Quantum Calibrations of Major Events: Iran Deal, SCO/BRICS Summit, Russian Sanctions, Ukraine, Armenia and Greece

This post is a logical extension of my latest article: Color Revolutions: Who and Why Takes Advantage of Border Disputes and Historic Resentments?

In the article, I suggested that my readers should use my Quantum Calibrations of Consciousness System, as described in the videos below. This system is extremely helpful for determining the truth or falsehood of any action by any country, or for determining a calibration (energy and intension) of any event in history. This system is accurate both for personal and global, large-scale, usage. I calibrate geopolitical issues in the examples below. But just as successfully, I can use my system for personal issues, whether internal or external.

The key is to ask correct question, so that calibration would deliver an accurate answer.

My Quantum Calibrations scale is based in part on Dr. David Hawkins Power vs. Force Scale of Consciousness, but it goes much further and deeper. It works together with my Chi Kinesiology – the system I use for calibrating.

The videos below will give you a comprehensive initial overview of the system:

I thought it would be helpful for my readers if I posted an illustration of how calibrations work, complete with telling examples. This is the first time I am actually calibrating these events. It will be fascinating to see how it will all come out.

It’s a double-blind experiment: I just type out a statement and calibrate the issue at hand live, then type in a numeric value of the answer received, adding my interpretation. I don’t ‘think’ about it. This isn’t about random thinking. I focus and produce the result. Some call it channeling. This is the function of the organized and focused cosmic mind, not the ever-doubtful human mind.

The examples used in this experiment are based on the questions and issues posed in the aforementioned article. Because the Quantum Scale is a relative (comparative) numeric scale, it’s easy to see where each action, event, person, or object falls relative to other events, persons and objects, therefore, allowing us to interpret and understand deeper the underlying motivations and consequences of each occurrence.

In other words, calibrations serve as quantum tool for getting to the very core of the issue and for extracting the real truth.

Below, you’ll see me provide a statement, its numeric value calibration, as well as sometimes also the Chi numeric level (underlying energy level) of the situation/event. You will also see me provide additional interpretations.

Let’s have some examples of quantum calibrations, shall we!

(To understand the scale and interpretations, please first watch videos linked above)

Calibrating the truth of a statement (What is the truth behind…):

Here, we will calibrate official positions of governments:

The position of the Kiev junta government in regards to Donbass: 10 (near death). In other words, practically no truth at all. They simply want Donbass dead, including people and infrastructure. However, when someone is on that level (be it individual or state), they will always end badly. Wishing death on someone else eventually bounces back to cause death and destruction of the perpetrator (per my PREDICTIONS, we won’t have to wait more than 2-3 years for that to happen).

Russia’s position towards supporting Donbass through humanitarian aid and refugee help: 980 (enlightenment, near absolute truth). No surprise. The generosity is obvious.

Russia’s position towards Ukraine in general: 185 (pride). While below the minimum positive calibration of 200 (courage), PRIDE is the first calibration level where confrontation isn’t desired and peace is a prerogative. Therefore, while Russia is critical of Ukraine’s behavior, considering Ukraine basically ungrateful and what is going on there deplorable, the calibration clearly shows that Russia definitely doesn’t want confrontation with Ukraine, trying to resolve everything peacefully.

But let’s see what US, EU and Ukraine positions on Russia are:

Ukraine’s position towards Russia: 1 (practically the level of death). Death = 0 in the Quantum Scale. In other words, they want Russia dead. Chilling, isn’t it?

EU’s (average for all of EU) position towards Russia: 40 (guilt). Guilt is a very debilitating, paralyzing feeling. In the video above I give examples of how some Christians experience the feeling of guilt, which makes them subdued, resentful and debilitated. Guilt, along with shame (calibration 20) are the two highest suicide producers among people. The judgement is so clouded that people simply cannot find the right solutions to problems even if such solutions stare them in the eye.

USA’s position on Russia: 6 (near death). Surprise to anyone that US wants Russia dead?…

Germany’s position towards Russia: 45 (guilt)

Greece’s position towards Russia: 298 (neutrality). A very high, and truly positive energy, but not high enough energy to make active deals happen. By the way, this means, as you’ll see later, that Greece isn’t ready to abandon EU and join Eurasian Union, as some suggested.

Poland’s position towards Russia: 2 (near death). Same as my explanation for Ukraine’s position towards Russia.

