Why Russians celebrate the New Year, and not Christmas, with New Year’s Tree? The Origin of ‘Calendar’ and Christmas/New Year’s Forbidden History


Why Russians celebrate the New Year, and not Christmas, with New Year’s Tree? 

That’s because the tradition of celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of the next with a decorated and lit up green tree, symbolizing the new growth and new prosperity is a pagan tradition that by far predates Christianity. Much later it was adopted by Christianity to coincide with the designated birth of Christ – Dec. 25. In fact the Western Christmas continues symbolizing death and rebirth. The year’s shortest day is around this time of year, during Dec 22 Winter Equinox. After this the day again begins getting longer, thus denoting rebirth of the new year and new hope. The tradition itself predates any cultures and any religion known today – it was born in the days when humans were still united.

The proper Russian Orthodox Christian Christmas (Rus: Рождество, OR full name: Рождество Христово Rozhdestvo Khristovo) is celebrated one week after New Year’s, on January 6-7. The tradition for that holiday is to eat ‘sviata vecherya, ‘ aka, the Sacred Supper (Holy Supper) thus repeating with your friends and family the last supper of Jesus. This is often hosted by local churches, or is eaten at home. After that, the Vsenoshchnaya (Rus: Bсенощная) – All Night Vigil – in the church lasts through the night. Krestniy Hod is usually at midnight, during which everyone together walks around the church, the block, and/or an area of a city with candles, icons and church banners, while singing Russian church songs. This tradition goes very deep in history, back to the ancient Vedic/pagan times as well. It is a combined blessing and space clearing of one’s land, ushering in the light and positive affirmation for all present.

Krestniy Hod is also performed for the Russian Easter (Rus: Paskha). I’ve gone to a couple of these in Manhattan in the ’90s, and it was pretty cool. Police had stopped the traffic in the part of the upper East Side around the 92-93 Street, to allow the Krestniy Hod through.

And of course, the traditional Russian ice water bathing – Rus: Rozhdestvenskie Kupania! Should never forget about that! Extremely cold, but you really do feel like you’ve been reborn – if you can stomach it! I have a pic of the Russian ice water bathing in my classic post: How Russians Celebrate New Year: Happy NY 2014 and Happy 100,000 Visits to Lada Ray Blog!

There is also what is called ‘the Old New Year,’ still celebrated by many two weeks after traditional New Year, on Jan. 14-15 of the contemporary calendar. Why is that? What is now called the ‘Old New Year’ was the actual New Year’s in pre-1917 Revolution Russia.


The Origin of ‘Calendar’

& Christmas/New Year’s FORBIDDEN HISTORY!

What is now called the ‘Old New Year’ was the actual New Year’s date according to the old Julian Calendar, where leap year wasn’t taken into account. Lenin changed that in 1918 to coincide with the new Western calendar (Gregorian Calendar). Initially, the original Russian Vedic Calendar was thrown out and substituted for the Western one by Peter the Great, counting years from the birth of Christ.

However, in doing so, much of history was distorted and silenced. Now, the truth is being re-discovered. In reality, the true ancient Russian calendar (actually, the calendar shared by all Slavic cultures) was over 7,500 years old. More precisely, today would be the Year 7523, and the year 2016 would be the Year 7524 ‘Ot Sotvorenia Mira’ (Eng translation: from “the Creation of Peace” – which is most of the time incorrectly interpreted to mean from “the Creation of the World, ‘world’ and ‘peace’ sounding very similar).

In reality, that still wasn’t the beginning of the Rus/Slavic culture. Rather, in that calendar Year One was counted from the Peace Treaty with the Dragon. Some interpret it to mean China, but I have a different, much more esoteric theory – one day I’ll share it.

Next, to fit into the new shortened calendar, the history of Russia and other Slavic lands was deliberately shortened and falsified to make it seem less significant and subordinate to other cultures. In reality, the truth appears to be this: over 1000 years ago at least all of Europe, and probably a large part of all of Eurasia, lived by the same old Slavic calendar. The exact date is hard to pinpoint, but roughly we can assume that the year 1000 was some sort of major threshold, another one being 2000 years ago.

The reason the new Western calendar became prevalent has to do with the previous tectonic Earth Shift of this human civilization towards the West: individual, yang, aggressive, assertive, outgoing. In more mundane terms it manifested in the power struggle between various individualistic national identities and separatist overlords’ interests. In religious terms, it was the power struggle between the Vedic/pagan system and the new organized religions. At the same time it was the fight between younger Catholic Vatican and older Orthodox Byzantium, as well as between Christianity and Islam, in which the Vatican and Catholicism won. No surprise there: the Vatican represented the West, which was beginning to gain dominance at the time.

The word Calendar itself is an ancient Rus/Slavic word, not Latin, as many think.

It comes from: Colo-dar – orig. spelling: Kolo-dar. Kolo means ‘circle’ and ‘sun.’ Dar is ancient Rus (used as is to this day) for ‘gift’ and ‘blessing.’ Therefore: Kolo-dar (colo-dar) means the gift of the sun. Alternatively: gift of the circle of the year. This in turn means: the gift, or blessing, of the ever revolving circle of seasons and karma.

