spanked into submission once in a while. It’s scary how little power these so-called leaders really have.

About the ‘free’ market hoax and how the oil prices are formed

Let me first say that as an ex-financial consultant with Smith Barney, I can tell you that the self-regulating free market is total BS and a hoax of millennial proportions! It is designed by those who pull the strings to swindle the rest of us. Moreover, in the era of rampant derivatives, it’s not possible whatsoever for the exchanges to perform their primary fiduciary market-making function (ie, setting up and maintaining orderly and fair pricing).

We were taught by the Western ‘free market gurus’ that the global market would self-regulate and fair prices would adjust themselves based on supply and demand. This would mean that a few years ago, when oil reached $148, the demand was three times what it’s today, when oil is below $50. Of course this is not the case and the demand for oil is about the same. The economic factors influencing the oil price initially may have been: Chinese economy slowing down slightly and ISIL dumping oil at low prices. Both factors are relatively negligible and couldn’t have worked for long. The way the market usually works, both have already exhausted their depressive potential.

Conclusion? Someone is manipulating the market and holding oil prices down artificially.

Who and why would do that? OPEC countries are already suffering from low oil prices. For Russia it’s a big problem. Incidentally, on one hand it’s also a problem for the US. American shale oil industry, which uses the expensive and terribly harmful to the environment fracking to extract oil or gas, can’t operate at such low prices and has to stop producing – the only positive that has come out of it.

But US government is ready to sacrifice fracking oil profit for political and geopolitical gain. After all, for as long as US/UK control the entire global economic and financial system, even oil profits are small change.

As far as US internal politics go:

Protests against fracking are on the rise in the US, therefore, conserving the shale oil sites is politically good for Obama and democrats. Secondly, they are intent on keeping gasoline prices low at the pump in pre-election year, in an attempt to bribe voters.

This brings us to the main geopolitical reason!

It’s Russia and Putin. When the oil price drop began last year, it was complex. Part of it was the desire of Saudis and OPEC to stop the new rival: the fast expansion of the American shale oil industry. Another factor was ISIL oil dumping. Of course, Chinese economy slowdown and market speculation contributed to that. Initially, hurting the Russian economy was a side effect and a pleasant bonus for countries like Saudi Arabia, UK and US.

It was supposed to be a temporary operation. OPEC has exhausted its resources and the minds of some of its members have changed. Many OPEC countries now operate at a loss and start experiencing huge budget gaps. Some have had enough and they can’t wait to start stimulating oil prices.

However, sometime during this oil gambit the initiative was overtaken by the US/UK. At one point it became apparent how well it could work to hurt the Russian economy. Therefore, USA resolved to keep oil prices down for as long as possible, pressuring OPEC into doing so by all means necessary.

The initial sabotage idea against the Russian economy (it began with Kiev maidan and 2/2014 coup) looked like this:

  1. Overstretching of Russian finances and economy by making Russia send troops to Ukraine, subsequently having to support the destroyed Ukraine.
  2. Creating the image of Russia as an evil dictatorship, headed by evil Putin, resulting in global isolation and subsequent disintegration.
  3. Simultaneously, crippling the Russian economy and squeezing Russian financial system, closely integrated into the Western financial network via: anti-Russian sanctions; attempted denial of Visa/MC; disconnection from SWIFT; and most importantly, the attack on the Ruble, resulting in its precipitous drop. All this was designed to squeeze Russian business class, bury Eurasian Union, isolate Russia from any allies, and ultimately, make the population hate Putin.

The only thing that did work out in this comprehensive plan was turning Ukraine into a total mess. The rest failed completely.

1. Russia didn’t send troops to Ukraine, as predicted.

2. Anti-Russian sanctions made Europeans distrust US, rather than Russia; Visa/MC/SWIFT sabotage failed.

3. Eurasian Union is experiencing certain color revolution and economic risks, as I had warned since 2014. But despite the risks, it’s still expanding.

4. While the Ruble drop was hurtful, the Russian economy has re-adjusted. The problems created stimuli for the sorely needed import substitution and building up of Russia’s independent from the West financial and economic system – also, as predicted.

5. While Russia is supporting LNR and DNR (only 2 mln people left), plus millions of refugees from Ukraine, these millions of refugees and Ukraine immigrants do contribute to the Russian economy by working. Meanwhile, US and EU have to support the entire 30-35 million still residing in Ukraine, including paying Gazprom for Ukraine’s gas and providing IMF loans – and this was never part of the plan.