Finland’s position towards Russia: 49 (guilt – on the cusp of apathy). Apathy (50-74) is the level of the desperately poor and destitute in Calcutta. It is also the level of absolute and total disregard of another’s position and needs. Just below that (30-49) is a very low and unpleasant calibration of guilt. Guilt is a very stifling energy and it can be very destructive.

Russia’s position towards EU: 180 (pride). Same as my explanation for Russia’s position towards Ukraine.

EU position on Donbass: 10 (shame, near death)

US position on Donbass: 4 (almost death) So… Is it possible that just like Ukraine, US wants Donbass dead?…

The truth of the Kiev junta statement that Ukraine is separate from Russia, while common history is denied: 0 (death). This means that there is zero truth to this statement.

The truth of the statement that Russians and Ukrainians are one people: 995 (high enlightenment), or absolute truth! (the value of 1000 is the top of the human 3D scale)

The truth behind Poroshenko’s insistence that there are 200,000 (they have grown from 8,000 just recently) Russian troops that invaded Donbass: 4 (near death). Obviously, no truth to this statement.

Russia’s position re. re-establishing peace in Ukraine and ending civil war calibrates at: 280 (neutrality). A very nice and positive calibration. Russia essentially is wishing Ukraine well and wants to help out in a detached way, keeping distance and not willing to get deeper into the Ukraine mess. Recall how many times I wrote that both Ukraine/Poland and US are doing everything to drag Russia deeper by making them send the troops.

EU’s position on Ukraine conflict: 10 (shame, near death). This means that EU’s position is borderline absolute falsehood.

Deep within, how EU feels about their role in the conflict in Ukraine: 85 (grief). EU isn’t admitting it, but they are deeply unhappy and depressed about the role they played in Ukraine conflict. However, they feel desperately stuck in the situation, seeing no way out.

USA’s position on Ukraine: 4 (near death). This is what US brings to Ukraine!

Now, let’s calibrate some of the recent geopolitical events

Here we are calibrating the cosmic consciousness level of the event. I also added the Chi level calibration in a few cases. Chi levels in my system signify the intrinsic energy levels manifest in our Earthly 3D reality; it is a practical level of energy available to each situation.

The calibration below will help us understand who and why organized these events, the truth or falsehood of each event; what each event wants to achieve and the prediction for the consequences.

Kiev maidan: 4 (near death). Obviously, that’s what it achieved – the ongoing destruction of a republic that was once the richest per capita in the Soviet Union, having been built-up by Russians.

Crimean referendum: 295 (neutrality); Chi: 580 (joy/creation). The people wanted to live and let live; by voting for a better life outside of the destructive ukro-nazi Ukraine, they didn’t want to fight; they were opting out. The underlying Chi is spectacularly high: these people went to vote in order to create a better future for themselves and their children. For 23 years they dreamed of the day they would be re-united with Russia, and the referendum became the day of true joy for them.

The act of Crimea’s re-unification with Russia: 980 (high enlightenment – an almost absolute truth). Wow, this is much higher than I anticipated! I never took a moment to actually physically calibrate any of this before. What can I say – it was the enlightened decision on Putin’s part and on the part of the people and government of Crimea and Russia. Clearly, that’s where Crimea belongs.

Greek position re. EU debt: 180 (pride); Chi 150 (anger)

Tsipras personal position on debt negotiations: 180 (pride); Chi 150 (anger). Same exact calibration as his country in general. This means that Tsipras behavior is in line with how his country feels. Anger about the terms is prevalent in Greece, hence the anger energy. Deep down Greeks hate the EU and their stranded situation, which, as I predicted, would eventually lead to their exiting the EU. However, for now they have no choice but to negotiate. Pride is below the minimum positive calibration of 200 (courage), but it is the first peace-seeking calibration due to self-preservation. Greece is trying to find a compromise and resolve the debt situation without exiting the EU (but only for now – recall my prediction). I actually never calibrated this issue before, so I note that it confirms what I predicted about the Grexit timeline in my recent articles.

But look how differently US/EU feel about Greece!

EU position re. Greece: 80 – it rose to 85 in the last couple of days (grief/desperation/denial/no way out). Not a good calibration to have while trying to negotiate. Any deals they make with Greece won’t last too long.

US position re. Greece: 45 (guilt). They feel Greece is guilty of all mortal sins and don’t want IMF/EU to compromise with Greece. Recall that Greece is also leaning to Russia and participates in Turkish Stream. US wants Greece punished.

