Lada Ray’s First US Presidential Elections Prediction: REVOLT IN REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC PARTIES


As Gerald Celente once said, I am a political atheist. I do not belong to any political party in any country on the globe; I do not endorse any political party or ideology. My mission is to reveal the truth, share with my fellow earthlings what I know and foresee, and show the way, when necessary. I am fully independent in what I think and what I say. When I make predictions, I tell the truth about what I foresee. I don’t sugarcoat it for the sake of this or that political agenda. If I support any country, policy or individual, it is because I see that such country, policy or individual are going in the right direction, beneficial for the future of our planet.

I intend to post more predictions for the upcoming 2016 US Presidential Elections, as I usually try to do for all important global elections. My past elections predictions can be found in PREDICTIONS.


My recent 2016 US Presidential Elections Predictions

Let’s begin with a quote from ESR2 (reloaded & expanded): UKRAINE – TRUTH, LIES & FUTURE HOPEpublished on February 18, 2016. In it I wrote:


The farther pendulum swings in one direction, eventually, when the inertia is broken, the farther it will swing in the opposite direction. The pendulum has swung as far as it would go, and it’s only a matter of time to break its inertia. Once it’s broken, Ukraine will swing much closer to Russia. After that happens, how will Ukrainians feel about the USA? I won’t tell you – use your imagination. Not good, obviously.

Actually, I think this is the right time to warn all decent Americans: do something about your government in order to stop this madness!
I won’t talk about the American presidential candidates – promise to have predictions some time this year. But whatever you do, don’t vote for Hilary, unless you want the continuation of the same madness. Will someone else be more reasonable? Unlikely, as whoever is elected still takes cues from the same source. But there is a small hope that someone who’s not associated with Clintons, Bushes and Obamas, will have a little more common sense. Let’s just call it ‘hope,’ although I am not optimistic overall about the US. All in all, it does depend on the people: when the American people at large change – and demand change – the government won’t have a choice but to comply and change as well.

The only thing that may change the future direction in which USA is sliding is if people take active part in changing their country. This is the only thing that may potentially help. The karmic pendulum has swung too far in the case of the USA. The day of reckoning has been delayed and delayed.

One day, the inertia will be broken and the pendulum will swing just as far, or even further, away from the US.
One day it will be dangerous to travel around the world with an American passport.
Here we go, this is one of my predictions for the US. More to come later this year.”

Here is another early prediction I made in my November 24, 2015 article Explosive Consequences of Turkey Downing Russian Su-24 Jet in Syria – Complete Analysis and Predictions!

A word about Obama.

I said previously that I didn’t normally write about Obama is he was too predictable and un-interesting to me. This is one little exception.

Obama, this typical peace-loving ‘nobel peace prize winner,’ is one of the biggest war-mongers out there. Obama is a puppet and a simpleton, who is a very effective mouth piece by virtue of being not very smart, but highly trainable. He’s a good actor though. He once fooled a lot of incredibly naive people by his ‘we are change’ slogan.

Having very little, if any, power from the start, after six years in office he looks like just an empty, soul-less shell. This happens to all American presidents whose daily job is to swindle the world and to lie to their own people. They are the ones who make pacts with the devil as a normal daily occurrence.

And now, a little preliminary prediction for the USA’s presidential elections 2016.

I am saving the full prediction for the US elections for 2016, when I will do a complete prediction about USA as part on a new Earth Shift Report. But I will give you a sneak peek, which is tied to the Russian jet downing in Syria.

Here is my preliminary prediction about US elections:


Let’s fast forward to today!



The Democratic Party revolt

Breaking news:

democrat tulsi gabbard resigns as dem pty vp

Representative Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat of Hawaii, in her Capitol Hill office in November. Ms Gabbard resigned as a vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee on Sunday. Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times

NYT quote:

‘Representative Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat of Hawaii, resigned as a vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee on Sunday in order to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for president.

The endorsement came a day after Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in South Carolina by a huge margin — she captured nearly 74 percent of the vote — in a signal of her support in the South right before several other Southern states vote in Tuesday’s primaries.

Ms. Gabbard explained her decision in a video on YouTube in which she said that, as a military veteran, she wanted the United States to avoid “interventionist wars of regime change.”

“As a veteran of two Middle East deployments, I know first hand the cost of war,” said Ms. Gabbard, one of the first female combat veterans to serve in Congress. “I know how important it is that our commander-in-chief has the sound judgment required to know when to use America’s military power and when not to use that power.

“As a vice chair of the D.N.C., I am required to stay neutral in democratic primaries, but I cannot remain neutral any longer,” she added. “The stakes are just too high. That’s why today I’m endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders to be our next president and commander in chief of the United States.”

“We need a commander in chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment, and who understands the need for a robust foreign policy which defends the safety and security of the American people, and who will not waste precious lives and money on interventionist wars of regime change,” Ms. Gabbard said. “We can elect a president who will lead us into more interventionist wars of regime change, or we can elect a president who will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.”

