Austria’s constitutional court has overturned the result of May presidential elections that saw an independent candidate narrowly snatch victory from a right-wing party leader. The annulment is an unprecedented move by the Austrian court, based on technicality. It took place after an extremely contested and close election, when the Green Party’s Van Der Bellen, running as independent, won by a margin of 30,000 votes. The result has been successfully contested in court by the right-wing candidate Norbert Hofer.

Some facts 

In May 2016 the former Green Party head Van Der Bellen, who participated in elections as independent, ran against the ruling centrist party, the popular socialist party, as well as the candidate for the right-wing, euroskeptic/ anti-emigration party, Norbert Hofer.

In a stunning development both of the traditional parties – the ruling centrists and the socialists – lost in the first round. This reminds me of Marine le Pen’s win in the first round of the French local elections.

The second round saw two remaining candidates, both from formerly fringe parties, competing: Van Der Bellen and Norbert Hofer. Van Der Bellen, who trailed Hofer in the first round, won by the slightest of margins when he received the votes of others who were against the far-right agenda. In the September election rerun Hofer is very likely to win.

For those who aren’t familiar with Austrian political landscape, The Green Party is a leftist party. Both traditional centrists and socialists in fact represent the political CENTER, as it is commonly understood today. Meanwhile, as I said many times previously, what passes for the far-right in most EU countries – except Poland, Baltics and Romania – are in fact just very conservative and isolationist parties.

Europe, which is extremely afraid of the resurgence of fascism (rightly so), and of communism (that’s silly), has kept both left-wing and right-wing parties on the fringes.



Since 2012 I have predicted the resurgence of the right-wing (see my predictions re. Marine Le Pen in France).

Several years of ongoing EU crises, as it always happens during such times, brought the right-wing movement out of the shadows. In this regard, there is a certain resonance with how Hitler came to power in the devastated and humiliated post WWI Germany.


To mention that which is hidden from most eyes: the rise of the right-wing, global extremism and various revolt movements are absolutely typical for PERIOD 8. You may have heard me mention this term, which I base on the secret knowledge of the esoteric master Chinese numerology and Feng Shui known to only a few masters worldwide. However I’d never expanded on how it works and what it means within my Earth Shift Theory. I will explain it eventually.


In my latest Special Predictions Video EARTH SHIFT REPORT 12: THE FUTURE OF THE EU (recorded on June 19-20, 2016) I’ve continued expanding on the rise of the right-wing political parties. I explained what role such right-wing resurgence plays in the EU revolt, and how left-wing and right-wing could (and should) work together, instead of against each other, in order to change the system in a meaningful way.


In THE FUTURE OF THE EU I also discussed my assessment and predictions regarding political movements: 1. ‘Centrists’ are universally hated in the West due to their NWO and neo-liberal/ neocon association. The vast majority of parties that have traditionally been in power in the West are tainted.

In ESR12 I also predicted that the traditional 20th century labeling of parties as ‘centrist,’ leftist,’ or ‘right-wing’ is archaic and will go away soon. Eventually, any party or movement will be judged by their attitude towards Russia, EU, a country’s sovereignty, emigration, NATO/GMO/TTIP and various associations, US hegemony and dollar. These will be the key criteria for the voters determining how to vote, not the usual party labels!


Is the new fascization of Europe possible? Is a new Hitler or Napoleon possible in the EU? Is a repeat of WWII possible in Europe? These are the fears of many.

My firm prediction: it is not possible. The contemporary right-wing parties, as I said, are not physically aggressive comparative to the aggression of Hitler and typical fascists/nazis (just compare them to Kiev ukro-nazis). They are more of intellectual right-wingers. This is a Fourth Dimension (4D) approach, which moves the conflict into the realm of the mind. (Read Lada Ray Multi-dimensional Theory: 3D-4D-5D).

