Crazy Asylum Called Ukraine: “West Won’t Give Us Weapons If We Have Peace”

No comment. It is so much better to hear proof straight out of the horse’s mouth.

This is an excerpt of a Ukraine MSM TV debate, conducted in Ukrainian (provided by News-Front). Video link.

I’ve translated the whole thing verbatim, with no editing:

The blond says: “We finally managed to label Russia as aggressor (in Kiev Rada – LR) to prepare for the Hague Tribunal, to collect evidence for the tribunal, and to do all those things that are necessary in order to win.”

Brunette says: “We need to show Europeans how seriously we are motivated. Because they won’t give as weapons if we have peace. I remember, I was on air with pan (mr.) Chaliy after Minsk 2, when pan Chaliy 10 times repeated the word ‘peremoha’ = ‘victory’ in one TV show. He returned from Minsk and you can’t say ‘victory’ and at the same time ask for high-tech modern weapons. No one will give us weapons if we supposedly won.”

If you think this is chorus of the deranged blonds and brunettes, think again. Men constitute a worthy competition. Here is another snippet from the same debate – by a man (again, verbatim, no editing – he actually talks like that!):

“We could have saved a lot of money if we spent a little bit of money. No one who came to power wanted to see this conflict because it seemed to them it was expensive. And now we see that war is much more expensive. Very simple solution. If only at least one train was free for people to travel, I guarantee for 200% that we would have no war in Ukraine. In the past 15 years 85% of the Donbass population didn’t travel away from their territory. What did they see? They only saw ‘Russia news’ (he said it in English – LR) pictures. If only they came and saw for themselves western Ukraine and that there are no ‘banderivtsi’ (bandera-ukro-nazis – LR) there, but only people who are trying to do something in their garden, maybe not at a coal mine, but at a dacha (country retreat in Russian/Ukr – LR), then we would have no conflict. And it’s not too late now.” Link.

Translation: Sure, there are no banderivtsi in western Ukraine as they are all busy burning people alive in Odessa and killing children and women in Donbass (see: Konstantinovka Horror and Riots: Drunk Kiev Military Run Over Three People, Kill 8-Year-Old Girl. The latest: the woman, mother of the killed girl Polina, died in the hospital; we don’t know what happened to the baby).

On a different note, intel from the Kharkov partizans!

Philip Ekozyants, whom I mentioned previously, is reporting that Kiev has brought thousands of troops to surround Kharkov, and more are arriving – all exclusively from western Ukraine. Heavy artillery, including Western weapons, are being brought semi-disassembled. Some of the artillery is hidden underground (in order to avoid Russian satellite detection, no doubt – LR). Underground facilities built in the fields surrounding Kharkov house artillery, weapons stockpiles, and one half of soldiers. Another half lives in the above-ground barracks and nearby village. Villagers report that all these soldiers buy tons of ‘samogon’ from them (Russian/Ukr for illegal self-made vodka, or ‘moonshine’ – LR) – about 200 liters of samogon is sold to them daily. Intel says that Kiev troops have blocked the road leading from Kharkov to Kiev (apparently preparing for the uprising in Kharkov, following Donbass – LR). Part of the artillery has been positioned on the outskirts of Kharkov, aimed at the heavily populated living quarters of this 2+ mln city. Kharkov partisans are worried Kiev may start shelling peaceful citizens.

LR: Kharkov is the #2 city in Ukraine and a former capital, rivaling Kiev. It is very pro-Russian, but people are scared to protest. It is Ukraine’s intelligencia hub, but many have lost their jobs due to closures after Ukraine lost all Russian contracts and after the unprecedented contraction of the economy (25% is the official number – real number is much higher of course).

Recall that we had talked about a possible massive false flag in Ukraine.


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  1. Loco-loco, my grandmother would say. And then give them all the booze they can drink. God help those poor civilians. There are JRR Tolkein’s orc brigades.

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  2. We can’t get weapons if there is peace? Wow. (I guess they haven’t heard of ground-penetrating radar?) This makes me think of the song by Don Henley (of Eagles fame), “All She Wants To Do Is Dance”. I pray they overcome their insanity there is no one left.