Ms. Gabbard, who was born in American Samoa and is the first Hindu elected to Congress, is seen as a young, rising star of the party but has publicly battled Democratic leadership. In October, Ms. Gabbard said she was uninvited from the first Democratic presidential primary debate by the chief of staff to Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, the chairwoman of the national committee, after Ms. Gabbard appeared on television and called for more debates.’ (END QUOTE)

This is Tulsi Gabbard’s YouTube video in which she explains her decision:

Tulsi Gabbard hasn’t named Hilary Clinton directly. But it has been noted by many that Clinton is the mouthpiece for Wall Street, who also happens to be rabidly Russophobic and in favor of US warmongering policies that create wars and havoc of regime change.

I want to point out that Hilary Clinton is opposed and distrusted by women as much as men, both inside and outside her party. As a female candidate, she was hoping to rally the support of women, and she failed.

Another interesting trend is that the oldest of US presidential candidates, the white-haired Bernie Sanders, has the support of the young crowd. In fact, supporting Sanders is considered hip. Sanders also has the support of the educated and creative layers of the population. Bernie Sanders has a practically cult following and universal endorsement in large college towns, such as Ithaca, NY, where Cornell University is located.

Yet, the Democratic Party continues pushing Hilary forward.

Bernie supporters threaten to stay home, withholding their vote, if Clinton should win the nomination. This will create the perfect storm for the Democratic Party, of which I talk in my prediction above.

The Republican Party revolt

It is equally intense in the Republican Party. Despite the party’s big bosses putting all their weight behind someone else, Donald Trump has continued winning primary after primary. The party top brass first weres betting on Jeb Bush, but when it became clear he lagged behind, they changed their tactics and put their weight behind Marco Rubio.

Some may wonder why Jeb Bush has lagged from the beginning. He does have the advantage of the name recognition, which means a lot in politics.

My view is, perhaps, surprising and certainly unconventional: for a long time I have been noticing that Jeb Bush is actually the smart one in the family. I believe that having been born to Bushes, where he would have to go into politics, he smartly chose the warm and laid back Florida for his ‘domain,’ which he has ruled since. I further believe that Jeb has been pushed to run for president both by his family and republican leadership. But he personally isn’t interested in the job. Being shrewd and knowing deep down that one day sh*t will hit the fan, he doesn’t want to be the one held responsible. This is why his campaign has been uninspired at best. Even if he fails to admit it to himself, he doesn’t want the nomination. Self-sabotage comes to mind.

On the other hand, Marco Rubio is very enthusiastic and agreeable. As such, he has been selected by Republican establishment to be the poster boy, after Jeb didn’t live up to expectations. Jeb Bush has been pressured to step down as candidate and put his full support, and his votes, behind Rubio. Florida primary is looming (it’s this coming Tuesday, if I recall). It is one of those states where winner takes all votes. Florida would have voted for Jeb, their governor – and this was supposed to be Jeb’s trump card, no pan intended. But if Jeb endorses Rubio instead, it’s possible that Rubio will take all. By performing this kind of bait and switch, the Republican Party’s top hopes to reverse the trend of Trump’s triumphs and begin chipping away at his gains.

Despite these machinations on the part of the republican elites, Trump holds the enthusiastic majority among simple people who usually vote republican.

My new 2016 US Presidential Elections Predictions

This will be an interesting battle, first for both parties’ nominations, and later, for the seat of the US President. What is clear is that the trend of the global Earth Shift has finally reached the US. Turmoils have been shaking up many countries and regions of the world, including protests, wars and major crises. US has been relatively stable and quiet. But the wave of change is coming to America as well. It’s just that USA is a huge ship. It takes much longer to turn a ship of this magnitude. Therefore, the EARTH SHIFTING changes in the US will be slower and will occur later than in most other countries. But they will happen.

One of the changes that will come to pass relatively soon will be the overhaul of the outdated US election and political system. The system where only two parties are allowed to compete for a presidential post or for a Congress seat is stifling and doesn’t express the needs of the majority of the population. Just to compare: in the country, which US insists isn’t democratic, Russia, there are over 70 registered political parties, 4 of them, those who pass the 5% threshold, are in the Duma. Many more get elected regionally.

Moreover, the archaic US Electoral College system, adopted hundreds of years ago due to necessity, prevents the modern exercise of direct democracy. We all recall the farce when the winner of the popular vote lost US elections in the past, US Supreme Court appointing the new president. In the same archaic category is the use of ‘superdelegates.’ Superdelegates to a party congress carry much more weight than usual delegates, as they are considered to represent a larger number of voters. It is a rudiment of the US colonial era, when very few could make it to a party congress without proper roads. The funny part is that these superdelegates can vote the way they please, turning their back on their voters. Democratic establishment threatened to use superdelegates to secure Hilary Clinton’s democratic nomination, should Bernie Sanders win the popular vote.

