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Serbia Loves Russia and Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin just visited Belgrade, Serbia, where he, together with Serb president Tomislav Nikolić, presided over a parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Serbia from Hitler by the Soviet Army. This is a national Serbian holiday; however, the last parade in its honor was held a long time ago.

Serbia, and all of Yugoslavia, was a pretty well-to-do country in the ’70s and ’80s. Throughout the late ’80s and ’90s the country was struggling economically, as a result of which there was a civil war, which led to the collapse and disintegration of the country, with later bombings by NATO. The reasons for the Serbian/Yugoslavian collapse were exactly the same as for the USSR collapse at the very same time. My latest article: TEN FACTS about Cold War, Bretton Woods, US dollar, NATO and Pentagon everyone should know! gives some idea of these reasons. I have talked about these reasons in past articles, and I’ll talk much more in the future. However, the USSR collapse didn’t go nearly as far as Serbian. Only recently, Serbia recovered from the past, however, problems remain.

Russia came to Serbia’s help many a time throughout history. One of those times, Russia resolved to help Serbia in 1914, when it was attacked by Austria-Hungary and Germany after a Serb radical killed Austrian prince Ferdinand. Of course the event was a pure provocation designed to start and war; it didn’t even happen on Serbian territory and it included such suspicious details that led researchers to believe it was orchestrated by the British intelligence, but Germany and Austria-Hungary declared a war on Serbia anyway. Russian Emperor Nikolay II tried to convince sides to resolve the conflict peacefully, but when he failed, Russia was forced to intervene on the side of Serbia per bi-lateral agreement. The rest, unfortunately, is history… As a result of the catastrophic confluence of events, Russia reluctantly entered World War I, resulting in the Bolshevik revolution, subsequent Civil War and near destruction of the Russian state. My international adventure/thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) is in part about those tragic events culminating in the disappearance of the entire gold reserve of the Russian Empire.

It is very nice to see that at least Serbia hasn’t forgotten Russia’s sacrifice and help. It seems most other Europeans, and Americans too(!), have completely forgotten all the good Russians have done for them, often by depriving themselves.

Russian fleet, for example, arrived to help Lincoln during the American Civil War, which dissuaded Britain from a more involved participation, thus helping save the Union. This inconvenient fact has been deliberately suppressed in the US history. I could talk a lot about Russia’s role in WWII and many other events, also conveniently forgotten, distorted, or even turned completely upside down. I must say, it does appear people in Africa, Asia and Latin America have much better memory. People on those continents haven’t caught the amnesia virus like most countries of Europe and North America. Serbia is an exception in Europe.

Serbia loves Putin video October, 2014:

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