Never seen anything like it! Shocking River of Trash Headed to the Ocean! Thoughts?

Saw on Twitter, from one of my tweeps: Shocking River of Trash Headed to the Ocean! Thoughts?

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  1. Nothing like the amount of trash that is already IN the ocean! Browse for Great Pacific Garbage Patch. There is an Eastern Patch and a Western Patch and they both stretch for hundreds of miles.This is terribly is filthy, and unhealthy, and it shows such disrespect towards our Mother. Yes. We MUST do better!

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  2. I’ve been watching rubbish collections going south for a long time. First councils in England start issuing bins for different things, now in some places they have six diffrent bins. Then they start doing collections only every fortnight. Corwen in North Wales now has only one collection a month and the rat population is loving it, good for expansion of their population. Then the councils start charging extra for collections, despite the fact that extortionate council tax is supposed to pay for this and many other services that have been cut back. Here in France, where I live, they have started an experiment to collect household rubbish and recyclables every fortnight and households now have individual bins. A special lorry with an electronic hoist is supposed to do these collections, with only one man, the driver. So far they have had to use the old bin lorry and two extra people because something is not right and it’s been like that since January last year. Here they fixed something that wasn’t broken; ie. large communal bins that were emptied every week by a driver and two assistants. The end result of these changes in UK is a massive amount of “fly-tipping” in the countryside and all sorts of con-artists offering their services. I can only imagine that France won’t be far behind in following this trend. So much for safeguarding the enviroment. When I lived in Germany in the eighties there was a council incinerator where all the rubbish was burnt and the waste heat was used to heat water for the communal central heating and hot water. I don’t know if that’s changed. However people are still being encouraged to be wasteful because of the large amounts of plastic packaging. A very bright future awaits mankind as it drowns in a sea of trash. Never mind wildlife that suffers because of the enormous amount of plastic refuse in the enviroment. I wonder when sanity will start to prevail.

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