Greek PM Tsipras at St. Petersburg Economic Forum 2015: Geopolitical and Economic Center of the Planet Has Shifted

Europe shouldn’t view itself as a “hub of the universe” and it has to understand that the center of world economic development is shifting to other regions, said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, speaking at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. READ MORE:

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Four months ago I recorded that commentary immediately after the Greek elections, which unseated the pro-US, pro-Brussels elite and propelled the left-wing Tsipras to power. My prediction was that Greece would exit the EU by 2017 and that Turkish Stream pipeline would after Turkey go through Greece in order to proceed towards Serbia and the Balkans. At that time, some argued with me that Greece wouldn’t exit EU as Greek politicians said they ‘wouldn’t.’ Others argued that Russia’s Turkish Stream pipeline wouldn’t go through Greece, stopping at the Turkish border. 

By now we all know that Greece is already discussing exiting the EU; moreover, we also know that Turkish Stream most definitely will go through Greece to deliver gas through the Balkans further into Europe.

Russia, Greece sign €2bn deal on Turkish Stream gas pipeline. Russia and Greece have signed a deal to create a joint enterprise for construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline across Greek territory, Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak said.

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Coming! New related LadaRayLive episode about how US controls gas and oil flow in the region!

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  1. The vulnerability of this route is that it’s goes underwater through the Black Sea the good part is the Russia maybe able to protect it via Crimean Black Sea Fleet. That still leaves Ukraine to mess this pipeline it might have been better if Ukraine hadn’t been destroyed.


  2. Thanks for posting this Lada. Tsipras is the best Europe has today. The rest of our European miss-leaders are a worthless bunch of fools blundering into WW3 under the malign influence of the Washington Regime.

    I noticed raised eyebrows and disparaging looks among some in the audience. Do you know who those persons are? Are they Russian; or Western observers; or what?


    • This is annual intl forum. I didn’t look at the vid closely, so didn’t see the looks, but the majority, or at least 1/2 in attendance are European and US business leaders who do business with Russia, or want to. There easily could be ‘looks’ coming from them, since Mr T made pretty revolutionary announcements EU and US wouldn’t like. I don’t know if you noticed, but moderator was US TV host Charlie Rose. He valiantly kept straight face the entire Putin’s speech and through his Q&A, lol.


  3. Off topic, but here is something on Russian anomalies that are in the wilderness or otherwise hard to get to:


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