Russia’s Asia Pivot Sealed: Putin and Xi Jinping Sign New Gas Mega-Deal Via Western Route

Latest from Beijing: On the sidelines of the 2014 APEC Summit in Beijing, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping have signed 17 economic cooperation agreements, including the new gas supply framework agreement. In addition, on Monday Putin will meet privately with heads of Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan.

The framework of the new mega-deal being signed between Russia and China seals Russia’s resolute Asia pivot, as I have predicted since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis. In addition to the Eastern Route pipeline running through Vladivostok and servicing Eastern Siberian and the Far East deposits, the new ‘Western Route’ pipeline running through the Altai Mountain range will now send Russian gas to China from Western Siberia as well.

This new deal will allow Russia to sell an additional 30 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas to China for 30 years. This is the next leg in the multi-prong multi-year strategic partnership program between Russia and China.

The first in this massive strategic initiative was the 30-year mega-deal signed by Gazprom in May to supply 38 bcm a year to China using Eastern Siberia/Far East gas deposits. The Eastern Route pipeline is already being built through Mongolia, which stands to gain generous transit fees, thus becoming an important strategic partner for both Russia and China. For more on this see my article from 9/4/14: Predictions Coming True! Russia Pivots to Asia: Putin goes to Mongolia and Opens Power of Siberia Pipeline to China.

Subsequent steps were the recent energy, trade and finance agreements between Russia and China, signed one month ago. These agreements included a currency swap worth 150 billion yuan ($25 billion) intended partly to reduce the influence of the US dollar.

The new Western Route deal will double the volume of Russian gas going to China. This will make China Russia’s No.1 customer, surpassing the EU.

Since February-March 2014, in my articles, YT videos and interviews, as well is in my predictions, I had been saying the following:

1. Russia is the ultimate planetary balancer. When there is an imbalance, as we presently see happening with the West, Russia will rebalance the status quo.

2.  ‘If Russians feel even slightly inconvenienced by Western sanctions – off to the East they go.’ Russia’s pivot to the East is now shaping up.

3. I also predicted that in several years time Europe will start experiencing serious gas shortages as Russian gas gets diverted to China. And they will have absolutely no one but themselves to blame. 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the solution for Europe is to break down the new wall US, with Poland’s and Baltics’ help, is so diligently building between Europe and Russia.

4. I also warned that the USA’s goal is to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe to prevent their growing cooperation. At the same time, the goal is also to weaken Russia as its main geopolitical competitor, and to weaken Europe as its main know-how economic competitor.

Wake up, Europeans! It’s up to you to pivot towards the future, not the past!

There is much more in Predictions, Interviews and LadaRayLive on YT, as well as various articles on this site.

Video (incl. gas route maps): Putin, Xi Jinping sign framework gas supply deal via ‘Western route’:

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  1. Patrick Brenner

    At least Putin is wearing grown up pants as the USA Corporation continues its on-going temper tantrum…..


  2. Here’s the part that bugs me: We know that free energy devices exist. If Russia and China are part of the world’s solution and not just another different kind of problem, then why aren’t they working to bring free energy to fruition? We can manipulate matter down to the atomic level when it comes to all the computer microchip technology at our disposal these days. You mean to tell me we STILL have no choice but to use fossil fuels for energy? No one buys that anymore. So before parading Putin around and the hero of the world, start telling us about what he is doing to free up some of these suppressed technologies.


    • I am not parading anyone, dear. You must be confusing me with someone else. I give facts and what I see in the future.
      And last time I checked, I don’t owe you anything. If you are unable to be respectful, and ask your question with respect and consideration when you are a guest on my blog, I am not interested in replying.
      Learn some manners from other readers.


  3. The Europeans are torn over how to deal with Russia. They want to take the resources, and they don’t see how to do it without getting hurt. But it is relatively easy for the US to sell the idea of a destabilization campaign – something like several Chechen wars at the same time. The American sales pitch is that Russian society is weak, like in 1910. All it would take is several problems like the Ukraine at the same time, and the economy would collapse, along with Putin. Oil prices and the ruble are already way down, and you can bet the US is saying that to the Kremlin right now. Perhaps the US can get Armenia and Azerbaijan to fight or Kyrghizstan or maybe Georgia again. If Russia does much, more serious sanctions will be enacted, and then the pressure to just resolve problems in the Ukraine and other areas will grow. If Russia does that, then a new Cold War will start, just what the Western oligarchs want.

    It is not simply that the US and Britain are ruthless. Countries like Germany, Poland, and France are partners in this. The mess in the Ukraine has been a top project of German intelligence for over a century. If Russia wants to balance friends, then balance the army and the navy. (just joking)

    This doesn’t mean to write off the EU as being business partners, but you just have to be realistic. There are trillions of euros of resources sitting there waiting for a new Yeltsin to give away. France invades African countries just to take a billion or two.


