Mission Fail! Russian ‘Black Holes’ chase UK’s pride, SSN Astute Sub away from Syria, prevent Tomahawk launch

Mission NOT accomplished! It was just the opposite of the official statements of the UK government, and hardly a ‘brilliantly executed op.’

Vesti: ‘They failed to fulfill the orders,’ The Times wrote about the UK Navy’s Astute submarine crew. They were supposed to launch cruise missiles at Syria from the eastern Mediterranean, but they failed to do it. All because they were ‘locked in a “cat-and-mouse” pursuit by Russian submarines and warships.’ They write about it like it’s a hunt, where the UK submarines kept escaping, and the Russian ones kept following them. This doesn’t go with London’s statements about the brilliantly executed operation. We do have some fascinating details. The British had prepared for this attack for days, they were sure that their NPSs couldn’t be detected. However, they failed to even enter the assigned location for the Tomahawk launch because they didn’t detect Russian presence in that same sector. They simply missed it when one or even two ‘Black Holes’ moved towards them.’

How Russians chased away from Syria the pride of the UK navy, ‘newest and more advanced than spacecraft’ (LOL) UK sub. The cat-and-mouth game went on for 48 hours. Have a listen:


The so-called ‘Black Holes’ are some of the new silent Russian subs, undetectable even within meters. This particular op was the work of the new modification of a Russian sub, 636.3 Varzhavyanka Class. Remember I told you in 2015 that Russian navy’s brilliant solution to the US navy dominance via giant carriers was elegant and low cost. The solution is to build the newest and completely undetectable subs. All this I explained and predicted in ESR4 – see link below! I saw the possibilities of the Russian solution right away, and I am as far from the military as one can be.

Meanwhile, the ‘experts’ in the US/UK/NATO military didn’t see anything. All those US/UK/EU taxpayer billions and trillions — gone to waste! This is a typical picture of an empire on the decline! Get used to it.

Recalling my viral post: Mystery Revealed: What frightened the USS Donald Cook so much in Black Sea?


But wait, this is just what Russians are disclosing! Imagine what they still have up their sleeve!

This is the TIME OF RUSSIA!

**However, I by no means would underestimate how much damage the US/UK and NATO can still do in the world. The US military is the biggest, after all. USA/West’s economic, financial and PR powers are still near monopoly. On top of that, the wounded and cornered beast can be very dangerous.




Russian MoD Evaluates NATO’s Missile Barrage – Shocking How poorly newest Western weapons worked

Syrian Air Defense Officer: “My Crew Found the Missiles, the Russian BUKs did the rest

Assad: West Won’t Have Stakes in New, Rebuilt Syria: Russian Businesses Will However


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  1. Hooray! Arrogant fools. I hope Russia gives ’em ALL a good hiding and publicly humiliates them.

    The British are the ones who secretly supported the Nazis so how dare they accuse Russia. But, it us always the ones who do an evil deed who then accuse of doing the exact same thing.

    British are masters at this game.

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  2. The West is paying the price for downgrading education to moron level and not encouraging engineering and technical skills in higher education. Even householders are losing any abilities of D.I.Y because no basic manual skills are taught at schools now. Because of the “replace it when broken” state of affairs ability to repair stuff is being lost. It’s been that way for more than thirty years or so. All hail the youngsters being “married” to smart phones and I pads, downhill all the way!!! It’s an acknowledged fact in UK that youngsters think milk comes from a supermarket and don’t even know about cows. It’s sad to see but that is what the dark state wants, people barely being able to remember to breathe and most important NOT questioning the MSM propaganda. It’s difficult to convince people to look further than the official narrative but I keep trying.
    Best thing we have is you Lada. Best wishes, Robert

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  3. oh the brits its like a pit-bull going against the bear

    well for post modern England a peacock going against the bear

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  4. I am so glad the black holes helped teach a lesson to the Limey bastards and their BZ and their staged attacks.

    This begs a question about the missing $23 trillion from the US budget between 1990s and 2010. Yes, the US has a mammoth navy and all that. But that $23 trillion is presumed (without any evidence) to have gone into black military projects. If the money didn’t actually go into such programs, where did it go? Sure, much would have been hand-outs to contractors, but that’s a boatload (or two or three) of money. I’ve seen speculation that it all went into some sort of covert space program, but I have not seen any evidence of that.

    Also, why is China hedging support for Rus in the UN and other venues? I know China is under full-scale economic attack, and there is some speculation that the Chinese space station that fell to earth was the target of some space-based attack that was used to threaten China into bending the knee to the Empire. Surely, the Empire is doing everything thing they can to break apart Rus and China, so does this mean they are succeeding?

