Ukraine Supplied Weapons to ISIL via Turkey

This is one of the unfolding scandals, based on Putin’s announcement at G20 that 40 countries financed ISIL. More here: ISIL financed from 40 countries, including G20 members – Putin.

According to Kuwait, Ukrainian Kiev junta supplied Chinese-made defence systems (it’s unclear if Chinese knew about this) to ISIL using Turkey as intermediary. You will recall that last year I wrote how Ukraine sold arms and hardware to Syria, supplied by US/UK/Canada/EU for Kiev’s war against Donbass.

This new revelation is just the tip of the iceberg and the scandal is bound to get bigger, unless Kiev junta’s Transatlantic bosses manage to successfully hush it up. However, the Paris attacks did more to make Europeans distrust US policies than most imagine. Therefore, hushing the truth now will likely not work.

The scandal is likely to broaden and involve more countries, now that Europeans and some Americans are finally paying attention. It will give black mark to this Kiev regime and it’s already clear that Europeans will be gradually withdrawing their support for Kiev, while getting closer to Russia.

As I said in Perfect Storm? Will NATO mobilize in Wake of Paris Attacks?, Russia so far is successful in diffusing the dangerous possibility of NATO mobilization and consolidation. Certainly, Russia is successful so far in getting France on their side. After the attacks, France and Russia cooperation in Syria is on the rise, while US is doing everything to sabotage it and get in the way.

For as long as France says no (and Germany isn’t too keen either), NATO consolidation won’t occur. If NATO is again proven superfluous, then eventually it will lose its grip on the EU. I think we are still very far from the disbanding of this organization, but its weakening due to a rift between its members is in the cards.

The danger here is, of course, that all kinds of intimidation tactics and false flags will continue being used against NATO members, especially Germany and France, to toe the line. Whether they cave in or not will depend on how firm the leaders of these countries stand. But another factor should not be underestimated: the people of Germany and France are pushing their governments harder and harder away from subservience to NATO/ US and towards a more balanced, sovereign policies. Again, it’s early to declare that EU is changing, but certain first, timid shoots of some new thinking are peeking through.


On another note, a jesture of good will from Russia to France.

Russia sends a puppy to France to replace a service dog that died in the anti-terrorist raid. This sweetie’s name is Dobrynya – named after ancient Russian knight, legendary Dobrynya Nikitich, known for courage and his brave, kind heart. The name itself means ‘full of goodness.’

I hope the French treat Dobrynya as well as he deserves!


I think it’s a nice gesture, although I would personally prefer that dogs not be used for dangerous operations such as these. Humans create their own problems, and they should solve them on their own, without dragging other beings into their messes.

That said, it’s clear that Russia is trying to reach out to France in solidarity to what happened in Paris. Russians brought mountains of flowers to the French embassy in Moscow after the Paris attacks. Russia has just experienced an even more terrible terrorist act when Russian plane was blown up in Sinai, Egypt with all 224 people dead, including innocent children returing home from vacation.

It is sad that Russia is doing everything to reach out to France and other countries, while none of these countries found it in their hearts to express any sympathy or condolences to Russia over the Egypt tragedy.


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  1. “I think it’s a nice gesture, although I would personally prefer that dogs not be used for dangerous operations such as these. Humans create their own problems, and they should solve them on their own, without dragging other beings into their messes.”

    That’s right and that’s why Lada gets the big bucks. You want to sniff out a bomb or take a bullet, use your own damn nose and leave our dogs alone. My son has a dog that looks just like Dobrynia will as an adult. His name is Highway. Son saved Highway from the middle of a state highway in California and is doing duty now as a PTSD/TBI canine therapist. Highway has been the magic healer in this ongoing story.

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  2. Dear Lada,

    “It is sad that Russia is doing everything to reach out to France and other countries, while none of these countries expressed any sympathy or condolences to Russia over the Egypt tragedy.”

    What a sad event. We hear only pro-obama pro-one-world-order media in Southern Africa, just as the rest of the world only hear selectively what is going on here. The media do not want us to know that the Russians are the good guys. The ANC government seems to jump between the Brix and the UN, just depending which side looks the best.

