Putin and Russian Oligarchs – Poroshenko and Ukraine Oligarchs: Crucial Difference

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Russian oligarchs

Russia went through the oligarch infestation and wars in the 1990s. I worked at Smith Barney as financial consultant at the time and I managed some of the Russian oligarch assets; therefore, I am quite familiar with the Russian oligarch class. I described some of the oligarchs and their modus operandi in my two novels, GOLD TRAIN and THE EARTH SHIFTER.

Yeltsin was under the oligarch influence. Being a complete child when it came to economy and finance, he had no idea that the oligarchs, together with their Western handlers, were leading the country into abyss.

Although it is not the focus of this report, it must be noted that many, although not all, Russian oligarchs (and of course, Ukrainian too) served as agents for the Western shadow interests. The name of the Rothschilds is usually mentioned in relation to Khodorkovsky. Some acted on behalf of Western conglomerates, such as Exxon, Shell and others. That said, I strongly suspect that some of the former Russian oligarchs weren’t fronting Western oligarchs at all. In fact, they were direct assets of the CIA, Mossad or MI6. One such example is Jewish-Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who had Yeltsin’s ear. Throughout the ’90s there was no bigger name and bigger oligarch in Russia than Boris Berezovsky, until Putin got on his case.

After that Beresovsky quickly fled to London. He was an agent of MI6 and CIA, and possibly of Mossad as well. Berezovsky’s story is very remarkable. A couple of years ago, he wrote a secret letter to Putin, begging for pardon and for the possibility of returning back home to Russia. According to many witnesses, in his later years, he missed his homeland terribly, always asking for treats to be brought to him from Russia and greedily listening to the Russian news. The letter was sent with a trusted messenger and Putin got it. Berezovsky could tell a lot of things, including how and by whom the wholesale looting of Russia was organized in the ‘90s. Shortly after, Berezovsky suddenly ‘hung’ himself in his London mansion.

This wasn’t the original story. Originally, the UK authorities were supposed to blame Putin and Russians for Berezovsky’s death, just as it happened a few years prior with ex-KGB Litvinenko. Russian authorities got the wind of what was to come and quickly produced Berezovsky’s letter to Putin, in which he was asking for pardon and return home in exchange for spilling the beans on his handlers. Then, the hastily put together ‘self-hanging’ theory emerged, despite strange bruises on Berezovsky’s neck.

After Putin came to power in 2000, the status quo in Russia changed. It shifted gradually, but Putin let everyone know that he would not allow the wholesale looting of Russia any more. Putin slowly but surely restructured tax laws, making oligarchs and foreign oil interests pay taxes – something that, amazingly, Yeltsin and his sold-out advisors were unable to figure out for 8 years in power!

Those who didn’t want to play ball went to jail, like Khodorkovsky. Others, like Berezovsky, fled the country, taking their assets with them. The Western howling was deafening for years, accusing Russia of the roll-back of democracy and a return to dictatorship. Of course by then I left Smith Barney and generally US corporate world, having understood what was happening and having been disgusted with all that I discovered.

Russian oligarchs were losing power and influence in Russia throughout 2000s. Khodorkovsky was in jail on official charges of money laundering and tax evasion (all true), but in reality, for trying to execute a coup d’état and for attempting to sell the country to the US. (Incidentally, I write about that in THE EARTH SHIFTER; oligarch Konukovksy in the book is modeled after Khodorkovsky). The last oligarch who attempted to obtain the power in the country officially, via presidential elections, was Mikhail Prokhorov in 2012. One of Russia’s richest men, he ran against Putin. Prokhorov got a surprise almost 8%. Putin got almost 64%.

After winning, Putin invited all former presidential candidates who ran against him, aka, leaders of opposition parties, to his Kremlin office and consulted with them on various matters, making sure their voices were heard. This was basically the end of Prokhorov’s political ambitions. I think Prokhorov isn’t dumb. Hopefully, he understood he had no chance against such man.

I usually say that the class of oligarchs ceased to exist in Russia in 2013, but it may have happened as early as 2012, after Prokhorov’s failed bid. Presently, Russia has plenty of rich people and lots of business people. The business class is quite active and there are lots of those who have made their fortunes by building their business from scratch through their own wit and hard work, after the roaring ’90s.

Prokhorov isn’t one of them. He is the owner of Norilsk Nickel, which was the giant Soviet-built enterprise and the world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium. Norilsk Nickel was one of the victims of the ’90s privatization, having been given away literally for free. Prokhorov also owns gold-producing companies. All that he acquired on the cheap during the 1990s wholesale robbery of the country, when prized Soviet properties were sold for pennies. That said, Prokhorov has proven to be a very good manager, and responsible owner. He pays his taxes and conducts his business transparently.

Here is Putin’s plan that is now bearing fruit: oligarchs who acquired their properties that way, but who proved later that they managed them well, cared about their workers, paid taxes, didn’t launder money, conducted honest business and didn’t try to undermine existing authorities, could continue owning what they had, as long as they invested into the country.

I foresee additional change coming soon. Some are proposing a one-time, retroactive tax on assets acquired during the ‘90s for an unfairly low price. These former oligarchs may be required to pay a fee of varying amount.

