My recommendations: Top Russian Geopolitical Analysts

I have received multiple requests to share those Russian analysts and sources that I listen to and recommend in the area of geopolitics and economy. One of the readers who has asked this question is our commenter extraordinaire, Paul. His comment and my initial reply with more info can be found here.

My recommendations are based on several factors: 1. How well any given analyst sees the big picture, without succumbing to small and negative emotions, which would taint and distort said big picture. 2. How profoundly this person knows and understands the global geopolitical/economic issues and hidden processes that move the global, Eurasian and Russian society. 3. How interesting it is to listen to this person. 4. How balanced he is (yes, unfortunately, all today’s recommendations are males – will that change soon?). 5. How well can he forecast and/or predict the future. As a geopolitical analyst who is also profoundly psychic and clairvoyant and boasting of a number of accurate global predictions, for me this is an important criteria. You’ll be surprised how many analysts cannot predict the future or gauge it accurately, despite their analysis being basically on target.

Keep in mind, all those listed below have their specialty and angle of view (as I do), so my recommendation doesn’t mean I 100% agree, nor that I necessarily endorse, what they say. If there is an interest in my thoughts on any specific statements by anyone mentioned, we can certainly discuss that in an audio interview.

Wherever possible I also provide relevant links.

Top 2 analysts I recommend highly:

YT link: Nikolay Starikov. Bestselling geopolitical author, head of the new Russian Party Velikoe Otechestvo. Excellent geopolitical knowledge, very accessible and easy to understand for an average listener and pro alike, great story-teller, does a lot of talks, many in book stores. I have a link to Starikov’s site on my Resources page. Here is also a very good talk by Starikov in Bratislava, Slovakia: Democracy and the Roots of Terrorism. Russian patriot, his views are those of a Russia-centric statesman. In that we differ somewhat, as I view all the processes in the world from the point of view of what is best for the Earth and mankind in general. However, as Russia and mankind’s interests largely coincide, I highly recommend Starikov as another angle and good addition to much of what I say. I usually listen to his talks.

Prof. Sergei Glazyev, advisor to President Putin. He is excellent when it comes mainly to economic and geo-economic analysis – very lucid, deep understanding of the big picture, as well as specific issues and practical ways of solving them. Here is a post on FuturisTrendcast which refers to his article: Putin’s Advisor Sergei Glazyev on Eurofascism. Did Russia and China Lose Propaganda War to the US?

Also recommended:

YT link: Anatoly Vasserman. Very highly recommended as analyst, always keeps sight of the big picture. Unlike most others, manages to predict accurately, which shows a great deal of visionary clairvoyance – thus earning a high mark from me. Intellectual, considered one of the smartest people alive, with deep and clear knowledge and wisdom. Interesting to listen to. Jewish from Odessa (the city of my childhood), he is also a futurist with some very interesting ideas of the society of the future, based on advanced forms of socialism.

News of the Slavs with Evgeny Novikov at кРАмола инфо. From Minsk, Belarus. Succinct, 10 minute weekly YT program with analytical overview/opinion on major Russian/global issues. Novikov is a very good political commentator. I always listen.

Prof. Andrey Fursov. Very good analyst, a bit dry. Here is his latest video: Андрей Фурсов – Правда и ложь СМИ. (The MSM truth and lies).

Prof. Valentin Kasatonov. He’s geopolitical economist, mostly academic. Explains well in a detached way. Here’s his latest video analysis about the Russian economy, ruble slide, Western finanical system, FED.

YT link: Mikhail Zadornov. He is actually a comedian turned thinker/analytical comedian, if you will. I like him; he is, when appropriate, wise or funny, gloomy or – mostly – upbeat. In other words, he is balanced; good for those who are interested in distortions of Russian history and holistic (Rus: vedicheskiy – ‘Vedic’) way of life. He isn’t an analyst per se, but a good barometer of the Russian society in general on a balanced, yet critical side. I usually watch his weekly show Neformat to keep on top of that side of things.

The above recommendations complement what I usually talk about. In this regard, those who like my style and things I discuss relative to Russia, Eurasia, the West, forbidden history and liguistics, geopolitics and predictions may also find these helpful.

