BREAKING: This Lawsuit Might End Hillary’s Run and Prove Election Fraud!

As I’ve been saying for months now, ‘Whatever you do, don’t vote for #HillaryClinton!’

Their huge differences aside, either #BernieSanders or #DonaldTrump would be better for the world as a whole.

And here’s my new US election prediction:

“You haven’t seen nothin’ yet!” It’s just the beginning. There will be more surprises and scandals as we near US Presidential Elections 2016! Hang on to your chairs!

I do plan a complete US elections predictions a little later – stay tuned!

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Election fraud experts Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis say they have proof that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has benefited from election fraud. They believe their current lawsuit will end Hillary’s run and prove that Bernie Sanders is indeed the Democratic nominee. Watch this unbelievable clip as broken down by Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight.

Welcome to the banana republic called USA! More on #Hillary scandals, #California primaries’ fraud and sham elections:

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  1. Russia, I know you’re reading this. You helped us with our first revolution and if you don’t help us again I’m afraid it will all be over for us. No way will the Clintons be indicted. They are using them to force a civil war. Then comes martial law, then full implementation of the UN/NWO in the former America. Release the goddamned emails. We are POWs here and require some assistance. Actually, we need some gonads and with the proper push I believe we can find them.

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  2. Instead of banana republic how about Banana Empire.


  3. Thanks for posting these Lada
    The US mainstream corporate media cartel propaganda system
    owned by 5 transnational corporations
    No free press in the US or in Europe
    The West is hijacked by transnational corporate elites
    A transnational corporate imperium is being created before our eyes

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  4. Thank you for posting these vids Lada, nothing about it here in the news, nothing at all! In Holland they think that everything is a done deal and it’s Clinton versus Trump!

    As an aside, since a couple of weeks one of my neighbours, that always had the English flag in his window, changed it for (the old red USSR) Russian flag! And today the new flag, with the Phoenix, is also there, hanging outside next to the front door! I have not asked them about it but I will, because I find this very intriguing! It is probably also because today Russia is playing and they support them, like I do, but still….you know….there must be more to it!

    Then about the fine the UEFA gave Russia and the trouble the so called “supporters” are making, I was wondering and would like to hear your take on this issue, because it is all to obvious, to me at least! My thoughts are that these are not Russians but Russian speaking people from a “certain” country (you know which one) that want to put Russia in a bad light and manoeuvre them out of the soccergames! So what do you think Lada?



    • Thanks, Christa.
      That’s interesting about the flag. Let me know what he’s said.

      Incidentally, I am impressed at how much more aware and independent the Dutch are, compared to some others in the EU. But awakening is happening all over the EU.

      You aren’t far off at all about what’s happening with the fans. There is a Ukrainian fingerprint all over it, but not exactly the way you think.
      Funny, I was just listening to the press conf with the Russian team’s coach. Yesterday French police accosted and harassed Russian journalists’ and national fan association buses. 4 were deported.

      I got other people asking me about Russian sport and attempts to ban Russian team from Euro2016 and from Rio Olympics.

      I’ll talk about both of these soon. Stay tuned.

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