I like this idea. My advice to Russians to do it this way:

This retroactive tax must be calculated based on a variety of factors, including the fair and prevailing global asset value at the time of purchase, how much the asset has been developed since, how much out-of-pocket money has been invested to develop such asset, and how much more profitable a plant or company may have become. If a person invested a lot of their own money, hired additional employees and expanded the company, they may not owe anything. Many Russian business people expanded and modernized their Soviet inheritance and made it pay.

If they just sat on their acquisition, doing nothing with it and simply milking the original Soviet asset, they should owe a lot, with interest. Some may have to sell their company or give it back to the Russian State, to repay what they owe. I can tell you that this proposed new tax could do wonders for the Russian business class investing in their companies to avoid paying tax, therefore boosting Russian productivity and GDP! I hope this tax is enacted soon.

Oligarch Roman Abramovich, Governor of Chukotka

Roman Abramovich is a great example of how Putin got some of the oligarchs to invest back into the State. Abramovich is one of those who got filthy rich on the unfair ’90s privatization. He was a Berezovsky crony. But later, there was a falling out. Not only that, Abramovich apparently grabbed some of Berezovsky’s assets when the latter fell out of favor, for which Berezovsky sued Abramovich in London court.

One thing Abramovich did much better than Berezovsky was to work with others and achieve a compromise. Putin told him: fine, you can keep your assets, which you manage pretty well, but under one condition. You become the governor of Chukotka. Historically, in Russia wealthy people gave back to the country by serving the State and helping locals.

The Chukotka peninsula is one of the easternmost Russian territories, which has been neglected for the past 25 years. There is no ready access to oil or gas there, with a lot of pristine wilderness. The population is rather small and climate is very harsh, therefore developing infrastructure is very expensive. Consequently, there was no interest in developing it, like for instance, on the nearby Island of Sakhalin.

If you ask me, it’s actually a great idea to preserve some pristine corners of the globe, unspoiled by humans. But locals do demand modern conveniences.

Abramovich had to demonstrate his worth as a governor to earn his ‘pardon,’ so to speak. During his tenure Abramovich invested his own money into building roads, renovating the city and building hospitals, schools and new companies in order to give locals steady employment. There was a situation when Abramovich had to pay regional salaries out of pocket and he had to shell out to fix housing too. Basically, the region was fixed up using his own money. After several years as Chukotka governor, locals started talking about naming one of their streets, or even a town, after Abramovich as a thank you. This was what Putin wanted to hear – Abramovich did a good job; he earned his pardon.

When Medvedev became president, Abramovich appealed to him to be ‘let go.’ Medvedev at first said he was still needed for the second term as governor since he was doing so well, but I think after some consultations with Putin, he did let him go. After that, Abramovich moved to London, preserving his money and the good will of the Russian government.

This is a very good example of how Putin put the oligarchs, their business skills and their money to work for the good of the State and society. He didn’t fight with them, he didn’t take their assets and money away (except for Khodorkovsky and a few others, who committed direct treason). These drastic measures would have been disruptive for the economy and would have created an even bigger backlash against Russia in the West.

Instead, Putin made the oligarchs serve the country they once robbed.

Sochi Olympics

Another example of how he did it was Sochi. Putin compelled practically all biggest Russian oligarchs to invest in the Sochi 2014 Winter Games: from building hotels and sports venues to financing high-speed railroad, trains, new port and train station. This is who paid for a chunk of the $50bln invested. As is well-known, most Olympics don’t pay for themselves since many venues don’t find enough usage after the Olympics are over. If Sochi doesn’t pay for itself, a lot of it will be the former oligarchs’ loss. If it does – good for them, they will make profit.

Read THE EARTH SHIFTER Excerpt Chapts 1-5, including a chapter featuring oligarch Konukovsky, modeled after Khodorkovsky and Berezovsky!
More excerpts can be found here

Ukraine oligarchs

Ukraine oligarchs are very different. They never invested in anything, just demanding more and more eggs from the golden goose they stole from the people. As a result, they killed that golden goose.

Certainly, in the case of Russia we also have a president who isn’t only intelligent and balanced, but who is also a wise leader of a sovereign country, who cares a lot for the well-being of his people and land. It is no accident that US, France and some other countries, have a movement, “Putin for President.” They want to borrow Putin for their respective countries. It is also no accident that Putin has recently topped the TIME 100 Readers’ Poll, leaving any competition far behind. More here: Vladimir Putin Steals the Show in TIME 100 Readers’ Poll.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine we have a regime that consists of foreign marionettes, bandits and fascists. At best they are incompetent, at worst – simply insane. For the past 24 years, Ukraine has been under oligarch/raider/mafia control. In addition to that, it is now under the control of the violent and greedy fascist gangs. As if all that wasn’t enough, Ukraine is firmly under foreign management.

Tragically, Ukraine has no possibility of resolving any oligarch-related problems under such circumstances. The euro-maidan slogans were ‘away with oligarchs.’ Instead, they got one of the biggest oligarchs of them all – Poroshenko – as their president.