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  3. Oops! That was supposed to be “…before there is no one left.”

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  4. And why do we not have peace? Perhaps because we are not prepared for a world in which we need no defenses. That is the insanity of it all.

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  5. It is possible that “curing” the mindset that has taken over the Ukraine will be a lot more difficult than many in Russia think. It is one thing to think that a certain politician, say, Obama, will make things better with more justice. But it is a much more difficult matter to try to take a society, that was in a fairly artificial new country in the first place, with crude and false PR, and start to become rational. After all, it took the West a long time to make them this crazy.

    I was under the impression that Ukraine’s intelligentsia are rather anti-Russian. 23 years of brainwashing and big money. I have no real knowledge, but did meet a young man from there not that long ago who was quite anti-Russian. He went to university in Kiev and now lives in the West.

    By the way, it is possible that all that intimidation of destroying Kharkov is not actually meant to do it. It is to prevent the people from rebelling, no matter how bad the economic and political situation gets. The message is “If you don’t want to end up like the Donbass, do what we say.” That is a powerful message, as very few in the Donbass expected things to turn out this way.

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    • Correct, it’s intimidation.
      Disagree about curing the mindset. It’s actually very easy.
      So called ‘intelligencia’ – there isn’t such a thing. People who talk about intelligencia in Russia or Ukraine are missing the point completely, and I mean everyone, including some Russians too. Will talk to you more about all that during our interview on 4/3, if we have time. It’s a fascinating study.

      All the best 🙂

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  6. No doubt that similar cases will increase as people and countries come to their senses and see the truth instead of the illusion fabricated in the Western media!!

    LITHUANIANS UNDER POLICE STATE ATTACK — And The World Under Washington’s Attack, Paul Craig Roberts

    pro-American government installed in Lithuania
    *****is persecuting Lithuanians who dissent from the anti-Russian propaganda that is driving Washington’s NATO puppets to war with Russia*****.

    Unlike their puppet government, Lithuanians understand that war with Russia means that Lithuania on the front line will be utterly destroyed, a result that would not bother Washington in the least, just as Washington is undisturbed when its forces obliterate weddings, funerals, and children’s soccer games.
    What is Lithuania? To Washington it is a nothing.

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  7. Lada,

    I hope you are right about curing the mindset. I am afraid that this is a 200-year-old problem, and that a lot of things done in that 200 years by Moscow were for short-term considerations, with long-term problems. Like putting Galicia inside the Ukraine. Or backing the Party of Regions instead of supporting an actual pro-Russian party or group. (Notice how many former members of the Party of Regions have actually helped or stood up for the Donbass.)

    Some say “you can’t cure crazy”. So I suspect it will be a lot easier for Russia to disarm or weaken the problems coming out of the Ukraine than it would be to actually get the people to rethink their position. Have you ever had a friend or family member join a cult? It is a long road to recovery. It can easily take ten or twenty years. Of course, perhaps only 20% of the country has gone nuts, but the “crazy asylum” is managed by the US, and you really need to change managers before the recovery period can start.

    I hope we do get to discuss the intelligentsia or intellectual classes at some point. In the US, I think universities and professors and research facilities are now very controlled. So they either state the party line or say nothing. One suspects it is even worse in the Ukraine.

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    • Hi Paul,
      Yes, please do remind me to talk about the problem of intelligencia, and not just in Russia; why the class of intelligencia appeared and why it has now practically disappeared. It folds into my general predictions and world view, Earth Shift, etc. Perhaps during one of the future interviews…

      Please also remind me to talk about the mindset change at some point as well. I’ll tell you briefly the historic facts, but these facts have been falsified or silenced in the West, Ukraine, Baltics.