With the success of Sanders and Trump, we have a typical revolt of the masses against the outdated electoral and political system in the US. But this revolt is significantly broader, even if those who rebel don’t fully realize it. This is the revolt against the direction in which USA is heading. More and more people are realizing that the ship is heading for the rocks. On the surface, everything seems OK in the US. It does appear to be a calm in the midst of a huge global storm. US is in the eye of the storm called EARTH SHIFT – for now. As I said, the real change will come later for the US.

But the astute and smart ones already see the unfavorable future unfolding.

The problem is that in the absence of alternatives, one can only hope to affect change in the US through running within the scope of the Republican or Democratic parties.

In most ways Sanders and Trump represent the opposite sides of the political spectrum. Sanders is, as he says, ‘democratic socialist.’ Trump is not just conservative, he is basically a libertarian with some very conservative views.

Let’s face it, neither Trump nor Sanders really fit the bill of either party. This is why the establishments of both are so against them. But they also know that they can only get to the top using the resources, leverage and voters within these two parties. In fact, the divergence between Trump and Rubio or Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is so huge that, in reality, there should be at least 4 parties and, at a minimum, 4 different candidates running.

In fact, there are more candidates than that (Green Party, Constitutional Party, Libertarian Party, etc.), but they are shut off from public debates and never given MSM prime time. Including all the candidates who pass a certain threshold, like in Russia, would be fair and democratic. As it is, the US political system is unfair and anti-democratic.

One very important detail to remember! Despite the different platforms and views on domestic policy, there is one thing that unites Trump and Sanders, and sets them apart from the establishment democrats or republicans. They are both for more measured and reasonable approach to international affairs, against US wars, and for better relations with Russia.

If you recall, in the beginning of this article I quoted my 2015 prediction that democrats would lose the 2016 US presidential election specifically because of Obama/democratic administration’s failed international warmongering and Russophobic policies. Yes, there may have been a brief win of the US in Ukraine. History will only remember it as a blip. This victory will turn out to be a Pyrrhic one, especially when it comes to the conventional Democratic Party.

American people are beginning to demand a meaningful change. It’s subtle and timid so far, corroding slowly through the existing two-party system.

But this is just the beginning of the revolt. More to come and when it reaches its peak, it will be big. One thing for sure: what Americans want is to revert to protectionism and measured participation in politics and conflicts thousands of miles away.

Americans are getting sick and tired of the US warmongering, global expansionism and Russophobia. Any candidate insisting on the continuation of such policies will be very unpopular with regular voters. Is it possible that the establishment and invisible puppet masters still push through such candidate to win the 2016 presidential elections? We will discuss this in future predictions.





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  1. Hi Lada,

    Have you heard of Any Basiago by any chance? His website is: He’s a time traveler and was in the same class as Obama. Only difference is, Andy discloses what he’s done, the others of course don’t.

    Enjoy, Holly


    • Yes, the Barry Santoro story from the Philippines, who’s been to Mars as part of the secret US program. 😉


    • Andy Basiago went to Mars? Impossible. He maybe went somewhere underground to visit some advanced civilisation that supposedly interacted with the Vrill and Thule Societies and the Nazis. If he has gone through mkultra programmes he could still be controlled perhaps. From my own perceptions and my extensive travels I observe that the earth is flat and immovable and we are unable to get through the dome let alone the Van Allen Belt of toxic radiation. I understand the NASA trip to Mars was postponed because although they got through the Van Allen Belt in 1968 and all the Apollo missions (as well as all the Russian missions?!), they cannot do so now because of the threat to human life and the inability to protect from the radiation. “Space”, NASA and ISS are nothing more than CGI to keep us distracted. There is another agenda too large to go into here. You have to ask yourself why do we not have films and real photographs of our planet from “space”? With all our supposed technological advancements we do not have tv coverage of our plane or stars other than NASA CGI. In fact there is nothing taken over about 73 miles high. BTW the Mars landscape that NASA is filming is actually Greenland! All this is researchable and I encourage everyone to do their own homework.

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      • I am sorry, Noeline, but you are wrong regarding your view on the shape of the Earth. And it has nothing to do with NASA’s falsification of the Lunar landing. The fact that Earth is an ellipsoid has been proven by various sciences through several centuries by various cultures, to a degree, that it is not beyond any reasonable doubt.

        Here are a few proofs that I could list:
        The most mundane and easy to take for granted, is the change of day and night and the change of the seasons.
        A more mathematically involved is is you take note of the time sun sets over a sea at sea level and say 50 stories up. If you do the math assuming flat earth, the numbers would not work.
        Then there is a question of the satellites – both natural, like Moon, and artificial. They fly by constantly falling to the earth, but “missing” it due to its round shape.
        The way tectonic drift works is directly linked to the ball-shaped form of the Earth.
        If you fly a commercial liner at 10km you can see the curvature of the Earth for yourself.
        And this brings me to one very elegant and simple proof, that the Earth is round – schedules of airline companies. The gist of it is that if the Earth is flat, then the flight from Australia to South America (closer to the circumfence) would take much longer than a same-distance flight closer to the centre of the pancake. A good discussion here:

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        • All of what you say is not proven or scientifically based. The earth is and always has been flat. You better do your research properly rather than showing your ignorance.