Attempted electric maidan in Armenia: 85 (angry grief/desperation). People felt they had no say in how much they would be charged tomorrow, desperate because of their low-income levels. However, private energy companies geared towards profit felt equally desperate and trapped due to large investments into the infrastructure and expenses they would never recoup. The government felt equally trapped between the two ‘rights.’

Latest settlement in Armenia, which defused electric maidan through temporary subsidies and investigation calibrates at: 185 (pride). Better than nothing – this means that everyone is trying to find a compromise and doesn’t want escalation out of self-preservation.

Finland denying visas to Sergey Naryshkin and Russian delegation to OSCE: 40 (guilt); Chi: 0 (death) – Very, very bad calibration. This will cause misunderstandings and mutual relations problems in the short to mid-term between Russia and Finland, to be resolved only when Finland changes its position towards Russia; when Finland’s energy level increases enough to (excuse me) give a damn.

Anti-Russian sanctions: 100 (fear); Chi 80 (grief). This is self-explanatory, I think.

We talked a lot about color revolutions as the technology to divide and conquer. Let’s calibrate color revolution as a phenomenon: 85 (violent grief) Chi 95 (also violent grief). No surprises. Therefore, even when participants of color revolutions honestly believe they are fighting for a better future, they’ll fail to achieve it.

BRICS and SCO Summit that just took place in Ufa, Russia: 410 (reason – a very high calibration); Chi: 295 (neutrality)! Clearly, all those countries that came to Ufa had a positive and forward-looking agenda, including India and Pakistan making peace and getting admitted into SCO as a tandem; Iran attending as SCO candidate; Belarus soon to be admitted to SCO. BRICS are developing a SWIFT alternative system and the BRICS Bank started its work. There were certain criticisms of the BRICS and of certain actions by China by some Russian analysts. This is probably why the summit didn’t calibrate higher than these values.

New Iran deal just reached between Iran and the sextet – Russia, USA, UK, Germany, China and France (plus EU): 410 (reason); Chi of the Iran deal: 480 (humanity)! This is very high for international relations, which often linger on the level of pride, or worse. There is no other way to describe it other than a major breakthrough!

COPYRIGHT 2014-15 Lada Ray. All Rights Reserved. (Read complete copyright notice on top of right-hand navigation bar.)

Make sure you always read the comment section! Lots of new and very good material there!



Quantum Calibration

Quantum Calibration Readings have been in the making since last year, when I first started talking about the Scale of Calibrations and Chi Kinesiology. For a long time I was in doubt whether I should get involved in it due to my busy schedule. However, over the past year this idea has kept coming back to me, which means it is the idea whose time has come.

As you can see from the above examples, calibrations can be an incredibly revealing and helpful tool when interpreting global events.

But they are equally – and sometimes more – useful for understanding and interpreting personal events and issues, as well as making important decisions in one’s life.

I find Quantum Calibrations to be a very important and valuable tool, providing answers with astounding accuracy. To help you understand deeper various events happening in your life, and to assist you in making the right decisions for the future, I am finally starting the Quantum Calibrations Reading service on LadaRay.info.

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  1. Hi Lada Ray. Do you know that wordpress.com is blocked from mainland China? But wordpress installs are not. Weebly is not blocked. Here is a lit of blogging platforms not blocked from China:


  2. Fascinating work and report Lada
    Thanks 🙂

    Personally as I read there was nothing that seemed out of sync to me
    You hit every nail on the head
    (that’s just my report of my own personal response as I read)


  3. Very interesting. One question, if I may. How do you choose terms? It seems to me that the words have meanings. For example, “color revolution”. That is only if the government changes. But many protesting on Maidan may have only wanted Yanukovich to sign a deal with the EU or to steal less. In the US, we have had things like Occupy Wall Street or protests against various wars or in favor of things like better treatment of Blacks. If another country, such as the USSR, had had great influence inside the government, those could have turned into revolutions, but they didn’t. Other terms might be “Russia” instead of “The Kremlin”. The charitable treatment from the broader Russian world might be much purer of heart than that of the Kremlin, for example. This isn’t really an academic debate as I read many Armenians arguing that there was zero chance of a color revolution; it was just about anger at the citizens’ abuse at the hands of a corrupt government and rotten corporations. Thus, you asked about the “electric Maidan”.