      Changing the mindset – here’s a very well known historic example: still in April 1945 Germans, based on Nazi propaganda, not only believed Russia was the enemy, but also thought that German army was winning the war and they just had to wait a few more months for their final victory. By May 2-8, 1945, when Russian army took Berlin, Germans were forming lines to Russian soup kitchens, happy Russians fed them. When several months later most Russian troops were leaving Berlin, locals were running after tanks with flowers and tears in their eyes, sorry to let them go. Communist Party took over East Germany not only because Russian troops were there, but also because people rightly saw that Russians didn’t bomb them into oblivion, after Germans had done so to the Russian cities.

      Incidentally, UK and US aviation mass bombed Dresden and other German cities into a pulp, just before Russian army rolled in. You would think Germans and Japanese should hate them, but no, best buddies. That’s why hatred towards a certain people is almost always an artificially induced psychosis that has no connection to reality, and most time absolutely superficial, present in a small %age of the population – others are just parroting. People in general don’t think and they are vere good parrots, as we see in Ukraine.
      Incidentally, Russians don’t hate Germans, despite what Germans did to Russia during WWII. Because there never was anti-German propaganda in Russia.

      I’ve been to Dresden – US/UK bombings completely destroyed the city, which had no military or any other significance other than the fact that it was on the way of advancement of the Soviet Army, to show Russians they could do it. Same as they did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In Dresden, they used napalm and other chemicals too, so the population would burn alive and die from suffocation. Not because it was needed, but because they were trying to intimidate Russians. Hiroshima was also a warning to Russia, which of course didn’t work, as we know from history as Russians had their own A-bomb in a jiffy. Generally, trying to intimidate Russians has the opposite effect.

      So, they killed hundreds of thousands and destroyed whole cities to SEND A WARNING TO RUSSIA! And of course so Russians would have to spend resources to raise the city out of ruins later, when peace came, since it was already known that Dresden would be in the Russian occupation zone. They purposefully destroyed something they knew would fall on the Russian shoulders. Same as they are doing now to Ukraine, I might add!

      Who is the evil empire again – and always has been? Those of my naive US readers (not you, of course) who think US was at one point or another a nice, gentle, democratic country, should really open their eyes. The documentaries, with footage of the brutal Dresden bombings should be available on YouTube. I am sure after a search one can also find the documentaries with people all over Europe throwing flowers, hugging and greeting Soviet soldiers as liberators.

      Again, this info is very thoroughly suppressed by the West; they may even delete documentaries about how Europe greeted the Soviet army. These documentraries are available in Russian on YT I think, if not in English. I saw plenty of such documentaries growing up, because they were understandably not suppressed in Russia.

      (As to brainwashing and falsification of history: I have so many facts – too many, as history has been completely and totally falsified – that I could talk for hours.)

      All over Europe, Russia was considered THE liberator. That was when people still knew first-hand who did what during the war and before they were brainwashed. Stalin and communist party were the most popular party in most European countries. Italy, Greece, France and some other countries were leaning towards communism. So much so that US/UK/global capitalist elites panicked and started acting fast to ERAZE THE IMAGE OF RUSSIA AS LIBERATOR AND RE-CREATE THE IMAGE OF RUSSIA AS A VILLAIN. What they will never tell you in US or EU (god forbid admitting it) is that in 1945-1955 ALL of Europe was deeply communist, or communist sympathising, because they saw who liberated them and were convinced communism or socialism were the way to go.

      Do you know what happened in Italy? After the war, communists had the majority in parliament, but the country was destroyed and people were starving. US gave ultimatum: Italy will get money and food, if they boot out communists. And Italians did, to get US loans. Same happened in some other countries.

      Then US moved in with its MSM. And within 10-20 years they completely falsified history and convinced the popualtion AGAIN! that Russia was evil. The Marshall Plan was a bribe and a dangling carrot for Europe, and especially for the elites. Elites, for money and because they had no choice as they had to rebuild the destroyed continent, all started singing ‘Russia is evil’ song for money and percieved US protection. How’s that different from mafia?
      Then US MSM took over the whole Europe and the globe. US was the last man standing, and after WWII, US got control over the rich Western Europe. Russia had to rebuild herself after war, and also drag along the poorest countries of Eastern Europe. And still USSR did better than US until…
      Then, certain mistakes by USSR, specifically Khrushev, such as allowing dollar to become world reserve currency, created a time bomb we are dealing with now. This is a long story and has to do with Stalin and his death by poisoning.

