Those who keep their eyes and minds clear will appreciate this revelation about #Trump!


Trump’s ‘Dark State straitjacket’ at work! 


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  1. Trump also pushed the timeline toward the building of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Lot of Trumpers have also been hood-winked by the QANON psyop as well (Q pushed for regime change in Iran, hmm…)


  2. Well….the tweets might have been deleted by Twitter themselves! They are busy with a hugh clean-up campaign and I have read somewhere that the Presidents account is under no exception! They are also shadow-banning some information, it looks like you have posted a post or a tweet but only you can see it? Happenend to me on FB…..always more sides to the story!


    • ‘President’s account’?.. Since when he’s your ‘president’ in the Netherlands? Clarity of mind is a rare gift. Sorry to see some people I thought were ok, not…. Very sorry.
      Word of advice: whatever you do, try not to turn into a regular ugly troll the moment something’s not to your liking. There is only one end to trolls.

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      • Dear Lada, I have not written that he is “my” president, because he isn’t, and since when is someone a “troll” when they disagree with you or might have some other/more information! It is and never was my intention of trolling…..I’m NOT a troll, but a regular person who happens to have a different view on what Trump is doing. Sorry if I have offended you.


        • No, it’s actually you who hasn’t complete information. After having followed my blog, having admired my predictions and analysis for years, you appear now suddenly to think that I was born yesterday and don’t know what I am talking about.
          TIP: it really helps when you actually follow/read/listen to things I write/talk about on Patreon, webinars, ESRs and podcasts, where I explain everything beyond this blog. If you don’t, of course your view will be very fragmented. And ‘teaching’ me about shadow banning, after I wrote on FT previously how I was shadow-banned everywhere, and after I did a whole huge podcast about it a month ago(!) is either insensitive or ludicrous. Unfortunately, this seems to be going around.

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    • ‘the tweets might have been deleted by Twitter themselves!’
      Riiiight… And it’s also Twitter, NOT TRUMP. who bombed Syria TWICE, organized Syrian chemical false flags, supports ISIS in Syria, builds illegal US bases in Syria, and is threatening to bomb Russian troops in Syria, who are fighting terrorists and trying to return refugees home!

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  3. My prediction? Q is legit, just wait and see….


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