New Damning Evidence: Odessa Massacre – False Flag to Provoke Russia

A very important new evidence has come out that in the best traditions of the CIA, the hideous Odessa massacre may have been a false flag to provoke Russian intervention in the south and east of the territory, so far called Ukraine.

“Channel 1 Russia” has started its own investigation into what happened on May 2 – the bloody Friday – on Odessa’s Kulikovo Polie, where at least 48 people were burned alive in the Unions building. It appears that the operation was jointly pre-planned and executed by Kiev-imported nazis and Odessa officials/police.

Note, as a result of this false flag, some real people: citizens of Odessa, innocent by-standers, as well as anti-government activists, have died or received injuries. The Channel 1 investigation is still ongoing, but it is clear to me that the activists had been trapped in the building together with the Unions employees that had the misfortune of working there. This reminds me of the 9/11 false flag when thousands of Americans were sacrificed to the staged NYC Twin Towers attack, used as pretext for the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions. In addition, the 9/11 false flag was also supposed to serve as justification for the later invasion of Iran, but that plan backfired on the US. Read my article: Striking Geopolitical Similarities: Georgian War – Beijing2008 and Ukraine – Sochi2014

By some reports, the number of burned people in the Odessa Unions building was in fact over 200, including innocent employees, many women.

Being on the losing end of history and knowing that their days are numbered, the Kiev junta is resorting to outright lies and provocations, like the one in Odessa. Their handlers in the USA, having failed to take over entire Ukraine and convert Crimea into their giant military base (read my post: US Planned to Turn #Crimea into Military Base Against Russia), are executing plan B. Plan B is to demonize Russia and to start Cold War 2.0.

Russia said that it would send peacekeepers to Ukraine, as demanded by the Russian-speaking population of the east and south, if it has the UN mandate. USA will most certainly veto any UN resolution to send Russian peacekeepers, thus showing to the world its real colors and intentions. USA’s goal is to make Russia lose its cool and jump the gun, as the USSR did in 1980 by sending troops to Afghanistan at the request of the Afghan government, thus triggering the US and west’s boycott of the Moscow Olympics. Of course, now it’s common knowledge that it was the US plan to trap the USSR in Afghanistan. USA trained and financed Al Qaeda and Taliban in order to create the civil war situation that would prompt the Russian intervention at the request of then Afghan government.

Having failed to make Ukraine into their nuclear waste dumping/fracking colony, and having failed to turn it into a huge NATO base directed against Russia, USA now wants to provoke Russia into sending its troops to Odessa and Donbass regions to protect the Russian-speaking population without the UN mandate, thus painting Russia as a bully and invader. This would be a perfect excuse to allow the military-industrial-security complex to escalate militarization of all facets of western life and to put more troops and missiles in Europe, next to Russia’s borders. Russia would have no choice but to respond, thus starting the next cold war. The west managed to start the 20th century Cold War after USA dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, and after the infamous Fulton speech by Churchill. They hope that their hideous crimes in Ukraine will be able to ignite the new round of armaments and animosity.

Let’s remember that in 2003 US invaded Iraq despite the UN refusal to authorize it. The USA had invaded a sovereign country on false pretext and in direct circumvention of any international laws. This action was directly supported by many NATO and EU countries who sent their troops to Iraq to help out their Washington boss. These countries include Canada, UK, Poland, Lithuania and Georgia, to name a few, – same countries that ardently support and finance the illegitimate Kiev junta that genocides its own population. These are also the same countries that accuse Russia of all mortal sins.

I want to remind everyone that the western model of capitalist development implies that progress and growth is only possible through confrontation, survival of the fittest, slavery and war. The west in general, and USA in particular, has no notion of how to live cooperatively and peacefully with other countries.

Please see my extensive new Predictions Page for much more on this.

Knowing that they are losing the battle and grasping at straws, they had overstepped all boundaries of common decency and sense by directly instigating the civil war and genocide in Ukraine. I believe there will be a day when everyone responsible in Kiev, western Ukraine, US, NATO and EU, will be tried by the international tribunal for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

NOTE: I have predicted from the very beginning that the west won’t be able to drag Russia into the military conflict in Ukraine. I said that “Russia would use all peaceful and quiet means in her disposal to re-mold the situation in her favor.” This is what will happen. More: Predictions Page.

As usual, exposure and spreading the truth is key to exposing their vicious plans! Please share!

Below, you can find a video from RT with evidence caught on camera that indicates that the Odessa massacre was a pre-planned false flag. The video is in Russian, however, it’s self-explanatory. I have translated the text so it’s easier to follow.

RT Anchor: “Kiev promised to investigate what happened in Odessa. The main question is who started the violence. Channel 1 is conducting its own investigation, and this is what they have found so far.

