Serbia Loves Russia and Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin just visited Belgrade, Serbia, where he, together with Serb president Tomislav Nikolić, presided over a parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Serbia from Hitler by the Soviet Army. This is a national Serbian holiday; however, the last parade in its honor was held a long time ago.

Serbia, and all of Yugoslavia, was a pretty well-to-do country in the ’70s and ’80s. Throughout the late ’80s and ’90s the country was struggling economically, as a result of which there was a civil war, which led to the collapse and disintegration of the country, with later bombings by NATO. The reasons for the Serbian/Yugoslavian collapse were exactly the same as for the USSR collapse at the very same time. My latest article: TEN FACTS about Cold War, Bretton Woods, US dollar, NATO and Pentagon everyone should know! gives some idea of these reasons. I have talked about these reasons in past articles, and I’ll talk much more in the future. However, the USSR collapse didn’t go nearly as far as Serbian. Only recently, Serbia recovered from the past, however, problems remain.

Russia came to Serbia’s help many a time throughout history. One of those times, Russia resolved to help Serbia in 1914, when it was attacked by Austria-Hungary and Germany after a Serb radical killed Austrian prince Ferdinand. Of course the event was a pure provocation designed to start and war; it didn’t even happen on Serbian territory and it included such suspicious details that led researchers to believe it was orchestrated by the British intelligence, but Germany and Austria-Hungary declared a war on Serbia anyway. Russian Emperor Nikolay II tried to convince sides to resolve the conflict peacefully, but when he failed, Russia was forced to intervene on the side of Serbia per bi-lateral agreement. The rest, unfortunately, is history… As a result of the catastrophic confluence of events, Russia reluctantly entered World War I, resulting in the Bolshevik revolution, subsequent Civil War and near destruction of the Russian state. My international adventure/thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) is in part about those tragic events culminating in the disappearance of the entire gold reserve of the Russian Empire.

It is very nice to see that at least Serbia hasn’t forgotten Russia’s sacrifice and help. It seems most other Europeans, and Americans too(!), have completely forgotten all the good Russians have done for them, often by depriving themselves.

Russian fleet, for example, arrived to help Lincoln during the American Civil War, which dissuaded Britain from a more involved participation, thus helping save the Union. This inconvenient fact has been deliberately suppressed in the US history. I could talk a lot about Russia’s role in WWII and many other events, also conveniently forgotten, distorted, or even turned completely upside down. I must say, it does appear people in Africa, Asia and Latin America have much better memory. People on those continents haven’t caught the amnesia virus like most countries of Europe and North America. Serbia is an exception in Europe.

Serbia loves Putin video October, 2014:

This video is from March 27, 2014. Must watch video! Explosion!

During Eurocup basketball match in Serbia between Serbian team Tsrvena Zvezda and Ukrainian team Budivelnik from Kiev, Serbs unveil a huge flag of Russia (you’ll see 2 Russian flags: contemporary Russian flag is white, red and blue + old Russian flag, which is black, gold and white) and start singing Katyusha. Banners in Russian say: “Older brother tell me, is it a dream, or is our dear mother is really awakening? (By mother they mean ‘Mother Russia’ – LR) Tell her we love her the same way as she loves all her children.” “Slava (glory) to Russia, Ukraine and Serbia.” “Eternal memory to all victims of NATO bombings in 1999.” Serbs here protest the fact that the anti-Russian Kiev junta ceased power in Ukraine on February 22, 2014.

Text in Russian: В Сербии играют баскетбольные команды «Црвена Звезда» и украинский «Будивельник». Сербы разворачивают флаг России и поют “Катюшу” На баннерах написано: “Старший брат скажи, снится ли мне или матушка наша и вправду просыпается?! Передай ей, что мы её любим, также как и она любит всех своих детей.” “Слава России, Украине и Сербии” “24.3.1999 Вечная слава всем жертвам бомбардировок НАТО.”


Another video. Putin also visited Serbia in March, 2014 and watched a football game. Stadium exploded with cheers, Katyusha and Russian flags.

May 10, 2014. Russian anthem during a march in front of the US embassy in Belgrade, Serbia. They also wave Cuban flag there, for full measure ;). May 11 was the date of the people’s referendum in Donetsk and Lugansk during which 90 and 95% of people respectively voted to secede from Ukraine and form Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

During his October 2014 visit, Putin received a hero’s welcome. It has to be noted that Russians generally feel very close to Serbia, and it’s common knowledge that Serbians love Russia, referring to her as “Mother Russia.” Russians and Serbs can often understand each other without a translator. As part of the celebrations, Putin accepted the highest state order of Serbia, symbolizing Serbia’s gratitude towards all Russian people.