    Another big one would be the “EU”. Some argue that there are three EUs. One is an Anglo-American faction. One is an imperial faction in Brussels and Berlin, and one is better of heart and wants more of a positive future with Eurasia. That one is a little broader based, and isn’t really in one place. So how do you calibrate or evaluate something that is not really one united thing? Kiev and the Ukraine are also full of different factions, although those all seem to be in the gutter, so it might not be as relevant. I like how you break things into “EU position on …”, but I still feel that the EU is basically a less-than-coherent organization these days.

    It might be interesting to see if the referendums in the Donbass were basically the same as the one in the Crimea. Perhaps there was more fear or psychic awareness of the disaster to follow, or maybe less relief because the pain had just begun.


    • I choose the terms with a lot of CARE and precision. 😉 I qualify every time that we calibrate the truth of a statement, or ‘a government position’ or ‘the position of the EU on average.’ If we go by country, you can see it’s diferent. The same with everything else – doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is. IF we go into factions, different parts of society, which again need to be defined precisely ahead of time, then we will get different values. All this is explained in the post.

      It’s actually a great idea to calibrate Donbass referendums to compare them to Crimea. I haven’t done that yet, so I’m curious myself. Let’s see:

      Donetsk referendum to secede from Ukraine 5/11/14 – Calibration: 189 (pride, on cusp of yearning); Chi 195 (yearning/striving) In other words, Donetsk citizens were saying: ‘We want the same as Crimea, we also want out, we also want Russia to take care of us.’

      Lugansk referendum 5/11/14 – Calibration: 150 (anger); Chi 189 — even lower than Donetsk. Lugansk operated mainly on anger and pride, with a tiny bit of yearing. It just tagged along. It’s still tagging along after Donetsk, being a smaller, less important city.

      And this gives one a conclusive idea why the results were so different in Crimea vs. Donbass.

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  4. Dear Lada,

    Today we remember the victims of the shootdown of the Maylasian Flight MH17. An Australian newssite published a socalled “new” video but BBC denies it is new, they had this already last year. Here is the link:


    It looks like they have edited this piece, now published 10 hrs ago, but I have the original link of the article that was published 22 hrs ago!!!!:


    This is a transcript of the coversations on the video in above article so my question to you is:
    Can you verify what is being said here?

    I also read this sentence and think it is crucial:

    “The other plane that fell down, they are after them, the pilots,” he says.

    “The second one?” his colleague asks.

    “Yes, there’s two planes taken down. We need the second.

    “The second one is a civilian too?

    “The fighter jet brought down this one, and our people brought down the fighter,” a third man responds.

    “They decided to do it this way, to look like we have brought down the plane.”

    This is all missing in the “Update”! Now that is very telling!

    Lada can you confirm what they are saying? I do appreciate it if you could check this out!

    Also, why is Russia against a tribunal? Don’t they hold the keys to the sollution of this mess?

    Thank you!


    • Thanks, Christa 🙂

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    • This is the drone footage of the MH17 crash site today – 1 yr anniversary memorial service:

      I don’t know how helpful this is, but this is today’s Crosstalk episode on MH17:

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    • Re tribunal: as far as I know, Russia’s view is tribunal isn’t an appropriate forum. It is politicised, instead of relying on detached expert opinion. Russia is rightfully afraid that the West will take over this tribunal to manufacture a guilty verdict against Russia and Donbass, basically what they have been doing, also using the MSM for that. Also, per definition intl war crimes tribunal is done when there are repeated violations of laws against humanity, which is why Kiev junta should be tried using a tribunal. MH17 is a single occurrence.

      I would say some intl court would be appropriate for MH17, but I can guarantee this court will be turned into a circus of accusations against Russia and Donbass. Ukraine and US want a new and effective platform to yell about how evil Russia is – not justice for MH17.

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    • You know that I generally don’t click on links in comments, but I have made an exception just for you, Christa. It’s a sad anniversary, and I am sorry that those innocents that suffered in it are still not getting any justice.

      Look, I just listened twice to the second linked video, which I understand you said was the original, non-doctored recording, unless I’m missing something.
      There is absolutely nothing said here regarding self-defence shooting down the plane. There is also absolutely nothing about Sukhoi aircraft (as that paper suggests) – another lie. This australian paper are lying SOBs!!! They are trying to provoke the escalation of conflict, assholes. You know I NEVER do that, but right now I am so outraged I could use much stronger words.