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  5. What most don’t realise is we’re talking about 2 totally different classes of submarine here, the Astute being a destroyer not a stealth hunter like the Russians were using. If the UK didn’t want to be detected they wouldn’t have been.
    This also fails to mention that last year the Russians were caught red handed near UK waters and were followed by UK subs for days, the Russians didn’t even know until the UK poked them and said Hello
    The Russians at the time were STILL trying to detect signals from the (old soon to be scrapped) UK Vanguard class submarines to be replaced with the Dreadnought class which is on a whole different level.
    And by the way I’m against what the UK has done and agree 100% with Russia, and well done to them for defending from the attack but you can’t compare apples against oranges.


    • You are a hilarious kind of guy. Aren’t you the one who said in another comment ‘this isn’t playground games with the old my dads stronger than your dad routine’ ??
      So what’s with ‘my British daddy can beat up your Russian daddy’ routine here? What’s with your prideful flexing of the ‘good old British Empire muscles’ here??

      Do keep amusing my readers – we need a good weekend laugh after all that idiocy coming from London and Wash DC.

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    • According to the Daily Express, a UK news publication, Russians seem to have very sophisticated “secret weapons”. Lada has featured several great posts about this very topic – advanced Russian tech that’s light years ahead of the West.


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    • Would you be so kind as to refer to the actual incident (date, time, place, where it was reported). Saying “last year the Russians were caught red handed” is a bit vague, don’t you agree? It’s the kind of “everybody knows” and “highly likely” that we are hearing from the MSM every day.
      Were they caught “red handed” just like on the 8th of June 2016, when a Russian sub was going on a pre-declared course above water through La Manche?

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    • There is also a logical discrepancy in your following statement “If the UK didn’t want to be detected they wouldn’t have been.”
      Are you implying that the UK government deliberately sent a sub that can easily be detected? Which beggars the question of why UK would develop easily-detectable subs in the first place? Or are you saying that a destroyer sub is actually too noisy to act as a missile launch platform? What is it, then, supposed to be a destroyer of?
      This is, incidentally, the point that Lada is making. That sub, whatever that is, is not fit for its designated purpose.


  6. I’m not siding with the UK here, this is about the submarines not the current conflict. What I am saying is please don’t think that our Submarines are junk we build some of the best subs in the world. We knew that the new subs were coming 2 years before our government even announced it to the public, I think we knew before the government did.
    Working for BAE Barrow of course I’m biased but only when it comes to the submarines.

    If you’re going to make future posts please get the facts straight, this isn’t playground games with the old my dads stronger than your dad routine.
    Remember we have found the Russian submarine signals but the Russians haven’t yet found Vanguards acoustic signals 😉


    • ‘If you’re going to make future posts please get the facts straight, this isn’t playground games with the old my dads stronger than your dad routine.’

      LOL – I am so amused! Coming from a Brit it’s soooo rich! Thank you for making my point — I’m sure a lot of readers will have a good laugh!

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    • LOL, the point Lada is so graciously trying to make: President Putin the “Russian Daddy” is the only adult in the political sphere trying to prevent WW3. Can you honestly say the same about UK and the collective West? Take the latest example from Syria, who’s the provocateur, and who’s the recipient of bogus sanctions?

      The big picture ppl, who cares about silly subs, shouldn’t we all be working towards peace?!

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  7. NancyC/Seattle

    What I find really interesting in this 3D Russian subs vs UK subs discussion is Nemo’s 4D Observation:
    Would you be so kind as to refer to the actual incident (date, time, place, where it was reported). Saying “last year the Russians were caught red handed” is a bit vague, don’t you agree? It’s the kind of “everybody knows” and “highly likely” that we are hearing from the MSM every day.

    This is partially an information, consciousness shift war. I remember the coordinated, closed loop show Vice President Richard Cheney & the New York Times ran in the 2003 run up to invasion of Iraq. Cheney would make the Sunday news talk show rounds, stating even the liberal New York Times says “Saddam has X” while waving a copy of the paper reporting that “Administration sources say “Saddam has X”.

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    • Russian subs are also 4D, that’s why they can successfully appear and disappear undetected 😉


    • Once upon a time, England, and the West in general, had a principal called “innocent until proven guilty”. This has been abandoned in favour of “guilty because we say so, proof of innocence be damned”.
      I find that to counter this, a new principal needs to be applied to everything coming from the MSM: “assume a false flag, provocation or falsification, until proof of the contrary is provided by several independent of each other alternative sources”.


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