NSA-proof: Putin Gifts China’s President Russian YotaPhone2

This is part 2 of Russia’s Asia Pivot Sealed: Putin and Xi Jinping Sign New Gas Mega-Deal Via Altai Western Route.

We could all use one!

While in Beijing, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented China’s President  Xi Jinping with Russia’s answer to smartphone, dual-screen YotaPhone2. Rumor has it that Russian politicians, industry executives, and military use this phone because it cannot be broken into by NSA.

In the video, Xi Jinping remarks that it’s a great gift and asks Putin if they’ll also have a deal about YotaPhone2 in addition to the gas deals they’ve signed. Putin assures him that the phone deal is coming.

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  1. Yoda Phone Too !! Smart duo vision capabilities !! Break the fist of worldwide surveillance CON-TROLL against their solid BRICS wall !! Good deal !!

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  3. Made me smile!

    Found this:

    Made me smile too!



  4. OK, apparently it works with the link to RT, but not with the link to Sputnik News…..


  5. Dear lada,

    I just tried again to post a comment with a link to Sputnik News but WP does not pick it up, I don’t see it appear in the comments with the remark “awaiting moderation” like the other comments that I posted…. This is very strange!
    The article is about the remark made by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus A.Mikhnevich who said: “The EU, US Ready to work with the EEU”! That article made me smile too!


    • I have a feeling WP has it marked somehow. Not sure what that means. But thanks for letting us all know. We need the cool and reasonable heads to prevail. This is unavoidable, but can be done either the easy or the hard way. The easy way would be nice. 😉

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