“Hodos tells a story of the Kabbalistic curse that was supposedly performed by Chabad elders against him and Kolomoysky.

In Aramaic it is called PULSA DE NURA, which means the ‘fire strike.’ In 2005 it was performed against then Israel PM Ariel Sharon, who almost literally burned down within several months. The curse has to be fulfilled within one year. In less than 6 months, Sharon fell into a coma. He died without coming out of a coma in 2014.

Another known Pulsa De Nura was performed against Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated one month after. Note that both of these leaders tried to stop Israeli settlements on Arab lands and/or tried to sign peace accords with Palestinians. This alone gives us a good insight into the nature of Chabad and the Lyubavitch Jews; it tells us what kind of dark forces manipulate the direction of some countries behind the scenes.

Hodos says that (Ukraine oligarch and raider #1) Kolomoysky may have had Pulsa De Nura done on him, however that could have been a hoax deliberately spread around by his Chabad friends in order to raise his status. The thing is, if someone is righteous and Pulsa De Nura was done on him, says Hodos, the righteous person survives and the curse rebounds on those who did it. The idea is that since nothing supposedly happened to Kolomoysky, it stands to reason that the curse rumor was a hoax.

Ok, let’s go along with Hodos’ theory. Say Kolomoysky did have Pulsa de Nura done on him. Then – yes, Kolomoysky is still alive. However, look what has happened to him since last August, when the curse supposedly took place. He lost his job as the Dnepropetrovsk governor, with a big, public scandal; his reputation took a mega-dive, and he continues losing his status in Ukraine. He got in huge trouble with a multi-month mega prank played on him via Skype by Russian prankster Vovan – I had a video of one such call in Oligarch Wars. During these prank conversations Kolomoysky unknowingly blabbed out things that made him rather hated in Ukraine, basically making him persona non grata. At the same time, he lost his grip on some of his vast holdings and political connections. It’s unclear what is happening with his money; he could be balancing close to bankruptcy. Finally, his Privat Bank is being investigated for stealing $10 bln in IMF loans.

Find out all about Kolomoysky, his bizarre exploits and controversial actions that cost him a chunk of his stolen from the people empire in ESR3: Oligarch Wars.

Hodos also maintains that Pulsa De Nura was performed against him, but since he continues being alive and well, it means that he is righteous. Is he saying that to give himself more weight, just like Kolomoysky, or there really was something? Ether way, he is playing to public and asking for sympathy. 

Still, this person is extremely important to our story, as you’ll see below. This is someone who carries a lot of weight on the topic of Khazaria and the inner workings of Chabad.

Chilling! ​Real video of Kabbalistic Pulsa de Nura curse on Israeli PM Ariel Sharon in 2005!

The video description, obviously written by the type of Jew in question, says this verbatim, and I quote: Just before his dastardly Gaza deportation of 10,000 Jews from their homes, ultra-Orthodox Jews invoked the Kabbalistic Pulsa d’Nura (“Lashes of Fire”) curse against its instigator Ariel Sharon, that he should die within the year.’

The reference here is to Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands, which Sharon tried to stop. Sharon also attempted to break the vicious cycle and establish peace with Palestinians. For that, he paid with his life.”

See the real video of Pulsa de Nura and read much more in



Earth Shift Report 6 has been a year in the making. It is a very deep and all-encompassing revelation of everything surrounding the hot topic of Khazarian Khaganate. It connects many dots that have traditionally remained unconnected, either because of ignorance or manipulation.




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    Explosive report, I just finished this all-encompassing info made my head spin. History always being re-written at the expense of the ignorant. Lesson: educate yourself, don’t be a sheeple.

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  2. Yes, Lada it is a form of Black Magic – nothing really to do with the spiritual Kabbalah in its highest sense. Probably most people have sufficient deficits in their nature for some aspect of the curse to take effect, but of course as you say in a truly pure person the curse would bounce off and return to its progenitors. There are equivalents of this sort of sorcery in the Muslim tradition and Dr. Kyriacos Markides describes this in his series of books about the Cypriot mystic and healer Daskolos, who had to deal with similar black magic from parts of North Africa.

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    • Kabballah, as one of the Earth based spiritual practices, is neutral and is a useful tool – like knife is a neutral tool. How this tool is used depends on the energy, understanding and direction of humans who apply it. To really understand what is said here, please read ESR6, where it’s all spelled out.
      Cheers 🙂

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  3. Most indigenous tribes are able to direct good and evil energy…in Australia the Aborigines ‘point the bone’ very effectively and with similar results documented. Certainly the Native Americans can shapeshift and do the same. The Maoris and Pacific Islanders likewise. Through meditation, individually and collectively we can change outcomes by focusing on our desired outcome…this is scientifically proven. So there are more of us than the evil satanists…so get energy directing by focusing on our desired collective outcomes every spare minute ‘ Other Selves’! It is already working!
    Noeline Clayfield


  4. The other important aspect is what you put out returns to us magnified. Who needs the karmic return of putting out negative energy to any perceived antagonist? Even in our daily interactions anybody negatively responding to a negative gesture just gets more negativity to experience…No thank you!!
    Noeline Clayfield


  5. Lada: My understanding and study is that the Kabbalah is the wisdom tradition of the Hebrew people. In the Middle Ages it got caught up with magic and even sorcery probably because it names some of the dark intelligences in the Inverse Sephiroth, and of course as we know so well, even the highest wisdom can get distorted by passing through human hands.


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