Pope Francis and World Religions – Karma and Consciousness

‘The above comments just show how confused people are about the catholic religion in general. The celebration of mass is a satanic ritual that celebrates the eating of the body of Christ and drinking of his blood!! The current pope is a Jesuit and they cannot be trusted fullstop. The Roman Catholic Church is full of criminals that raped and abused children without any legal charge for centuries…clergy are literally protected by the state in many countries. Any child who went to a catholic school can attest to the cruelty of the nuns and brothers that taught them a pack of lies and rubbish. The incredible catholic institutions that abused vulnerable children everywhere and the truth of which is only now emerging and again has been kept secret by governments. The whole institution is evil and disempowering of the individual. Now is the time to take back our power and undo the mind control imposed on little children that has stayed with most people for life unless they wake up and start using their brains. I escaped.. I woke up! Religion is the cause of wars literally and it is about time all just understood that we are each parts of the whole and that every little action affects the whole of humanity. Our illusion is a holographic matrix…one of many matrices. President Putin has shown great intelligence in the way he has handled many serious matters recently and I doubt that he will be fooled by a Jesuit pope as he will realise that much of what has persecuted Russia in the past was caused by the Catholic Chuch perpetrated by its Jesuits.’

Lada says:

One of my tweeps tweeted me this pic:

Putin and Pope cartoon

This reminds me of the opening scene of my mystical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER. In it, the Pope drops to his knees in front of a simple Franciscan monk, who happens to be one of the nine Earth Keepers, asking for a blessing as the end of the world nears. Such act by the Holy See completely baffles a Swiss guard, who listens in on the conversation, missing its point entirely. Read this excerpt here, or go to EXCERPTS on top bar for full list.

The important thing to remember is that everything in our 3D world, as in any dimension, is subject to a PERSPECTIVE. The 9D, 10D and 11D beings still have their own perspective. This means that, depending on your point of view, you will see the same events differently from someone who has a different perspective.

Let’s just say, much of the language of global diplomacy and international relations isn’t on the surface. The meeting of the Pope and Putin of which I wrote in Putin’s New Ally: Pope Francis was one such meeting, when many could observe, yet miss its true meaning. Let’s talk about it.

Undeniably, the history of the Catholic Church has many dark pages, and there are plenty of dark pages in the Vatican’s present day reality, as well. When it comes to topics I often address, such as aggressive power grab, looting, rewriting/falsifying history, I could tell you lots of stories. The abuse of children is another such story.

That said, there are many people in the world who genuinely, from their heart, find solace and peace in believing. I think we should respect the feelings of those Catholics whose hearts and minds are pure. Christian mysticism, along with Hebrew (Kabbala) and Muslim (Sufi) mysticism, are manifestations of true religious wisdom, which rises above mundane and above the confines of any religious dogma.

I personally enjoy such wisdom, as well as religious art, architecture and music. All these are high manifestations of religions. Mother Theresa was also a devout Catholic. As anything our 3D human world produces, religions represent the entire spectrum of manifestations: from the highest in spirit to the lowest of the low.

It is a different story that those HUMANS who hold POWER in any religion may misuse this power to suppress truth and successfully cover up their evil HUMAN deeds. The fact that all the abuses of the Catholic Church are coming out now speaks volumes. We are entering the era of truth, discovery and transparency, when old power structures created by MAN for the benefit of the few will fall away, and new, more equitable global structures will be created. This will force – it already does – everyone, including Catholic Church, to abide by new rules and to respect a small person.


It probably helps that I grew up in the Soviet society and in a non-religious family. This provided me with the world of freedom and safeguarded me from any childhood brainwashing. We were free to think, instead of following a dogma, be it religious or any other. The depiction of the Soviet society is completely and maliciously distorted in the West. One of the many legacies of the Soviet Union was, and still is, the most educated and the most thinking people on the planet.

As such, when we all grew up, we could freely choose WHAT to believe in and what, or who, to follow – or not. My sister became a devout Russian Orthodox. But because no one ever made her go to church on Sunday, her devotion comes from her heart.

My cosmic soul is, shall we say, too cosmic for any Earth-bound religion. But I studied shamanism with a lot of pleasure, as it rings true to me (my book THE EARTH SHIFTER is in big part about a Siberian shaman). I also studied wicca and Earth-based religions. I delve deeply into Oriental traditions, and having become Feng Shui Master in Asia, I enjoy Tibetan Buddhism and its beautiful art, spiritual music, rituals and symbolism. My hubby, who has grown up in a non-religious Chinese household, has most affinity with Zen living. Presently, I am studying the ancient Russian Vedic wisdom, which includes the cosmic truth of our origins, forbidden history and linguistics, runas, and much more. Little by little, I will share this knowledge with all in various articles and Earth Shift Reports.