Some may also like:

Vladimir Zhirinovsky – Head of the Liberal Democratic Party, Deputy Speaker of the Duma. He is a talented speaker with a gift of the gab. Some feel he is too angry and flamboyant (he calmed down a lot lately). Zhirinovsky has a good long-term perspective and vision. Sharp, knowledgeable, sometimes makes decent predictions. Respected because of that. I like to listen to him as a barometer of what is happening in the right-wing part of the Russian society.

Sergei Zheleznyak (Deputy Speaker of the Duma, The United Russia Party). He only does debates (see below) and interviews. Has one of the better perspectives, logical, can talk. He expresses the centrist positon of the United Russia and he’s close to the official position of the Russian Federation. Because of that, he is a very good political barometer. He is originally from Kiev, and therefore, very knowledgeable about internal processes taking place in both Russia and Ukraine, as well as between the two. I find I agree with a lot of what he says in this regard.

Just to note, not a recommendation:

Evgeny Fedorov – Duma deputy, Head of NOD (the National Liberation Movement). To my taste, he is too angry and fear-mongering. But he does have the right perspective as to where Russia should be going, and what the West is up to. Leans toward conspiracy theories. He is sometimes interesting to listen to, makes some valid points. I caught him several times making wrong predictions – he always errs significantly on the negative side. See: Prediction: Is Kiev-Style Maidan Possible in St. Petersburg? Lots about him in that article. We discuss just that issue: his recent prediction that, as we now know, didn’t materialize, and mine that did.

Mikhail Delyagin – political economist. I caught him several times being wrong about what Russia will or won’t do, while my predictions were right on, so… He once in while make certain sense in his analysis – but not in his conclusions. Similar to Khazin. Like Khazin – Anti-Putin, unduly and extremely sarchastic and negative. Not my cup of tea.

I will add this name: Prof. Viktor Yefimov. He is more of a futurist and visionary than analyst. A bit convoluted and dry, but interesting. For those who want to go into the very deep and controvercial things.

I am also adding the top Russian geopolitical shows. There are more analysts and politicians that can be found there. 

YT link: Sunday Night with Vladimir Solovyov on Russia 1 Channel. The best such talk show. Solovyov is an excellent host and moderator. Usually invites prominent Russian analysts, politicians, writers and foreign reps with varying points of view. I make it a point to watch. I find out a lot of news and keep my hand on the pulse of Russia through it, although I could easily do without the loud arguments when they really get going.

Politica with Peotr Tolstoy. Similar format to above. Link to recent show with Glazyev and Zhirinovsky.

Spetsialny Correspondent (Special Correspondent) show on Russia 1, with Evgeny Popov. Link to the latest show about Novorossia, with Zhirinovsky, Zheleznyak, Kurginyan, Shargunov (not bad), Latvian analyst Einar Graudinsh (he’s right on!), and American journalist Michael Baum, who’s very good at finding excuses for US, NATO and OSCE in Ukraine.

The Polish time-bomb?

(Nothing personal, just facts and translation)

Starting at 10:40, the above Spetsialny Correspondent show includes a documentary about the recent riots resembling the Kiev maidan in Warsaw, Poland. The masked, well-trained and organized young people threw at police the cobblestones dug out in advance, as well as Molotov cocktails. The Russian journalist’s investigation shows the close connection between the two events. It also shows the close connection between the Ukrainian and Polish secret police. Both have exchanged information and Ukrainian police trained in Polish secret training facilities. At 13:00 it is revealed that there is a ‘profound friendship’ between western Ukraine nazis and central Polish authorities. Two months before Kiev maidan a number of ukro-nazis received training in Poland. Officially referred to as ‘Ukrainian students,’ they looked like bald forty-year-old body builders with tattooed swastikas. On pictures one can see people in masks – these are Polish instructors. They forgot to remove the sign, which reads: “Police Legionovo.” This is the location of the secret special police training facility.

Russian journalist tried to get an interview from the Polish author of these revelations in one of the local papers. The author of the article published on the first page, with lots of telling pictures (see video), said that the whole thing was a joke, nothing more. He looked uncomfortable, his front tooth chipped. Looks like someone got to him. At the same time, the prosecutor’s office of Warsaw initiated a criminal case against the unauthorized presence of the ukro-nazis in Poland. Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing? Or was it done for show: ‘Polish authorities have nothing to do with ukro-nazis’? At 16:00 – interview with another revelation: the so-called ‘Union of Ukrainians in Poland’ receives huge support from the Polish government. It’s possible that the money goes to arm nazis in Ukraine.

