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I just visited a very American-patriotic place: the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, USA. There were quite a few things I’ve been meditating upon as a result of this trip. This is also the Memorial Day in the US.

Meantime, the Trump Russia-connection scandal is continuing to branch out into new territories. This time CNN is pumping the Jewish-Russian billionaire Vekselberg – Cohen ‘collusion.’ Due to staying at the hotel, my poor ears have been subjected to the evil CNN, so I heard more than I ever cared about the ‘Vekselberg conspiracy.’ Frankly, I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. It’s a new round of pressure designed to make Trump toe the line, in other words, to stay within the narrow channel of his ‘straitjacket.’ I might be able to have a separate post about Vekselberg story and my original intel on it, time permitting.

At the same time, as expected and predicted, Trump is continuing to flip-flop and threaten North Korea. EU is very worried about the Iran deal. The whole world is learning in a hurry and the hard way that the US cannot be trusted. Duuuhh…

Russians learned that in the ’90s and early 2000s the hard way, but some still hold illusions. The world has to catch up.

In light of all these events, it’s very fitting to do the Quantum Calibrations of the US, Trump and the US Army. I have done Trump calibrations in ESW1: WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM? In the same webinar I also did calibrations for the United States as a country.

I have to warn you that both Trump and US calibrations have changed – and not in a good way! As always, monitoring the calibrations helps us follow the dynamics of anyone or anything in our world. This is what makes Calibrations a superb and unsurpassed multidimensional diagnostic and analytical tool!


US Army (combined army, navy and airforce)

QC  180 – PRIDE

CHI  181 – PRIDE


The US Army is still holding up. The QC is as I’d expect it. CHI is much lower than the ‘world’s strongest’ army should command. From this alone we can make a conclusion that in reality the US Army is NOT the strongest and it is not in a position to dictate to the world what to do. If it were indeed the strongest, or tops, we would have seen a very different CHI level! You’ll see what I mean when I calibrate the Russian Army for you! You’ll also see that when I calibrate Chinese Army for you!

The relatively good news about the US Army calibrations is that there are sane people there. At least they are sane enough to understand that any escalation may boomerang back to the US and the result of WWIII will be mutual annihilation. They also get that we are in a different era, when USA’s geographic advantage is nil.

This effectively means that the US Army at least has an idea of how dangerous Trump/Dark State/US government/Congress actions are. This gives us hope that the US Army won’t allow WWIII to happen.

To be honest, at this point and with these calibrations I wouldn’t trust Trump/US government’s judgment too much.

But all in all, it is Russia and Putin who have to be credited with keeping the world away from the brink of WWIII – as I predicted since 2014. Of course, the West will never recognize that. That’s OK – you and I will know it, and this is the most important thing!

***We did N. Korea & Kim Jong-un calibrations on Patreon back in February. Go back and check those, to compare them to the USA’s! HINT: It’ll be quite a revelation that N. Korea and Kim calibrated HIGHER than US and Trump respectively!


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Quantum Calibrations for Trump, USA & US Army!




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