      So, blaming Russia for not doing enough in Ukraine, or for not having enough influence in the EU, or not having a good MSM propaganda, isn’t right, if all facts are understood. Russia had to fight a very unequal fight, which started long before WWII (in fact, 1000 years ago, when the Galactic Night began). But between 1917, and especially after WWII, this fight entered its acute and final phase before the great Earth Shift, or the beginning of the Galactic Dawn, which we are experiencing now.

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  8. Lada,

    I think you are making my case. I am saying that you can change the mindset of a fairly large percentage of the population in a country if you control or otherwise manage it. The US occupied or otherwise controlled Italy, West Germany, and Japan, and largely convinced those populations that the US was good. The US controlled the Ukraine for the most part, and convinced more and more of the public that the West was good and Russia was bad. So, to change things, Russia needs to occupy or largely control most of the Ukraine, as it basically did in Eastern Europe after WWII. Once this is achieved, fast progress can be made. But the Kremlin doesn’t want to occupy the Ukraine, as it would be economically, politically, and diplomatically very much a burden. The Crimea is an exception, and is really the one part of the USSR that Russia wanted once Russia recovered from the catastrophe of the collapse. This problem might have been avoided if Russia had believed in soft power, but it is too late for that now.

    As for the unequal fight in the Ukraine, I would mention a Tweet by Pushkov, a key foreign affairs figure in the Russian government, where he said that the US had spent $5bn and Russian $200bn in the Ukraine, and Russia needs to think long and hard about how effectively all that money was spent. One could even make the case that Russia spent too much money in the Ukraine, but spent it in harmful ways. Giving it to Party of Regions oligarchs who put it in Swiss banks meant that the West can control them.

    You might find this all a bit negative, but I actually think it is good. Russia can and needs to do much better. Putin and the people around him are working to make the system there much more effective, and he has really only had the power to handle the pro-Western forces since he came back after Medvedev. Putin and his team have done a very good job in many things that they put their efforts into, such as modernizing the military. It looks like they have been working for the last couple of years on trying to create good PR for world audiences and to try to prevent or otherwise deal with color revolutions and coups that threaten Russia’s interests. And now they are working on getting Russia’s money and business systems out of Western control. If those in important positions in Russia simply said it is a hopelessly unequal fight, they might not even try.

    But you have got me curious about the Galactic Night. Was this a particular event or time, or a general process in the cosmic scheme of things?

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    • I see what you mean about occupation. I can tell you with confidence that Russia won’t act like USSR did, or god forbid like US does. They don’t need any more backlash and populace resentment. They want the population to awaken and learn their lesson, which is the only way at present, if they are stubbornly unwilling to learn from others’ mistakes. That’s how karma works. All, including sane Ukrainians – there are such people, and their number is growing – recognize now what I’ve been saying from the beginning: Ukrainian populace has to go through war and extreme hardship in order to learn its lesson and get immunized for the future. This process is underway. Russia just has to kick back and watch.
      “Get your popcorn; or for Russians – semechki (sunflower seeds),” in other words.
      I’ll talk about all that much more in the upcoming EARTH SHIFT REPORT: UKRAINE: NEW KHAZARIA AND OLIGARCH WARS. Coming up!
      Remember the timeline for change: 2016-’18. Prob closer to 17-18 as of today’s timeline, but it can change.

      Galactic Night – long story, maybe I’ll do an episode on my channel… and/or on one of your shows?

