Developing Global Trend! End to Open Doors Policy and Stricter Border Controls

This is a new developing trend to keep in mind for all my readers!

I first predicted this trend in 2012, in my article about EU and French Elections.

March 9, 2016 BREAKING NEWS! 

Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia shut borders, closing Balkan route for migrants.

Recently, the so-called Visegrad Group of four E. European countries (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary) resolved to invest in a fence, closing off Macedonia border to the uncontrolled migrant inflow. After that Austria invited the above countries, plus the Balkans states, to a conference, during which joint measures of Central/East European countries were agreed upon. This conference took place over the objections of Merkel and Germany. Austria purposefully excluded Germany and Greece, the two other countries in the region most impacted. This was a serious sign of how far the fracturing of the EU had gone. 

Today’s breaking news, the coordinated action of four Balkans countries to shut down borders to migrant and refugee inflow, is the result of the Austrian deal. 

This, incidentally, leaves Greece in the cold, to cope alone with hundreds of thousands of refugees that are already there and that are still trying to get in.

What is happening is the result of the EU actions of allowing the uncontrolled flow of refugees through Europe. Having seen that EU doesn’t bother acting on behalf of its citizens, certain countries had no choice but to take initiative into their own hands. Again, this is a confirmation of how ineffectual the EU construct is in a crisis.

As predicted on April 28, 2012

Quote from my 2012 Predictions Update: French Elections and Eurozone:

“Some change to the emigration policy from the poor countries is coming, which is a big problem in many European countries, as well as in Russia. The European countries will attempt to coordinate their emigration policies and certain border controls will be introduced very soon. But the emigration mess will take a very long time to sort out.”

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Another related prediction from 2014! My readers may recall what I said about Ukraine back then: Ukraine will never be admitted to the EU, visa free travel to the EU for Ukrainians will remain just a dream.

Third related prediction of which I talked in my Turkey-bound Earth Shift Reports and articles from 2015: Turkey will NOT be admitted in the EU, visa-free regime between EU and Turkey will never happen.

All these are being confirmed.


END TO LIBERAL OPEN DOORS POLICY and STRICTER BORDER CONTROLS are coming! This especially impacts two places with formerly extremely open and liberal border crossing policies: these are EU/Europe and Russia. This is the full list of the border tightening on the planet:


EU, and Europe as a whole, including UK – happening now and will intensify.

What is especially remarkable about this specific border restriction in the EU is the fact that it’s not the securing of the outer borders of the EU in general we are talking about. It’s the case of the necessity-based alliances between neighbors, when everyone ‘saves themselves’ the way they can. EU has proven to be an ineffectual construct and its reputation is declining, especially among countries most effected by the refugee crisis.

I was recently asked when to expect Brexit and will any other countries try to exit the EU soon. I will do a full prediction on that later this year. But I’ll say now that this border tightening is the first step in the direction of the reformatting of the EU.


Russia and all of post-Soviet space, including Central Asia – happening now and will intensify.

This applies to the outer borders of most of the post-Soviet space, due to the threat of ISIS terrorist infiltration. After the USSR collapse, Russia stopped investing in border patrols of most of the newly independent former republics. Some of these republics neglected proper border service. Russia still has agreements to help out with some of the former republics, such as Armenia, Belarus and Tajikistan. Agreements with most ex-republics will intensify, including Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, as the threat of Islamist and ukro-nazi extremism infiltration continues being on the rise.

At the same time, Russia will also have no choice but to additionally secure her own borders with former republics, which were, until recently, extremely open. Russian borders will also be secured when it comes to the Middle East and Asia. This already happened with Turkey, with which Russia had visa-free regime till 2015. Border tightening is happening with Ukraine as well.

Stricter border controls will be introduced due to the Islamist and ukro-nazi extremism risk.


Additionally impacted: USA, Canada, Australia – happening, or starting to happen, now; will intensify.


Soon, and certainly before the end of this decade, stricter border controls may be introduced in various countries of Asia and S. America.

The main reasons for the border tightening trend:

  1. risk of Islamist and fascist/ukro-nazi extremism
  2. attempt to stop uncontrolled infiltration of sleeper terrorist cells
  3. attempt to curb uncontrolled migration from poor countries, as the open borders are used against EU and Russia by third parties
  4. this will also be used increasingly as an excuse to control own population in the West, especially in the US; privacy concerns will grow






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  1. Works for me, even though it’s a slow process. Your prediction hits are uncanny. Anything you could write about USA collapse of dollar and resulting civil unrest would be appreciated. And when is Clinton crime family going to jail??? Thanks for your diligence. You are practically sole-source on most of what is really important.

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  2. The dark ages are being revived except it will be global this time.


  3. Lada, I will never cease saying this, you just impress me. There are so many websites out there which focus on geo-politics etc, but your predictions are so accurate. As you pointed out here and in other articles, you made predictions about different topics (when it could have been 50/50 to the average educated/informed observer) and were always right.

    On a personal level I have seen many young middle class “liberal”, “cosmopolitan” Europeans now dismayed with the concept of European integration.

    I personally suspect the whole phenomenon of Muslim mass migration (I’m Muslim myself) from the southern Mediterranean to Europe has an American hand and is being done to accelerate the de-homogenization of white European countries and to make them multi-racial, thus weakening the concept of the nation state and in its stead create a feeling of being a citizen of a trans-national global society thus facilitating the way for global government. Could be wrong on that though.

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  4. Regarding Brexit… It looks like “Fixet” – Finnish exit – may happen sooner. A parliamentarian in Finland put forth a law proposition for conducting a referendum in Finland on this topic.

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    • That’s interesting news. Urge to exit is all around EU, but I don’t see real action to exit in Finland just yet, even after the referendum. But maybe after 2018-19. One day there could be a stampede out. More later.


  5. Lada, I see you that you plan to write an ESR on the Baltics. Last year I wrote the following in a political subforum (there are some telling photos that I took in Vilnius there as well – feel free to use them in your work):

    The Baltics (I can speak mostly for Lithuania) have gone through the same process of de-industrialisation and and de-agriculture that Russia after 1992 and Greece after it joined EU. If you take a ride outside Vilnius, you’ll see a lot of neglected fields. Abandoned factories are everywhere. Our family’s friends worked at a drills factory in Vilnius, which supplied USSR with high-precision drills. The factory got privatised/turned into a cooperative in 1990, and in 1992 it got sold and closed down. The country has been turned into a good consumer, but for work, people look outside of the country. While bashing everything Soviet, Lithuania still lives on the dwindling heritage from the Soviet time. There is one indicator that i found funny: the manhole covers in the streets. If one cares to pay attention to such details, they are all from before 1992, some are as old as from 1970s – it feels like time stopped and no new constructions/repaiers of infrastructure has been done since then. The public transportation park is also largely from the 80s. What I didn’t find in Lituania, is antagonism between common Lithuanians and Russians. You hear Russian and Lithuanian speech everywhere, often within the same conversation…

    EDIT: And the most important bit. Lithuania switched to Euro this January. From what I’ve been told, prices are silently creeping up since then, as many sellers simply switch the Lit sign to €, leaving the amount on the tag unchanged.

    Here are some pics that I took in Vilnius, just 10-15 minutes walk away from the tourist centre. These are like they are coming strait out of Half-Life 2’s City17…


  6. I look forward to your predictions!


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