Putin also conducted South Stream and other economic talks with the Serbian government. One thing said by the Serb PM struck me: he said that Serbia loves Russia and will always be a friend of Russia. Serbia, he said, has taken a direction towards joining the EU, and despite Serbia’s close relationship with Russia and trade mostly oriented towards Russia, Serbia is grateful that Russia has never pressured Serbia not to join the EU. He also said that Serbia would never join sanctions against Russia, this is out of the question and ‘he feels ashamed and embarrassed to even have to bring up this issue.’

10 economic agreements were signed between Russia and Serbia, including a strategic partnership agreement.

Serbia and Russia are very close ethnically, linguistically and historically. In fact, they are much closer than most think. The distortions and re-writing of history are mind-boggling and fascinating when it comes to both Russia and Serbia. It’s a very interesting topic and perhaps I’ll talk about that at some point in a separate piece.

Of course, present Serbian government is making a mistake wanting to join the EU, but that’s a different story.

Rus. Video – Putin presides over the Belgrade parade and more:

Video: Putin and Nikolić lay wreaths at the memorial to Belgrade’s liberators:

(Sorry, had to remove this video as it was removed by user from YT. Unfortunately, can’t control other people’s videos.)


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  1. Thank you Lada, for a most informative article. I am so sick of the USSA mainstream media lies that I can longer watch a news program. Keep up the great work!

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  2. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Thank you, Lada.
    l’m sure Nuland and co. are already planning some evil against Serbia. They’ve already put Hungary under unannounced sanctions, refusing visas, etc.
    About Russia protecting nascent US, there is an interesting article on the Voltaire network, discussing a by Webster G. Tarpley: U.S. Civil War: “The US-Russian Alliance that Saved the Union” (2008).
    Tarpley writes that during the American civil war, when it became clear that Britain and France intended to move in and support the South’s secession, Russia let it be known that “if the Anglo-French were to assail the Union, they would soon find themselves at war with Russia as well”:
    “Russia has declared her position and will maintain it. We desire above all things the maintenance of the American Union as one indivisible nation.”
    Besides US Navy Secretary Gideon Welles proclaiming “God Bless the Russians!” there is also a poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes, said to be “one of the most popular writers in America,” composed for the 1871 friendship visit of Grand Duke Alexis, representing Tsar Alexander II:
    “Bleak are our shores with the blasts of December,
    Fettered and chill is the rivulet’s flow;
    Thrilling and warm are the hearts that remember
    Who was our friend when the world was our foe.
    Fires of the North in eternal communion,
    Blend your broad flashes with evening’s bright star;
    God bless the Empire that loves the Great Union
    Strength to her people! Long life to the Czar!”
    Perhaps some day, the Americans will remember…

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  3. Fascinating point in forbidden history. I wonder why the Russians didn’t side with the south.
    What was in it for Russia to support Lincoln?


    • That should be clear, Bill. Karmically speaking, Russia is the world’s Great Balancer. It will always counter and keep in check British Empire’s, and now Anglo-American, aggression and over-expansion. A very difficult place to be. Check more on this on Predictions page.

      Russia must keep the balance in the world. If UK/France won in the US, the world would have tilted into an imbalance.
      On a more personal level, Emperor Alexander ‘the Liberator’ (good guy, btw), felt personal affinity with Lincoln and felt slaves had to be freed.

      But it turns out that it didn’t take long for those who pull the strings to switch gears in order to enslave the world financially instead of by brute force.
      And humans willingly, or unwillingly, all went for it.

      Now Russia has to drag the world away from the financial slavery abyss.


  4. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    … And when she has dragged the world away from the financial slavery abyss, Russia will then begin to play what has been said to be one of her major role: an example of wise rule, free expression of individual purpose, and inclusiveness through right education:

    “Above everything else, the problem before Russia is to give to the other nations of the world such an example of wise rule, free expression of individual purpose, and the use of an inclusive and sound education, that other nations will pattern themselves upon what Russia has demonstrated, yet will at the same time, preserve their own cultural approach, their own self-chosen form of government, and their own mode of expressing brotherhood. Russia inherently stands for a new world consciousness, and through her means, a new planetary expression will gradually be wrought out in the fire of experiment and experience. That great nation (a synthesis of East and West) must learn to rule without cruelty, without infringing the free will of the individual and because she has complete confidence in the beneficence of the ideals which she is developing but which are not yet expressed.”


  5. Allô Lada! Hope you are doing well!
    Here is a most interesting video from a Ukrainian General revealing the Jewish control of Ukraine. It would be most interesting have your take on it.

    Published on 8 Nov 2014
    Ukrainian General-Colonel Yan Kazemirovich from Kiev reveals CIA AGENTS and Masons in Ukraine. Simferopol, March 7, 2014. English subtitles.


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