As always, God is within us, and it doesn’t matter if you go to church or not, or if you read the Bible or not. What matters is this: in the final analysis, it’s between you and God.’ Said another way: ‘it’s all between you and your higher self, or your higher conscience.’ In the final analysis we are all ONE.

The clarity of mind that lets one see the world in true light is a must in order to discern and weigh all sides of the issue. I am endlessly grateful to the USSR, the country where I grew up, for many things. One such thing is allowing me as a child to develop freely and grow unencumbered by religious dogma. Perhaps, there was a small amount of Communist brainwashing, as it were. However, it was very minor and incomparable to the damage a Sunday school may have inflicted on fragile children’s psyche. It didn’t affect me; moreover many of my contemporaries think of the old USSR with great nostalgia.

At the same time, I met a lot of people who were traumatized for life by their Sunday school experience, turning rebellious or turning to alternative religions as a desperate knee jerk reaction. I really do feel for them in my heart.

With this background, let me proceed to answering the questions in the comment above.

Much of what Noeline says are true facts and I do agree with her. No, Putin isn’t fooled by anything or anyone.

What has to be remembered is that history of all world’s organized religions is the history of power struggle. It was often a struggle between religions (and various sects inside each religion) for global religious, economic, and geopolitical dominance.

But it was also a very brutal struggle between newer organized religions and old pagan/Earth-based and Vedic lifestyle belief systems. The latter especially applies to Christianity, including both old branches: Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Catholicism brutally eliminated competition, witches and Celtic/Druid priests and priestesses, and Orthodoxy – their competition, Vedic followers. Untold damage was done to the Russian historic records as history was re-written over and over in order to delete mentions of real events and people, substituting them with lies. Same – and worse – was happening all over Europe, which fell under the dominion of Catholicism.

Throughout centuries, this power struggle was consistently violent and blood-thirsty. This applies to Catholicism more than to others, with Judaism and Islam very violent in their own way. If we look deep into history, we’ll find that Greek/Russian Orthodoxy was just as bad; however lately, Orthodoxy became a much more positive and non-destructive force.

If weighed on merit, arguably, Greek/Russian Orthodoxy, which is the older and original branch of Christianity, wasn’t as violent as Catholicism. For instance, there were no witch trials and burnings, although Vedic wise men and women did get prosecuted/eliminated, their ancient wisdom substituted for new religious dogma. Moreover, Vedic traditions and rituals still had a better recognition and co-existed more peacefully with Orthodoxy, while wicca (in part, a Western branch of Vedic wisdom) till recently was entirely denied in the West. Russian Orthodoxy isn’t so much into global dominance either, preferring peaceful cooperative and consultive methods of resolving problems. Overall today, Orthodoxy plays mostly a positive role in society.

Notice that I didn’t include Hinduism and Buddhism in the above list – two other major world religions. Out of these, Hinduism was somewhat repressive to its own people, but wasn’t aggressive or violent outwardly. Compared to the above list, Hinduism is a ‘sweetie.’


A glimpse of forbidden history:

Incidentally, here is a little glimpse of the ancient Vedic wisdom. Many know that there is a Hindi goddess Sarasvati. But did you know that the word ‘sweetie’ and ‘Sarasvati’ have the same root? It’s the Russian word (I also call it Slavyano-Arian): ‘svet.’ Svet means light. The English word ‘sweet’ and Hindi ‘Sara-svat-i’ both originate from svet = light.

Moreover, the Russian word ‘sviatoy’ and its Spanish counterpart ‘santo’, Italian ‘santi’ and English ‘saint’ all come from svet = ‘light.’

By the way, the dreaded nazi word ‘swastika’ comes from the same word ‘svet.’ As some may know, Hitler stole the symbol and word from the Vedic tradition, reversing the energetic plus and minus polarities of its meaning. Originally, ‘svastika,’ aka, ‘kolovrat’ in Russian, signified Sun, and in some other representations, our galaxy.

Speaking of svet. While svet signifies ‘light,’ another meaning is ‘world.’ As in ‘the world full of light,’ that is. There is a well-known Russian expression: beliy svet, which translates literally as the ‘white world,’ although it really means ‘white light,’ aka, the good, enlightened world; world full of love and light.

Much more Vedic linguistic wisdom coming to you in the future Earth Shift Reports. Stay tuned!


Of all world religions, Buddhism is by far the most peaceful, spiritual and positive. In fact, it’s the only organized world religion that NEVER had the acquisition of worldly power as its overriding goal.

