History Made! Putin Opens Crimean Bridge Ahead of Schedule by Driving Through a Huge Kamaz Truck (+ the new Crimean ‘Wave’ and world-famous Artek)

19 km long Crimean Bridge map and tech parameters:Crimean Bridge Kerch-Strait-Bridge

With an iconic Russian ‘Poyehali!’ (‘let’s go’), the Crimean Bridge has been opened 6 months ahead of schedule for auto traffic, and Putin opened it personally and in style, by driving through a Kamaz truck.

The longest bridge in Europe and one of the longest and most complex in the world, Crimean Bridge will carry 14 million people and 13 million tons of cargo per year. The tourism to Crimea is expected to double and triple after the Crimean Bridge launch.

As Putin says in the episode below, exclusively Russian tech and workmanship were used to build the Crimean Bridge. Crimea has been reborn and is now thriving again, despite anti-Russian sanctions.

Simultaneously, a new International Simferopol Airport was built from scratch and opened up. Its name is, fittingly, ‘Volna’ (the Wave). The airport is considered one of the world’s most modern.

The Wave – New Simferopol Terminal just opened a couple of weeks ago:

New Simferopol Airport Crimea

The Crimeans cannot believe their luck — under Ukraine they had to make do with the shabbiest and most unsightly airport, looking worse than most bus stations. Not to mention, no bridge, no roads, falling apart infrastructure and oligarchs and politicians from Kiev taking over all most prized Crimean lands and properties. Since 2014 Russia invested billions to fix the falling apart infrastructure, build new roads, create new hotels, parks and jobs. The new airport is godsend, as is the Bridge, as is Mother Russia herself.

The world’s largest and most famous children’s camp Artek is located in Gurzuf, Crimea. It was established in 1925 and it was considered in the 20th century the most prestigious international camp to attend, where most kids came on merit. Built by the USSR, when Ukraine got its hands on this piece of rich Soviet/Russian legacy, the camp barely survived. The repairs were neglected and some of the buildings were falling apart. Despite that, Kiev milked Artek for all its worth, charging astronomical amounts for children to attend. Photo ops by the rich and famous were also frequent in Artek.

Russia completely renovated Artek since 2014, and now it is again a gem it once was. Children again come here on merit, and often on scholarship, not because their parents got fat bank accounts. Any child from any country can apply.

This is a video from Graham Phillips about BBC lies and the real truth about Artek:

Graham Phillips has done a full documentary about Artek: watch here.

The changes in Sevastopol are staggering compared to the mere 4 years ago > Sevastopol is Changing: New School, Roads, Pensions and Festival in Chersonesus:



The Crimeans simply laugh when they hear Ukrainian nationalists telling them that Crimea will one day return to Ukraine. (The Ukrainian nationalists, or as I call them simply ‘ukro-nazis’, also threaten to invade Russian Kransodarsky Krai – that’s where Kuban cossacks live, and where Sochi is. In their warped minds this is also Ukrainian territory. Ukro-nazis who usurped power in Ukraine also sometimes threaten to take Moscow and the rest of Russia, and that just goes to show what kind of crazies the US usually supports. Saakashvili once thought US would have his back when he invaded S. Ossetia — remember what happened to him?)

For the full picture, to understand both how important the Crimean Bridge is for Crimea, as well as how difficult of an engineering feat it is, read my last year’s comprehensive Crimean Bridge report: Engineering Feat of the 21st Century: Crimean Bridge Connects Previously Unconnectable Shores!





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  1. Hi Lada, I think that horrible sound I can hear is the Ukro-Nazis and their US masters grinding their teeth in furious anger that despite their pathetic efforts Russia has shown them how things are done. It’s a marvellous achievement in such a short span of time despite the malevolent sanctions imposed. If the US had been undertaking this task then by now it would be ten years behind schedule and trillions of dollars in cost overruns, never mind the dead bodies of whistle-blowers propping up the cheap foundations. All the best, Robert


  2. Lol, President Putin is licensed to drive a truck too?! It seems there is very little this man cannot do! It was fun to see him lead the convoy.
    Congratulations on the bridge opening ~ what a great day! Everybody looks so proud of their amazing technical accomplishment and of opening earlier than planned. It was so nice to see that four of our dolphin cousins were joyfully honoring the day with their presence as well. They can always be counted on to liven up any party! 😉
    It was very reassuring to learn that the bridge was completely Russian-built, sanctions not withstanding. And it was good to see so many other improvements being made in Crimea as well. As you say, they must be pinching themselves! I am so happy for them, and for how the bridge physically unifies Crimea with mainland Russia.
    Artek looks fantastic! The videos made me want to be a young person again so I could apply and maybe have the opportunity to go there. Having grown up in a coastal city as well I was particularly enjoying the part about the young sailors. What a wonderful place for young people to learn, grow and have fun with new friends from around the world.
    Can you tell me Lada, what plans President Putin has for making Crimea water and energy independent? Will they be building a desalinization plant? It is getting less expensive and easier to do now. And what about electricity? I seem to remember the Ukrainians spitefully turning off their power. How are they solving these issues?


    • All water and energy issues have been resolved a while back. The 4-line Energy Bridge is up since 2016-17. I wrote several articles on that on FT.


  3. Fantastic, wondeful, Lada! This is History in the making! I’ve been in Crimea last september and I’m eager to return!


  4. Hi Lada, wasn’t Camp Artek where Victoria Nuland went as a young girl where she was reported to be a spoiled brat or was it another Soviet Pioneer Camp. It’s one of these camps where she began her hysterical anti-Soviet and anti-Russian thoughts.


  5. Oh thanks for the clarification. What an insight into the mind of a neocon at a young age. A great story. Only on your site.


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    Too cool! 🙂


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