First, as you can clearly see on this footage, the police wear the same red bands as the so-called pro-Russian protesters (at 0:19). This may seem strange as the police and Kiev-installed authorities of Odessa swore allegiance to Kiev. Now, here (0:38) you can see how police make a corridor to let the protesters through and then police re-form their chain.”

LR: At 0:52 you can see how lots of pro-Ukrainian nazi young men with blue and yellow Ukrainian flag are throwing stones at the police. It is known that these were bussed into the city from Vinnitsa, a Ukrainian region in central Ukraine, as well as other regions. They all spoke Ukrainian as caught on many other videos, and in Odessa people speak only Russian. As it became clear later, there were at least two thousand of them that were bussed in. At night, all these young men, and some young women, with burning torches (like in nazi Germany) carrying guns, dressed in black, chanting nazi slogans marched on Pushkinskaya Street (beautiful historic street in Odessa named after great Russian author Pushkin, who must be turning in his grave) to announce to Kiev-installed authorities that they had burned the separatists and Russians alive and that they are ready for more. I had watched another amateur video where these nazis proudly announced all that, with head of the Odessa administration thanking them for the job well done.

RT Anchor: “So, the police that is supposed to be Kiev loyalists wear red bands (Instead of blue and yellow – LR), and here is more. On this footage (1:00) you can see the so-called pro-Russian/anti-government protesters shooting at pro-Ukrainian/pro-government crowd just from behind the police line, as police ignores that. LR: Look closely at 1:06! I notice that the so-called protesters are very fit, resembling military and wearing helmets/bullet-proof vests – in short, they came very well prepared. Meanwhile the young people (supposedly pro-government) throwing stones at them have no protective gear. If the so-called anti-govt protesters were shooting at unprotected pro-govt nazis right from behind the police line, why didn’t police react? As far as we know, the pro-government nazis had no wounded or killed. Were these fake bullets?

Everything’s pointing at the fact that the police knew what was going to happen as real activists get herded into the building and set on fire.

Moreover, one government official was caught on camera giving orders to the so-called anti-government protesters (1:18.).”

LR: Translation of what he says in Russian: “You have to understand clearly what every unit is doing (1:19). Everyone’s running… where are you all running? (1:24) That’s why as you see, we have some kind of problems every time (1:28).”

RT Anchor: “And he wasn’t the only one (1:31). On this footage behind an armed man stands deputy chief of the Odessa police, Colonel Dmitry Fuchidzhi. He was several times caught on camera together with the so-called anti-government protesters (1:41). The question is why is he with them?”

Watch video:


LR: Let me remind everyone that as a result of what appears to be a deliberately orchestrated false flag, many innocent people have died. You can sign the petition to the UN to stop violence in Ukraine by sending Russian peacekeepers here. I have!

Note, this petition is a protest vote as I do not believe that the US will allow the resolution to send Russian peacekeepers to pass. US Veto is certain. US goal is to provoke Russia into sending troops to Ukraine to protect the Russian-speaking population without any UN resolution. This would allow US/NATO to paint Russia as aggressor and re-start Cold War.

However, it is important to show the whole world that we disagree and condemn their policies and actions regarding Ukraine. Voice of the people is still important and will eventually bear fruit.


Video from Odessa: People are mourning the victims of the nazis violence. Резонанс и последствия зверства националистов.

English translation: “The citizens of Odessa gathered on Kulikovo Polie to commemorate the victims of the hideous act of burning people alive. After the attack, not a single nazi/ultra-nationalist guilty of the crime was arrested. Instead, 67 of those people who were the victims, were arrested and taken to jail, some with burns and wounds. No one let them see a doctor.”

“Odessans are indignant at the arrival in the city of the main sponsors of the Kiev maidan: Poroshenko, Klitchko, Tymoshenko, who visited the wounded in hospitals to score political gains before the upcoming elections. And that’s after the same Yulia Tymoshenko just several hours prior thanked the nationalists for the job well done of burning people alive in the Unions building.”

Eyewitness reports from Odessa (0:37). All day and all night Odessans have been bringing flowers to the burned down Unions building, trying to come to terms with the fact that in the 21st century fascism reigns supreme in their country.

Interviews with local women:

(0:49) “Look what they have done. It’s unconscionable. They burned people alive and had fun doing it. Only fascists are capable of that.”

(0:58) “People were jumping out of windows and they were finishing them off. This is genocide of our people.”

(1:02) Emotionally: “We are a peaceful city. We want to live here in peace, we don’t want war.”