6. Instead of isolation, Russia has been growing her ally and supporter base worldwide.

7. Instead of people hating Putin, his rating continues climbing, both in Russia and abroad. The latest: Putin’s rating surpassed 90% – the highest ever. Out of those 10% or less, only a few dislike Putin. Others feel that Putin isn’t ‘Putin enough,’ in other words, that he should be doing more of what he is doing.

8. Last but not least, Crimea becoming a part of Russia was a huge shock to the West. At least several regions of Ukraine can’t wait to follow Crimea’s example – and that was never part of the plan either.

Consequently, US/Obama’s (yes, we know that Obama is just a figure-head) policies have been a total fail on all fronts, except the successful destruction of poor Ukraine.

Enter low oil prices…

At one point US managed to hijack the OPEC oil price manipulation. This is easily done by what is known as US secret crash protection team and shorts/derivatives dumping. Incidentally, something similar is being done to keep gold/silver prices down.

Once the price manipulation is hijacked, all they have to do is: 1. keep it at a certain level; 2. keep those OPEC countries and execs, who start rebelling, in line.

And now we’ve come full circle: the latter is the real reason OPEC President Diezani Alison-Madeuke was arrested in London!


Therefore, US wants to continue keeping oil prices suppressed for as long as possible in order to continue hurting Russia. This is tied to elections. At a minimum, US, aided by UK and the City of London, will continue manipulating oil prices till US elections. At a maximum, they’d love it if they could keep them low until Russian presidential elections, to try to dampen Putin’s chances.

But here is the ultimate timeline: when they finally see that Putin gets re-elected despite all of their efforts, they’ll let it go.

The long-term problem with such mafia-like, or highway-bandid-like, behavior, is that US is quickly losing any shred of reputation it still has left worldwide. The result will be the universal distrust and hatred towards the country once called ‘a beacon of democracy.’

Meanwhile, Russia and Putin’s influence and reputation worldwide will continue growing.





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  1. Wow, excellent commentary and analysis. You cut through all the MSM baloney and disinfo, getting to the real heart of the matter. Lada, you really should take up RT on their offer and make appearances.

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  2. damn this is juciy and good

    thanks lada enjoyed reading 🙂

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  3. On your videos Lada my I suggest using the theme music from the 1958 movie The Vikings when taking about the UK/US warmongering and the theme music from the Godfather when the same duo is economic-political mode. that’s if there no copyright problems.

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  4. Lada,

    TY for your ERS6 report on the Kazharian Mob.. I knew about them and their defeat against the Persians and the Russians in the past but I did not know about them being so strong and influent in the US meaning their bransch there outweighs the Israelis..

    I’m still baffled by the stupid ignorance and charade played by the US state department concerning the Nuclear threat from Russia.. (who was going to move new missiles to Europe). In fact most of the missiles does not even work and are just for show .. so the politicians think they got a good bang for the buck.. the F-35 debacle is also very telling along with the US carrier groups.. that are potential sitting ducks.. all over the world.

    There is one leader and his companions that says what day actually do .. and that is Putin.. !

    Look at this video clip and the startling.. answers from the US state department.. litterally stuttering..


  5. May the 224 victims R.I.P.. you will never be forgotten, I know you are watching us from the other side of the veil.. Putins already knows who is behind this.. evil act!<3

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  6. So sad to see my country squander its good will! Japan is still very much on America’s side, and will be for a while, because of the linguistic and geographical isolation and lack of most people’s interest beyond their close friends. But I think if there was a split with America, most of them would merely shrug unless they were personally affected.

    I have a couple of questions, not being really well versed in finance. It seems to me that gold price manipulation is made easier by all the unbacked gold certificates, plus gold being a medium of wealth storage rather than consumption. I would think it would be harder to fake a glut with petroleum, but is there a way for them to do that?

    I’m also under the impression that even a small glut can have a big impact if it is persistent, so it would not take a lot of excess production to produce a large drop in prices.

    Your valuable analysis does offer a lot of insight, however, and it is clear that TPTB want to stifle any form of coordination that might bring production down and prices up.


    • Agree – when there is a change of wind, Japanese will just shrug and re-orient themselves, but they won’t make too many drastic moves now.

