Evil Empire Strikes Back: US Congress Funds New Anti-Russia Channel “Current Time” – Lada’s Take!

Behind Dark State – Lada’s Take!

Evil Empire Strikes Back: US Congress Funds New Anti-Russia Channel “Current Time”

Based on the old Cold War anti-Russian Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe, it is also called ‘The Prague Guantanamo” for being the most secretive and autocratic TV channel in the world, where being a snitch is highly encouraged and people get fired for having their own opinion. Meanwhile, programming is so daft and boring that no one wants to watch it.

There is an opinion that this is yet another US government’s money laundering scheme, making some in the US establishment very rich, at the US taxpayers’ expense.

Meanwhile Ukraine is proposing to transfer the headquarters from Prague to Kiev. The US should go for it! It’ll be a lot cheaper and they’ll have oodles of Russian-speaking ukro-nazis to recruit. Also, someone has to continue feeding the greedy Ukraine junta oligarchs and fascists to keep them on a leash — why not US taxpayers. And finally, when Ukraine is freed from this brown plague, the new, free Novorossia will thank the US for all that nice broadcasting infrastructure they’ll leave behind. So, go for it!

Listen to this piece:

As I have been predicting! Absolutely nothing has changed since the days of the USSR. Russia being supposedly ‘communist’ during Soviet times was just an excuse for the sheeple, in order to justify the animosity towards it and in order for the West to divide and conquer.

Today, only the naive and most stupid still believe that old story. Russia isn’t the old USSR and it isn’t ‘communist’ by any stretch, yet the animosity is not only there, but it’s yet again escalating.

The truth has always been: the US/West are afraid of Russia The Great Balancer in any guise, and Dark State is mortally afraid of the Earth Shift, as Russia continues to gradually rebalance the human world.

More in depth:


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    Dark state trying to beat the same old war drums, but not gonna work this time around. Putin got this!


  2. Back in the days, I used to tune in to Radio Liberty on the short waves. Mainly out of curiosity. There were the news, and some programs that presumably presented the Tsar-period history (later learnt that the angle was all wrong, though). The rest of the programming was pretty boring.
    What’s interesting, despite the supposed “suppression” of the signal, they had pretty clear reception in Moscow.
    Russia is much more immune to the stations of this ilk, than USSR, simply by virtue of (almost overly-) open access to all kinds of media channels, including translated Western articles, showing all in all the “glory” what the West thinks of Russia and Russians.

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  3. It looks US satanists decided to attack Syria and Russia will have to respond on attacks. We are far nearer nuclear war now that in Cuban crisis.

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    • It seems President Putin is not afraid to talk tough as well, putting the dark state back in it’s place. After all, no one can afford a real end-of-the-world war scenario.


  4. Dear Lada!

    I have finally completed listening to the first part of the Forbidden History ESW7. It was really full with eye-openers, and your main revelations of the origins (one I must admit I have not thought of before) made me consider a few other linguistic links.
    The word “rasseivat” (рассеивать), which you translate in the webinar as “spreading out”, also translates in the contemporary Russian as “seeding” in the agrarian context.
    Speaking of “agrarian”. Here are a few additions to the “Asgard”/”Gorod”. There is an archaic Russian word “orat'” (орать), which means “to till the earth”, with the noun “orataj” (оратай) being the ploughman. In Mongolian, “arat” basically means “peasant”. In Norwegian there is the word “gård” (pron. [gord]) carrying the meaning “farm”. And all these words carry the proud ancient root of “AR”.
    When it comes to “Az” being “the one”. Letters in the Russian Bukvitsa carried numeric values and were used in counting. Az = 1, Vedi = 2, Glagoli = 3, Dobro = 4. Interestingly, the second letter, Buki (having the meaning of both “gods” and “letters”) did not carry any numeric value, relegating numberer 2 to the third letter in the row. The makes me think that “Buku” was placed there at a later point, and the original code was “Az Vedi Glagoli Dobro” – “I know speech of good”, and not the more recent “Az Buki Vedi Glagoli Dobro”, which is often interpreted as “I know of the gods, in goodness speaking”

    As I suspected, the webinar would become a good catalyst for coming back to some of my own translations/articles that I had sitting in a draft for quite some time now, waiting for an opportune moment.

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