Moreover, the resurgence of the right-wing is a defensive mechanism against the EU crisis and emigration. Such fast resurgence of the right is only possible during times of existential crisis, as the ultimate defence mechanism. In good and stable times, the majority votes for stability, hence voters will choose centrists. If the many current EU crises were managed better, the extreme parties wouldn’t be as popular. They will continue being popular until the West finds a new equilibrium, which will take time. This is just the beginning. 

Additionally, such swift rise of Hitler was possible only because UK/US fed him loans and technologies, as well as fed his ego on an unprecedented scale in order to attack and destroy Russia with his hands. The stupidity of Hitler was that he took the bait – the rest is history. This was not the first and not the last time Anglo-Americans created a monster and then had to fight him. 

My prediction on this point is three-fold: 1. US and UK are now on the defensive and have no sufficient resource to ‘subvert’ entire Europe; 2. Ukraine was possible to subvert – EU is not. Europeans are very alert nowadays and won’t let that happen; 3. What’s more, Russia won’t let that happen.

The EU right-wingers today will not be fed loans or technologies. And they have no goals of global dominance either. 

The present situation is a reverse of Hitler’s Germany situation: this is a defensive reaction. It is isolationist, the opposite of expansive or aggressive, in its nature. 


Final prediction and trendcast for today:

The profound polarization of the Western society, accompanied by confusion and frequent flip-flopping is the new trend. This concerns various referendums and elections, as we have already seen with BREXIT and Austrian elections.

This trend will be very visible in the US during US presidential elections 2016. 

Consequently: confusion and polarization are key words, the rise of the right being a protest movement to current EU and global conditions.

If you haven’t yet, I strongly recommend you order my latest bestselling Special Predictions ESR12: THE FUTURE OF THE EU. You can watch it, or, if you prefer, just listen to the narrative.

1 predictions ESR12

In ESR12 I talk about centrists, right wingers and leftists in PART 2. Here is the run down of the relevant section of the report:

The inert masses, NWO, global elites and centrists (Hillary Clinton, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, etc.)
Anti-establishment revolts and the rise of the political right
How left and right could work together
Lada Ray’s view: liberals, conservatives, leftists, centrists, right-wingers – why such classification is archaic and outdated. Why we need to judge who’s who differently. What are the main criteria for figuring out who’s really who politically?
France: Marine Le Pen, Austrian elections, UK/BREXIT: Nigel Farange/Boris Johnson
A warning for David Cameron. Why was Cameron’s father implicated in the Panama Papers leak?

A word about 2016 US elections, Trump and Clinton

Click on ESR12 title to buy report and for a full list of report topics! 

(Incidentally, if you are on the fence, do hurry to order ESR12 because I don’t know at this point how long I’ll keep this report donation-based and how long it will be available to the general public)

Also read my recent article, which provides additional predictions and analytics: BREXIT Results and Massive New Global Trends

As also predicted in ESR12 and the above BREXIT article, the immediate BREXIT aftermath is taking place. I plan a separate article on this developing aftermath soon. Expect it in a week or so.




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  1. Very insightful post, as usual Lada! I do agree that rightwing is only possible because of the situation a lot of people find themselves in. That does not mean that all of them know what they are doing because I’m afraid that in our case (PVV in Holland) does have a big mouth but no solutions and it makes it quite unworkable, as we have seen before, where they (PVV) just walked out of the negotiations right after the elections to form a proper government! So we’ll see where this all goes….Looking forward to the Austrian elections and how that will play out! Interesting times we live in!

    Have a great weekend!


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    • That’s right: confusion and polarization are the key words, the rise of the right being a knee jerk reaction and a protest movement.

      Great weekend to you too.

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      • i really liked this one Lada:)

        there are many western liberals who regard putin as far right

        i said your kidding right? he s a nationalist but he is also a moderate

        and not all nationalism is exculsive that is based on race or ethnicity

        i have a question lada

        how do most russians see caucasian’s despite the 2 deadly wars ect

        i hear things are improving

        what is your view of the skin-heads in russia that is all god bless


        • Read my recent post ‘Muslims of Russia: Chechnya the land of contrasts’ for the answer about Caucasus.
          Skinheads were an issue briefly in the ’90s-early 2000s due to instability and crisis. Today they are a non-issue. This fact attests to stability.


