Developing Global Trends: Global Relocation and Citizenship Change

Global relocation trend

So many changes are coming! The global trend of relocation is upon us. More and more people will be moving, or will be thinking about moving, in the following years. Many people will want to relocate to another country or another continent. It’s new, exciting and a little scary. But it is a global trend that can’t be stopped or reversed. It is a harbinger of the monumental changes to come: it is a part of the Great Earth Shift in all spheres of our existence and consciousness.

This trend includes everyone: from poor refugees from war-torn Middle East countries to rich Americans, who are ready to renounce their citizenship in droves: video. After Super Tuesday primaries, US search engines registered a 1100% spike for this search: ‘How to move to Canada.’ Europeans are increasingly considering moving out of the EU countries due to the inflow of ME refugees. The flood of refugees and migrants from Ukraine to Russia and EU has been a trend since 2014.

Upcoming trends:

What will become visible in the next few years is this: more and more well-to-do Westerners (US and EU primarily) will want to relocate to other countries. These people will increasingly consider countries that were not previously widely considered suitable or desirable for relocation. Some of these are: China, Russia, certain S. American and Asian countries. See related: Gérard Depardieu: I Deeply Love Russia and Admire Vladimir Putin.

More people will be looking for alternative citizenships and more and more will be renouncing the ‘expensive’ citizenships, which were previously considered highly desirable and safe, such as those of US and EU. People will look for alternative citizenships in Asia and Latin America, also in Canada and other more remote, out-of-the-way locations.

Equally, requests for Russian citizenships will be surging. They will be from various Ukraine citizens, as well as others from post-Soviet space. In this category are also some reverse emigrees from US and EU. For example, The Association of the Russian Germans in Germany reports that over 500,000 Russian Germans living in Germany are readying for reapplying for Russian citizenship and relocation. (Russian Germans are the Germans who had resided on the territory of the Russian Empire, having relocated from German lands between 15th and 19th centuries. Many of them actually lived on the territory of Ukraine and Kazakhstan, not Russia proper, but they are still called ‘Russian Germans.’ These people moved to Germany in 1990s, after the collapse of the USSR and following the German repatriation program).

In the past year and a half, many of my CONSULTATIONS clients approached me regarding my advice on the timing and place for global relocation. I feel this trend intensifying for all of mankind as we speak, and it will grow and manifest as such on all continents (Earth & Personal Shift Consultations will address this trend on a personal level for each of my clients.)

Do you feel the change in the air? I do.


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  1. I see a natural process spreading out from the actions of the Chinese and Russians. Already, we are in a different world that we were at the beginning of Winter. Everyone understands the real, the actual, sources of “Terror”. Things are moving. Standing still may be the best move while everything changes around us.

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  2. Great report! For young Westerners, a career in the BRICS sphere might be a good option to pursue 🙂


  3. Looks like the Chinese are “relocating” south and putting down a military anchor near the Straits of Malacca. That’s not good news and is even a bigger deal than the Bosporus and Dardanelles. Expect the U.S. to respond vigorously. Not a word of it in the Retarded Press yet.


    • The U.S. has many many bases all over the world. I think the U.S. is over responding vigorously to anything, exhausting itself in 70+ wars (regime changes starting with Korea, Vietnam, etc.) and coups (remote regime changes-letting others die for our banker, corporate, war machine elite) in my lifetime (since 1945). Russia/China aren’t the proven War Mongers. We need to stop acting like we act for God.
      Technologically, China/Russia have moved into the next decade ahead of us in defensive weaponry, while the U.S. internally falls apart. We need to stop “responding vigorously” to issues and areas that are none of our business.


  4. Unfortunately Fanie the parasites are already there.


  5. Interesting article Lada. Migration is expensive and many people are restrained by the fact that saving has been impossible for at least 10 years(since early 1990s perhaps) because increases in incomes in Europe are non-existent. Many Australians started this in 2005 when I went to Ecuador and my children to the UK. I joined them in UK in 2012 after getting the necessary papers to do so. That is probably the biggest obstacle at the moment…getting visas or any sort of residential status and it takes at least a year to put in place. Certainly Australia has been regarded by China as a financial safe haven and the real estate market there is been largely bought up by the Chinese making it hard for younger Australians to buy affordable property. I am sure the real estate market is due for a huge correction if there is a financial crash which seems imminent and again people will be hurt by the same problems experienced in US for years…foreclosure and not being able to sell a property because prices are so low that a sale would not clear the existing mortgage. That is why many just walk away from their houses. The number of abandoned houses is huge in the USA. Certainly the opposite in Australia which has always performed better than US, Europe and UK. The property bubble in UK is also due for a huge correction as it is also a financial safe haven. The number of Brits who have had to move out of London because they can no longer afford to stay there is huge. There are thousands of properties vacant and just purchased as a secure financial investment!! Buying property in many countries is difficult because of sub-building standards. Once bought it can take forever to unload a property as I witnessed in Ecuador. Caveat Emptor! Rental is often a better option. Ecuador used to be a very inexpensive country but inflation is rampant and the country’s economy has been badly affected by the fall of oil prices. Again common event in many countries… predictions prevail that Saudi Arabia will have used up all reserves in the near future and no longer be so rich.
    Certainly very difficult to know where to run to!

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  6. **LADA’s NOTE: Piscean Age officially ended 2000, turn of the new millennium. Aquarian Age started. We now have a long transitional period when everything’s in a flux and people are confused.


  7. LOL. Not really.

    **LADA’S NOTE: poor aliens – humans have to always have someone to blame for their problems. Aliens are just so convenient… IF all else fails, then blame bad Russians.


  8. Aliens abandon Earth you must be kidding and miss the greatest mad hatters ball in the galaxy. They must be trampling over each other to get the best seats in the house to this lunatic show.


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