Ukraine oligarchs finally understood that they were also losing from the war with Donbass and standoff with Russia. At least some of the oligarchs, whose assets are threatened and whose power is dwindling, wouldn’t mind the end of war in Donbass. They may be even trying to pressure Poroshenko to keep peace and agree to federalization. Poroshenko may even be interested in that himself.

But there are two other forces in Ukraine: 1. ukro-nazis and their armed battalions that are ready to go to Kiev and start another maidan; 2. US, whose interest is to keep as much turmoil and disorder in Ukraine as possible for as long as possible.

It is a further tragedy of Ukraine that oligarchs themselves have created the monster, inviting and encouraging these dark forces. Karma is a bitch – oligarchs can’t win against those two forces. Therefore, however you look at it, the fights between all factions will continue until… all these ugly and dark forces are booted out of Ukraine by a popular uprising.

The rich Soviet inheritance isn’t the only thing that has ended in Ukraine. For years, the oligarchs and the rest of Ukrainians lived off leaching the Russian transit gas to the EU, which they stole from the pipes. Ukraine also lived better than economically predetermined because of the heavy discount on Russian gas it received for years as another left over vestige of the Soviet system, when Russians often robbed themselves to give to the republics. But all of it ended with the advent of euro-maidan and war on all fronts against Russia. Gas price is up and Russian loans no more. As a result, Ukraine is facing total collapse.

Ukraine in this state can only be unified if there is war. During active war in Donbass the oligarchs all seemed united in their hatred against Donbass and Russia. The shift in priorities occurred once the shaky peace process was established. Russia insisted on peace negotiations because Donbass was in desperate need of reprieve for its citizens. But apart from that, the brilliance of the Russian insistence on peace process was that the moment peace started spiders started devouring each other.

In truth though, the country is so filled with energy of anger, confusion and confrontation that this destructive energy has to be directed against someone. If it’s not directed against Donbass, it has to be directed against other forces. The problem is that with very weak central government and almost non-existed legal system, including inadequate private property protection laws, it becomes extremely destructive.

Oligarchs are used to easy money they stole during the ’90s privatization robbery and through later re-distributions of property. Now, with the dying economy, they are staring into abyss. They are losing assets and their cash flow is catastrophically drying up. Bankruptcy is looming.”


Pictures – top to bottom, left to right:

1. No comment: Putin as Bad-Good Santa for naughty and nice children, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Roman Abramovich.

2. Khodorkovsky during trial.

3. Putin receiving Abramovich – notice their body language!

4. Roman Abramovich as governor of Chukotka, with indigenous Chukchas.

5. Abramovich being congratulated by David Beckham for Russia winning World Cup 2018 (Abramovich was an active part of the Russian bid – another way Putin used oligarch influence for good).

6. Swimming in excess money, Russian oligarchs jumped on ownership of prestigious Western sports clubs. For example, Mikhail Prokhorov bought New York basketball club Brooklyn Nets. Roman Abramovich is the owner of the British football club Chelsea. From left to right: Chelsea and Abramovich celebrate winning a trophy; anti-Abramovich protest by ukro-nazis in the UK; the oligarch scandal – Boris Berezovsky sues Abramovich in the UK court with similar accusations as ukro-nazis to the left. Berezovsky accused Abramovich in taking his part of the joint business and in being Putin’s lackey, to put it simply. UK court didn’t find substantiated evidence confirming Berezovsky’s complaint. Shortly after, Berezovsky secretly wrote to Putin asking for pardon in exchange for juicy intel against his US/UK bosses. After that, Berezovsky ‘committed suicide’ in his London home. This unlikely verdict was given by London police despite suspicious bruises on his neck.”

Bad Good-Santa-Vladimir-Putin Abramovich KhodorkovskyPutin and Abramovich

Mikhail Khodorkovsky...** FILE ** In this June 16, 2004 file photo, former Yukos oil company CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky seen behind bars at a courtroom, at the start of a trial in Moscow. From a tiny cell in one of Moscow's most notorious prisons, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the man who was once his country's wealthiest tycoon awaits a trial that for many will be a critical test of Russian justice, and President Dmitry Medvedev's commitment to the rule of law. Beginning Tuesday, March 3, 2009, Khodorkovsky will once again peer out from a courtroom cage and stand trial for alleged financial crimes related to the oil company that he turned into Russia's largest. (AP Photo/Teodor Kustov, File)

abramovich chukotka

FIFA+World+Cup+2018+2022+Host+Countries+Announced David Beckham and Abramovich

There are more pictures inside the report. Some new, fresh ones have just been added!

For the full picture on Russian and Ukraine oligarchs, Putin, Poroshenko, Kolomoysky, and what wizard behind  the curtain is really pulling the strings, read

Earth Shift Report 3 OLIGARCH WARS




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  1. i really enjoyed this read lada god bless 🙂

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  2. The way the USA is going think of the Ukraine disaster on steroids. Greed is so addicting one does not know addiction until you look into the mirror of the soul of the one percent.