      Unfortunately, this spoils my nice weekend, but okay. I’ll translate a little, with one condition: please spread this as wide as possible. I am omitting secondary remarks about not letting civilians into the crash zone and finding the black box. Also note how they are generating hysteria in australia by showing the austrailian tour documents among the remnants! What can I say – SOBs of the highest caliber!

      Basically, this is the summary of what the man in charge says (plus a few other remarks of consequence): We are at the plane site too (translated incorrectly on vid as ‘we are on the plane’). Yes, it’s civilian. You have another one? Military? There is a pilot crawling (trying to get away)? Yes, get him. The man goes on: THEY (not we!) shot down a civilian, it’s a civilian plane – Malaysia. Who gave it the corridor (to fly through the military zone)? Get all the civilians out of the area. The investigative commission will arrive soon to investigate (what happened here).

      Questions: Why would they immediately request an investigative commission if they were guilty of shooting down the plane? Why would they publish this video, instead of hiding it, if they were guilty? The only reason anyone wants an independent investigative commission is when they see that someone else perpetrated a crime and they want this crime documented properly! This should be absolutely clear.

      The way I read it, although the words aren’t said in the video (were they edited out?) is that the man in charge talks about Ukraine miltary jet shooting down MH17, while they shot down that military jet and now they are searching for the perpetrator, Ukrainian pilot, who tries to escape. It appears they either never found the pilot or he might have committed suicide to prevent capture.

      The outrage of how far these SOBs are ready to go to destroy or damage Russia, or anyone else they designate as an enemy! Such as: Colin Powell to the UN, ‘Yes, there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…’ sound familiar?

      To add, in the very beginnning a year ago, there was a fake audio floating around of supposedly one of the Donbass self-defence commanders rejoicing they shot down MH17. But that one disappeared. Why? Very simple; anyone with two brain cells could see that the man was just reacting to something he/they saw visually from the frontlines, not having any real info. People in the war situation always hope that they did some damage to the enemy. That hope actually keeps them going during a brutal war. That audio was presented at the time as irrefutable evidence, which of course was later thrown out. But it did some permament damage, since most humans just look at something once, form a warped opinion based on what MSM tells them and then go on to the next hoax they are bieng fed. That’s the sad condition of humanity.

      Only very few, such as my wonderful readers take the time and effort to dig out the real truth, and to think.

      But this is something much, much worse! Speading this outright falsehood for the 1 yr anniversary is a deliberate provocation. Did you know that there are lots of ukrainians from western and central ukraine in Australia? I see their hand in this new provocation – translation twisted to suit their agenda.

      They are now trying to muddy the waters as much as possible because Russia insists on resolving this. No black box or expertize results to this day? Looks like they were unable to manufacture credible enough hoaxes.

      As to the tribunal: Russia rightly fears they want to turn it into a witch hunt. Don’t underestimate ukrainians in all this. There are some small-numbered but exceptionally vicious dark forces that took over ukraine, who work in tandem with western dark forces. They will try to manipulate western public opinion to what they stupidly think is their advantage. Simple people in the west better wake up.

      Also see a very telling comment by Johanna on this thread about how ukrainians have manipulated Canada and US. Yet, no one can be manipulated without their concent! I wrote about that in the past too.

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    • More about MH17 – New RT documentary:

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    • There is a YT post in Russian that families of MH17 victims intend to sue Kiev junta as the country responslible for the plane flying over the war zone – Адвокат: Семьи погибших в авиакатастрофе над Донбассом намерены привлечь к ответственности Киев:


    • Also, this is MH17 memorial Russian church service in the village of Grabovo, Donbass, next to the catastrophe site – В селе Грабово прошла поминальная служба по погибшим пассажирам рейса MH 17

      In Moscow today people come to the Dutch embassy to lay flowers.


    • Christa,

      Your right on the money.. VT reported that there where two planes downed.. The Malaysian Airliner by a Ukrainan plane and the Ukrainan figther Jet was downed by a Russian fighter Jet protecting the Malaysian Airlainer..


      “They say the Sukhoi (Fighter) brought down the civilian plane and ours (Jim Dean: they could only be talking about a Russian plane) brought down the fighter,” the transcript quotes some commander as saying.”

      “Background: The fighter jet brought down this one, and our people brought down the fighter.”

      “Background: They decided to do it this way, to look like we have brought down the plane.”