As I said, this however was for centuries THE primary goal of the following religions (to various degrees and using different methods): Catholicism, Judaism and Islam.

At the same time, all organized religions also produced true mystics and people of svet = light. This should never be forgotten either! Therefore, it all ultimately boils down to people who are a part of that religion at any given time. It always goes back to individual humans, how they use their power and what their life’s mission is.

Today, religious leaders can often play a positive role, if they choose to. Or at least first do no harm, according to the medical Hippocratic oath.

The reason we cannot just blankly deny any organized religion, whether it’s Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Orthodoxy, or any other, is very simple: there are billions of people on the planet who do believe and follow these religions. Simply saying to one billion Catholics: ‘well, you are following a satanic cult – get over it…’ I am afraid this won’t work. It’s much better to get in touch with the leader of that religion and tell him, ‘look we can work together on making the Earthly realm we live in, a better place.’ If this leader has conscience, then he can be a force for good to be reckoned with.

I think this is potentially possible with this Pope, who is Argentinian and a friend of the Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who in turn is Putin’s personal friend. I can guarantee that Kirchner had a hand in Putin and the Pope hitting it off. Now, such dialogue was entirely impossible with the previous Pope (sorry, forget his name), who was there for 25 years and who was Polish. By a strange coincidence (not), he also happened to be rabidly russophobic.

As we see, Holy See or not, Vatican or not, it still boils down to individual people and their personal PERSPECTIVE.

Can the Vatican be reformed? Can it change to play a positive and cooperative role in society? Can the Vatican become a force for good? Can Putin change the Catholic world? And should this Pope be given a chance?

Yes, absolutely. That is, if you, me and everyone else on this planet, want to continue this Earthly 3D human experiment. I, for one, am here to help guide humanity towards the continuation of this experiment – with a much better outcome than what we may be facing today.

This means finding common ground with those who are willing to work together to create a more positive, cooperative world.

Religions, like humans, do grow up. Recall yourself when you were a toddler. Were you capricious, causing trouble for your parents? Unless you were angel incarnate like me and never caused any trouble. 😉 Then you were a 5-10-year-old and you wanted to be liked by your parents and obediently did everything they told you to do. Then you became a rebellious teen and caused much more trouble, denying everything your parents taught you. Then, you gradually grew up, becoming more responsible as you aged, acquiring more wisdom (hopefully).

Is our world a holographic matrix? Yes, it is. But as long as we have incarnated in this 3D reality, it is fully real for us. It’s like saying: I won’t study for this test – it’s not real, it’s only on paper. I am sorry, but for as long as you are in school and for as long as you want to graduate, you have to. Unless, you want to repeat the same year over and over. In earth-wide terms this is called karma. Until you’ve fully learned your lesson, you will be repeating this life over and over. Ouch!

You may ask whether there is a possibility of skipping grades and avoiding dealing with karma? Yes, there is. Some of us do skip grades. Only wisdom allows you to skip them. How that works is another topic. But karma is a self-regulating universal mechanism and it knows no exceptions.

Notice that my list of religions didn’t include any of the Vedic, pagan and/or ancient Earth-based belief systems. If we are discussing taking our individual power back, it could well be accomplished through the original Vedic system (vedat’ = ‘to know’ in Russian; ‘vedics’ means ‘wise people, people in tune with the ultimate truth;’ also, note the Hindi Vedas). People are awakening to that, albeit slowly. This, however, is a topic for an absolutely new, separate series, to which I will also get eventually.

Last point to wrap it up:

Noeline says: ‘The celebration of mass is a satanic ritual that celebrates the eating of the body of Christ and drinking of his blood.’

Actually, this ritual is a left-over pagan ritual, adopted by Christianity after it suppressed paganism. It symbolizes partaking of the energy of Christ, imbuing yourself with his spirit. Since Christ symbolizes love and selfless purity, it basically signifies a desire to be like him, hence ascend. However, in 3D, in other words, in our fully manifest PHYSICAL WORLD, humans often can’t simply think or be. they need to manifest everything into 3D; make it touchable, tangible. Evolved souls don’t need that, but most humans do. By the way, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone.

In the ancient days in CERTAIN (not all) pagan traditions humans ate the body of a specific animal to imbue themselves with that animal’s power. Humans were also sacrificed to gods. These rituals, which sound awful today, in old days were what the full 3D incarnation demanded. Humans, shall we say, were too literal. They needed to touch, feel and eat everything to partake of the energy they wanted. To this day, in the Middle East they sacrifice animals and often treat humans with outright cruelty.