      Cheers 🙂

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      • Hi Lada,
        Not sure if your have heard of Simon Parkes. He had a very interesting statement about Putin just recently. When you menitoned GALACTIC NIGHT, it made me think of Simon’s statement. Let me know what you think.
        Simon Parkes, Councillor who represents Stakesby on Whitby Town Council, UK
        Sharpe eyed readers will have seen that the established press ran with the story about me and President Putin, this came about from my workshop last week where I was speaking to a group of awake people who had attended “The Vault” in Newcastle in the UK. I had been asked questions about the situation in the Ukraine and as part of my reply I explained that The Russian President was being advised by a group of off-world human related species and that these were at odds with the different group currently advising/running the show in the USA. This clearly did not go down well with the establishment, who have been running the line “Putin Bad – Russia Bad – US President Good – USA – Good”. Interestingly this support for Putin caused my own political party grandees to put pressure on me to retract, having never interfered in regard to my alien information in the past, the Putin story was a step to far for them! Of course I did not retract my story.
        Your reference to TIMELINE made me think of Alfred Lambremont Weber, JD, MEd, founder of Exopolitics, see his essay on:
        Creating a Positive Future: Time Science Shows Our Earth is on a Positive Timeline in our Time Space Hologram
        Alfred has quite an interesting background, among other things he was a co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty and the Space Preservation Act that was introduced to the U.S. Congress by Congressman Dennis Kucinich and is endorsed by more than 270 NGO’s worldwide.

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  9. Excellent reply, Lada! I can personally verify what you wrote about Dresden and the propaganda. The U.S. is occupying the U.S.! And heaven help us, the karma is coming home to roost.
    When I was a child of 8 my next door neighbor was an American army nurse who had been stationed in Dresden. Mrs. Smolen said that it was one of the quaintest and most picturesque cities she had ever seen. It was a peaceful hospital city, far behind the fighting where they treated the injured and evacuated the dead and badly wounded. As you say, Lada, it had no strategic purpose. Mrs. Smolen told us the same. She told us that what happened to the city of Dresden was a terrible tragedy.
    She showed us the pictures she took when her unit went back afterwards to see if there was anything they could do. This seasoned army nurse told us how shocked she was to see such devastation. Three of her daughters, war-orphaned sisters she adopted and brought home with her, and me, viewed her pictures that day. I couldn’t help thinking about what a miracle it was that my three little friends had survived such horror. Every building we saw was reduced to rubble. Windows were blown out, the glass missing. Loose bricks looking as sere and white as kiln furniture were piled up against what little was left standing. There were few walls that stood higher than the piles of bricks blocking the remains of streets that no longer had asphalt covering them because it had melted and run off. We could not see one thing alive in any picture. I have never forgotten them.
    I went to school the next week and sat in my seat, somberly listening to my teacher tell me about how evil the Russians were. Then we were showed videos containing horrific pictures of partially burned corpses in ovens and emaciated bodies tossed in pits with lime thrown over them. They told us the Germans did that to the Jews, and that the Germans were evil too. Evil. What kind of people would show little school children nightmarish scenes like that? I couldn’t bear to look. As I sat at my desk in the dark staring down at my lap I wondered to myself, could everybody be evil? Then I remembered the pictures of Dresden. Our bombers did that. I decided that maybe everybody could be.
    I know the truth now about the ovens and the pits. It was all propaganda they shamelessly fed to innocent school children to teach them to hate. And I know now that my country was committing war crimes when they fire-bombed cities of no strategic value. I know now there were many other atrocities committed that we were never told about. We have been told so many lies. We are still being told lies. Lies about Russia, and lies about Syria, and Libya, and Iran, and Venezuela and China, and…
    When I grew up I learned that not everyone is evil, thank heavens! Imagine going through life that way. I have learned that there are many really nice people in the world and I have visited many very nice countries. I have also learned that none of us is guiltless. There is only one who has ever walked the earth who was. Or so they tell me. Maybe that is a lie also. I don’t know. What I do know is that we have all hurt each other a great deal and have much to answer for. If each one answers in his/her own heart and forgives self and others we can heal the whole world. I have a vision. Every soul stands up and says, “I do NOT consent!” and they choose to put down their weapons and hurtful words. Will you share that vision with me? As always, my love to you brothers and sisters. May we always be a blessing to each other!