It appears what I suspected all along is taking place in Poland: the radical, ultra-nationalistic minority that has usurped the country’s power structures, is doing everything to ignite a bigger conflict in Europe in order to take revenge on Russia (and Germany too) for old spites. Because of their shortsightedness, they are serving as the US Trojan Horse in the EU, trying to deepen a wedge between Russia and Europe. It is a mistake not to take what is happening in Poland seriously. For years, we have already made this mistake with Ukraine, thinking it couldn’t get any worse – and it did.

Both EU and Ukraine will do well to understand who is manipulating them and why. Any reasonable people still left in the US should also understand that it’s against their best interests to be in bed with the Poles. Poles will attempt to hide behind the US back when things go wrong – and they will; they’ll shift the blame onto the US for the catastrophe they are creating in Europe. This is a very dangerous game. The only result is that Poland will drag itself into the abyss, trying to take others with them.

Further in the same show at 21:30 Sergei Zheleznyak reads a quote: ‘Soviet Union has to be divided into separate tribes wherever possible. We must create for these tribes a separate national identity and idea that would be in direct opposition to the Russian idea. For Ukrainians we need to create their own alphabet and their own vocabulary as different as possible from Russian.’ One of the ideologues of German Nazism, Georg Schmidt-Rohr. This is exactly what is happening in today’s Ukraine, which means someone has activated the old Nazi playbook!

At 32:35 – documentary ‘Faces of Novorossia.’ At 34:33 they show burned packaging from an American military lunch left by the Ukrainian army in the completely destroyed Lugansk Airport. At 35:10 they show factories in ruins left after 23 years of Ukraine’s independence. Not from the artillery shelling, just from the country that gradually was falling apart. 35:55 – Kiev stopped paying pensions to Lugansk/Donetsk retirees, doctors and teachers haven’t been paid in 4 months.

They also show a 20-year-old man, young musician from Donetsk, who lost his leg while coming home from a music lesson when Ukraine army was bombing Donetsk. At the same time the American journalist Michael Baum remarks that what is happening in Ukraine is a game. You can imagine the reaction to such statement.

They later talk about the future Nuremberg-style tribunal for crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine and about the need for the international engagement for the de-militarization, de-nazification of the entire Ukraine.

All the above revelations confirm and reinforce what I have stressed in Earth Shift Report 2: Ukraine, Russia and Falsified History. I have talked about the extensive secret role of Poland in financing and instigating the Kiev maidan, and of Polish training facilities for color revolutionaries. I have also talked about the old German idea of tearing the Russians in Ukraine from the Russians in Russia in order to conquer Russia. As I said in the same report, aggression against Russia always ends badly for the aggressor, as the cancer they had created starts eating themselves from the inside, which is what we are seeing now with riots in Poland, Hungary, France, UK and other countries. Much more is revealed in: Ukraine, Russia and Falsified History!

P.S. There is additional discussion about Poland in the comment section.

Incidentally, many people mentioned above, such as Zhirinovsky, Zheleznyak, Zadornov, Solovyov, Fedorov have been blacklisted and sanctioned both in Ukraine and US/EU. They cannot travel to either.


All the above YouTube links are in Russian. The translation software is available online – please do a Google search. Also, YouTube usually has a button which asks if you would like to translate. Click on that and see if it would work for you. I understand some of my readers, including our commenter extraordinaire Paul, are successfully using the online translation software to translate when they want to keep personally on top of the events in that part of the world. Perhaps, if any readers have further questions about how to find or use translation software, they could ask Paul to reply in the comment section – we’ll gladly approve such comment thread.

Alternatively, using my info above, you can do a YT search to find videos with English translation.

Apologies for not being able to direct you better to any translation options. As I’m sure you can understand, I never had the need to look into that.

Hope all this information helps.

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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Excellent resources, spasiba Lada!

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  2. Thanks much. I think a huge problem for both Russia and those trying to create a more cooperative world has been the lack of non-Anglo-American information resources. The media in the US would almost always give a certain amount of time to the alternative view back in the Cold War, but not now. Yes, the views were not exactly pro-Soviet, but they were rational, and argued for mutual cooperation.