In subtler and more evolved ancient societies, such as the original Vedic world, humans had representations of various pagan gods and universal forces, such as certain foods, flowers, tree bark, crystals that they ate, rubbed into their skin, created tattoos, with which they decorated their bodies and homes.

In other words, eating of the body of Christ and drinking his blood is a modified pagan ritual to suit Christianity’s agenda. Since we lost connection with the logic of ancient rituals, it may seem bizarre from today’s perspective.

I won’t go into the meaning of the word ‘mass.’ But again, this word comes from the same Vedic Slavyano-Arian source, something forgotten by most humans.

I will briefly say that ‘satan’ comes from the same root I discussed above: ‘svet’ – light. It becomes ‘sat’ here, basically signifying ‘fullness.’ Fullness as in: Mother Earth is full, bountiful. It also has a relation to the sacred feminine connected to Mother Earth.

It was a Vedic word. Recall what I said, Vedics were the biggest enemy and competitor of Christianity. Moreover, the sacred feminine had to be suppressed by the patriarchal Christian society. Therefore, any good Vedic words became bad words in the Christian reality as humans needed to be brainwashed into submission. The same process is happening today in Ukraine and many Western countries, as history yet again gets re-written and energetic polarities get reversed from plus to minus.

However, this time it won’t work.


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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Excellent post, i think “Ask Lada” is an awesome idea, since you are the “Dear Abby” of geopolitical spirituality. 😉
    Shifting our personal perspective to a higher spiritual perspective may provide clarity of mind and soul. Like Jesus said:
    “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”
    If i recall, nowhere in the “Bible” does Jesus say, thou must organize a religion in my name, form a globalized church to convert everyone, install a Pope as my representative on earth, shake down and hoard all the money from the people, align with world gov’ts and corporate cabal to enslave humanity!
    I THINK NOT! Wake up ppl and shine u’r own SVET from within. ❤ 🙂 ❤
    PS. If we ever "need" a savior, President Putin is it, I WANT THAT GUY!

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  2. Good reply post Lada. Very open and wise approach. I am personally heartened thus far by what Pope Francis has been saying and doing. I was very pleased to see him and President Putin together. I also like what I have heard of his encyclical in the media – I have yet to read the document itself, but I like the title – ON CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME.

    I was born into a catholic home and nation (Ireland) so I know something about the dark side of catholicism. I am no longer a catholic or even a christian, but I take the same overall view you do about that institution and tradition.

    I am very interested to know more about the Russian Vedic tradition. Any links or hints?
    I have been studying Kashmir Shaivism recently, which is part of the Hindu yogic tradition.
    All the best. David

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    • I have a little about Vedics in the Forbidden history and linguistics categories on FT. More coming soon. There are no links I can give you in English – all are in Russian, some I disagree with, too. But I’ll have more of my own system tied with Vedics in the future, taking only the best from it. Stay tuned.

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    • Thank you Lada for an interesting reply.
      Siddham, there is inevitably a “dark side” in all human activities – because most of us are still very low on spiritual maturity and discernment. Catholic, or any other religious ritual is just as Lada says: a set of signs and symbols, not to be taken literally.The person who worried about “cannibalism” in Mass has not been taught to symbolically. Otherwise he/she would have realised that when s/he was in his/her mother’s womb, s/he was literally feeding in his/her mother. So is s/he even now fed on the energy of the Christ – who/whatever represents for him/her the LIFE in which we have our little life. All lives feed on a higher/greater life: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually…
      It is a great pity that the churches generally do a poor job of teaching the symbolic meaning of their rituals.


  3. Doreen Agostino

    Bless and thank you Lady Lada for this update.

    The ‘incompleteness’ of Pope Francis’ Encyclical compels a critical mass of humans to ‘write and request’ Pope Francis to research evidence that climate change is exacerbated by humans geo-engineering the weather, heating the ionosphere with HAARP, and spraying chemical cocktails 24/7 world-wide a.k.a. solar radiation management.

    Anna von Reitz, Alaska State, Supreme Court Judge, who served as an International Services Agent, and private attorney in service to his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and now, Pope Francis states: ALL corporations giving living people grief are creatures created by and are the responsibility of the Roman Curia, without exception. This also means that the Pope holds the Kill Switch to liquidate these criminal, mindless, heartless, and unaccountable monsters. http://scannedretina.com/2015/04/16/the-clock-is-ticking-the-alarm-goes-off-on-july-1-2016/

    Rulers of Earth perceive silence as ‘implied consent’; the biggest CON of humanity! In other words, lack of overwhelming response to this Encyclical is consent to crimes against humanity and nature, incomplete information about climate change that opens doors to resource rationing, endless regulations, depositor and pensioner bank bail-ins, higher taxation, force, fraud, and deceit, that continue to enslave humans under the biggest ‘CON’ of all time: silence!