  3. What you wrote was important; so many don’t hear this side of the story. Maybe you could expand on this for the benefit of all of us who can’t understand how Russia works. Still, I am afraid that the oligarchs are still in Moscow and still basically safe and basically harmful for Russia – just not as treasonous as they were in Kiev. And, to overcome the current/upcoming financial crisis, are going to push for more privatizations, which was a big theme at the recent Gaidar Forum.

    Perhaps we have the same question in the West. Are the oligarchs, such as the Rockefellers, under control? Some say yes, but they sure seem to do ten times more bad than good with their wealth and power.

    But I admit to not being Russian, and finding it hard to imagine balancing between oligarchs and a decent government. The oligarchs tend to destroy everywhere they get their hands on, whether it be the Ukraine, Russia, or the US. It is their nature. It was great news that they were restrained in Russia, but these are largely the people that intentionally wrecked the USSR and Russia to get filthy rich. They didn’t care if tens of millions died then, so it is hard to believe they had a change of heart. And many argue they are largely friends with the Ukrainian oligarchs, and that this has made it difficult for Moscow to maneuver. For example, it has been widely stated, including by Borodai, that the rebels in the Donbass could have easily captured Mariupol, but were ordered not to by Moscow because it would have harmed Akhmetov’s businesses. Sure, Akhmetov is important, but it is demoralizing to watch Mariupol be overrun with Nazis, and now there are reports that Turkish militants/saboteurs have come in significant numbers.

    Not trying to be pessimistic, as there is some good news in the world, particularly in Asia and also with new technologies or ways of doing things. It just seems that the oligarchs in Russia do ten times more bad than good. Sure, Sochi was a success. But consider the possibility that they made it hard for Russia to change its economic/financial system and pursue more coherent policies in the Ukraine. Even Starikov, who is quite pro-Putin and current policy, has come around to saying that the current situation is on a wrong course of pro-Western economic liberalism.


    • I’d say there are no oligarchs now in Russia: only wealthy people. And they do not run the running of the state, or even influence it, except insofar as they are regularly consulted in matters pertaining to the relation between the government and the business community. Therefore there is neither an “oligarchy” in the sense of government by a self-appointed group, nor a plutocracy, which is really what it should have been called under Eltsin: government by the rich by virtue of their wealth. The country is run by a regular political personnel in normal ways, with a business community that is generally law-abiding – or so one would hope.
      As for the economic/financial model, this specialist has this to say:
      “The 2002-2008 development model has now exhausted itself, and a new model is needed. However, this will take time and persistent and comprehensive efforts, including changing the rules of the banking and financing sectors, diversifying and modernising key economic sectors – a truly integrated and far-reaching effort. “http://russeurope.hypotheses.org/4625
      No dark hand, no traitors: just the usual difficulties associated with transiting from an tired model to a new one, in a country with a pluralism of economic views, ranging from communism through pragmatism – all the way to ultra-liberalism. Bringing all on board cannot be easy, and yet none of the honestly-held views must be sidelined, otherwise the machinery will stall for lack of cooperation.

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  4. Nicely written and a good explanation. The Western world is under the same oligarchs, we just refer to them under other terms.

    You have an awesome president, isn’t that how all countries presidents should be ?

    It would be nice if you can explain how a federation (your government system) works please.

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  5. I wonder why Putin released Khodorkovsky…was he leaned on to do so? President Putin has not thrown away all the Octogon/Cabal/Knights Templar symbology, but has rather made sure that all that was left to rot during the USSR period has been restored to its full Imperial/Royal glory. I want to believe that President Putin had an epiphany and is now the good guy having woken up to the agenda while involved with the KGB and former Bolshevik activities prior to but perhaps after the collapse of the USSR (which I believe was also a Cabal orchestrated event). If so then he no doubt regrets his part played while under these orders during that period.Perhaps a recent RT article about Russia’s concerns with Switzerland Cern activity as being the greatest threat to Humanity indicates that he is on top of the centre of it all…Switzerland…that supposedly squeaky clean, neutral country where all the bad banksters reside and all the bad guys keep their ill gotten earnings for eons and are welcomed… like Khodorkovsky who lives there in style on what he stole from the Russian people. Switzerland, home of the original Blackwater mercenaries from hundreds of years ago and no doubt in charge of everything through the Knights Templar infiltration of the Masons rules the world and is in charge of the NWO agenda. Switzerland was founded by the Knights Templars in 1291 and many of its buildings date back to this period. The work of Sean Hross on Pharaonic Octogonal Switzerland is essential imformation for all and can be found on Youtube on the RT Youtube site. Recommend it to all. Please Lada, could you comment on this and Switzerland. No doubt as a former Banker you would have firsthand knowledge of all this. Victory to the Light! Noeline Clayfield


    • “Switzerland was founded by the Knights Templars”
      ** Ah… the freemasons with their insidious campaigns. Masters of deception.
      There are two types of people in this world, those with a conscious, and those who does not. There are the prosecuted and the prosecutors.
      Normal people are not members of gangs or secret organizations, if they were to act legally and morally, they need not be secretive. Their actions are however psychopathic, don’t care who and what they abuse or destroy.
      Take it one step further, and find out what freemasons and religion have in common. This one is an eye opener.