How Latin language came to be and where it really came from is a whole different and fascinating mystery altogether. But that’s another story, which I might tell one day.

For now, let’s see how Kolo-dar became Calen-dar. Anyone who studied Latin knows that in it ‘K’ becomes ‘C.’ For example: Kelt becomes Celt. So, the original Kolo became Colo and later was distorted to Cale. Calen = of Cale – this added ‘n’ is also of Rus origin, signifying ‘part of’ or ‘from.’ For example: contemporary Russian word: Kalendar-n-y = part of the calendar, from the calendar.

The contemporary word that shows the evolution of kolo-colo-cale is: ‘calle’ – the word for ‘street’ in Spanish (very similarly sounding words exist in other Romanic languages). A street in the old days, before pavement, was made by constant movement of carriages along a dirt path. Carriages used wheels, or kolo = colo, modified in time to cale. It later became calle. 

P.S. In contemporary Russian the word for ‘wheel’ is ‘koleso’: kole-so. The word for a track made by a wheel of a car or carriage is: ‘kole-ya.’ Both, because of the traditional Russian ‘a’ transference in cases of written ‘o,’ are pronounced as ‘kaleso’ and ‘kaleya.’ This is in direct correspondence with cale-calle.

Incidentally, the word ‘alley’ once upon a time made a full turnaround and re-entered – was re-borrowed by – a number of languages from French. In Russian it sounds like ‘alleya.’ But you will easily recognize it as originally descending from the same primary word: kolo – koleya (a track made by a wheel).

This is just a small sampler – several books could be easily filled with such examples. More to come!

Please read this article in conjunction with the original post: 

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  1. Let’s meet in the middle Lada–HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!~ I sure appreciate your posts-feel like you are a soul sister!

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  2. Dear Lada,

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures !

    The Christian religion is about sun worshiping… the sun of God, the light of the world, (which it is).

    On 22, 23, and 24 December the sun is on it’s lowest mark (from the Northern hemisphere) and does not move up or down for these three days. On 25 December the sun lifts up one degree, hence “Jesus” was dead for 3 days, and was resurrected. It happens every year.

    It is a metaphor, there never was a Jesus. Jesus represents the time of the Pisces, the fishes in the zodiac. The previous “Jesus” was Horus, that is where hours comes from (horus/hours). The number 12 plays an important role in religion. hence there were 12 disciples, 12 months in a year, 12 hours in a day. Even children goes to school for 12 years.

    In the Bible the disciples asked Jesus, if he is not there any more, what must they do ? He said they must go to the city, they will fins a man with a water urn, they must go with him in his house. The signs of the zodiac are called houses. All it means is when the time of the fishes are over, we will go into the time of the water bearer. Which is now, and why there are so many world changes.

    The world “religion” implies that their god has not been found. Religion is believing without evidence of their god. Look up the meaning of the word.

    This religion has been created by man to control man. The Christian religion was created around the year 325 and the Muslim religion around 600. Both are from the same source – out of the pyramids, who’s builders were known as the Ananuki, who had technologies wondrous to man, hence man accepted them as gods then.

    We do not know how or why they disappeared, probably some 15 000 years ago. We suspect it may have something to do with Nibiru. Their offspring were the giants, the Nephelin, which are still today being dug up, mostly in North America. I also suspect that they left something sinister in these pyramids, a human mind parasite which is referred to as Archons. When the humans opened these pyramids, they were infected and many became psychopaths. That is why the religious can commit inhuman crimes and it does not bother them. Christianity committed 65 to 59 million murders to force this religion into Europe, and today it is the Christian religion supporting the genocide that the Israeli’s are committing in Palestinia, and nobody does anything.

    The Christian religion has been taken over by the freemason organizations, on the fore front it seems like a beautiful religion, with all the values in place for peaceful communities, but behind the scenes it represents and are conducted as demon worshiping. The true source can be read in the Nag Hamadi texts (google), those creating this religion made everything bad good, and everything bad was made good. That is what freemasons do, they confuse and mislead. Freemasons are part of the one world rule order who considers themself superior over man. That is why they mislead man to live in a false reality, for one, to think they are free but are actually slaves.

    There however is a completely different side away from “religion”, which stands for something completely different, and that is what we Boers refer to as the Creator. The Being who created all – and has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It is a completely different perception from what we have been taught.

    During the Boer history, the Boers had two encounters where the Creator showed us His Hand, and played an important role in the Boers becoming a nation. If you are interested I will tell what happened. Both are beyond explanation and the Afrikaner today tries to force his god in the place of the Creator.

    As for the New Year, lets make 2016 OUR YEAR ! The world is waking up, and the West has something to look forward to… freedom : that thing we forgot what it is and what we want back so we can live as a free and peaceful nation in a peaceful world.

    Thank you for your support, the time you spend writing these articles, and may the Creator smile on Russia and the good it is doing for the World.

