Why Poroshenko is still in power in Kiev? When will a new figure show up in Ukraine?

In response to my recent article: Ukraine Poroshenko’s Secret Letters to FSB Leaked by Georgian TV, we’ve had quite a lively discussion in the comment section. I must say, the comments by my followers below reflect the mood of many.

1EarthUnited Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:That Porky sure is a character… LOCK HIM UP!

Lada Ray Believe me, a lot of people in Ukraine want to, albeit for the diametrically opposed reasons.

paleohippy No, just shoot the ******* and be done with it.

Lada Ray New, even worse criminals will come in his place. This is actually the dilemma everyone’s facing with Ukraine now, even US, if you can believe it. What to do with the suitcase without a handle called Ukraine?


The problem is that together the West, through their stupid actions in Ukraine and support of the most unsavory characters, along with Ukraine oligarchs and ukro-nazis did the unthinkable — destroyed a large and functioning country. I say ‘the unthinkable,’ and it is for the majority of people, who haven’t seen it coming. But you, my readers and followers, who have been with me for years, know that I predicted all this since 2014. This is no news to you or me, although emotionally it is incredibly hard to watch.

Along the way, ukro-nazis and Kiev junta managed to destroy the country’s economy, & finance, and annihilate infrastructure. At the same time, they chased away, killed off or jailed the most capable, educated, talented and highest calibrated people the country possessed. Those remaining honest and good people are either scared to death of speaking up, or are ill and slowly dying of a heartbreak, or are quietly planning escape from the Ukrainian nightmare.

The result is very painful, but predictable. Who is left and who has floated to the top?

The worst dregs of society, that’s who: robber barons (and even those are crying bloody murder), murderers, criminals, thugs, ukro-nazis, undereducated individuals, who are easy to brainwash, those who have a grudge, con artists and thieves. I once demonstrated on FT how Ukraine’s IQ plunged well below the 100 mean.  Calibration of the country is at the level of GRIEF, and may be going even lower.

In this situation, who will come to power if Poroshenko is put in jail or killed?

I can tell you who: even worse criminals, even stupider and more unsavory characters — the outright thugs and murderers. This actually could accelerate the process of the collapse and future cleansing for Ukraine, but it could also generate a new World War. Notice that Poroshenko, regardless of what he says, has been resisting re-starting a full-scale attack on Donbass, knowing it would be his last. And he does get tons of pressure to do so.

Do you want me to tell you who puts pressure on him? 1. USA; 2. Ukro-nazis.

However, there is a division within USA and a big clandestine fight continues between US elites. There is plenty of resistance to the new war in Donbass within US ranks.

Russia obviously doesn’t want the Donbass war escalation, and neither does the EU. These parties, in turn, put pressure on the US. And this pressure is bearing fruit, as US power continues to wane.


And this is why Poroshenko is still in power, although he is expected to lose it any day now. I don’t think that day is close yet — some people who predict such things actually aren’t thinking very clearly.

The truth is: No one knows what to do with these suitcases without handles, namely Ukraine and Poroshenko. That’s why Poroshenko bought himself some time. But make no mistake, with every day, his position is getting shakier.

Another reality: some major provocations, possible scandals and terrorist attempts in Donbass, Crimea and Ukraine are expected between now and March 18, to try to sabotage Russian elections. There could be something in Caucasus too.

On lookout for those, but frankly, my opinion is that Russia will be able to defuse any provocations ans attacks with relative ease. As I said before, I’m looking at their track record and it looks good.

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  1. “Do you want me to tell you who puts pressure on him? 1. USA; 2. Ukro-nazis.” Are there any bloggers domiciled in the Ukraine that are operating to express regional public opinion? Is there any way for a regional posting site to be created for the Ukraine where it’s people can anonymously leave comments? What if a religious group sponsored such a site? What percent of the population in Ukraine have access and use the internet for posts? Would it be a total waste of time in seeking a peaceful solution? Why don’t we ever hear from religious leaders in the area, especially in terms of what matters locally?


    • Oh dear…
      Just because you don’t hear about it in the West, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Do you not understand that the truth is stifled in the West? Do you not know, btw, that people in Ukraine speak a different language and that everything needs to be translated and interpreted? The only people who would tell you and who would translate are lone enthusiasts like me, and we work on pure enthusiasm, without any support from anyone, no money and just people like you demanding more and more.

      Don’t you see that you people are perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophecy? Don’t support people like me and this delicate narrow channel of communication and understanding will go poooooffff! And with it, any possibility of getting true info.

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      • Lada goes a little below the surface to expose the problem on top… sometimes it takes that to uncover the obvious. Just get on Patreon and sponsor Lada and this situation will start to self-heal. But it takes vision, dedication, time and a little money energy. Energy well-spent. It will be returned in spades. Moving into 4D/5D can get a little rough around the edges.

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  2. Wow. Powerful post. Although it is hard to imagine that “there is plenty of resistance to the new war in Donbass within US ranks” I hope and pray it is so. I don’t even want to think about how many provocations will need to be defused prior to the elections.

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  3. I pray every day for all those living under oppression~ including us in the U.S. Fortunately, I think we have things to hope for though the journey will be bumpy and difficult. Is there any hope for Ukraine? Nothing very soon I fear, though miracles do sometimes happen. Thank you so much for being that thin line of communication and understanding between the Eastern peoples and us, Lada. In that, you are a miracle! Many blessings. ❤

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    • There is hope, absolutely. But the cleansing process will be very tough as it has gotten more muddied than it could have been. Also the timeline has changed, due to some unforeseen actions by certain entities. I’ll write about that soon!

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  4. So looking forward to that! I have sensed a few changes in the timeline as well. I would love to learn of your views on it. I anticipate that we will once again be in close agreement! 😉

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