WE DID IT! ESW10 UPDATE: 2.5 hour-long Forbidden History Q&A and Quantum Calibrations now LIVE! READ DESCRIPTIONS!

The 2.5-hour long and very deep, rich and revealing Forbidden History Lada Ray Q&A, with 18 major questions answered, is now LIVE!

I have also calibrated all Quantum Calibrations for the entire series and each webinar! 

All this is now posted on the ESW10 Webinar Page!

The whole Earth Shift Webinar 10 came to 5 hours and 1 minute, plus awesome slide shows AND one of a kind WRITTEN Quantum Calibrations for each of the Webinars 7 through 10, and the entire cumulative series! This time I included 4 telling calibrations (QC, CHI, Heart Chakra & Truth Level) for each piece! I also included separate calibration for the TRUTH LEVEL in Lada Ray Prophecy!

Series subscribers, go to your Exclusive Access Page for access to ESW10!

Those who want to purchase ESW10, the whole series or any individual webinars 7-10, GO TO SERIES PAGE! 

This completes our epic FORBIDDEN HISTORY & FORGOTTEN ORIGINS  Series! This is the ONLY Webinar series this year!

Stay tuned for excerpts and samples of our webinars on YouTube and I hope you will share these free public samples with everyone you know – they are worth it!


Full Webinar length:  5 hours 01 minute!
Installment 1 MAIN WEBINAR: 2 hrs 32 min
Installment 2 LADA RAY Q&A: 2 hrs 29 min
Plus bonuses!

During our journey together we’ve learned a lot, and we’ll continue on this road less traveled! Earth Shift Webinar 10 is the longest & most substantial of the 4-webinar series. Due to the Q&A, which in itself is a separate webinar altogether, it consists of 2 major Installments.


Subdivided into 11 Segments
9 Main Video Segments, with Lada Ray Prophecy
Bonus Segment 10: slide shows
Bonus Segment 11: Quantum Calibations

MP4 video/audio, CC, written outline, lots of pictures, resources & links

PLUS Lada Ray’s Prophecy, multidimensional ideas and teachings throughout

SEG 1 The start of the Galactic Night and its dates: the Darkness energy dominates
Galactic Dawn and its dates: the Ra energy dominates
The Time of the West & the Time of Russia and China
SEG 2 The Great Medieval Earth Shift and its consequences
Why history was re-written?
SEG 3 Lada Ray explains how the 3D Paradox & world cultures work:
Separation, contrast, tangible human experience & the expansion of universal consciousness

SEG 4 Did Aliens and Reptilians interfere or did humans achieve a self-fulfilling prophecy?
Eternal Questions: Can human karma be worked out and what will happen next? What is humanity’s future?
SEG 5-6
The Mystery of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

Where is the real site of Jesus’s crucifixion (The Radomir Proof)?
(Warning! It’s not what and where the pop culture makes you believe!)
SEG 7 Prophecies and Predictions: The Ringing Cedars’ Anastasia, Baba Vanga and Edgar Cayce
How these prophecies go together with everything we discussed in our webinars, and how they confirm Lada Ray’s Earth Shift Theory
SEG 8 Lada Ray Prophecy
SEG 9 Bonus Slide Shows
SEG 10 Quantum Calibrations
There are altogether 11 segments in the first installment!


BIG Forbidden History Series Q&A
Lada answers 18 revelatory, mind-bending questions from our FH&FO Series participants!
(total length 2 hrs 29 min)

*We consider this Forbidden History Q&A an extensive PILOT to the upcoming LADA RAY LIVE PATREON Q&As, which will be a new reward for Lada Ray Patrons (coming soon)!

Forbidden History & Forgotten Origins Q&A (Early Series Subscribers are given the opportunity to ask me questions)

In the extensive Q&A session I answer many excellent and poignant questions submitted by my early series subscribers, and I thank you for that! The Q&A is where we can dive deeper and breach broader into various Forbidden History & Forgotten Origins subjects! We can zero in on topics of most interest to you and clarify any points, requiring extra touch. I’ve enjoyed answering your questions, which I think have become a truly amazing addition to ESW10, and the whole series! Our Forbidden History Q&A will enrich your whole experience – don’t miss it!

Through this unique and all-encompassing series I am giving you unique tools for recognizing in your own culture, history and language what the official history and linguistics has missed. You can take the knowledge you found here and expand it, as well as share it with others.

FORBIDDEN HISTORY Lada Ray Q&A – Segment 1 (Q&A 1-9), 1hr 21mins

1. Resources & learning more about the discoveries of Russian scientists (more of Russian scientists’ discoveries discussed below!)
2. Time in higher dimensions, the forbidden history of Australia and Lemuria
3. Benevolent or harmful: Who and what are Aliens, Reptilians, Dragons and ETs?
4. When and how does the Cosmic Karmic Mechanism turn on? How to recognize the signs (with reference to The Earth Shifter)?

5. The forbidden history and forbidden linguistics of China
6. Were there witch hunts in Russia (staroveri – old believers)?
7. Secret origins of Norway and forbidden linguistics of Norway and Oslo
8. Forbidden history in famous books and film & the lost city of Arkaim
9. When will Antarctica pyramids & UFO proofs come to light?