        • Lets look at your facts. The latest “fact” from NASA is that the earth is “pear-shaped” but they till keep showing the ball since 1970s. BTW there is a video showing Armstrong and crew mocking up this photo and trying to get it right through a round airplane window. Day and night works equally on a flat earth model.Seasons work better on flat earth model. Gravity does not exist and is merely a theory. So the recent anti-gravity wave is further nonsense.When I lived in Australia the land was very flat and none of us fell off or swung on anything Downunder. Water finds its own level and is flat everywhere. There are no satellites. They are another NASA fiction. Your maths are highly suspect/incorrect. GPS is not a satellite system but groundbased…look it up. Once a plane gets 150miles off a coast it is no longer tracked by “GPS”…check it out. The airline routes are more direct on the flat earth model and mostly over land. Planes do not fly over great expanses of water because they cannot be tracked. Again there is a lot of information available on this. BTW the sun and moon are between 3-4000 miles above our plane not the NASA nonsense which is unproven. It is easy to measure the height of the sun and moon very easily by measuring suns rays. I am going to further shock you by saying that there is absolutely no proof other than NASA CGI that we have ever been outside the dome or Van Allen Belt . Also the flat earth is on the UN flag and other organisations… truth hidden in plain sight? Incidentally there is no Antarctica on the UN flag. A topic for another day. Lots of info here:


          • Noeline, I’d say that different people have a different set of knowledge that may all help form a full picture. It’s not necessarily mutually exclusive, and particularly, it’s certainly not ignorant. No need to talk about ignorance here.

            Many of us are in agreement that a large part of human history and science data is false or inaccurate. But which part and how?
            It also depends on what dimension we are looking from.

            Therefore, if I wanted to, I could easily disprove lots of what you’ve said from the point of view of 8th through 10th dimensions. Even from the point of view of 5D it will all look false.
            But I won’t because it’s futile, except to say that Earth is simultaneously a multi-dimensional holographic projection, while at the same time being a fully incarnated, fully physical 3D-5D world. Some can only see 3D, others can see well beyond that. There is plenty of difference of opinion even among those who agree on many things. It is all in the eye of the beholder.

            The difference of opinion is especially striking now that everything is shifting around us while we are going through our mega-Earth Shift on all levels of consciousness. That makes people question everything they had been told, rebelling against dogmas of all kinds. Generally, it’s good. But unfortunately, while doing so, humans tend to throw the baby out with bath water.

            There is more on my new page:

            But let’s just stay on 3D plane. I actually find this to be an interesting intellectual exercise and you got me curious with a few of your assertions. I wonder, since you have lived in Australia, could you please explain from the point of view of the flat earth why is it that seasons are reversed in what is called ‘southern hemisphere’ compared to what is called ‘northern hemisphere.’ The round earth theory explains it very easily and naturally, but how do you explain such strange reversal from the flat earth standpoint?

            Also, how do you explain the horizon curvature effect – you know, the curvature of the horizon which appears rounded and beyond which you cannot see. And this is especially visible in high seas and while flying, where, if earth were flat, you should be able to see infinitely further and without the curving or rounding effect.

            UN flag: I don’t know why this is a puzzle. As someone who had worked with international organizations, I happen to know that they all depict only 5 populated by humans continents – Antarctica is obviously not one of them. Same is true for the 5 Olympic rings. As to why it’s depicted flat on the flag, that would be because in our 3D world anything painted on flat surface, such as photos, pictures or paintings would be flat – that should be clear as day, I’d think. 3D imaging appeared much later than the flag was designed, as you may be aware. The angle they chose (which may appear strange) is prob the only one that would have captured all 5 inhabited by humans continents. Simple as that.

            Lastly, while of course humans haven’t been beyond the radiation belt (I wrote about that in one of my past posts about the Lunar landing hoax), accurate pictures of the Earth and Moon from space do exist. If you don’t trust NASA pics (don’t blame you – they’ve discredited themselves via too many deceptions and hoaxes), then trust Soviet images and videos. Perhaps they can be found on YT. Those first trips from early 1960s by Gagarin and others, for example.

            As to the distance to the Moon and Sun – I would tend to agree with you that distances we are given by human science are highly debatable. But your numbers are just as wrong. Reason: if we look from 3D perspective only, we will end up with a false picture. These objects are multi-dimensional in nature and cannot be treated as 3D only. It’s like using a Stradivari violin as a hammer.

            I have to say that confusions about all this will continue until humans recognize they live in a multi-verse.

            A few more clues in the link to my site I provided above.

            So, I am looking forward to your explanation for the seasons reversal and the curvature of the horizon. In your own words please – no links.