    As you know, I am in Japan, and the amount of information available that is remotely pro-Russian is practically zero. It is only slightly better for info about China, where the economic and strategic issues are so great it is really a shame to have so many be in the dark about so much.
    As for the Polish events, they might be a warning from the US. Same for trouble in Hungary. “You saw what happened in the Ukraine. If you don’t do what we say …”

    And you might have heard from various folks that the US has tried to build a wall in Eastern Europe from the Baltics to the Ukraine. In other words, Russia has been making friends with Germany, France, Italy, and a few smaller countries in Central Europe. So the US wants to break things by putting in very hostile regimes between Russia and Central Europe. When American strategists talk about this plan, they often refer to Old Europe and New Europe. New Europe means the ex-Warsaw Bloc countries, and the US has really gained a lot of influence in them.

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    • US and Poland work together on this. I would be writing non-stop 24/7 if I wanted to discuss everything that crosses my mind and my desk. In short: Poland for centuries has been dreaming of creating Rech Pospolita (Polish empire) ‘from sea to sea’ – from Baltic to the Black Sea, thus creating a barrier betw. Russia and EU. This is their sacred dream. Russians know that. This is why Poland and US are a natural symbiosis.
      This is one rare instance when Polish riots prob aren’t the US handiwork but the result of Poles themsleves training loose cannons. Like US and Taliban.

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    • Yeah, language barrier and info blockade are two of the biggest evils. This is why so much of the divide and conquer is based on linguistics, as in the quote I mention. Through language we can unite, or someone vicious can easily divide us. That’s why language separation during medieval times I talked about in prior articles was such a catastrophe. It’s especially visible to someone like me, who can speak both English and Russian, and a few more. It’s like seeing the devastation and helplessness, and not being able to help. I literally suffer every time I see how hard it is for people to understand each other, how hard it is to translate the meaning and the essence. Translation is a lot of hard work, as I’m sure you know, living in Japan. Humans must find ways to communicate and understand each other much better.

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  3. It has been said that one reason English education in Japan is so abysmal is that the government can control its own people better that way. Even if they try to read alternative press, most cannot. This is after six years of English language training relying mostly on rote memorization of archaic grammar rules. The students are traumatized by it, and it is very hard to help them overcome the damage.
    Lada, I have been working on an article about Japan for you, but it is so enormous I got bogged down.
    I’ve got to order up some of your books too.


    • Thanks, dear Patricia. I really appreciate your putting so much work into the piece about Japan! I’ll post it on both of my blogs (hope it has some great pics ;).
      I know what you mean about language ed.


  4. “In short: Poland for centuries has been dreaming of creating Rech Pospolita (Polish empire) ‘from sea to sea’ – from Baltic to the Black Sea, thus creating a barrier betw. Russia and EU. This is their sacred dream. Russians know that. This is why Poland and US are a natural symbiosis.This is one rare instance when Polish riots prob aren’t the US handiwork but the result of Poles themsleves training loose cannons. Like US and Taliban”.

    Lada, I think you exaggerate a bit…In Poland there are of course some in power who don’t like Russia and are ready to lick American shoes, but they are not that morons to draw Poland to abyss by trying to realize their dream of Poland from sea to sea with the USA’s help…It’s ridiculous.

    As for the revelations regarding the so called Legionowo trainings, they were published in the rag weekly “NIE” as a joke. The information has never been confirmed. I don’t say in Poland there are no forces who suport Kiev, maybe they are, who knows, but let’s not forget that there are also Poles who suport pro Russian militiants in Eastern Ukraine.

    “Starting at 10:40, the above Spetsialny Correspondent show includes a documentary about the recent riots resembling the Kiev maidan in Warsaw, Poland. The masked, well-trained and organized young people threw at police the cobblestones dug out in advance, as well as Molotov cocktails”

    In Poland during the Independence Day actually every year already for many years some hooligans and football fans have been activating and brawling. Maybe among them there is a handful of nationalistically inclined. But it’s not a big deal. It’s nothing new…

    These young aggresive people during the Independence Day march in Poland didn’t come there to fight for Poland from sea to sea, I can assure you 🙂

    Comparing the last event during the ID in Poland with Maidan incident is just crossing the line, pretty strongly 🙂 In Poland nobody wants to overthrow the current govement.