    One of my friends, also a Boer, worked for 5 years in Russia, the Russians are people like ourselves, he said he had a good experience working there, contrary to the image we were made to believe by the Afrikaners. I can assure you that the Boers are supporting Mr Putin and the Russians all the way, but due to the conditions and circumstances we are not in a position to do anything, and we are ourselves in a survival situation. All we can do is to express our support and keep you in our thoughts, we know what it is like when there is no support for what is right. Just never stop doing the right thing.

    We also sincerely hope that China will not become greedy to exploit it’s allies.

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  3. Hi Lada, good to get some sense from you, I sincerely hope the French and Germans cultivate their backbones some more. I saw another story where US has been passing off Russian missions as their own but of course they’ve been caught with their pants down. Then there is Cameron in UK creaming his pants for the chance drop some bombs on Syria. I keep wondering what will be left of Syria after all this bombing.
    It’s good that you manage to put a sane and clear perspective on all of this. Keep up the good work.

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  4. Not surprising since the Oligarchs of Ukraine are beholding to their masters in NATO.

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  5. What a sweet face! And a very nice gesture, though I agree with your position, Lada on using our animal friends for warfare and dangerous security assignments. The many flowers were a very nice gesture also. It would be very helpful if certain other countries (ahem, like the U.S.) would show some class like the Russian people have.

    To all the Russian people, especially the friends and loved ones of those aboard, I am so sorry for your loss in the Sinai crash. Most especially because there may be reason to suspect the U.S. played some role in it. Whoever was responsible, it was a disgusting, despicable and inhuman act. May God forgive you, because there are a lot of people around the world who won’t.

    And to those in Lebanon who lost friends and loved ones in Beirut, my condolences and apologies to you also. Shame on the U.S. for their inexcusable dishonoring of your people by not acknowledging your losses and the mourning of your dead. What kind of people do that? I do not know what our leaders are thinking, but what they do (and don’t do when decorum and common decency demands it) is wrong. Very wrong. It shames all the decent people in our country who would want to reach out and comfort you.

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  6. Dear Lada,
    thank you for your continued great work!
    Do you have any thoughts and predictions about the refugee crisis in Europe?
    We are being invaded by millions of people who are very foreign, and sometimes even hostile, towards our culture. For 2015 alone Sweden expects 500,000 refugees, and we only have 9.5 million inhabitants. Some areas in some cities are now predominately Arab/Muslim.
    From a higher perspective I’m obviously against artificial borders, but from a 3D perspective this spells trouble for Europe!
    Some people praise multiculturalism and think Sweden and Europe should be welcoming towards people in need. Others think that this Muslim invasion is an act of war (divide and concur) against the Europeans orchestrated by the cabal.
    Even though I know humanity is one, I don’t want to live in a Muslim country! As long as we are still in 3D, I want to live in a secular Christian, Buddhist or similar country!
    What about the Swedes’ right to keep their social structures intact?
    Looking forward to your insight into this question.
    With love,
    yours Emil


    • Hi Emil, great question. I know the problem is huge and very worrisome. I witness it too when I am in Europe. You nailed it when you said that there is a big difference in perception between 3D and higher realities.
      The crisis was created by those who destabilized the Middle East (read ESR5: Syria Game Changer) and now it is secretly being fed by the same forces. EU’s own policies, both internal and external, helped create this crisis and now prevent from solving it. It’s a stalemate for EU elites.

      The solution of the crisis lies in allowing Russia do her job in Syria and around (with Iran’s help), but again the stupid prejudices and neo-liberalism of EU elites is preventing that; plus of course US, Saudis, Qatar, etc.

      Yes, I do have very difinitive predictions about it. It will be a very long, trecherous and protracted way uphill in order to solve it. There is no magical bullet or instant solution. As I said from the very start of this blog in 2014, the only solution for EU is to side and get closer to Russia, creating eventually one Eurasian space, which would be well managed in mutual cooperation. But you know EU is doing just the opposite – the dumbness of the EU ‘leaders’ really amazes me. I may write more about the solution and predictions soon in a new article.


  7. Without question you are my prime “analysis about Russia/Ukraine/Europe” website. Continuing thanks for your works.

    About WordPress, there seems to be an effort on WP’s part to defunctionalize their editor, the new version of which I have stopped using altogether. Many have complained about it. I ONLY use the “classic” editor.

    I do not know if you know this, but you may always access the classic editor by going to this link:

    and the classic stats page:

    I hope this helps you. I may post this on another post you’ve made to be sure you see it.

    Keep up your continuing great works. Aloha Kp


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