What is the Truth about 1917 Bolshevik Revolution? Striking Festival of Light in St. Petersburg

The Festival of light on November 4-5, 2017 is dedicated to the Day of the National Unity and the centennial of the Russian Revolution. It’s hosted by the Winter Palace / Hermitage on Palace Square, and by the legendary revolutionary battleship Aurora, which is now a museum. This very cool Festival of Light relives the events of the 1917, and the centennial after.

The Festival of Light on Palace Square – Winter Palace

The Festival of Light over battleship Aurora


I have to note that although this show is a good idea overall, there are inaccuracies in it, deliberate or not.

For example, it was NOT the November 7, 1917 Bolshevik revolution that abolished Tsar Nikolay (Nicolas II) and the monarchy in Russia. It was the preceding February 1917 revolution, which had absolutely nothing to do with Lenin, who was at the time in exile, nor the Bolsheviks. Instead, the February 1917 revolution had everything to do with oligarchs, the elites, tsar’s own relatives and top generals, and it was supported by the British Empire and the West. In fact it was the world’s first color revolution, resulting in anti-tsar coup. It was the tsar’s army generals who made Russia’s last Emperor Nikolay II (Nicolas II) abdicate. The ‘Temporary Government’ ruling the country after tsar’s abdication consisted of political elites, big capital and major industrialists. In several short months between February and November, that government plunged Russia into a complete catastrophe. Bolsheviks came in to pick up the pieces of the crumbling empire. The truth is vastly different from what most believe, and it is very complex.

But the events of 1917 are only a small part of the whole story. The multidimensional truth I will tell you, is more striking, amazing and explosive than you could ever imagine! What really happened and how it’s all related to Vladimir Putin, Russia the Great Balancer and today’s Earth Shift? You will hear all about it in upcoming webinar THE PUTIN ENIGMA!

ESW6 The Putin Enigma 1

Coming your way!



This powerful webinar is the culmination of Lada Ray’s Multidimensional Geopolitics Series



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  1. I have always thought the Russian Revolution was more of a coup, but as you say, it’s much more complicated. I never knew about the pre-Lenin disorder until I read it right here. I look forward to the Putin Enigma to refresh memory and to integrate new intel. As to the wonderful music you have presented to us, it’s just magnificent and, of course, moving. Russian music has always been of a somber nature to me, very moving and touching a deeper part of the soul. A country’s music is reflective of that country’s heart and Russia’s heart is so big and rich. You keep amazing me with the quality and quantity of the things you offer to us and I am grateful for you and all you do.


  2. this will be interesting 🙂

    oh if you were wondering what good topic to bring up paganism in russia would be a good one the only downer is it can have a bad rep because of elements of the alt right but i know they don’t speak for all who are into mysticism and other practices


  3. Dear Lada!

    If it seemed like I have vanished, that is not so. Though my schedule has become so overloaded, coupled with a burnt-out feeling from the preceding years, that all I could do was to keep up with the ever-unfolding events.
    I just wrote and published a short article about commemorating the events of 100 years ago, and upon coming here (to link to your Webinar 2), discovered that I highlighted several of the points of yours almost verbatim.

    RT has an article covering George V and Nikolai II:
    I found it interesting, though not agreeing with some of the post-justifications aired there, quoting Western scholars.

    Take a look at this photo from that article! Who is George V and who is Nikolai II…

    Lastly, RTR Planeta aired yesterday a documentary film by the censored in the West journalist Dmitrij Kiseljov, titled “The Great Russian Revolution”, where he covered a broader aspect of it, including WWI and the events leading to the February colour revolution. A film worth translating, if I ever find the elusive time.

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