            Thank you.

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        • Thank you Lada. I did not mean to post the first post but having done so accidentally could not undo it! Sorry Nemo for my bluntness! It is incredible that we have so little knowledge about our earth, sun and moon. We don’t know anything it appears. I am not a scientist or mathematician but I can do maths and I have extensively studied science. I have found syncretism very interesting which is the multi-verse spiritual science involving all ancient wisdoms. It is dimensionally, physically and non-physically very complex. The Vedic flat earth model (Youtube) is very frequency based and has seven subterranean layers supported by a deity below flat earth with Mt Meru in the centre (very similar to UN in layout but does not outline continents). Above that is the layers that contain the sun, Moon, stars which rotate around a fixed Polaris. Above that the seven coverings of the universe.This model extends outside the universe to various layers of deities topped by Shiva. It does include planets but what we are told by NASA are solid planets are twinkling transparent stars or luminary bodies (which can be confirmed by latest cameras with powerful lenses) in this model. There are many similar constructs – Swedish, Greek, Chinese, etc. Santos Bonacci uses the Vedic model but contained in a ball and there is no spin or movement…as I understand it. I well understand the multiverse concept but in fact my whole life has been a slowly opening lotus flower of spiritual exploration and discovery which will no doubt never end! Very similar to you in many ways, Lada.
          There is no doubt that the topic of flat earth is like a red rag to a bull…quite a few people just go apoplectic when you mention it as it is such an assault on their educationally mind controlled belief system. Critical thinking is not a component in much education now. Certainly quantum physics is not taught in science classes either. However, although I have always understood that the earth is flat I had not considered the implications of the globe model until I bought one for my grandson at xmas!
          I spent a lot of my life sailing off the eastern coast of Australia that involved coastal navigation and the distances observed did not involve any curvature of the earth. I have driven a car through outback Australia which is like Kansas…flatter than a pancake…and you can see forever and observe no curvature of the earth. The formula for the curve on a globe 25,000 miles in circumference is 8″ x D X D (or distance squared) so over 2 miles = 32″ curvature or drop in sight. It is scientifically proven (Rowbotham) that there is no curvature. Having spent months and intensively studying all the supporting science for a globe earth I find that most of it does not work. It is possibly true alternatively that we are each individually seeing holographically through our eyes, and our versions of what we see probably changes with our belief patterns. We are indeed going through an intensely questioning time and I question everything without exception. I even question some of the work of people like David Wilcock, Richard Hoagland, Corey Goode and all the recent secret space programme whistleblowers plus all channeled material as much of their information relies on this globe model and the NASA revelations which I regard as simply CGI and bad CGI at best…. continents are incorrectly sized, water colour changes and clouds do not move on a planet moving at 1000mph…give me a break! We do have to question everything our governments tell us. I have recently had comments on articles on RT deleted. They had a promo declaring the earth flat! RT heavily promotes all the space nonsense and the globe model as do all other governments. Certainly the lie is so big now that they do not know where to start extricating themselves without exposing their complicity. There are over 7 million hits on Flat Earth on Google and many former skeptics have changed their minds on examining the evidence but it does take time and dedication to research it all.
          Seasons – I have lived in the UK now for many years and am amazed at the difference between the seasons here and the seasons in Australia on the same parallel. The Analemma best described by Bonacci moves between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn to the same timing as the globe model but the difference is in the height and speed of the sun and moon. As the flat earth is a dish the sun speeds up and goes lower as it extends to Capricorn and decreases in speed and goes higher as it returns inward to Cancer. This also explains the midnight sun experienced at the (north) pole in the centre of the flat earth and the lack of this phenomena at the extremity which surrounds the disc. Certainly the sun is hotter and more skin damaging in Australia than UK and skin cancer is a huge problem there. I can now see that it is because the sun in summer is closer to earth than summer in the UK, by some calculations some 1000 miles. The Analemma is best described as a figure 8 with a fatter broader bottom. Twilight in the UK is much longer than twilight say in Tasmania which on a globe would be the same latitude south. Similarly the winter days in Australia are longer than the UK by a couple of hours daylight. The globe model seasons depend on the wobble of the earth remember, whereas the flat earth does not move and the sun and moon rotate around the disc to a programme that has not changed in recorded history and the same with Polaris, constellations and stars that rotate it. So if we are swiftly travelling through “space” or madly rotating around the sun at 60,000mph, why have these never changed? And where the hell are we going to? Proof so far evades us.
          Curvature – Perspective is important and has certain qualities. Horizon is always at eye level on a flat surface. On a curve you have to look down. Our eyes see so far but with the use of binoculars we see far beyond our normal eye view on a flat surface. Best example is observing a ship on the horizon… it can be fully seen through binoculars when out of eye view so no curve involved and eyes appear to have a view limit. Wide angle and fish eye camera lenses create a curve as do the rounded windows in a plane but the curve seen is mathematically incorrect. The Statue of Liberty seen on the horizon at 60 miles should be out of view by 1.82miles below the horizon on a curved earth. I thought about the entymology of the word “aeroplane”. If the “plane” was constantly correcting to maintain a height above earth and not fly out into “space”, it would be constantly going downhill or uphill in flight…so those flight attendants would be constantly walking uphill or downhill. Whew! There is no such correction on an “aeroplane” which requires to be level in flight once reaching cruising height and needs a stationary flat surface to land. We are enormously distressed in flight if there is any sudden fluctation or air pockets disrupting the flight. Architects and engineers do not correct for curvature. Trains need level surfaces as do canals (Suez Canal has no lock system) where a lock would change levels.
          UN Flag, Antarctica – The flag is divided into 33 part grid and has the masonic wreath but they do love to laugh at us and fool us as much as possible. Antarctica is militarily protected by a force that includes most nations and many explorers have been arrested just trying to get there. Captain Cook logged nearly 4 years trying to circumnavigate “Antarctica” but failed after clocking up some 68,000 nautical miles. Everywhere he went was a high ice wall that he couldn’t mount and there were no inlets.
          Van Allen Belt – I don’t believe we even have proof of the Van Allen Belt and it could be another construct by NASA to further obfuscate “space” and their inability to get outside the impenetrable Dome postulated by many flat earth models for eons. Certainly TV series “Under the Dome” written by Stephen King and directed by Stephen Spielberg and “The Truman Show” are perhaps further truth in plain sight references to the possibility that we are contained/imprisoned in a 3D domed plane.
          Sun and Moon – There is absolutely no proof that the sun and moon are millions of miles away from us and of such tremendous size or even globes/planets but are discs. Both appear to be much the same size. Much observation since the 1700s and photography of the moon shows it to be opaque with stars and blue sky visible through it (totally questions the dark side of the moon and et settlements!). They both have different properties…Sun is hot and the moon is cold. Food can be cured in sunlight but putrifies in moonlight. Sun is so much brighter than the moon. So both have different energy sources. The moon does not reflect sunlight because it would have a different temperature. Moonlight is colder than shade. There is also video timelapse photography of Rahu (the Black sun described in Veda) which is thought to be the creator of the phases of the moon and eclipses, not the globe model of earth blocking out the sun’s light of the moon, etc. The rotations of both sun and moon are similar in length on flat earth, work better than the globe model and are different to Rahu (the black sun). The moon is also thought to be a disk rather than a ball because a ball cannot reflect light if indeed the moon is reflecting light from an external source.
          I could truly write a book on this and am in the middle of writing a post to my websites that is taking so looonng to finish. But there is much good information for anyone wanting to further research at Eric Dubay, Santos Bonacci and many other sites. We have a long way to go and I have tried to keep this concise but it is such a huge topic of enormous importance to us all.


