Proof in the Pudding: The Most Incompetent, Ignorant and Stupid People Work for NATO and Pentagon

‘Don’t ask me, I barely got a history degree at the University of South Florida,’ and other ‘pearls’ out of the mouth of a spokesman for US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel. During the daily US State Department briefing, journalist calls Chuck Hagel, US and NATO’s bluff following their recent claims that Russia is on the doorstep of NATO. The infamous State Dept spokesperson Jen Psaki, who is implicated in the cover-up and lies regarding the events in Ukraine, is standing beside him and feeding him lines when he’s lost.

Why watch Saturday Night Live if you can watch State Dept briefings. Would be hilarious, if it wasn’t that grotesque and dangerous to life on Earth!

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  1. Dear Ms Lada, I enjoy reading your articles. But pls don’t describe these bunch of sub-officials. It dirty our languages and statements. The day the president and state secretary of a super power lied about the MH17, I consider the Americans credit worthiness Bankrupt. We must always take this stand to remind the Americans who are all very proud of their lying president and lying state secretary, otherwise the American should have done some thing, is it not?? Failing which I classified them all as LIERS is it wrong?

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  2. Kind of like the cop saying to the man, “Your being charged for the crime of bleeding on my uniform after hitting my fist with your nose.” The absurdity is beyond comprehension.

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  3. Chuck Hagel reminds me a lot of Howdy Doody–same sort of vacuous expression, except (with apologies to the latter) that Mr. Hagel is supporting a pack of violent Nazis. Through no fault of his own, obviously. Shame about the history degree.

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  4. Hollywood…looking plastic, speaking stupid.

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  5. Indeed mind boggling . The lies and twisted information they are trying to feed the world.I guess one good thing about their actions is that even the most profoundly asleep will be tossing and turning.LOL
    Thank you Lada Ray for this gem on RT.


  6. It all looks like a sci fi to me. Really. I can’t believe this whole thing is happening in real life. They are not just stupid, they are evil and murderous liars. how can people in the west believe anything that comes out of the mouths of these monsters? is there an end to this?

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  7. With that kind of flag-level leadership in place with mouth moving, I can say our Navy is at severe risk.


  8. We need to hear more of Putin’s speech at the UN… a great speech that should be made viral in America. Everybody but America knows what’s up. He’s actually warning We the People about this satanic government.

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  9. Lada,

    I’am so embarrassed at this time in my life to call myself an American. Russian people please except my apology for the misery my Government has bestowed upon your great nation. May we someday live in peace and except each others ideas and love.

    Robert Durham

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