FORBIDDEN HISTORY Lada Ray Q&A – Segment 2 (Q&A 10-18), 1hr 08mins

10. Danish proof: 12th century destruction of the Vedic holy city of Arkona by Danish knights & the true meaning of the Slavic god Svetovid, the World Seer and Truth Knower
11. Who was Jesus & was he involved with the Earth Shift?
12. Falsified history of the Roman Empire
13. The truth about the origin of Latin language
14. How did the Tarot cards survive the inquisition & how true are contemporary decks to the Vedic original?
15. What caused the consciousness plunge to 2D & 1D, and how can consciousness rise again to 4D & 5D (with historic examples)
16. What really caused the Crusades, and what were the Crusaders really after?
17. Was the mass murder of the Cathars by the Catholic Church an act of consciousness plunge to 1D?
18. The truth about the Knights Templar and their real role

Welcome to Webinar 10: Galactic Night, Earth Shift & Our Future! 


**We’ll be taking tomorrow off – a well deserved break, and I’ll be back on FT and PATREON on Friday! 

***Many thanks to Az for all his invaluable help! I couldn’t do it without him!







Many magnificent images and maps included!


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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Awesome series, thanks so much Lada for all your hard work! The bonus is mind-bending, like a whole other webinar unto itself. Real history is infinitely more interesting than the official fake narrative we learned in school! 🙂


  2. Finally some sense out of Trump’s mouth!
    Trump Breaks With G-7 to Urge Russia’s Return, Jabs ‘Unfair Trade’



    • President Donald Trump said Russia should be allowed back into the G-8 bloc as he left the White House Friday for 24 hours of trade talks with allies where he intends to press his case that the U.S. loses through poor economic deals negotiated by his predecessors.

      “Russia should be in this meeting,” Trump told reporters in Washington. “Why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting.”

      “Whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run, and in the G-7 which used to be the G-8, they threw Russia out,” he said. “They should let Russia come back in because we should have Russia at the negotiating table.”


  3. Dear Lada! This is indeed a monumental webinar, which I am still lagging behind on 🙂

    I’ve just finished listening to segment 1 of w9 (maps), and have a small comment about Murmansk, while it is fresh in my memory (maybe you’ve touched upon it later in the webinar).

    First of all – trust Wikipedia to be a tool in history rewriting, stating the exact opposite to what is true. Two names came to mind, when Murmansk and Norwegians were mentioned. First is that of the Russian legendary warrior – Ilja Muromets. So, would Wikipedia also want us to believe that he was a Norwegian? 🙂 Second name is of the Pomory (po-mor – on-sea) – fishermen and traders of the northern Rus. They are still remembered in Norway, though mostly by the elderly generation (the young ones have, alas, been brought up in the colonial American style here). The trade and communication between Pomory and the Norwegians was cut short after the 1917 revolution, and died completely out in the 1950s.

    And another thing that I thought that you’d mention at the end of segment 1 – Karskoye more (Kara Sea) of map 8. The name is just screaming of a linguistic mutilation – consonant change and shortening, with ‘kar’ coming from ‘tar’…

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    • Valuable additions – thanks Nemo!
      The only thing, Ilya Muromets was from Murom, not Murmansk. The root of Murmansk is from goddess Mara, or ‘RUS: more’, ‘mor’, ‘moor’ – sea, big water. As explained at some point. Murom is similar, but located in a very different geographic area, near Moscow and Vladimir. It has a reference to big water because it’s located on a river. A very cool and charming ancient town, btw.

      Good catch about Karskoe More – Kara Sea! Tatarskoe More becomes Karskoe More. That is an excellent example of history re-writing in plain sight!

      It’s great to have such testimonials from locals in areas discussed. We also have valuable additions from Seeker, our Webinars’ Denmark subscriber, which confirm a lot about Arkona. Seeker’s testimonials, as well as yours, are included in ESW10 series Q&A. I plan to make some of my answers public, so more people can hear them.

      The Nordic-situated people can add a lot and allow us to go deeper into these important issues. Many forbidden history secrets are hidden among the lies in the Nordic countries.

      And despite all the brainwashing and re-writing, we can still unearth kernels of truth, if we are paying attention!



      • Yes, Lada, you did indeed explain the goddess Mara origins of the name “Murmansk”. I was just not clear enough in presenting my own line of thought. I mentioned Ilja Muromets exactly for the reference to the city of Murom, which is located far away from Norway (so that even Wikipedia would be hard-pressed calling it a Norwegian city), yet has the same Mara-related root. 🙂
        Incidentally, the Norwegian word for “moor” or swamp is “myr” (‘y’ is pronounced as something between ‘u’ and ‘i’).

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  4. Maps can, indeed be inconvenient silent witnesses to the past history re-writings. Take, for example, this 1570 Italian map of Africa:

    Several details on it go well with the topic of the Webinar. The contemporary Red Sea is called on it “Mar Rosso”. Well, “rosso” can mean “pink” in Italian, but it can also be a derivative from “rus”. Another label is “Asiae pars.” – “part of Asia” overlaying “partial Persian kingdom”.
    I first came across this map, when looking into the origins of lake Victoria. It is distinctly absent on this map, however, the map shows several medium and large cities that would be at the bottom of this lake, or, possibly, a bomb crater.

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  5. Another interesting map, is that of Orontius Finaeus from 1531. It’s a world map, and, as such, lacks in detail. I first came across it when looking at Africa, and later returned to it when translating the “Yes, Scythians Are Us!” documentary. Here is the map in high resolution:

    And here is a fragment, with mentions of Scythia, Russia and Tartaria underlined:

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