Pictures of the burning Unions building on Kulikovo Polie in Odessa (1:10). LR: You can see how people are standing on the outside ledges of the building, trying to escape. Many are women, some are middle-aged. These are innocent bystanders – employees of the Unions, trapped inside. Only god knows how many of these poor women actually burned inside. According to some reports, Odessa police actually puts the number of those who burned alive inside not at the official 48, but at 218!

“The night before, Odessans gathered near the city police building demanding that all 67 arrested activists be released. They were preparing to storm the building. Only by midnight, ONLY WOMEN were released (1:18). A woman says: they didn’t let anyone see a doctor and intentionally made us suffer.” At 1:50 a man who is still in jail says by phone: “they say we shot a policeman and that we incited violence. According to them, we are extremists and separatists. They rounded up random people from different parts of the city. I wasn’t even on Kulikovo Polie. They tell is they understand everything but they got orders and that’s why they are arresting everyone.”

2:10. People are actively donating blood to help the wounded and burned. The crime of the Ukraine radicals has angered and rallied many people. Doctor: “We tell them, you are not even 18 yet, but they tell us they want to help by donating blood.”

2:30. “Official Kiev was silent for over 24 hours, not reacting at all to events in Odessa.” (LR: Understandably, they didn’t know how to react. They had to consult with their western handlers, and those had to come up with a plausible story to cover up their crimes. All this hard work required time).

“Kiev later announced that the events in Odessa were orchestrated by Russia (LR: of course, who else) and that the NAZI RADICALS in Odessa were coordinated and sicked on anti-government/pro-Russian  protesters by the Russian agents!” Later, Kiev kept looking for scapegoats, accusing former Kiev officials from the ousted president Yanukovich’s government. One of the accused of financing violence in Odessa, former Yanukovich’s official Alexander Klimenko, responded that accusations against him were baseless, had no proof. For some reason, they were made not officially, but trough the media because the Kiev junta security services were afraid to take responsibility for the obviously false accusations. He added that “the real responsibility rests with the country’s security services (SBU), police, army and prosecutor’s office, whose incompetence, inactivity, and looks like intentional actions resulted in the Odessa tragedy.”

4:23. “Klitchko, Tymoshenko and Poroshenko visiting the wounded and laying flowers to the site of the tragedy. Poroshenko is the oligarch whose money was behind the Kiev maidan madness and who presently finances the same Kiev junta, which brands the victims of the Odessa tragedy as “terrorists”.”

4:38. Wounded man: “I was taking pictures of the nazi actions. Failed to keep a safe enough distance and got a bullet in my arm. Tried to crawl to the wall but not fast enough. Got another bullet in my back and in the leg.”

4:54. Local politicians, including Kiev installed governor of Odessa Nemirovsky, have openly been calling the victims of the fire separatists, stating that actions of the Right Sector nazis in Odessa were LEGITIMATE.

Watch video:


Added: According to Oleg Tsarev, the Rada deputy representing south-east and former presidential candidate, who was beaten almost to death by nazis in Kiev, as well as other politicians, the authorities are intentionally lying about the real number of dead in Odessa, fearing a national uprising when the true number comes out! As I mentioned above, the real number, according to some media sources is as high as 218 people! Video report in Russian (at 2:21). The segment at 3:06 talks about proof that western mercenaries are fighting for Kiev junta in Slavyansk, Donetsk Republic. This report has a lot of new info about various events on 5/6/14. If you understand Russian, you might want to watch/listen. Unfortunately, I am unable to translate the whole thing for the lack of time.

Another very unpleasant and distressing news: in many areas of the East and South of Ukraine people are reporting the appearance of various foreign mercenaries. If in March and April most mercenaries working for the Kiev junta were speaking English, now people report mercenaries speaking English, Spanish, German, Polish and Georgian. The islamic organization of Ukraine announced that 5,000 islamic mercenaries will arrive from Germany, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Prince Bendar Bush from Saudi Arabia, the well-known financer of islamic terrorism and Al Qaeda, and the Bush family’s confidant, announced that he is sending thousands of mercenaries as well, as payback to Russia for stopping the US invasion of Syria. All these mercenaries are being sent by Kiev to suppress popular uprisings against Kiev junta in the South and East of Ukraine. The goal is to stop the referendum for independence from Kiev, scheduled for May 11. And of course, the big one: make Russia throw caution to the wind and send troops to Ukraine to protect the population. As we see, Kiev is ready to sacrifice their own people to its diabolical goals. In fact, many Kiev politicians, including Yulia Tymoshenko and various nazi and western Ukraine Rada deputies, have stated openly that it would be nice to genocide all Russian-speakers in Ukraine and re-populate East and South with “genuine” Ukrainians.


Check the comment section for a video of the “nazi democracy in Ukraine” in action posted by a reader.