    I’m going to go get some semechki now…

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    • All that you wrote is very powerful.
      You know, for me, as a huge animal and nature lover, the image that stands out from Dresden is this: a documentary I once watched registered the beautiful exotic birds flying through the smoking ruins. They escaped from the Dresden zoo (not that zoos are humane either). But the birds survived the first bombing while the zoo was being destroyed and flied out in a flock, trying to find shelter. Other animals weren’t that lucky. But these same colorful parrots and other birds will die during the next bombing, the documentary adds. And that is the image that is standing in my mind.

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  10. Paul, Lada, your two sets of comments make for a very good article in its own right! Regarding your remarks about Germany, they are very much in accord with the observations, noted by Georgij Zotov in the article about how the Victory is remembered in Germany (my translation below):

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  11. Regarding the current article. It may seem strange, but I find the first exchange between blond and brunette not that surprising. “Because they won’t give as weapons if we have peace.” The logic seems skewed, until one remembers that they are acting as a mouthpiece for the American war industry complex. This is exactly why the war in Ukraine was ignited and is maintained.

    It is the second part, suggesting that people of Donbass should have visited the prosperous Western part of Ukraine as a means to avoid conflict, that I find the most outrageous. One of the reasons for the conflict, apart from the Russian language, was that Donbass retained only 5% of its income inside the region, while 95% was taken by Kiev and largely distributed to the Western and Central parts, where they could afford having country-houses, while the people of Donbass could barely make the ends meet. So visiting the prosperous West and seeing the monuments to Bandera first-hand, would not have helped matters, but would have ignited anger.

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  12. I sure hope we are seeing a trend!!! First Czechoslovakia and now Poland!
    —The “Polish Sejm expresses concern over the Ukrainian state authorities’ nationalist traditions associated with ideas of Dmitri Dontsov and political practice of Stepan Bandera. Also the glorification of those responsible for the crimes committed against the Polish nationals,” the document read.
    —For the sake of memory of the victims of World War II, the Polish Sejm calls on Ukrainian authorities to abandon the admiration of persons and organizations responsible for the crimes against the Poles,” the document says.

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  13. Lada,
    Here is another little morsel I could not resist sharing:
    —Parallel to this is the cooling in relations between the Russian Federation and Israel. US backing of the Kiev junta and the propaganda war against not only Russia, but the endless personal attacks against President Putin, originate from Israel or press organizations long recognized as Israeli controlled.
    —At a time when the US seems to be softening its position on Syria and the removal of President Assad, both Russia and the US have become increasingly suspicious of Israeli interference in their domestic political affairs.
    SOON, the Zionist mafia will meet its due!!

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    • You may be on to something here. Israeli prime minister will not be attending the Victory Parade in Moscow, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazism, citing the situation in Ukraine. The message he sends is all wrong! By his actions he says that Israel is against the defeat of Nazism in Germany and for the Nazi-lead Ukraine.

      By the way, Lada, it seems that Merkel will not be attending the Parade after all. She has a meeting with Putin scheduled for the day before, but attendance of the parade is allegedly not in her schedule.

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      • Israel PM: there is a more comlicated game going on behind the scenes, and it has to do with Kolomoysky and some other pressures from US. What do you think is really happening to Kolomoysky?
        Merkel: sure, German plane crashes in France and Merkel promptly remembers she has to change her schedule.
        Isn’t it obvious?
        I think maybe I will write more extensively about US role in the upcoming Earth Shift Report: UKRAINE: NEW KHAZARIA AND OLIGARCH WARS. It seems it’s hard for people to connect all the dots properly.

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    • The last thing I heard about Kolomoysky was that he was sacked from his position in Driepropetrovsk, something that happened after Yatsenjuk got a phone call from Biden (accodring to a Rada MP). Oh, and there was a very informative documentary about Kolomoysky’s crimes and methods, aired on Russian TV the other day.