      Data dumps are coming in fast.. Pentagon just released a “secret” report about the creation of ISIS in order to topple Assad and to prevent the oil pipeline.. from Russia to be built in Syria as Lada has talked about.. the irony is that we don’t even need the oil or gas anymore.. due to free energy tech.. 😉


      Hugs Ollie

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  5. Notice the editing in the header as well!


  6. And now I cannot access the video anymore…….. 😦


  7. Lada,

    If it isn’t too mischievous, how about a request? Where does Russia’s desire for convergence with the West stand now? Since Andropov, that has really been the most important theme of Russian strategy, at least according to many or most strategical writers. But the West’s view is of a subservient Russia, and this has caused the recent troubles.

    I find it fascinating to watch a country that has tried so hard to integrate into every Western thing possible, including even educational standards, and then have to try to resist. It seems like schizophrenia at times. Of course, there are factions and fifth columnists, but the general point is still valid.

    Maybe I am just too cynical, but this is the real West. What happened in Iraq or Libya was not an accident. That is just normal Western behavior. Might makes right, and all that. It is a tough job being the globe’s cop, but we do it is the thinking. One shouldn’t be surprised about what has happened in Kiev or Donetsk. It is really mild compared to Libya, for example.


    • Hi Paul,
      I explained what Russia is doing re the West and where the long term wind is blowing in PREDICTIONS. Read about Russia as the yin-yang Global Balancer. I also talked about why US behaves this way. I will eventually have a comprehensive Earth Shift Report about all that with predictions, revealing everything. Or I may make it a book. We’ll see.

      As to how Russia’s desire to integrate with the West calibrates, I might do it some other time.

      Have a good weekend, all.


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    • BTW, I completely disagree with your definition of the US as a global cop. Cop implies some sort of order and following some sort of law or rules. All over the world, US breaks rules and laws they themselves insist on, such as democracy, sovereignty and freedom of speech. US = global mafia boss; not cop – not even a corrupt cop.

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  8. Allô Lada:

    Just found an EPIC article by George Eliasson and thought you might like to see it:

    ***Ukrainian Myths and Ukrainian Lies
    What would Americans do if they knew: Ukrainians behind KOREAN & VIETNAM wars

    Ukrainian emigres. This story is about how they have taken advantage of freedom and the damage they have done since they were taken in by western countries, especially the United States of America and Canada.


    Incredible revelations!! May be you could give us your comments…***ONLY IF YOU THINK IT IS WORTHWHILE LADA!!!***
    Endless Blessings!

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  9. Lada,

    Have a good weekend. Hope it is beautiful weather where you are.

    Obviously, we here don’t think the US is some good but corrupt cop. That is perhaps the most common argument used in the US to “promote democracy”. I am one of those who left the US as I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy behind things like that.

    If you do get the chance to go into the topic of Russian convergence with Europe or the West, it would be most interesting. To me, the West has cancer, so integrating with it is like integrating with cancer. Of course, there are still many good things in the West, and it is easy to understand why Russians would want to take advantage of them. The trouble is that two countries that recently tried that were Libya and Syria. Perhaps this was how Gorbachev and Yeltsin viewed things as well.


  10. Hi Lada. some details re THE MUKACHEVO affairs that may be of interest!

    Notice that Cheda comes to exactly the same conclusions, on the basis of the same facts, as Ishchenko [see ‘Read also’, further below]. They both agree that, whatever happens, Moscow will benefit. The only difference is that Ishchenko welcomes the prospect and Cheda does not. But the fact that two serious, astute, well-informed political observers arrived at a similar conclusion strongly suggests this is the correct interpretation of the events.


  11. Dear Lada,

    So sorry to have spoiled your weekend, that was not my intention. I understand and share your outrage at the way the news-site manipulated this story.

    What I was trying to tell you was, that after I made a copy of the first published article (with the title: “The moment Russian-backed rebels realize their momentous mistake after shooting down flight MH17”) as I returned to the same page a bit later, they had changed the headline to: “Never-before-seen footage reveals Russian-backed rebels arriving at the wreckage of MH17” and that the text was changed as well! That’s what got my attention! In the first published article they had the transcript of the video and it reads almost exactly as you have written down.

    Lada wrote: “I just listened twice to the second linked video, which I understand you said was the original, non-doctored recording, unless I’m missing something.”

    Lada, I did not mean to say that the vids were doctored, but the article was doctored!

