Lada Ray’s Analysis: Act of War? Captured Russian Crew May Trigger Russia/Ukraine Conflict

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Ukraine’s Kiev junta, being a loyal patsy of the Transatlantic globalists, is earning its miserable keep by anti-Russian provocations. The latest is completely off the rocker, and something that never happened before. In the past, I explained time again that the main role of the Kiev junta is to become a thorn in Russia’s side. But the biggest and most ‘glorious’ fate the Ukrainian cannon fodder is assigned by their US handlers is to provoke a war with Russia.

All this time Putin and Russia have masterfully avoided the hot war with Ukraine, but not for the lack of trying on the part of Poroshenko, Rada and ukro-nazis in power.

Russia – Ukraine war is the pinnacle of the Anglo-American and all globalists’ dreams! If Russia and Ukraine went to war, it would be a brotherly war, when parts of the same Russian people would be killing each other, thus weakening both. This would be the best gift to Dark State and a disaster for both Ukraine and Russia.

However dark and unsavory Poroshenko is, he resisted diving into this ultimate disaster scenario, knowing this would be the end. The reason: his own survival. There would be little left of the junta and him personally if he managed to provoke Russia into acting.

But the US is disappointed in Poroshenko and he is hanging by the thread. Meanwhile, domestically he is being hammered from all directions as well. Provocations like this one may be seen by Poroshenko and his clique as the only way to appease radicals both in Ukraine and the US.

From Vesti: A Seine boat has been detained in the Port of Berdyansk for 10 days. We didn’t hear from the crew until recently. They said they were treated inhumanely. They’re in custody, where they live on-board among 5 tons of putrefying fish. Neither a lawyer nor the Russian consul is allowed there. Even medical care is being denied.


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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    This scene is so ridiculously laughable, it reminds me of a movie classic: The Russians are Coming! Who’s attacking whom? It seems the Kiev Junta are hell bent on self annihilation. 😉

    No one is falling for this farce, least of all Russia. If the West thinks this will lead to a hot war between Ukr and Russia, they’re barking mad!

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  2. Shocking if not horrifying, the extent to which the deep state will go to incite war with Russia. I ferevently hope they fail. One thing is for sure – if war is averted it will only be due to Putin.

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  3. I saw these news yesterday evening, and my first thought was – a provocation to trigger a war. There is more to it. One of the Kiev “officials” Oleg Slobodjan – the speaker of the Ukrainian border patrol, said that they will be arresting all Russian vessels coming to and from Crimean ports, while at the same time acknowledging that Russia can do quite a lot in return – in other words they are hoping for a hot reaction.

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  4. Looks like the Kiev junta is increasing it’s list of crimes to include piracy. It’s going to backfire on them of course.

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  5. I am absolutely certain that Russia will not be provoked but will respond in a way that will completely surprise the Kiev Junta and its western backers. With diligence and skill Russia will use this provocation like they did with the Skripal case to further isolate the west and expose them to the world. Just wait and see how Russia responds. This stupid and desperate act of piracy will peel more countries away from the Anglo Saxon empire.

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