          • Thank you, Noeline. I agree with you that we know very little truth about the world around us and within ourselves. But what is that real truth?
            You provide some very interesting explanations, and your grasp of issues is broad.
            What you say is based on certain mathematical and science assumptions, which need to be looked into deeper.

            Actually, our discussion has jogged a lot of thoughts and ideas in my mind and I have decided to write a full article in response. It’s mostly finished already, but I’ll prob hold it off for a few days as I have a backlog of other pieces to post. I’ll let you know when it’s posted (prob on the eclipse, March 8th).

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  2. This electoral college and “super delegates” are just a way to throw an election whichever way George Soros says it will go. But that pendulum swings with a mighty force and it will smash anybody who gets in its way on the back-swing. Preppers get prepping. Keep your powder dry and your faith intact.

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  3. This may be the turning point for the garrison troops that control the Americas and Australia and for the Yahweh-Allah religions. Will they stand for life or murder and destruction to be curse and hated getting a taste of their own bad karma they have dished out to their victims.


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    Lada Ray’s books are great reads, too.

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  5. Great analysis Lada. Certainly transparency appears to be creeping through as many are now aware of Adelson, Soros, Kochs, Bushes and Clintons as the oligarchs they are and their agenda. Truly an awakening of the American population. Democracy is absent with the manipulations of the voting system which you detail that is truly amazingly dysfunctional and produces a controlled result…not to mention the electronic voting system which has proved faulty. The same problem exists in the UK where democracy is nonexistent and where a party that gained 4 million votes had only one representative elected out of 650 seats… it is all rigged. Postal voting in the UK is also manipulated and possibly also in other countries. Australia has a better preferential voting system but if electronic voting is involved is also able to be manipulated. All countries need to have their elections monitored by a large independent supervising committee. I don’t understand why so many Black Americans support Clinton… I wouldn’t trust a word out of her mouth and constantly question why she is not in jail. I was interested to read that many feel that Obama will not step down but remain on as some sort of Dictator?!? This because the election is so fraught with problems that an outright winner is not declared?!? The world is sick of war and the inane destruction of whole cities in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq daily exposed on the “news” is truly heartwrenching. How are these people ever to recover from such destruction materially, mentally and emotionally? The perpetrators show no sign of providing funds for reconstruction…criminals the lot of them.