      I’m so glad you mention that Lada is a former banker, I was having my suspicions about her all along 😉


  6. Thanks, Lada. A very interesting report. It seems Putin is on his way to achieving his main goal: moralising, indeed “humanising” business. I had thought this perhaps a bit idealistic, but since there are historical precedents – “wealthy people gave back to the country by serving the State and helping locals”, but I see it’s been working, more or less.
    This is how he put the matter in his Time Magazine interview:
    Question: […] You had difficulties with the oligarchs and they had difficulties with you. Could you talk about the role of the state in regulating or restricting the activities of certain oligarchs?
    Putin: As I understood it, my task was first to remind everyone that they had to live within the law, that they had to obey the law regardless of the amount of wealth they had amassed.
    Secondly, to humanise Russian business, to make it more socially responsible and to remove the wall of alienation separating the people and businesses in the Russian Federation. To understand business you need to understand its social responsibilities. Its main task is not to fill its bank accounts with money and then send it abroad, but to realize itself here, in its own Motherland. The value of a man and a businessman is not how much wealth he has acquired but what he has done for the people, by whose hands he managed to achieve such results.
    These are the new moral principles that can emerge and break down the wall of alienation between the people and business. Then the people will have more trust in those who direct the large companies and have great wealth.
    http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/24735; http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/WO0712/S01071.htm; video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFMQz6AN3B0
    What you say about Sochi WP is also very interesting. I see on Oleg Deripaska’s website (http://www.deripaska.com/) that he is one of the “converts” to social responsibility and patriotism. We’ve all watched the little video “Vladimir Putin Rage”, in which he slaps him on the wrist, as it were.

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    • Could you talk about the role of the state in regulating or restricting the activities of certain oligarchs?

      ** I think it was answered in the same post here !

      Putin: As I understood it, my task was first to remind everyone that they had to live within the law, that they had to obey the law regardless of the amount of wealth they had amassed.
      ** The parasite is brilliant in re-interpreting laws so that their meaning is not what it says, but something that privilege them self only. The moment they get into a situation where he has influence (banks / money) the distortion starts. MONEY, people have been taught, is EVERYTHING. It buys respect, honor, integrity, love, morality, values and leadership – all fallacies, and this is part of the illusion of real life we are forced to live in. Money is paper, it is worthless.

      Secondly, to humanise Russian business, to make it more socially responsible and to remove the wall of alienation separating the people and businesses in the Russian Federation. To understand business you need to understand its social responsibilities. Its main task is not to fill its bank accounts with money and then send it abroad, but to realize itself here, in its own Motherland. The value of a man and a businessman is not how much wealth he has acquired but what he has done for the people, by whose hands he managed to achieve such results.
      ** ANY country is about it’s people, not those who get in a power position, because if you take away the people, there is no business or no country. It is better for every one in their country to live as middle class, than it is for a few who roll in the money and the rest live in utmost poverty. If one enhance and uplift your own people, then you enhance and uplift yourself. There are some who think the earth and everything else revolve around him only, and he must therefore rule and exploit others. The English and Zionists are famous for this.
      We have the same here, a business makes many hundreds of millions profit a year, but those who did the work are not rewarded. It is called exploitation aka slavery, above all, the country as a whole becomes very poor and poor people does not develop anything.

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  7. Lada, RTR Planet has recently aired a very thorough documentary, titled “Yes, Scythians Are Us”. I wrote a short article with a summary of this documentary, but I think a more in-depth look at it would be welcome as a background for your upcoming Black Sea ESR.


    I am currently working on a translation of another documentary of a more contemporary kind, which I feel would benefit greatly from being published by you. I’ll contact you by e-mail when done.

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  8. RMM,

    re: “I’d say there are no oligarchs now in Russia: only wealthy people. And they do not run the running of the state, or even influence it, except insofar as they are regularly consulted in matters pertaining to the relation between the government and the business community.”

    I pray you are right, but that is not what I hear from all the Russians I talk to, most especially those who like Putin. They tend to be disappointed with the way things are going. Neoliberal economics is still practiced in a fairly strong form. In other words, most Russians really respect Putin and wish him luck in overcoming the problems created by the criminal oligarchs and the war Western oligarchs are implementing against Russia. But he is just one man, and he doesn’t have constitutional power to do many things, and it would risk a civil war to do certain things that some of us think are beneficial.

    As an example of things, Surkov just met Nuland in Kaliningrad. Surkov is, of course, the guy nationalist/patriot types hate for the current policies in the Ukraine, and was said by Berzovsky to have been one of the key decision-makers during Yeltsin’s time as the point man for one of the clans. Or so I have read. My point is the number 2 in the US State Department is having a key meeting with a fellow who certainly seems to be a representative of Russian oligarchs/the business community. He is not an ambassador or foreign ministry employee or member of the Russian National Security Council. He is a man of the clans, not a man of the state. And that meeting is likely the important one, not all the pointless ones in Minsk where some people don’t even show up.

    To put it another way, can you really imagine that the US isn’t influenced by the owners of oil companies when it goes to war in Iraq or Syria over gas pipelines? Similarly, Russia has to be influenced by gas and oil and other interests when it comes to something like the Ukraine. The problem is that, just as in the US, the interests of business elites are often against the interests of the home country.

