Lada Ray on Floods, Japan, Fukushima and Neptune in Pisces Predictions

This is an excerpt from June 17 interview with The Plane Truth. In line with the terrible flooding in Houston, Texas, I though this would be a timely reminder and warning. Includes Neptune in Pisces Astrology Predictions till 2026.

Full interview is available on LadaRayYT channel — go to playlist INTERVIEWS.

Hope all of you are safe and well!

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    Full interview is available on LadaRayYT channel — go to playlist INTERVIEWS:

    Hope all of you are safe and well!


  2. Thank you for this reminder, Lada. I forgot you had said this, about flooding! I will be sure to remember this going forward.

    I have a client in Houston and she said that though the situation is very bad, everyone is coming together to help one another. It’s so interesting how false layers of division and separation fade away when tragedy strikes. I’ve seen videos of average citizens with boats rescuing people and animals. And I just saw a clip on social media of a long line of trucks, with boats attached, on their way to Houston to help. I don’t know what it is but it’s as if people suddenly wake up, like a spell being lifted, and realize that we are all family and we do our best when cooperating. That part of all of this feels very 5D to me.

    Many blessings!

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  3. Thanks for the reminder Lada!

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  4. Hi lada thought you might like to see this. Its a book by clif high. Dont know if you know him. The only background Ive heard on him come from Jim willie, and he said he used 2 work for microsoft and the CIA (CRIMINALS IN ACTION) offered him a job but he refused the offer (he has morals lol). Thought it could help you reach more peeps since you use social media. Sorry doing it here way off topic you probably wont post but I hope you receive anyway. I help you on your mission. Its number 1 priority(helping humanity) its a 35 page book for 99usd. You dont like. He offers a way to get full refund in book.


  5. Can you give calibration of everything liquid (one for all) and calibration for just water in 2017 and then for 2026 really interested after masura emoto’s discovery that water has memory.

    There is aHD with more on latest breakthrough in studies on water. Called secret of water. Its on gaia but found it elsewhere.I swear It will make you wanna stop trains from chuggin forward and instead change to a new track. Not just about others yourself as well🤔


    • Yes, I can calibrate anything.
      But this comment section is not for pushing someone’s product. It is for INTELLIGENT and RELEVANT COMMENTS.
      For personal questions on calibrations and anything else, please order PRIVATE PERSONAL CONSULTATION.
      Thank you and best wishes.

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      • Ok sorry wasnt for ad just info contained within. Ive been trying! 🙂 by clicking like button ( on comment posts so far didnt notice other one under article) but it takes me to wordpress to sign in so I click register button and its all about having your own wordpress site. Do I sign up for any of them?. Can someone please explain

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        • Adapt, improvise, overcome. Had the same challenge, worked the problem.


        • Hi,
          Lada always very much appreciates those who take an extra few seconds to LIKE her posts and those support her hard work otherwise. In return, she will support and acknowledge best those who support her. This is only fair, won’t you agree.

          Yes, to LIKE Lada’s posts you need to sign up with WordPress, which means opening a WordPress account.
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          Best of luck and see you on FuturisTrendcast.

          LR ADMIN

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