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Upcoming Dutch Referendum on Ukraine: EU Pressure – Can the Vote Be Rigged?

Dutch referendum on Ukraine is looming. In the run up to it, EU and US pressure voters to approve Kiev-EU association. Various tactics, from brainwashing, threatening with Russia and the ‘new Hitler,’ to direct bribes are applied. Billionaire Soros promises 200,000 euros for YES votes.

So far, Dutch citizens don’t buy it. The preliminary poll’s results are: 44.5% YES, 55.5% NO.

Dutch journalists have leaked government plans on dealing with an upcoming referendum on a controversial treaty between the EU and Ukraine. The Association Agreement envisions closer economic, political and cultural ties between Kiev and the bloc. A ‘NO’ vote in the referendum would force Dutch politicians to reconsider the pact, which they have already approved without consulting the public.


Update 2/23/16. Dutch vote Q&A – can it be rigged?

kostya What… are there no DIEBOLD voting machines in Holland? Those things vote correctly every time in the US! Otherwise they could end up like Ireland – having to vote year after year after until they finally are cracked to the EU whip.

Lada Ray They’ll try to rig the vote, I’m sure. Will they succeed? They might. 50/50. It all depends on whether EU feels they must rebel against the US now, or not yet. In the end it won’t go far anyway.

Christa We don’t use voting machines in NL, we vote with the famous “red pencil” if that is any help!

Christa The Dutch government will do ánything to get yes votes from the public, they will use OUR money to fund campaigns and even have a Dutch/Ukrainian actress in their pocket to explain how “good” this treaty is for us and the eu. But they won’t succeed, not anymore! The country is down to 3rd world level and the people are not buying it anymore! There was an interesting article in our biggest “newspaper’ the other day, written by a famous Dutch writer. He studied this “association” in depth, comparing it with other treaties we have signed, and in the article he explains that this so-called “association” is in fact an agreement to cooperate on a military and technological level!!!!! He calls this agreement “pure cheating” and calls on the public to vote NO, just like he will do and states that he is not sponsored in any way by the Kremlin or any other political/lobbyist group to be against this treaty. He will vote NO at the referendum because he says: “we are hoodwinked by our “elites”!

The full article is in Dutch but her is the link:

I’m not sure if everybody can read this, because normally you would have to be a subscriber, but I’ll try anyway! Thanks for all the articles Lada.

INTERVIEW: Soros funds Dutch Yes campaign in vote


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