    Again, I hope you are right. There seems to be a lot more optimism regarding the internal situation in Russia in the West than inside Russia, or at least that is my observation.


    • Hi Paul,
      To tell you the truth, there are so many misconceptions and confusions in your comment that I began replying but then decided that I’d probably need a full article to sift through all that. And even that won’t be enough. Do stay tuned for new ESRs, which will address Putin/Russia’s strategy and my future predictions.

      Past ESRs have lots of material explaining the truth about Russia and Putin as well, and by reading them together sequentially you’ll form a very solid whole picture. All ESRs are designed in such a way that they follow each other in logic and serve as a progression and development of each other. Future ESRs will continue weaving the whole picture. Basically, it’s like reading a series of related books.

      I know we discussed a lot of what you ask, and I explained this in many of my previous replies to your comments, in multiple articles and even in ESRs, such as OLIGARCH WARS. Everything about Putin, how he works, his surrounding, mentality, role, and the future of Russia will be addressed in the new ESR: THE PUTIN ENEIGMA, which I plan to release in March or April 2016.

      Just a few preliminary things:

      1. It’s true that some analysts and whistleblowers inside Russia want things to move faster. This is a purely emotional response.
      Both RMM and I are talking about the REAL strategy and the plausible REALISTIC and WISE development, based not on emotions, but on wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The kind of development that will not cause even more upheaval in society, but will get the country through the unavoidable stormy waters with least damage and with a gain in the end.
      Do you understand the difference?

      It came to a point that some of the top Russian analysts, like Hazin and Dugin, let their anger, bitterness and other emotions get the best of them, pushing for change and creating irritation and alienation in society, instead of uniting it, as it should be. I see that you are in fact listening to those kinds of people, whose behavior is more childish than true. Certainly not wise.
      I am pretty sure I tried to explain this difference on many occasions before. I am confident I explained this to you in many previous replies to your comments, various articles and even ESRs.

      The fact that inside Russia there is more criticism, with more optimism outside of Russia, is easily explained. The people who are heavily invested emotionally, those who are on the inside, they have to live with something they disagree with every day. It is something they had seen as unjust for years and years, and they can’t stand it any more. They think they know the solution and they can’t see why Putin isn’t acting on it.

      We all seemingly know the solution too: adopt new constitution and nationalize the ruble.
      I’ve known this for a while. So does Putin. But these are just first steps, and they have better be done right and at the right time. In fact, there is so much more to the story that these people don’t take into account! If Putin did what they suggest post-haste, the results would be pretty devastating. In fact, doing what these people suggest now would be incredibly shortsighted!

      Those who are outside the country can have a more detached, more balanced view of things. So do the GOOD analysts inside Russia.
      So does a balanced and wise leader of the country.

      I repeat again, all this dissatisfaction with ‘how slow the progress is’ is based on anger, emotions, resentments and is simply childish. Wisdom and productive building of the new isn’t possible based on that.

      2. Surkov: it is a little funny what you say. It’s mostly hearsay and rumors… and conspiracy theories.

      Who do you talk to, I wonder? Could you give me names of those who tell you these things? Because I know exactly what class of people would say that – and it’s just the opposite of the truth.
      The problem with this kind of mentality is that it’s unproductive and directed towards destruction, instead of creation.

      You really, really misunderstand Surkov – or those who you listen to, do. I’ll explain about Surkov either in an article – or read THE PUTIN ENIGMA for more.

      I wonder why you forgot to mention the visit by Gryzlov to Kiev on Poroshenko’s direct invite, despite the ban on Russian planes in Ukraine airspace?
      This, by the way, caused a huge upheaval and hysterics among ukro-nazis and Kiev elites, who demanded to blow up Gryzlov’s plane – an official jet from Russian presidential park. Even more than Surkov, Gryzlov is a very powerful figure in Russian politics, regardless of what position he occupies at any given moment. This visit sends so many messages… and it happens in tandem with Surkov – Nuland thing. Both together are a message. It’s just so clear!
      Obviously, those you listen to are unable to put the two and two together – sorry for the truth.

      Actually, my Ukraine predictions that US/EU will eventually drop Ukraine like a hot potato and that Ukraine will be gradually turning back to Russia in 2016-2018, are coming true right on the dot.

      All about Putin, his surrounding, strategy and the future of Russia will be discussed in great detail in the new ESR: THE PUTIN ENIGMA, which I plan to release in March or April 2016.

      In the interim, I’ll try to put together either an article or a video explaining once and for all these confusions. Let me just wrap my mind around my schedule. If my schedule doesn’t allow me to do an article – I promise I will address all this to 100% clarity in THE PUTUN ENIGMA.


      ALL ESRs: http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/earth-shift-report.html

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      • very well written lada

        putin advances his cause one step at a time

        he is a master chess player and a 9nth degree black belt

        anything the western oligarchs throw at him he uses it against them

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    • Clarification: Surkov’s official position is Assistant to the Russian President. In early-mid 2000s he was in charge of the United Russia Party ideology and one of the creators of the patriotic youth organization, ‘Nashi.’ In other words, the opposite of what you are saying.
      There is much more, but I’ll prob talk about that in THE PUTUN ENIGMA.

