North Korea: Exclusive Russian Insider View ~ Do Not Underestimate N. Koreans!

Both N. Korea and S. Korea have been in the news a lot lately. Below is an exclusive and very educational Russian look at N. Korea. And there is a S. Korea bonus below as well.

The video report below comes with Eng subs. Several things struck me in it: 1. Don’t think N. Korea is a poor and backwards country, it does have over 3 thousand years of history, 2. Don’t think it’s that communist, 3. Don’t think N. Koreans are afraid of nuclear war. Why not? Find out:


The world’s super-bully USA almost succeeded in igniting a nuclear war with N. Korea, and this war was stopped only due to Russian, Chinese and S. Korean diplomacy. Meanwhile, S. Korea made valiant strides to reconcile with it northern half to avoid nasty surprises during the Games. The host of the  Winter Olympics made a gesture of good will and invited N. Koreans to participate. N. Korean athletes were invited to march together with S. Korean team during the Opening Ceremony and N. Koreans cheerleaders will participate in hosting of the Games.

That’s what we want to see more of in this world: cooperation, not wars. As they say in Russia, ‘Bad peace is better than a good war.’

‘One Korea – yes!’ Fans cheer athletes of unified Korean ice hockey team

Meanwhile, USA intends to continue stirring trouble. Dark State puppet, VP Pence heads to S. Korean Olympics to ‘tell the truth about N. Korea.’ Great timing, as usual, USA! With US losing power all over the world, what’s left but to stir trouble.


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  1. Hi Lada, I think Putin put it in context when he mentioned how nicely dressed US politicians were but there is not very much else there. I find it sad that these entities keep feeling the need to stoke up a case for war because of their own greed for money and power!! Hopefully cooler heads will continue to prevail!!

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  2. So good to see the North and South demonstrating good faith in relations through the Olympics and I hope they expand on this momentum.It would be so good to see peace break out in this region of the world.
    Cheers form Canada.


  3. Thanks, Lada. Important perspective. More inconvenient truth. Would like more intel on Pence.


  4. I’ve always had a vague sense that North Korea is a colorless, dangerous country that is somehow a personal threat to me. That it’s a country of dictators & soldiers and no color. So this video was something of a shock to me to see people smiling, color and that North Korea isn’t a land of marching soldiers, faceless starving masses and dictators.

    But it was the presence of color that triggered my childhood memories and helped me understand why I had vague fears of Korea. I was 7 when the US Korean War started in 1950 and 10 when it ended in 1953. 1950 was also the year that Boise, Idaho got its first black and white TV station.

    I remembered something about Pork Chop Hill, did a google search & found the classic black & white war movie was released in 1959, when I was 16. I pulled up the 3 minute trailer and started crying as I watched it. I do not know why. There’s something about black & white war movies that are more ominous than color. Fortunately the Earth Shift is underway and we are moving out of a century of Pentagon & CIA embedded Hollywood war mongering..

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    • Great comment, Nancy!

      **Maybe you should consider being an official contributor to my new FT collaborative project! This could go under new FT Feature: Dark State News. See my Patreon Open Creative Kitchen article in 2 days! This comment could be interesting to expand on for a post; might call it WAR MEMORIES IN BLACK & WHITE, or something like that.


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