    My guess is that the person who wrote this article in the first place (the one with the transcript) had to alter his story! That is why the first one was published on July 17, 2015 at 12:01 AM and the altered version was published on July 17, 2015 at 11:51 AM. Although it is confusing, I think I am correct in saying that 12:01 AM is earlier than 11:51 AM, as it is on the same day! (We would write: 00:01 AM and 11:51 AM)

    Both links have, and had at the time I posted the comment, the short version of only 4:30 minutes, but I am absolutely sure that at first, the longer, 17 min version was there, in the article that was published first with the transcript, since in it it says that:

    “The fighter jet brought down this one, and our people brought down the fighter,” a third man responds.
    “They decided to do it this way, to look like we have brought down the plane.”

    As I understand it this means the “Rebels” shot down the Sukhoi-fighter and the Sukhoi -fighter (Ukranian Army) shot down MH17!

    I am really grateful that you took the time to listen to the vid and confirm some of what was written down in the version with the transcript. Of course they put a lot of other stuff in the article now, so now it is completely distorted and they took out the crucial sentences I copied above!
    But the fact remains that the article was altered and that it was done for propaganda, and published deliberately, on the first anniversary to create outrage!

    Thank you very much, Lada!


    • Hi Christa, no problem. I have to say at first I was quite rattled by that outrageous lie. I know exactly what you meant though.

      Just to calibrate: the truth in that australian piece: 1 (death – absolutely no truth whatsoever).

      I have now seen several Russian sources talk about that doctored video (the video was doctored, such as: shortened to show only ambiguous moments that could be manipulated, plus, the ambiguous tranlsation) and the fact that australian article was immediately taken on and spread around by major British MSM. The outrage at their lie everywhere was too huge and they had to change their narrative. The translation itself is twisted just enough to make it appear that white is black, if interpreted in a certain way. This blatant lie, that’s what outraged me. It appears the whole world is outraged, not just me.
      Those who do this are just the cancer of humanity, pure and simple. The west’s attitude towards this whole thing only encourages this malicious cancer to grow unchecked.
      I think your assessment is right on. 🙂

      I’ll now go back to having my nice weekend.


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  12. Lada wrote: “The way I read it, although the words aren’t said in the video (were they edited out?) is that the man in charge talks about Ukraine miltary jet shooting down MH17, while they shot down that military jet and now they are searching for the perpetrator, Ukrainian pilot, who tries to escape. It appears they either never found the pilot or he might have committed suicide to prevent capture.”

    Exactly that is what I “got” too!


  13. Allô Lada: NO RUSH!!!

    I wonder if you could have a look at this Russian article by Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov.

    A Major Dose of Discernment Required
    Note that this nothing new, it was published in March 2015.

    It would be interesting to know how you see this and may be even calibrate (if need be)??? AGAIN, this is nothing new except that Jade Helm is currently under way.
    In my view this whole exercise is most unusual and feel that ANYTHING can happen, and fear has been geared up to a new high.
    Tanks in advance Lada! Endless Blessings!

    Here is where it was picked up by US Freedom Fighter Reports:

    +++Jade Helm 15 Is NOT A DRILL Russia To Start A Civil War Within The Borders of The USA
    Posted on March 26, 2015
    —–Russian soldiers have been coming in through Canada for months, infiltrating parts of our entire country. They have spread far and wide waiting for the order. The latest move by the USA to arm Ukraine has pushed Russia too far, and Russia’s response will be quick and severe. Recently a Texas Secessionist asked Russia for help, as it turns out their “help” might be coming to life. Russia plans to arm insurgents in the USA, specifically in the states of; California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. This move by Russia is under the guise of arming Mexico. They plan to “supply weapons to guerrillas in those states”. Now it is no coincidence that the USA is responding to these threats with a “realistic” two month-long military drill which is called Jade Helm 15. The purposes of this drill are in question, one reason being the oddity of the length of the drill. The drills begin in Texas ……etc,

    +++Press Service of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic”

    —–“03.24.2015. Speaker Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov said resolution of the US Congress, which calls on Obama to supply weapons to Georgia.
    Honest, diplomatic cooperation – is the main factor of foreign policy activity of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and this course should the whole country. Its reliable support acts Chapter Czech Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov, who is not just in words and in deeds demonstrated decisiveness execute any orders of the Supreme Commander and actions for the protection of Russia’s interests both at home and anywhere in the world. Russia is too tough for you, Humble, – said the speaker of the Chechen parliament Abdurakhmanov Dukuvakha.

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