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  1. Lada,

    You might want to look into this:

    It has a good video, with an English transcript of this crime.




    Some new info. Prince Bandar from Saoudie-Arabia pays Saoudi and Tchetchen jihadis for missions in Ukraine. They are thought to be in Kramatorsk now to fight against the Russians. That’s the Saoudi revenge for Putin supporting Assad. Infowars brought this news that they themselves took from the Iranian press agencies FARS and SHIA POST.

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  3. This false flag is so blatantly ridiculous, how stupid do westerners have to be not to see this staged event to pull Russia into war! To add insult to injury, branding the victims of the Odessa tragedy as “terrorists” is to pervert the sanctity of life by outright lying to deceive the people. Of course no true native Ukrainian would believe this propaganda, but mercenaries, Nazis, and traitorous thugs hired by the US would like to turn black into white. The most they are achieving is the destruction of their own people and country. How sad for a country that never was and never will be. Eventually Ukr. will peacefully, beneficially join the customs union and stop the western takeover! Let’s pray this will happen without further bloodshed, however I’m not holding my breath. Thank you Lada for exposing the latest breaking coverage of the ongoing crisis. Keep up the awesome investigative journalism! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Maddie. Well said 🙂


    • Your sentiments are precisely the same as mine – very well expressed.

      I am angered by how we in the West have to put up with so much Western mainstream media proganda lies and hypocrisy that distort truth and is disseminated to naive gullible Western “sheeple”.
      Agreed, thank you Lada.


  4. Thanks so much Lada!
    As I have said before you are a light at the end of the disinfo tunnel!!


  5. Thanks, Lada, for calling attention to this situation. I have promoted the video (just above) on my own blog 🙂 (When I try to access it from where I live, I am told I must sign in to view it, because it may not be ‘age appropriate.’ What a lie! Hugs, ~Jean

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    • Welcome, Jean.
      Someone may be blocking the video, perhaps via reporting it to YT. It could be the Canadian Ukraine nazis. Lots of those in CA.


  6. James Hyslop

    Hello Lada,

    This article is right on the button. The bouncing ying and yang is very relevant as is the pitching and yawing of same. However, you forgot the south (everybody does), as without the south the North would be in an even worse mess.

    What I believe we need now is an article that describes how to recognise the Lizard Reptilian’s in their various forms. The reason being is people in the North and especially in the USA, EU, Ukraine and Russia all need to recognise these different levels of trapped reptilian species. I am amazed on the number of lists that are available on the www that list the various cabals in detail. But most people do not know how to recognize the lizard people in their midst?

    I am writing one for a history book that I am compiling, but I suspect Lada that you are way ahead of most of us in this space. It also needs to be in multiple languages. I have just re-watched Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told t which clearly illustrates the racial group problems in Russia, Ukraine and the Balkans and the deliberate lies and interference of the various cabals from the west EU, UK/USA including Saudi Arabia to ensure Germany was thoroughly destroyed twice all in the name of money and interest. The Russian Khazarian Jewish issue has not been solved yet either.

    Further, most people do not know about the over 10,000 Ukrainian women taken to the Antarctica base in the 1930’s to be child carriers. Admiral Byrd was confined to a mental hospital on his return from USA military expedition to Antarctica to shut him up. Many also do not know that most of this military base was moved back to the borders of Ukraine with Romania in the 1970’s. The underground tunnels in Romania are linked to this base. The links from the Romanian tunnel system to Iraq and Afghanistan and Tibet is another reason the US are involved in all these negative wars trying to gain a material advantage in technology from seizing artefacts historical and technological. But we also have the Nordics that add to the ying and yang!!

    Solving the Ukrainian issue without dealing with this military base is yet another reason why people need to learn how to recognise the Lizard peoples in our midst. Whilst a lot of the information I obtain is local which I then sound out for truth much of the local information I receive is confirmed and added too by off world sources which leads to obtaining other related local information and so the process revolves continues. As you know The Council of The Worlds can assist but not help in other words we have to do it for ourselves.

    The fact that UK/USA has hundreds of thousands of severely damaged veterans with a suicide rate beyond all norms tells us that the path (current and future) embarked upon by the UK/USA together with the EU together with all related organisations is thankfully ~ one doomed to utter failure. This is because the Lizards have overstepped the bounds. We all know they have either limited or no emotional capacity and they do not want us to recognise ours. It’s what we replace this ongoing failure with that counts to major beneficial change.

    Best wishes
    James Hyslop
    South Africa


  7. talesfromthelou

    Thank you Lada. I love the way you understand the situation , and how you explain it. I’m blogging it, with your permission of course. This is important. Lou


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