New Poll: 72% of USA allies consider it the biggest global threat

Worthwhile video report from RT. Over 40 thousand respondents in 38 countries feel that US is the most dangerous country in the world, fearing it a lot more than Russia, China, N. Korea or Iran, or anyone else. What’s striking is that the animosity and distrust of the US within the populations its ‘allies,’ such as Greece, Turkey, S. Korea, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Spain, and even Canada off the charts. Up to 72% of respondents in these countries consider US the main global threat.

This is how INVERTED COLLAPSE works, people. This is it — unfolding in front our very eyes! It is like the collapse of the USSR, yet not quite like it; in other words, approached from the OPPOSITE END, yet leading to a similar result, with a multiplied effect, to boot.

All this is explained in:

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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    LMAO, was there any doubt?! US hegemonic policies around the world makes us global public enemy #1. When one’s allies consider us a treat, who needs enemies. XD

    Interestingly, the world views Russia as the greatest stabilizing force for world peace; like Lada says, somebody has to counterbalance all that evil in the world. \o/


  2. It really is amazing to watch this unfold! After Trump signed the bill yesterday, I saw dozens of his supporters on a message board say they were done with him. It made me think of what you said, Lada. He is done! As the faith in the U.S. government fades away, from all over the world, that is weakening the empire. They need full faith and energy from the people but as the people wake up, the energetics are changing. The Great Earth Shift indeed! To me, I rather see it happen this way than an all out civil war. It’s like a shady magician performing on stage while the audience walks away.

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said it best on his Facebook page yesterday: “The signing of new sanctions against Russia into law by the US president leads to several consequences. First, any hope of improving our relations with the new US administration is over. Second, the US just declared a full-scale trade war on Russia. Third, the Trump administration demonstrated it is utterly powerless, and in the most humiliating manner transferred executive powers to Congress. This shifts the alignment of forces in US political circles”.

    Calling Trump powerless was right on the nose. It’s no longer a secret that the Dark State exists. Full light and exposure will destroy it as it continues to destroy itself. Thanks for sharing this!

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    • Nancy C/Seattle

      The Duran’s, Alexander Mercouris analyzed President Trump’s Signing Statement as “legally & politically astute strategy”. TRUMP SIDESTEPS IMPEACHMENT TRAP IN SANCTIONS LAW AND PREPARES CHALLENGE TO SUPREME COURT.

      In my opinion this bill wasn’t really about Russia/US relationships but was a clear impeachment trap as evidenced by the abnormally high approval vote. Trump in his “straight jacket” brilliantly turned the no win trap to his benefit. Trump says he will honor the law except in those situations that impede his ability to set US foreign policy. The statement, which was clearly drafted by attorney’s, includes specific legal references for areas which Trump will not honor. Interestingly, Trump’s final words specifically stated one of the triggers for a Supreme Court challenge includes his plans regarding Ukraine:

      Finally, my Administration particularly expects the Congress to refrain from using this flawed bill to hinder our important work with European allies to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, and from using it to hinder our efforts to address any unintended consequences it may have for American businesses, our friends, or our allies


      • Thanks for sharing, Nancy. Very interesting take and surely hope they bring it to the Supreme Court should the need arise. But unfortunately our President is stuck on the defense and I think will continue to be until his time is done. Whether Congress would have put impeachment on the table if he were to veto the bill, I guess we’ll never know.

        The fact that Robert Mueller is allowed to use a grand jury for his “probe” on Russia/Trump campaign connection, shows that we are in la la land. It’s not so easy for me to put into words but I feel into things energetically and this, along with Trump signing the bill, told me the circus will go on and all of this is mass distraction. But it is what it is, and all part of the process. 🙂


        • Nancy C/Seattle

          Jimmy, I find looking at MSM “news” in US & Europe is a waste of time because the lies & spin outweigh fundamental facts. The Duran Blog reported 2 days ago with supporting documents that Mueller has not impaneled a grand jury and is reporting today, “Confirmed: Mueller Russiagate inquiry going nowhere. Investigators ‘taking out private insurance’ against risk of law suits.”. It looks like the USA’s latest attempt to try to unseat Nicolas Maduro, Hugo Chavez’s popularly elected successor in Venezuela also fizzled today.

          In my opinion looking at all the geo-political news through Lada’s templates “Russia the Balancer” & Earth Shift clarifies what’s going on. Just look at all the global moves put in play with the Russian sanctions. I highly recommend the Duran Blog for following the day to day geo-political re-balancing moves. Here’s a link to the Duran’s companion blog RussiaFeed – Vital Stories & Views from Russia.


          • Thank you Nancy, much appreciation for the Duran blog suggestion. The content you share is always valuable. I get a lot of the news from ZeroHedge as they pull from a mixed bag of sources and I enjoy their mix of finance and geopolitical. But as Lada has suggested, I keep what resonates. I thankfully walked away from MSM a long time ago and I flinch when I see it on the gym TVs. The entrainment is exhausting!

            More than anything for me, Trump’s presidency has helped expose a lot of the dark which will continue to weaken the “rickety chair”. And I do firmly believe all roads to liberty. Eventually. 🙂


  3. Unfortunately I think a lot of this has to do with the intense media propaganda against Trump; and the liberal perception that under his administration the US is not stable or reliable.
    In other words liberals fear the US for the wrong reasons – imo
    The Washington Regime and its NATO vassals have been carrying out a series of military exercises on Russia’s borders and Pence made visits to the Baltics and Georgia giving speeches saying that Russia is a threat to the world – etc. The Washington Regime has decided to reinstate the cold war. The recent sanctions will also harm Europe and there may be a backlash from the Europeans – I hope.



    I know Sputnik is not the most reliable source, but if there is at least some truth, that Europeans are not afraid of cooperation with Russia in energy sector and this is an important crack in new US sanctions, which will mostly backfire to US itself. It is not a secret, that Russia for some time make ready a paralel financial and banking sistem, which Will be outside of the reach of US and the West and will be not dependent on US Dollars. This speach of Medvedev coulod mean, that Russia will now activate it and all Russian trade with partners will go through Russian paralel sistem and even EU Will have to pay Russia through it and not through SWIFT. In long term, this will be an important strike against Dollar domination.

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  5. At 1:25 in that video, when the girl said that “it makes her feel better” and that “it’s better to be feared than loved”, that send chills down my spine…

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  6. When is a bill not a bill but really an ambush? In the case of 1984 Pennsylvania Avenue I haven’t a clue. I still think that when you sign something it means you either own it or agree with it. I’m not giving up what’s left of my brain to even try and consider this off-frequency thinking as having validity. Part of the Big Psyop is to fry your brain so you can’t locate a moral or legal horizon anymore.

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