    Global Climate Change: A Definitive Essay On The Primary Causes Of Global Warming http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=7077

    New World Order: Where Geoengineering Via Chemtrails Meets The Global Carbon Control Matrix http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=15986

    To eliminate poverty, illegal taxation, fraudulent austerity, and bank bail-ins, end and expose The CAFR Swindle – The Biggest Game In Town http://youtu.be/1pRPBKJQnyU

    To reclaim nourishing food, clean air and drinking water, expose and end lies about planetary metamorphosis. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/how-climate-change-doubters-lost-a-papal-fight/2015/06/20/86af3182-15ce-11e5-8457-4b431bf7ed4c_story.html

    It’s time to replace all grievances and differences with expanded awareness, cooperation as never before, and courage, to unmask the ‘whole’ truth, together.

    Contact Pope Francis by mail, at
    His Holiness, Pope Francis PP.
    00120 Via del Pellegrino
    Citta del Vaticano
    [Do not include Italy]

    Or e-mail him care of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, at cdf@cfaith.va

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  4. Doreen Agostino

    The Great Global Warming Swindle [documentary] https://youtu.be/D-m09lKtYT4

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    • Global warming and climate change are facts. Just ask the Indians (early this month, the tarmac on the road was melting), or check the ice cap, or Mt Kilimanjaro:
      “The average annual loss for 1953 to 1989 was 1.4 percent while the loss rate for 1989 to 2007 was 2.5 percent.[55] Of the ice cover still present in 2000, almost 40 percent had disappeared by 2011. The glaciers are thinning in addition to losing areal coverage. While the current shrinking and thinning of Kilimanjaro’s ice fields appears to be unique within its almost twelve millennium history, it is contemporaneous with widespread glacier retreat in mid-to-low latitudes across the globe.”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Kilimanjaro#Ice
      The “almost twelve millennium history” is the interesting bit: the earth climate goes through alternating cycles, and inevitably so. Therefore, while human activity clearly has an effect on climate, this effect is very minor, and will make a difference of perhaps a few centuries. Pollution and depredation will only make life more difficult for humans and other lives earlier than nature had provided for, while a caring and ecologically sound will lessen the suffering and delay the dying off of species, without however making any significant long-term effect on the climatic cycles. If Kilimanjaro’s glacier is anything to go by, 12 millenia have passed, and we are due for a spell of global warming, leading to a long drought, followed by another one of those mini ice ages – in some three or four centuries if we carry on with our destructive habits.
      And if we reform, we’ll add a century or so of tolerable weather, and more importantly, we’ll increase our chances of survival by giving ourselves time to adapt to dwindling water and other resources.
      The symbol for Aquarius – the age we’re moving into – is the water carrier, one pouring water for thirsty. The symbolism is about spiritual water (that’s what Jesus meant), but it may be also be understood on the material level: as the period during which providing H2O will be the major act of mercy.
      Therefore, sound environmental management is actually the best form of service to God and humanity. Just as the Pope says – and thousands of other people of goodwill…

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  5. Dear Lada,
    I love your reconnecting of Russia with Vedic sources. My deep connection with both India and Russia tells me that those two cultures were/are on a continuum.
    In the old pagan landscape of the Slavs, I have found precious little documentation about the ancient Skomorohy, do you have insights?

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  6. “Speaking of svet. While svet signifies ‘light,’ another meaning is ‘world.’ As in ‘the world full of light,’ that is. There is a well-known Russian expression: beliy svet, which translates literally as the ‘white world,’ although it really means ‘white light,’ aka, the good, enlightened world; world full of love and light.”

    Lada, sometimes I feel like we read each other’s minds! A few days ago, on an impulse, I wrote the following article, addressing the light and peace co-meaning of the Russian words for “world”:


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  7. This was just fascinating, Lada! I look forward to more. We got back from Borneo a few days ago, and I’m still catching up.
    I managed to tie the Balinese greeting “Om Swasti Astu” and the Thai greeting “Sawasdee” to “swastika.” The Thai greeting turns out to be a fairly recent introduction, and the Balinese is linked to Hinduism. Now I can link them both to “Svyatoi,” as in “Svyatoi Nos,” a really special place for me on Baikal, and to “sweetie”! I’m going to try out “Hey, Sweetie!” as a greeting in Thailand. I bet they’ll get a kick out of it when I explain it.
    I’d run into “Beliy svet” in songs, but never knew what it referred to. Thanks!


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