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    • Fanie, I appreciate the good words.
      As usual, there are some assertions in your comment that are doubtful or untrue.
      It’s a matter of great debate when, by whom and how Christian and Muslim religiouns were really created. Dates given to us by official history are just as falsified as all else.

      True, Horus is one of the representations of the Sun god, but Jesus MOST definitely doesn’t come from him – yet another falsification. There were lots of representations and Horus is one of the later ones. Jesus lineage is different. Maybe one day I’ll talk about it.
      There was a real man who served as the Jesus prototype. Actually, there were 2 such men, one of them in Constantinople, which makes more sense than Jerusalem. Russian scientists have shown some very interesting proof of that, complete with falsified dates of the official history. True or not – we’ll see soon enough.
      That’s just some of it. Don’t have time to go through yours point by point.

      Please, we all read all these books asserting this or that, from where you get all the ‘facts’ you usually list in your comments. Just because you read it somewhere, doesn’t make it true. Please be careful quoting outdated and questionable info.

      Best wishes!

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    • Fanie, just wanted to tell you in response to your latest comment you’ve again asked not to post.
      You are cute. 🙂 No worries.
      Don’t let your wife boss you around ;). My advice: just hug her.


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  3. Good time of year to get into this, even if on the surface. Someday you’ll tell us about the lizards, right :).


    • Could tell about the lizards, dragons, as I see them, and much more. Not sure at this point if I should and if it will serve the purpose…
      Can tell you that human understanding of what they are is super-distorted.


  4. Thank you for new information; I always enjoy hearing another side of the whole story; it helps to formulate the Big Picture, by placing the data into correlation with previous versions….

    I agree with your take on how Christianity, and the western approach to other cultures, simply altered whatever they wished to claim pagan or other church’s beliefs as their own…. Peter, the founder of Catholicism, began altering and perverting the actual words of Jesus for his own purposes within months of the crucifixion; thus, the birth of the Catholic/Christian claimed monopoly on truth…. Easter, itself, is another of their thefts from the Druids, who celebrated the Spring Equinox near that time…. as did many pagan cultures, as you pointed out….

    Since I see no need in Life for the concept of creation, or, a supernatural force/entity who is responsible for said creation, it is interesting to find new verification of the anomalies in Christian religion I have felt/known since age 4, when I first was told the Story of Jesus… It never did make any sense to me….

    Great post, thanks again for sharing your own experience/knowledge….

    gigoid, the dubious


  5. Hi Lada, your etymological deciphering of ‘calendar’ makes a lot of sense. Since this hinges on the ancient shared Vedic roots, may I add that in Sanskrit and Indian spiritual traditions, ‘kala’ means time, in the broader esoteric sense. The ‘a’ vowel in kala is not an open ‘a’ but more like the open ‘o’ of Russian, which aligns with your explanation.
    Do keep up your explorations of the old pagan-Vedic connection! Much enjoyed by this lover of both authentic Russia and authentic India!


    • Awesome. Thanks 🙂


    • Thank you, Lada for the initial explanation, and Rosanne – for the addition.

      There are so many words words common roots in many languages. I understand Norwegian (and Swedish and Danish through it), Spanish, German, many Slavic languages through Russian, and I stumble across the common words all the time.

      On several occasions I felt like starting an article-collection of such similarities in words, which cannot be loan-words, which are an integral part of this or that language, but the task feels simply overwhelming…

      For example: Spanish “jabalí” (pronounced ‘khabali’) and Russian “kaban” (plural ‘kabany”) – “boar”, “wild pig”
      or: German “betreib” and Russian “upotrebljat'” (root: “treb” in both cases) – “to use”
      I could fill several pages with such commonalities…

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      • I’m sure you can fill pages with such words – what with your inquisitive mind and all.
        These are not coincidences or simple borrowings. These words denote common origin from ONE ROOT language.
        Can you guess what it is?
        I’m sure you’ll all want to know more about it. I’ll write more when I can.


  6. Happy New Year, Lada and all your readers!
    Thank you for the very timely explanation. I often get this question asked myself… 🙂


  7. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    S NOVIM GODOM!!! С Новым Годом, Lada! Thanks for sharing the linguistic and cultural origins of this Christmas season. I really enjoy the spirit and good cheer amongst ppl 🙂


  8. Excellent article, I loved it! Old Slavic (Serbian)calendar start counting years from year 5508 BC, which means this is year 7523. It is written in many serbian monasteries, castles and fortresses, but people are not aware (or don’t want to be) of that fact. As I said your articles are great! HAPPY HOLYDAYS!


    • Oh yes, thank you for clarifying! It’s actually over 7,500 years old (the next year being 7524, as far as I understand). We are talking of the same calendar. I will add this to my post.
      Slavs used to live, and as we are starting to remember now, the entire Europe and much of Eurasia lived, under this calendar till it was substituted for the current one. Yes, the dates on old Serb and Balkans structures clearly state this, so do old Russian texts that by miracle escaped burning and falsifying.

      Why do people prefer not to see the obvious? Because humans LOVE being deceived and don’t like to think. Regrettably.

      But the truth is coming out, and this is just the beginning.
      Happy New Year!


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