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  9. Lada,

    As I said, I pray RMM and you are correct. I know plenty about Surkov and Gryzlov, but the problem with Surkov is figuring out what is true and what is actually important. Appointing Gryzlov was a big thing. I didn’t forget to mention it; I was responding to RMM’s idea that oligarchs don’t exist in Russia today, and I find that idea very hard to agree with. What percentage of the top 100 richest people in Russia got their wealth from the privatizations of the 1990’s? 95? The whole thing was criminal, and it is debatable whether they can actually run businesses well. Like in the Ukraine, they were talented in stealing and gang warfare. John D. Rockefeller may have been the most famous philanthropist of modern times, but it doesn’t make him less of a robber baron. And the same is true of Bill Gates today. To me, the point of using both Gryzlov and Surkov was to say that the two major wings of the Kremlin are in agreement, and, yes, that is an important message.

    All I am trying to point out is that, if Russia wants to be a powerful country, or at least powerful enough to not obey the West, she has to be powerful in technology, industry, medicine, finance, robotics, and so on. As long as Brzezinski can say that Russian elites have their assets in the West, and therefore may work for the West, we have a problem. If Putin and his allies are gradually changing that, great. We are entering a new stage of industrial revolution, and Russia needs to be one of the leaders.

    In any case, you have taken plenty of time to respond to my doubts. I just hope you are right. My take with both Russia and the West is the old quote from Patrick Henry about it being natural to indulge in the illusions of hope and to avoid the need for a tough struggle. Both Russia and the West have serious problems that we need to know the whole truth about and to provide for the worst in terms of fighting to fix things. It could be a long and difficult fight. The good news is there are some in important places fighting for a better world, and that most definitely includes Putin. It is not necessarily destructive to point out these problems, and it may even help Putin in getting enough momentum and support to change things.

    The type of Russian I talk to is perhaps not that important. They are Russians who currently live in SE Asia or do business here. As an example, I recently met a Russian who has lived in Canada, Central Europe, and SE Asia, though he spent most of the last five years in Moscow. He is socially conservative and wishes the best for Putin. But he thinks that far too little progress has been made in rebuilding Russia. “The fire was put out, but the buildings weren’t rebuilt.” would be perhaps how he would say it. Corruption, bureaucracy, and the general abuse from the oligarchs are preventing Russia from entering the world of the future as he sees it. That future will have automation and advanced technologies, with China and Germany and the US having these things, but Russia still stuck on natural resources, with the prices set in London. He is an intelligent man who wishes the best for Russia. He has no illusions about the West, and expects the West to continuously try to break up Russia. Other Russians just want to live a relaxed life in SE Asia, and some dislike Putin as just a front man for the oligarchs. Sure, those would be your typical mix of liberals or anti-government people, just as was found in the Ukraine. But they probably feel the same now as a couple of years ago. The disappointment is with those who were hoping for change, and you explained how a slow approach was needed, so we will just have to wait and see.


    • 1. ‘the problem with Surkov is figuring out what is true and what is actually important.’

      Hmm… I actually thought that people came to my blog specifically to find out what’s true and what’s important.

      2. ‘he thinks that far too little progress has been made in rebuilding Russia.’ ‘Other Russians just want to live a relaxed life in SE Asia, and some dislike Putin as just a front man for the oligarchs. Sure, those would be your typical mix of liberals or anti-government people. The disappointment is with those who were hoping for change.’

      Oh please – and this is your source?
      No surprise there… These are called ‘divannie critiki’: the ‘couch potato citics’ or ‘couch warriors.’ What have they done to help the change except skulking off to SE Asia ‘to have a comfy life’ and criticising from afar with a look of intellectual superiority on their smug faces because they think they are smarter than anyone else? Probably avoiding taxes/money laundering/offshoring with all their might, yet criticising oligarchs? Because everyone’s guilty but themselves. If I had a penny for every such…

      All I can do is shake my head and feel sorry for Putin and Russia – the necessary change will be ever so much slower with good for nothing ‘good will ambassadors’ and ‘helpers’ like this. No wonder the West has such warped view of Russia. The majority of Russians think very differently, so you know.
      Sorry you choose to listen to those people.

      Meanwhile, I’ll keep doing what I need to do and educate, clarify and reveal the truth for those who are interested in listening to me.

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  10. Lada,

    Your information is very valuable, and I appreciate it very much, but we all have limits of time or fields of expertise. Surkov seems to be a very fascinating and complicated person. He is hated on both sides, the patriotic/nationalistic and the liberal. He is a kind of post-modern political advisor and strategist. As an example, I read that he wrote a story based on the war in the Ukraine where nobody knows what he is fighting for and that it would allow political leaders to use the war for their own goals and political purposes. Maybe you have heard of that. Or maybe I am misinformed, though I have read it in several places. It would take you many, many pages of writing to begin to do justice to this man. Very controversial.