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  6. Lada, some new developments in the US colony, called Ukraine:

    According to the Ukrainian media (Vesti Ukraine) the Governor of Ukraine, Joe Biden forbade Poroshenko to discharge Yatsenjuk. Currently Poroshenko is trying to find a compromise with his master in Washington so as to get rid of Yatsenjuk.

    And here is the reason Yats has to stay. He voiced yesterday the American demand that Ukraine sells 1 million hectares (out of the total of 27) of the Ukrainian arable lands to American Agro-companies (read: GMO). This despite a moratorium on sale of the state land, which was newly prolonged until 1st of January 2017.



    The REVOLUTION, led by the Franklin Junta, were not Capitalists, they (a title which, did not exist until Marx. A title foreign, un-American). They were Republicans, i.e., for “The General Welfare” (Preamble). The Revolutionaries knew they were primarily set against great private British corporations, East India, Hudson Bay companies, viewing everything else (Law, History, Language, Culture, Spirituality) about England favorably, knowing that, like in OUR TIME, the King and House of Lords and Parliament generally were only whores for these private corporations and everyone else was a slave under these corporations. “A Republic, if you can keep it” was a remark that clearly states the great danger to any Republic arrives the moment when the seizure of power and money from The Natural Elite by the False Elite which can be any conspiring group of persons of average mind, average feeling and average productive potential. Of course, this describes today’s American elite, does it not? There is not three people in Congress or in the Supreme Court that can compare with V. Putin, nor with a majority of Spiritual, Economic or Political Russian Leadership. Today, Russia can be more termed an American Republic than America!

    Until 1818 a corporation could not be established for a NON-PUBLIC purpose. It was from Wall Street, only 14 years after the death of Hamilton, a take over of America’s financial future by foreign interests began. Later, when the ignorant Jackson vilified and killed the public 2nd National Bank, the takeover was complete and a British inspired American Empire was replanted in America. When Lincoln opposed foreign financial interests by opposing the slave trade, supporting the creation of Juarez’ Mexican Republic, producing Legal Tender U.S. Notes redeemable in Gold/Silver (making US Treasury a de facto 3rd National Bank) and organizing state and private financing, rail technology and Baldwin locomotives for “Transcontinental Railroads” in Russia, Germany to Persia and in the United States, in effect “single handedly” killing off the British Empire, those foreign interests then organized his murder. Private Corporate Money, always has been the basis, the cause, of our financial problems and wars.

    The CONSTITUTIONALS (The Founders), led by Hamilton, put the “General Welfare” principals of our Democratic Constitutional Republic with amendments (Bill of Rights) was (excepting Women, native American and African People, Women last to get the vote, on paper) another step forward for the Western world. A few great Presidents, a few more amendments, the Constitution has ruled over almost all of America’s other major problems with some success until the end of WWII, the beginning of the greatest moral and financial collapse of the nation, a period necessarily ending within a short period from present. Since the end of WWII, both Republicans and Democrats become whores for an Oligarchy that has “traveled the Earth” establishing a, now collapsing world empire.

    It should be noted that Jefferson didn’t, and wouldn’t, sign the Constitution (He gave reasons but I can’t explain any of them, except suggest how happy he was to toast Burr in his study after he killed Hamilton) although he was glad to swear an oath to uphold it when he was made President. While history records Hamilton’s victory of the key battle Yorktown, Jefferson is famous for “fleeing across Virginia in advance of the British invasion of the state in 1779”. While Hamilton would never own a slave and committed Washington and other Founder Slave holders to free theirs upon their death, Jefferson never did. Later in life he was bewildered why everyone else’s slaves were not yet free, “slave states” even coming INTO the Union! Jefferson’s invented America’s partisan politics, sympathized and participated in the French Terror (“…our revolution is in the French Revolution…” M. Gorbechev) and proudly wore the red 5-pointed Star of that and a, uh, future revolution! He invented the idea of States Rights above human liberty for slaves. Not surprising. Although given credit for writing the “all men created equal” Declaration of Independence, it was actually Franklin who edited the work, so much editing in fact that Jefferson privately said, he could not at first recognize it as his own creation. In politically life however, he always laid full claim to the document’s creation.

    In Jefferson is the germ of every downfall of our Republic.

    The CONVENTION was a fight against political and religious dogmas inside almost everyone present! In the end they set aside their dogmas giving the People a democratic constitutional version of a Republic, i.e., a system that serves the general population, not an elite of blood, the church or money. The elite would have to run a gauntlet through a Free Press and an informed moral loving productive citizenry. A Democratic Constitutional Republic cannot be led by those who are not committed to The People, like Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton or Bush, nor today’s Obama. Trump appears more determined to protect The People, yet may not know how to do that. He is a genius compared to every one else Republican, except Rand Paul. Sanders is a genius compared to almost everyone else in any level of government and has an almost perfect voting history during his stay in government at all levels. He is a Socialist?

