Missile veers towards USA: UK govt accused of Trident malfunction cover up. What’s this about?

Britain’s 50-year-old Trident nuclear deterrent (or attack?) system located on four subs off the shore of Scotland is subject of the latest scandal. The whistleblower who reported that the system was outdated and dangerous was dishonorably discharged, while the repeat missile test failures were covered up.

UK’s PM Theresa May is facing some uncomfortable questions, which, as you’ll see here, she refuses to answer time after time.

Link to the snippet of that BBC interview: four times in a row May refuses to answer the question whether she knew of the missile testing problem!

But the way I see it, this scandal, believe it or not, isn’t about the failed test, or public safety, or the fact that those four malfunctioning nuclear subs could at any moment turn the coast of Scotland into Chernobyl + Fukushima of Western Europe. They seem to not care so much about that. If that was it, I think they’d find a way to cover this up yet again.

This time, it’s more than a regular test failure, of which the Trident system had many. This time the failed missile WAS FIRED IN THE WRONG DIRECTION – TOWARDS THE USA.

This is what the accusation actually implies: ‘WRONG DIRECTION!’

Now, the question becomes: in their opinion, what is the ‘right direction’ to fire said missile?

We all know the answer to that: for them, the only ‘right direction’ is against Russia.

Let’s just say it is a great thing that their nukes are rotting. Keep it up!


P.S. This link to 1EarthUnited post is instead of reblog I had to delete: In Speech to the CIA, Trump Offers to Build Them a Room Without Columns (the 5th column hint)





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  1. Interesting that Trump chose to expose the deep state, while praising the CIA for their invaluable service! He might survive this term in office after all. 😉

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    • Yup. He’s no dummy. The media dogs have been set on Mr. Trump to make him look as bad as possible and to destroy him politically if possible. As we are seeing, that is proving to be a tough assignment. It would be a serious mistake for anyone to underestimate him, and most will. Mr. Trump is an experienced negotiator who holds his strategic cards very close. He knows how the Globalist’s operate and he is very unpredictable, which tends to give them fits. In these respects he puts me in mind of the inestimable Mr. Putin. That makes me think they may get along very well personally as well as in their official capacities. Get out your popcorn and sunflower seeds brothers and sisters. This is going to be very entertaining! Oh, and maybe some earplugs too. LMAO…Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth!

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    • Did you see this article — after the ‘praise’ he perhaps gave them the real message I think… .


      The whole story behind Tulsi Gabbard too, far more than meets the eye… Trump is an extremely busy president…. which I hope both the paid and misguided people on the streets get to understand before its too late — that he is trying to keep them safe…. and returning their America to them…. The terros know, the game is up and that Trump is out for their blood– so no more support from the USA and Saudi and Qatar will be read the riot act too. That’s why Trump closed the borders for 90 days, in order to sort out the porous mess at immigration and secure Americans’ safety– as these avenging monsters, have threatened to launch full scale terrorist attacks all over the States and with the blessing of Soros et al…

      How can average US citizens be made aware that their brash, but sincere president, is actually hiding a side to him that they don’t understand yet– but could only get to understand, when its too late… when dreadful sorrow may come upon them!? While I know many of the misguided protesters are sincere about racism, they need to become clued up about the real global gang of insanely rabid thieves bent on the destruction pf all that America holds dear.. collapse her economy… Can some genuine US organisation, not distribute flyers to these people from the sky, calling on them to calm down and read it and then use their thinking faculties, so they can see that Soros is behind it all as he wants America to dissolve into a bloody godawful civil war! God helps us all…


  2. Yes. And the “right direction” could also be towards Mr. Trump. Shooting missiles in either direction whether by accident or design is suicidal. It’s no surprise Mrs. May is being so evasive. This is serious stuff.

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  3. Just looked at the video. Renewing Trident? Serously? Even if Britain did upgrade their aged Trident program the 5th generation tech other countries possess (most notably Russia) would leave their pitiable Tridents smoking in their silos. Think again, Mrs May

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  4. Nancy C/Seattle

    Libertarian website, the Daily Bell did a series of essays & interviews last year alleging the entire nuclear bomb scenario since WWII is “one of the most profound lies of the 20th century”.

    Link to Staff News & Analysis Report 08/06/16: “On This Atom Bomb Anniversary You’re Being Lied to About Hiroshima – and Much More to Make You Fearful” is a good summation of the series & has links to the earlier reports. .



  5. Lada, what I do have is love for such a sweet girl as you, admiration for your dedication and well, sort of proud of you, that you’re such wonderful kid! — As if I personally had something to do with it (laughing).

    God bless you and thank you from my heart ….

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