    “It appears what I suspected all along is taking place in Poland: the radical, ultra-nationalistic minority that has usurped the country’s power structures, is doing everything to ignite a bigger conflict in Europe in order to take revenge on Russia (and Germany too) for old spites. Because of their shortsightedness, they are serving as the US Trojan Horse in the EU, trying to deepen a wedge between Russia and Europe”.

    Lada, please… 🙂 Could you please name this “radical, ultra-nationalistic minority that has usurped the country’s power structures”. As far as I know there is not such a group.


    • This is my translation of the documentary, not my opinion, but it resonates with what I said in my earlier piece. If you look at the video reference which I provide, with the time on video marked for your convenience, it shows the article and pictures with nazi symbols. Yes, the journalist said it was a joke, which is in my article. Joke taking up the whole spread of the first page of a newspaper? How often do you see that? This had to be an extremely desperate newspaper if it couldn’t find any serious material for prime time. Only a bomb of a story is printed like this, any specialist will tell you that.

      Also, a joke like that when at the very same time people are killed left and right in Ukraine? Come on! That would be called insensitive cruelty, not a joke. They sold this joke story to Polish public to save face after the material was seen by too many and could not be retracted. Polish training centers and CIA prisons have been confirmed by many independent investigations.

      As to proof, it’s available in abundance from the best analysts, and from those nationalists themselves who admit they want Rech Pospolita. I recently came across a vid from a nationalist from Lvov, who said that Rech Pospolita is the only solution (means absorbing Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania). There are always tons of anti-Russian comments by Poles on RT vids on YT where they promote the same to spite Russia. Wake up, Kate. It’s out there.
      Obviously this would never succeed, but it doesn’t mean they won’t try.

      I know very well there are sane parts of Polish society. I have friends from Poland, I’ve been there 4 times. Sane Poles are actually in the documentary giving interviews too, if you care to look.

      But then no one thought just a year ago Ukraine could ever turn into this bloody mess. Before May 2, 2014, I never thought it was possible for some crazed nazis to burn people alive in my peaceful city of Odessa. In 1990 I never in a million thought Moldavian/Romanian nationalists could bomb my uncle’s house in peaceful Bendery in Pridnestrovie. We all ignored the hidden processes because it’s really, really so much nicer to have rosy glasses on. But it backfires.

      Kate and all who love Poland, I suggest all of you must not ignore these processes. Ukraine mess is the next stop. This danger is clearer than you perhaps realize. The small violent minority can hijack the power in Poland as easily as in Kiev the moment economic siuation worsens. There are those in the Polish govt now who are dreaming about it.

      By the way, if US thinks Poland is getting too indpendent, to bring the government back into submission, they can ignite a color revolution as they did in Kiev.

      And by the way, have you ever listened to the anti-Russian statements by Polish politicians? Why were there Polish politicians on maidan calling for the overthrow of Yanukovich?

      I’ve heard plenty of reasonable statements from top Hungarian politicians, from Czech president, but I haven’t heard anything like that from the Polish politicians. So, there is nothing to show that Poland supports Novorossia or is even mildly friendly to Russia.

      Having seen enough violence and volatile statements, I prefer to err on the side of caution here.

      Peace 🙂

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    • Following up on Lada’s request in another tpoic:
      “You may want to check out a comment in from a Polish reader anmed Kate saying I am wrong about Poland. Perhaps, as someone living in the EU, you could provide your perspective.”

      Well, strictly speaking, Norway is not in EU (though this fact is not know even by many EU citizens). Norway voted twice against joining EU, by a thin margin. If anything, Norway can be seen as the last state of the US, culturally subjugated after the end of WWII, and most news are centred around America, and not Europe. That said, there are a lot of Poles here, working in construction, and I’ve had some personal contact with them. I’ve also travelled to Poland a few years back, staying there for some time. My personal impression is that Poles are all right individually, and I especially (and, maybe, ironically) felt more friendly disposition coming from the generation that grew up while Poland was still in the USSR’s sphere of influence and learnt Russian.

      The problem for Poland seems to come from the tiny elite that came to power and are pushing (possibly) their own private agendas and dislikes, or are outright doing the bidding of the USA. They are the ones that are dragging Poland under, not letting it tend to its national interests (and one does not need to be pro-Russian to see that cordial diplomatic and economic relations with Russia are needed for Poland – heads of Hungary and Czechia see that).


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