  2. And as the World burns Washington DC fiddles it’s a madhouse no a idiots ball and the rest of us are not invited.


  3. I get that, Vis, but I wouldn’t want a ticket to their ball. We must arrange our own dance. Some CFR wingnut just came out and said that they, the “elites”, must now wage war on the unwashed masses. To me this means they are feeling the heat. They always telegraph their intent. We never seem to listen. They have my attention. My reality and attitude rests in the information I have that I believe is true. Lada comes in here in a big way. We have to dominate the information war.

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  4. Lada again a great and insightful article. They keep on coming. Since my own enlightenment in the late 1990’s I’m convinced that the terms “left” and “right” mean nothing. I was pretty much an ideological person on the left until the US attack on Serbia. What made me lose my “ideology” was seeing many leftists support Bill Clinton in attacking Serbia while there were many conservatives (right) against it. This showed me that I had more in common with conservatives like Pat Buchanan then with well known leftists. The launching of the libertarian website, which in its baptism was totally against the Nato aggression and had many articles from both the right and left, showed me that left and right are really bogus terms. In fact these two terms may for well over 100 years have been an attempt to divide people. There was no such thing as left and right during the Populist movement of the 1890’s. You were either with farmers and silver or you were with the wealthy oligarchy. The ruling elite constantly use trivial social issues like gay marriage and now transgender to divide people who would normally be close allies. How can you use terms like left and right and even terms like liberal and conservative when you have leftists support Obama’s war on Libya and Syria while you have conservatives like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan oppose these two wars. Simply the terms left and right just don’t mean anything anymore. So let’s work to stop this labeling.

    You’ve really clarified in my mind what criteria we should look at in determining good and bad people. The following words in your article are excellent: “Eventually, any party or movement will be judged by their attitude towards Russia, EU, a country’s sovereignty, emigration, NATO/GMO/TTIP and various associations, US hegemony and dollar”. Amen! Even though I agree with you that the so-called left and right should work together, I don’t really trust left parties like Syriza, Greens nor Podemos. The Greens in Germany have been really awful in support of Merkel’s foreign policy and support for the Ukro Nazis. The left in Europe have shown no guts in going against the Atlantacists of Nato. Until the Greens and their ilk finally break with their globalist and collectivist ideology and support for organizations like the EU, then the only force in support of your above criteria that you state so eloquently will be people like Hofer, Farrage, Le Pen and I think Trump. These four people are on the same frequency level as Putin. They put their country’s sovereignty first but want to cooperate in peaceful business trade with other nations.

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    • Good to hear!

      By the way, did you hear about Farage resigning and Boris Johnson not running?
      Round two of my predictions is rounding up. More soon.


  5. Comment deleted for FT BLOG RULES violation.

    FT Admin (on behalf of FuturisTrendcast)


    • You’re a funny guy.
      Sorry you can’t grasp what I’m saying.

      P.S. The kitty is cute though 😉


    • This election is still kind of fuzzy for me. What I do know is that the integrity of elections needs to be maintained. That’s the only way the people can execute their heart choices. The ability to make a clean choice is very much on humanity’s plate right now. It has to do with separating the chaff from the wheat. I dislike referring to the bible but it’s a good metaphor. Politics being what it is, I don’t think there are any rational choices. So many times the rational winner will redefine rational after the first week in office.

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    • Yuri Esev,
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      Your comment contains a personal attack, as well as a misstatement of facts. Consequently, it is being deleted. Repeated violations will result in your permanent ban.
      Thank you.

      FT Admin (on behalf of FuturisTrendcast)


  6. Awesome report! Neo-liberalism is on its last legs, 100th monkey effect in action 🙂

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  7. America just lost the Rule of Law today. This is really serious stuff, but nobody gets it yet. Now would be a really good time for Putin to do a total dump on all of Hillary’s emails. We are in some deep trouble here.

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