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The webinar has come out a lot longer than anticipated, at about 5 hours.

You can already enjoy the first 4 segments, which have been posted, together with updated segment-by-segment descriptions and a massive number of juicy and spectacular pics, visual aids, maps, graphs, and visual linguistic proofs! The pictures I have included for you are truly spectacular and amazing, and they reinforce and enrich my spoken narrative throughout!

We are now preparing for upload the remaining segments, plus bonus Lada’s Message, plus additional slide show, info and picture gallery! Most of the remaining core materials will be uploaded on the ESW8 WEBINAR PAGE later today, and some bonus materials will be added on Sunday-Monday, so make sure yo come back!

This webinar is simply overflowing with rich content and profound revelations, as well as info you won’t find anywhere else! If you have not ordered it yet, you are missing a lot!

The FH&FO Webinar Series reinforces and confirms Lada Ray’s EARTH SHIFT – RUSSIA THE GREAT BALANCER Theory! It also confirms and expands on Lada Ray’s MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE Theory!

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(Despite much more work going into this webinar than originally anticipated, we are continuing to keep the original low price. You can purchase this individual webinar at the pre-announced low price, and/or the whole series at an additional discount.)

If you really want to KNOW (VEDAT’), this series is a must listen to!




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  1. After reading hundreds of “alternatives” books, I can only recommend to listen to this (and no. 7), to connect the dots . . .

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    Awesome Webinar, won’t hear this kind of info anywhere. More plz!


  3. Looking forward to watching / listening to this 🙂


  4. After a quick textual preview, I too am really looking forward to delving into this topic. Some of it I had an inkling of from before, while a lot is new.
    I see, Lada, why you didn’t reveal the origins of the word “truth” in the comments before as the, well… truth needed quite a bit of background work being laid down, before it got the point of almost become self-explanatory. 🙂

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  5. A short musing on the interchangeability of the vowels ‘a’, ‘o’ and ‘u’. This effect is seen especially clearly in the modern Scandinavian languages.
    Take letter ‘a’, and then another similarly-written Norwegian letter – ‘å’. The latter is pronounced as “short o” (as in “år” [pron: or] – “year”). What’s more interesting, it is interchangeable with a dounble-a. In fact many personal names are still written in that way, like Aage [pron: oge].
    And now take a look [pron. as lu:k, btw] at ‘o’ – it is pronounced as both [o] and [long u]. Norwegian capital city “Oslo” is pronounced as [U:shlu:]. Yet “lov” (law) is pronounced as [lov]. Oh, and there is a Russian-connecting word – “glose” [pron: glu:se] with the meaning “word”, which stems from the Slavic/Russian “glas” (meaning “voice” or “speech”), and compare that to the English “glossary”. 🙂

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  6. Lada, an off-topic question: what are your thoughts on the currently-unfolding colour revolution in Armenia? It seems to go mostly off the radar, but the repercussions for Armenia itself, Azerbaijan and Russia can be dire. Especially for Armenia, which seems to be heading down the Ukrainian Maidan path.

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