      Everyone wants Russia to do everything, so they would just follow. That’s the unfortunate truth. Most of the world will just be sitting on two chairs for a while, trying to wait for the right time to jump over to the other side. That’s why some will miss the boat.

      Still, Japanese leader recently met with S. Korea and China’s and the three affirmed they were for peaceful co-existence in the region – that was after US fleet tried to provoke China in S. China Sea. The meeting was a slap in the face for the US.

      Which brings me to the issue of the US – when everyone is trying to be TOO smart for their own good, they just may outsmart themselves. I’ll have more on that in the upcoming Surprise ESR about America – stay tuned!

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      • Thank you, Lada! There was some positive news out this way last week, at least from my perspective. The Japanese are not buying the total digitalization of their businesses, because they do not trust it not to be rigged and they fear data breaches. They are almost all avid smartphone users, but that is just for a pastime. Again, the language barrier prevents them from getting much real news from it. Lots and lots of rumors, and the MSM, of course, is US controlled.


    • Physical amount of gold or petroleum is inconsequential in the present-day market. This is the basic mistake of most gurus and analysts, when they keep predicting a rise in a price of something based on physical demand. Physical demand is a drop in a bucket compared to the digital market which was allowed to get completely out of control. Futures/shorts, etc., were bad enough. But now, with trillions and trillions in much more complex and convoluted derivatives floating out there, it’s absolutely impossible to trade for an average person or average institution on logic and knowledge alone. The only entity that can TRULY control the market now is the entity that controls the world financial system. Therefore, only members of the entity’s gang, or mafia, are allowed to profit.

      So, this has nothing to do with production or physical glut. It’s just digits. And this can only be done when one controls the entire system.

      However, of course should OPEC announce a decrease in production, such announcement will activate the volume of trading all over the world, and US won’t be able to control the digital price suppression. The price of oil may go through the roof on hopeful news practically overnight.

      I am preparing the surprise new Earth Shift Report about America, in which I’ll explain all about oil, gold, currencies, why USA keeps going strong, while others are doing poorly; why so many predictions have failed, etc. All the whats, hows and whys. Stay tuned!

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      • So it basically comes down to “shadow-government manipulation” producing gross distortions in markets. I’m going to sound really pesky here, and I hope you will forgive me, Lada, you’re advice is so valuable. In the gold bullion market, I hear about shortages from time to time, which is what to expect when the price is suppressed. I’m not aware of that happening in the petroleum market. Have you heard of any cases of “nice price!…but they ran out!”? My case is that the manipulation is still actually resting on a slender glut. They were obviously hoping for a short-term fatal blow to Russia, but that is nowhere in sight, and as most economic sectors recover with the boost of cheap oil, either the price will have to rise or shortages will appear and then lots of people will want to know why.

        I will take your word for it, however, that much of the low price has to do with financial manipulation aside from overproduction, because the market should be anticipating a price rise, but that hasn’t been happening.

        Good, thought-nprovoking report!


        • Patricia, there is no either ‘glut or shortage’ of oil right now. It’s not an issue, and it’s not that simple as ‘glut or shortage’ – it’s not about that at all. Are you talking about Peak Oil by any chance? If so, this is a non-issue.


  7. Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    Very well written thank you; we agree that Madeuke was another Kahn incident…


  8. Great post Lada, very informative. US elections are around 1 more year to go, so OPEC states have 1 more year of this economic warfare on Russia to endure after that Russia will be much stronger and we will be heading quicker to a multi-polar world.


  9. Very interesting post and related comments, thank you ! Looking forward to reading the ESR on America soon ! All the best !


  10. Did anybody catch this bombshell?
    Putin Associate, RT creator, Found Dead in DC Hotel

    Lesin is credited with creating Russia Today, the English-language news network backed by the Russian government. Now known as RT, the network “provides an alternative perspective on major global events, and acquaints an international audience with the Russian viewpoint,” according to its website.


    • And, of course, they had to add the standard “oppression of freedom of speech in Russia” hoax into the article, as none of the ABC’s readers actually read Russian press to see for themselves the often staggering diversity of opinions presented there.


  11. It looks like another diversion of public attention has been triggered in Paris, similar to the Charlie Hebdo false flag. Sad that innocent people pay with their lives for this kinds of manipulations with public.

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  12. Gladdo again they’ve been screwing France at least sixty five years.


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