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    • Oh, yes indeed Johanna! A headline at VNN (Veterans News Now) on Thursday 03/26/15 was “US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Program”. This is HUGE. According to US law, any country that has not signed the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1968 as Iran has and Israel has not, is not eligible for any kind of aid from the US. So this potentially opens the door for the withdrawal of billions per year in financial aid and military materiel that has been going to Israel since 1954. Many more millions a year over and above that are donated by Iraeli- friendly private organizations in the US. By law, that would have to be cut off also. It would be very easy now to have the MSM propaganda machine incite public protests and pressure against Israel. The potential also exists for Obama and/or Congress to make a move to rectify this breach in US law should Netanyahu step out of bounds again. Of course, this could also be ignored, or it could suddenly get blown up into a huge sh*tstorm, as we sometimes colorfully say. It depends on which is the most advantageous politically and diplomatically. It looks like “they” are creating a path to take Bibi down.

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    • I guess Aeyrie time will tell!
      It is quite impossible to know what the Obama regime will do next, as it appears the aim of their game is total confusion.
      I am just delighted to see more and more truth coming to the surface.

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  14. Agreed, hannacora. What is going on here in the U.S. is that the Zionist faction that has been in control of literally everything for almost as long as our country has been a country is now getting some serious pushback from the military. They have recently been made fully aware that 9/11 was an “inside job” and that they have been fighting wars for the interests of world Zionist bankers instead of our own country. To fully appreciate that statement you would have to understand the over-compartmentalization of our military. You would also need to be aware of the fact that there is a secret government behind our government, a “shadow government” if you will, running everything. The ‘”white hats” among our military leaders are hopping mad about all these revelations as you might well imagine! What is very encouraging about these new developments is that history has shown us that when the military is not behind a leader and/or the controlling faction, empires tend to fall. Anybody want to make a bet on whether it will be the financial sector imploding or the military taking action first?
    The Zionists are also getting an increasing amount of attention from the general public even though they are still being heavily sedated by sadist Mind-Kontrol methods of various kinds that I won’t go into here. I am sure all of you outside the U.S. have been wondering why none of us have been reacting to certain events in the ways you have thought we should? Well, that’s why. That, and they have many other ways, mostly financial, to compel our cooperation. You could argue that the citizens of the U.S. are the most benighted people on the planet. If you did you would be correct.
    However, due to the natural raising of planetary energies at this time, energetic work being done by awake and aware high vibration brothers and sisters all over our planet (thank you so much for all you do!) and some assistance from our cousins who “aren’t from around here” so to speak, the neutralization of our citizens is being overcome to an ever greater degree. I can see that people are starting to wake up and stand up more and more every day. It is very slow as yet, but it is happening.
    As for our President, for the duration of his term so far Mr. Obama has been attempting to do a good and proper job for our country but he has been enduring a huge amount of obfuscation from political adversaries. This recent fiasco with the Congress and Netanyahu is a good case in point. Much more goes on behind the scenes. Few know this, but he has been operating under duress. He is been compelled to read from the script he has been given by the Zionists behind everything going on here. He has a wife and children as well as a country to protect so he walks a dangerous path and does as much as he can when he can. Sooner or later there will be a showdown but when that will happen is anybody’s guess. As you say, time will tell.


    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful notes Aeyrie!
      I particularly love the part about the natural raising of planetary energies at this time. I have the same belief as well…we are now on a positive timeline.

      Lately I have read several current articles on Mr. Harper and his policies, and it is not a pretty picture. It is even worse than I thought. For several reasons Canada is not quite as open as the US are and so it is more difficult to discover the hidden agendas.

      All indicators are that his political party is a replica of the Republican Party, some even have called Harper ”Bush Lite”. Unfortunately the evidence is heavily confirming exactly that. Many Canadians are shaking their head wondering why our government is often clearly more Zionist than the Zionists themselves. Although the following article is rather long, the material presented by Dr. Hall is very thorough and connects many dots. It was a real eye opener for me. Please don’t feel you have to read it Aeyrie! it is extremely long!
      Thanks again for your thoughts!

      ***Harper’s Obedience to Neocon Commander Netanyahu***
      ***Just days ago Stephen Harper implicitly urged on an internal uprising within Iran***
      by Anthony James Hall – Professor of Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge (for presentation at the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs, 26 March, 2015)


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