    • The world isn’t a one-way street and Russia isn’t Africa. There is always a payback when someone attacks Russia as I explained in the Distorted Ukraine History report and in Predictions. Usually the payback is much heftier than the aggressor anticipates. Recall my example in the same report of Poland being absorbed by Russia as payback for their 1612 invasion. Same with Hitler and Napoleon.
      US deems the aggression necessary for the sake of survival of its dying system. Germany and Poland’s motivations are clear too. But US and others should be very concerned right now about the payback. Their only salvation is to stop on time.
      Russians anticipate the upcoming conflicts you describe, measures have been taken, conflicts have been nipped in the bud. You should really ask me, I know what is happening in these republics first hand. And the army and the navy too.

      More sanctions? Who will be hurting more? EU farmers are already shooting manure and rotten tomatoes at their local government buildings in protest. In winter they all stop talking about sanctions – they want their gas.

      Why are you always so gloomy about Russia? Listening to Khazin and Strelkov too much? Strelkov is just a negative little something… He kept talking about the upcoming war – looks like he couldn’t wait for Russia to go to war.
      I said a million times Russia wouldn’t go to war.
      Who was right?
      So, why are you listenting to him and not me?
      Sometimes I wonder why my words are falling on deaf ears. Perhaps I am not expressing myself clearly enough?


  4. Lada,

    I’m just providing balance for your optimism. Russia can overcome all the crap that the US, Britain, and Germany can throw, and you even talk about a kind of payback, which implies doing something bad, a lot worse than what has happened so far. So be prepared for rough times and hope for good ones. Putin has said many times that Russia has made a wise decision in spending a lot on modernizing its military over the last decade. Again, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. And expect the West to throw crap. Particularly as Russia pretty much declared war on NATO by incorporating the Crimea – at least as NATO sees it. An amazingly bold move by Putin.

    But, to answer your question more directly of what causes worry, it would simply be that I think the elite business class in Russia seem to be just legalized criminals, and their skills are not at all like China’s businessmen, who have taken foreign technologies and worked to make better and better products, factories, and distribution systems. The image in my mind is more like the bad guy in your novel, but one who doesn’t work for the Bilderberg Group, just himself. A couple of days ago, you wrote that “Russia doesn’t have any oligarchs now.” If that is so, then my fears are misplaced and you are correct that I am worrying too much.

    If Glazyev, Khazin, Starikov, and Strelkov are too gloomy, who do you recommend? I even read the blog of Putin’s Ukrainian friend Viktor Medvedchuk, but that doesn’t seem that upbeat.


    • Starikov and Glazyev are recommended highly. I did say that on multiple occasions previously. When they criticize anything, they put the right accents on and they never forget the big piture. They both have their specialties and their angle of view. My recommnedation doesn’t mean I agree with 100% of what anyone says. Another excellent source is Anatoly Vasserman. I might add some more names.

      I have my specialty and point of view as well, as you know, which is expressed on this blog.

      Strelkov isn’t an analyst or thinker – he is a good commander. Khazin is too angry as far as I am concerned, which doesn’t serve well the interests of most. I could unfortunately say the same about Dugin. When angry emotions, however justified, overtake reason, it’s never good.

      There are all kinds of Russians who are part of the business class, including many very hard working, highly respected people of whom you don’t hear because no one ever promotes them in the West – for obvious reasons – and no one bashes them in Russia. They are more modest and they spend their time working, not promoting themselves.

      I know what you mean by balance. My view 1. I am as balanced as humanly possible, which is what many of my readers are confirming. Being positive doesn’t mean being imbalanced.
      2. I also think that if we already discussed these things on my blog before, I feel the issue is settled and I usually would prefer that people refer to my relevant past articles instead of raising the same issue over and over. My opinion and predictions are based on long-term geopolitical and cosmic anergy if you will, and they don’t change simply because a few minor events took place in the interim.

      I like to talk about major tectonic shift events that will influence life on our planet. I don’t like talking about Russian business class’s little things that will be changing anyway. Which of the former oligarchs did what doesn’t matter – the business class in Russia is being reshaped into something very different as we speak. I also leave it to Russians in Russia to debate and rework those minor things as needed in order to move forward. It will be done in due course – no choice there. They are on the right track for reshaping the society. These issues are well known in Russia and they are being worked on. It doesn’t help to talk about them to Western audience as it only confuses matters.

      If your question is why I am this positive, my answer is: because I see the future and I know there is a reason to be positive.
      Hope this helps. 🙂


    • P.S. About “Russia doesn’t have oligarchs any more.” I’ll prob include this in one of the future Earth Shift Reports. Or if you are interested, perhaps we could do an interview on that some time. Cheers.


  5. There are clearly too many misconceptions about Russia, which is why people have difficulties to understand what’s really going on.
    In that respect I guess, one more Russian expert should be added to your list, professor Igor Panarin, What do you think about him?
    Informational warfare seems rather hot subject nowadays.


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