“Pops” – The Story of Alexander Zakharchenko, Leader of the Donetsk and Man of the People

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    It’s funny how one nation’s freedom fighter and patriot is also considered a terrorist and public enemy #1. So goes politics and the power game that humans play.


  2. Thanks, Lada,
    Alexander Zakharchenko joins other heroes such as Colonel Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi), and
    Commander Arseny Pavlov “Motorola”. I believe in peace not war, but to be killed for protecting the most vulnerable people in your country is a sacrifice and an honour which will move that person forward in spiritual evolution. What those poor people in the lost territories have had to suffer from the hands of the Fascist Ukranian regime is a very great sadness to me, living here in peaceful New Zealand. My heart goes out to those brave and noble people fighting to survive. I do hope Russia eventually helps to defeat their persecutors.

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  3. Lada: Those people are the bravest of the brave and when you see the grief expressed at the loss of their leaders you can hardly fail to support them. Ukraine is making very bad karma by what they are doing.

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  4. Thank you, Lada. This one will be treasured. Since the first minute, Alexandr Zakharchenko was indeed a Batia for Donbass, Novorrossia, Malorussia… for all who cherish high ideals. I’ll be back to it to see him and listen to his voice.
    (Curiously, last night I dreamed with Givi 🙂 Messages from Heaven!)

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  5. It might be an opportune time to calibrate Donbass now right after the assassination of Zakharchenko. I imagine the people there must be feeling very despondent to have all of their heroes killed including their president. There must be a mixture of despondency and determination at the same time for now. How long is this frozen conflict going to last. I feel that the danger is that the population there will get more and more despondent and pessimistic about their future that it saps their spirit which in turn could affect their ability to fight. I imagine they must feel like a disadvantaged and abandoned child with Russia allowing into her family Crimea but not them. Don’t you think if this continues for much longer it could work to Russia’s disadvantage. Russia needs Novorussia to maintain its morale. Donbass is the frontline in the battle to keep out Nato from establishing a bridgehead close to Russia’s border. If the population in Donbass continue to see their leaders killed but with no resolution in site then their morale as a fighting population may plummet. This is the danger of the frozen conflict going on for much longer.

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  6. I regard the assassination of Zakharchenko as a significant event. I am reminded of the famous quote, incorrectly attributed to Talleyrand but was probably said by Fouche upon Napoleon ordering the assassination of Bourbon supporter Duc d’Anghien::

    It was worse than a crime. It was a mistake.

    That quote is even more true in today’s 4D warfare.


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