MY ‘TIME OF RUSSIA’ PREDICTIONS PLAYING OUT IN FULL: Far North & Siberia Thriving, Contrary to Western Predictions!

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tyumen siberia russia

Tyumen, Siberia, Russia

The Time of Russia & Period 8 Predictions

Amazing news are coming in from all directions in Russia, but especially from Russia’s Far North, Siberia and the Far East! Everything that’s happening is a major confirmation of my Period 8 and the TIME OF RUSSIA predictions made in EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 4 (ESW4): PERIOD 8 GLOBAL PREDICTIONS!

Read my story below, check out the cool pics and fascinating short videos I’ve picked for you and you’ll see the whole unbelievable unfolding picture! Russia’s Far North, Siberia, Chechnya and… well, Russia itself, were written off by the West so many times in the past! If I had a penny for every time I heard the doomsday predictions… The reality is exactly opposite, and at times it’s mind-boggling even for people who always believed in Russia. Even for people like me… We had heard since childhood that certain things simply could not be done, not under any circumstances. Like the iconic Crimean Bridge… We learned as children that multiple attempts to build it were made, only to meet with dramatic failure as a result (remember my FT articles where I described the failed attempts made by Russian tsars, Stalin and Hitler?)

Yet, the Crimean Bridge is not only being successfully completed, but it’s thriving. Millions of vehicles have already crossed it since last year, and the new rail bridge will be finished in 2019, all despite Western sanctions.

But Crimea is at least quite warm, although storms, horrible currents and ace happen here too. Russia’s Far North and Siberia are something else altogether, and the progress there, where most people won’t dream of treading, is unbelievable.

Two especially big and important reports from Russia’s Siberian Far North!


MY ‘TIME OF RUSSIA’ PREDICTIONS PLAYING OUT IN FULL: Far North & Siberia Thriving, Contrary to Western Predictions!



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Lada Ray is a linguist & former financial consultant with Smith Barney. Born in Russia, Lada lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents. She is the internationally certified Feng Shui Master and author of 3 novels + multiple novelettes; most notably, top-rated metaphysical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER & bestselling thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). Lada has extensively written re. Russia, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and consciousness. She is known for her accurate predictions. Lada's Blogs: FuturisTrendcast - geopolitics and predictions. Lada Ray Blog - books, writing, world cultures. We are presently working on expanding Lada Ray Youtube channel to include Lada's original geopolitical analysis and far-reaching global predictions, as well as her mystical futurism. The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe!

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    Excellent reporting Lada!

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    Special Feature – check out the story, pics and vids.


  3. Hi Lada, Thank you so much for allowing us to view Russian pictures showcasing all her glory and beauty. I am missing being a part of Patreon but it has to be on the back burner for quite a while yet. I did see a video on YouTube about the young governor of Siberia. I think he would be an excellent choice to replace Mr Putin when he retires. He ticks all the right boxes. with love and blessings Kate

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  4. I am so happy that Siberia (where part of my own roots are) is flourishing. And to think that in the 90’s USA wanted to buy Siberia off Russia for pennies!


    • I have no roots whatsoever in Siberia, but it is a magical place in so many ways, very highly underrated. I feel higher-dimensional connection to it. I focused on it in The Earth Shifter novel, if you remember. Best wishes! 🙂


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