    In every generation there must be the very best Natural Spiritual Minds and Emotions that leads the Country, embodied in the National Legislature and especially the President and Supreme Court. Any idea once proven by these people should enter into our Customs and Common Law, our General Statute Law and into our Sacred Constitution.

    SO, TODAY?

    Indeed, the Constitution should have, from the beginning, outlawed political organizations altogether beyond each election cycle. Yesterday, Sanders set a Monday, February 29th goal of $5million. After a FEW HOURS, the goal was increased to $10million. In less than the last week He raised $45million while Hillary was out selling herself to the big banks and corporations! I haven’t been able to review every contribution, but $3 is the smallest I’m aware of anyone giving and $100 the largest.

    So, financing of candidates, who can speak well a clear message, that means something to The People, is not a problem. (Like Lincoln, Sanders says the same thing everywhere he goes, seldom is taken off path putting a message out.)

    I understand him, he has a record, I know what he is going to do when he gets in office. I will vote for him in the Primary. I understand Trump. But, we are forced, like in the case of Obama, to guess what he is going to do when he gets in office, i.e., “Yes, we can” or “America great again” doesn’t doesn’t give us much detail. Of course, given the choice between someone owned outright and a free person, I will choose Trump over phony “Democrat” Clinton. Clinton isn’t a Democrat or Republican or Constitutionalist. She is, however, a participant in mass murder, i.e., a mass murderer. Apparently a characteristic, acceptable in today’s Democratic (or Republican) Party!

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    Garfield approves this message, ppl please educate u’rself with facts, not popular opinion. Charismatic fools serve no one, go with substance, vote Green! 🙂


  9. Mr. Militant Negro

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  10. Noeline, no offence taken. I generally try not to convince other people, but present the observable and repeatable facts, and let other either make use of them or ignore them.

    One remark regarding you explanation of the curvature:

    “Curvature – Perspective is important and has certain qualities. Horizon is always at eye level on a flat surface. On a curve you have to look down. Our eyes see so far but with the use of binoculars we see far beyond our normal eye view on a flat surface. Best example is observing a ship on the horizon… it can be fully seen through binoculars when out of eye view so no curve involved and eyes appear to have a view limit.”

    Following your explanation, with strong enough binoculars you should be able to see the coast of USA from England.

    At the moment I live on the West coast of Gran Canaria and have the pleasure of observing the horizon every day. I have strong binoculars, as well as a small telescope at my disposal. Here are a few observations that I can share:

    Ships on the horizon. I’ve seen a few of those, also as they disappear over the horizon. The reason you can them further than would appear to be possible is due to the lens effect of the Earth’s atmosphere – the same reason why mirages appear in a desert. This is also the reason why the Sun becomes “elongated” as it disappears behind the horizon and why the last view of the Suns lingers before it too disappears.

    On a clear day I have a very good view of two other islands in the archipelagos – Tenerife and La Gomera. I’ve been to both islands and know what I am expected to see there. La Gomera is further away, and despite its highest point being 1487m above sea level, I am only able to see a thin sliver of land – the top of the highest point – from GC. Tenerife is much closer, but even there I am not able to see the coast and highway that goes along it or the airport. I am only able to see down to the lower part of the Teide slope – judging by the local road visible, about 500-750 meters above see level.


    • Hi Nemo,
      What a lovely area you now live in. 🙂 Love the Canaries – you should tell me more how it’s going there for you…
      Just me: never stop being interested in the world and various countries/lifestyles in it. I always tell my clients and friends, who have relocated internationally, to write and share their experiences (could you please email me?).
      Many people are relocating or preparing to relocate at this time, I see. It’s a global trend that I might talk about in a future article.

      You know, some believe that the Canaries are what’s really left of the sunken Atlantis. A very interesting version of events that might be worth exploring further to see if it holds water. I haven’t looked into that yet, but maybe in the future (just thinking out loud.) Something I know about Black Sea may actually indirectly confirm this possibility.

      Also, yours is a very good and logical explanation of the horizon effect – thank you. It is a 4D explanation, as you’ll see from my upcoming article.

      I’ve decided to up the ante of our discussion and finally get out of my multi-dimensional closet. I’ll have an article in which I’ll explain a few things multi-dimensionally. Will prob have it out on March 8th or thereabouts.

      All the best


      • Lada, I will jot down for you some of my observations, once I am done with the more pressing translations that I am currently working on.

        Meanwhile, some disturbing news from Serbia, where NATO take-over has gone one step further despite people’s protests.

        Also, Crimean authorities report that Turkish military instructors were spotted on the border of the republic.


  11. Bernie Sanders was the best hope, but it looks like he’s going down. As for Trump, even though he is a narcissitic and scary guy, isn’t he also a bit of a truther? It sounds like he wants to tell the world what has really been going on, and isn’t that a good thing?


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