    “In the 1990-ies was formed completely anti-social, anti-Russian from the point of view of moral principles, the model of government and business, when the state pretended that it regulates, and the business is pretended that produces something. We have a corrupt oligarchic system that has stifled healthy business.”

    Now, this is a Yandex translation, and might be wrong. But I have respected Glazyev over the years for trying to save Russia and make the world a better place. They say he is a friend of Putin. To me, nobody and no country improves without constructive criticism. I think that is what Glazyev has in mind. And he is not a couch potato – he works hard to try to get Russia to change. So we should try to help him; it is not about helping or even agreeing with some surfer who launders money for the oligarchs.

    At the end of the day, our disagreement or my fear is simply over the question of how fast things are changing. You think things are going slowly but steadily, and that this is good. I respect that and hope you are correct. My fear is that the world is undergoing another technological and industrial revolution, and that it appears on the surface that things have been changing too slowly inside Russia. But time will tell, and Putin most definitely has a very talented and wise group of people around him. In either case, thanks for all you do.


  11. Good quote, Fanie.
    This interesting dacha culture (one in three Russians owns one) is surely very promising (as is also the official decision to ban GMO food):
    http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/russian-family-gardens-produce-40-of-russian-food/; http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2012/07/russian-summer/newman-text
    – And this tongue-in-cheek piece from a “dachaphobe”: http://dividingmytime.typepad.com/my-blog/2010/05/down-with-dachas.html)
    And also this “free hectare of land” programme:
    “A program giving every resident of Russia’s Far East a free hectare of land could start this year, the minister in charge of the region said Tuesday [18/1/15), following a nod of support from President Vladimir Putin the day before.”
    A wise and far-sighted person once said that the world will soon imitate “what Russia has demonstrated” in all areas of governance.


  12. Fanie, for the real history of Khazaria as I see it read ESR6: Ukraine – New Khazarian Khaganate http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/esr6.html. Remember, I am from those parts and prob know a little more than most who’d never been there.

    For a glimpse of the history of Russia, Vikings origin, etc., read FORBIDDEN HISTORY category on this blog. Especially recommended: ARE SCANDINAVIANS SLAVS, which sets the record straight on that: https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/2014/10/28/forbidden-history-are-scandinavians-slavs/.

    I disagree completely with the views you are providing in your comment on just about everything or on most, as it concerns Russia and Eurasia – and again remember, I am from those parts. Before posting comments on this blog, please familiarize yourself with my background and my work.

    Your views are based on traditional history as we were all taught in school, and as I pointed out many a time previously, HISTORY OF HUMANITY HAS BEEN DISTORTED BY AT LEAST 90%. If you begin at the wrong starting point, you’ll never end up in the right place.

    I see you have an inquisitive mind. You also may want to check out my RESOURCES page for KOB, NEW CHRONOLOGY and Russian breakthrough linguist, Chudinov’s work. His site on YT is called ‘Runitsa.’ Runitsa is one of 4 ancient Russian writing systems from which Scandinavian Runes descended.

    These all prove in their own way that history (as well as the present) have been grossly manipulated. I can confirm at least some of their findings from my own lifetime research.

    Bottom line, please stop preaching to the choir, and please know what I am about before posting comments that I can’t even begin to refute because I have to write out the entire history as it really happened. I will continue little by little putting out new material that helps understand the true history – and even for us, those who seriously research it, there are still too many blank spots left. Otherwise, to learn the FULL picture, as I said, go to foremost specialists I listed above – if you can understand Russian, that is.

    The problem with the free flow of info in our world is the separation of human languages, which is a barrier designed to keep people separate and ignorant. As the researchers I pointed out above will tell you, people of at least Eurasia and some other parts of the world, once spoke ancient Rus language. They will tell you it was most of the world, but I am, for now, a little more careful. Of course now they won’t be able to understand what’s said in Russian due to fracturing and deliberate distortion of languages.

    On the final note: You once complained that I didn’t reply to your large comments point by point. I thought I’d reply to your comment in great detail this once (consider it a gift) due to the fact that I like you and that you mean well.

    However – this aplies to everyone – I won’t be able to respond to individual comments on this blog in such detailed manner any more, as this prevents me from concentrating on writing new articles and Earth Shift Reports.

    You are absolutely welcome to continue posting comments here, as long as they contain questions for me, or useful and true info.
    Per our original BLOG RULES applicable to all readers, should a comment contain a large amount of info I know to be false or manipulated (and this may not be the fault of the commenter but of the original source), such comments will be deleted.

    However, if you have QUESTIONS as to my opinion on such subjects as described in your comment (not statements that proclaim this to be the ultimate truth), then I’ll be happy to see if I can reply to such questions as part of an article or ESR.

    As I said, this is one of the original blog rules and it does aply to everyone equally.

    Be well

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  13. As I said in reply to your other comment here, I suggest you read ESR6: Ukraine New Khazarian Khaganate. It talks about the real truth about Holocaust and concentration camps. Testimonials from those who saw it with their own eyes – not some illusive ‘science.’

    I see humanity is getting more and more confused and history more and more distorted as we speak, and this is very worrysome.

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